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With the increasing use of alternative fuels, the country will encourage the trend of special fuel which is needed to make hydrogen fuel cells to operate. Here is an explanation of what a hydrogen fuel cell, so that you can understand! A fuel cell which is called device electrochemical energy conversion. It works by converting hydrogen and oxygen, which is a chemical in water. This process, in turn, and produce what we know as electricity. The most well-known electrochemical devices, we know that many use and battery, which stores all data in chemistry, before converting into electricity. Depending on the type of battery you have, after finally “go”, then you’ll be back with the charger, or just to have because it is no longer used, was released from “power”. Fuel cells provide a constant flow of electricity during the chemical continues to flow into the cell. Hydrogen and oxygen is a chemical used in the fuel cell. Hydrogen fuel cells only remove water vapor, which is a big advantage to use – no greenhouse gases here, and what better way to save the environment! There are many types of hydrogen fuel cells, which is to think of something when you find out what they are, because there are types of fuel cells in production. Main fuel cell hydrogen is generated Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. (PEMFC). Off to the power density is high compared to its low operating temperature (range 60 to 80 degrees Celsius or 140-176 degrees Fahrenheit). It is an advantage, which means that the fuel does not take much time to practice before the start of production of electricity. Other promising hydrogen fuel cells to operate the vehicle type, known as Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC). This is relatively good compared to the PEMFC in the use of low temperature operation, but the effectiveness of the performance is not as good. DMFC also require a large amount of platinum which acts as a catalyst, so that the type of fuel cells is very expensive. Thus, hydrogen fuel cells are among the new trends emerging in the field of technology, production of alternative fuels to help developing countries and help the environment. It is a fuel cell that burns cleanly and it will also work effectively. The support which has an alternative fuel is provided for cleaning, vehicle fuel cell zero emission, hydrogen and fuel cells that provide dense.

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