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By using positivity to overcome internal conflicts and making an impact on the community with strong customer relationships, Audio House has built itself into a formidable enterprise. WORDS BY TED GOSLIN

Shop employees, left to right - Juan Flores, Cesar Cantera, Michael De La Cruise Cynthia Rattu, Jag Rattu, Emanuel Alcazar, Luis Vega, Elias Morales, Brittany Sandau.

Having natural talent is seen by many to be a blessing. Some people have athletic prowess and capabilities that far surpass their peers. Some with high IQs exceed expectations in fields like math and science. Others, like Jag Rattu, naturally excel at sales. But if you ask him, it takes much more to make his

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business—Audio House in Napa, Calif.—a profitable enterprise. “When we started, it was just me and two other installers. They worked their butts off,” Rattu said. “The store was open six days a week. I worked every day, all the time to get the store running. Getting inventory in the computer took forever.

There was a lot of stuff I had to deal with.” Since opening his store in July of 2006, Rattu has found ways to increase revenue and grow his customer base. By using his gift for gab and years of 12-volt industry knowledge as a base, Rattu won over customers with his welcoming,