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The Hydrogen Car A hydrogen car are vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel for propulsion. The term may refer to a transport vehicle, such as cars, or vehicles that use hydrogen in the same way as planes. Hydrogen energy - Hydrogen is the simplest and most elements of the universe. Despite the simplicity and abundance, hydrogen does not occur naturally as a gas in the ground is always combined with other elements in compounds. Hydrogen in high energy, but an engine that burns pure hydrogen produces almost no pollution. 1.The advantage of hydrogen energy - We can obtain hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, the supply is virtually unlimited. - As the hydrogen is diatomic molecule, the products of combustion is only water. Therefore, does not produce harmful gases and diesel fuel that produces cars, such as carbon dioxide. - Hydrogen nonpoisonous itself. Therefore, in the case, hydrogen is safer than other gases.

The device that can be use to converting your car to be hybrid car(hydrogen car).

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Hydrogen Car