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Introduction • The Live video feature is receiving an extravagant hype among people and marketing professionals as a fun and effective way to make a strong connection with followers and bring in new ones. • And now the second most popular social network in the world, Twitter also decided to have its hands on it. This feature started from 14th December 2016. • You can create and Tweet a live video directly from your Twitter app of your Android and iOS device.

How to go Live on Twitter ● Getting live on Twitter is a very easy process. To do so, tap the compose Tweet icon which you use for composing a normal tweet. ● Then tap on the LIVE video icon, and you will be directed to the broadcasting screen where you can shoot your video. ● To end your live video swipe your screen down or tap End Video.


Boost Engagement Using Live Video â—? Live video also helps in building more engagement to your other social networking sites and directing more traffic to your website if you have one. â—? Live videos can help you to get more viewers and followers on Twitter. People will watch your video and participate more by commenting directly on the video or via the chat function.

Provide Quick and Easy Support

â—? There are many customers who use Twitter to voice their complaints. Companies can now post live streaming customer support and answers to client queries. â—? It will provide a more detailed support, and a video can be more effective and fun than a text-based support.


Promote Your Brand • Twitter engagements are no doubt one of the best way to promote your brand socially. The main reason brands trust Twitter is because it targets the audience that matters to you and your brand. • And now the launch of Live video feature makes it even more interesting connecting human to human making your promotion easier and effective.


No Restriction • Unlike a tweet, Twitter live video can be as long as you want. A tweet cannot be longer than 140 characters. With a live video, you can get as personal as you want and have a better interaction with your customers.

• Show anything you want – your people, your work style and what not.

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Everything you need to know about twitter’s live video feature  

The new Twitter live video feature is receiving an extravagant hype among people and marketing professionals as a fun and effective way to m...