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They say what happens in Vegas stays there, but the same isn’t true with Top 50 Retailer, Industry Auto Designs, which inspires strong word-of-mouth with its jack-of-all-trades business style. WORDS BY TED GOSLIN


as Vegas has many names. The City That Never Sleeps, City of Lights, Disneyland for adults and Sin City top the list. But today, it has a dual identity. By night, it’s an adult playground. By day, a resort destination where millions of families flock each year to experience its gorgeous pools, lavish buffets, shows for different ages and theme park attraction rides like the roller coaster at New York,

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New York. One could say, the city has something for everyone. In that spirit, the same can be said of Industry Auto Designs Las Vegas, a destination for auto enthusiasts looking to both repair and enhance their vehicles, all at once. For owner Andrew Evens, creating a one-stop-shop came naturally, given his background as a born wrench monkey. “Since I was a kid, I’ve always had tools in my hand. My dad worked in a body shop. He would always bring home stuff

to tinker with. I had a carburetor as a toy. I remember the springs on it,” Evens said. “My mom’s father was always into wood working and would build stuff for the county fair. Whenever we went to his house as kids, we were always painting something. It’s like Karate Kid. You don’t realize why you’re doing it at the time but looking back, you realize how much you learned as a kid. I was lucky enough to have those two influences to set my path.” As Evens got older, he worked with his dad at the body shop to earn an