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You may think that it’s a joke when someone says their car runs on water, but this is nothing to sneeze. It is the technology available at that time, you can use to modify the car in a gas / water hybrid. This technology allows you to save money and save the environment at the same time. How is this possible? Well, most people who walk on the car should not hesitate to use water conversion kit hydrogen, rather than the more familiar technology of hydrogen fuel cells. Although they may sound similar, but the two are very different. The technology of hydrogen fuel cells is much more expensive and involve the replacement of internal combustion engines. Conversion of hydrogen, on the other hand, including the use of the kit that you have taken in this engine that allows you to start the engine with gasoline and water. The technology of hydrogen fuel cells, in addition to the extraordinary expensive, is not ready for mass production and use. Conversion kit hydrogen, but is ready to go now. Does It Work? Without boring you with details of minutes, using hydrogen energy conversion device of the car battery to convert water into a substance called Brown’s Gas. Brown’s Gas, also known as HHO, Hydroxy, or Fuel-Air, is a complex that produces a large amount of energy. This clean fuel, only water as a byproduct, cars and people walking in the water they claim to double gasoline. Where to start? So where you started? Well, the first thing to do is learn how to do the conversion. Conversion kits are not available in stores, you have to find the instructions online. Although this May sound scary, I will show a legitimate site that will provide all the information you need to get the right system. [[>>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (SimpleFuelWater) MANUAL NOW!<<]] Instructions Once you have this information in hand, it is time for a visit to the store. You will get hardware for all items you need: automotive, fuses, electrical wiring, baking soda, a quarter-sized glass jar, a vacuum hose, and some other parts. This section will be charged about $ 20 – $ 30 in total. Take home, and follow the instructions on how to assemble them. Once completed, the contents of the device with water. Then, attach one end of the unit to the battery of your car and an end to the intake manifold. The device uses battery power to turn water into Brown’s gas, which will be used in addition to gasoline, fuel your car. It is quite similar to the function of any other fuel you can buy at auto parts store does not replace gasoline, it complements it.

Conclusion If you want to be a guy who can say “My car runs on water!” and envy of all your friends, you should do is to bring together a conversion kit to install and start saving money today.

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Car Runs On Water  
Car Runs On Water  

Without boring you with details of minutes, using hydrogen energy conversion device of the car battery to convert water into a substance cal...