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Work as a: Birth Doula Postpartum Doula Parenting Preparation and Lifestyle coach

Welcome to the Future of Birth and Parenting. Laura Saba


he world as we know it is in a highly vulnerable place right now. Economic and environmental changes create a sense of perpetual uncertainty. A glut of options and opinions come at us ceaselessly courtesy of the Information Age, but with more information it can be harder to determine what is best for one’s family. Top that off with a national obsession with celebrity watching and critiquing, and an endless push to compare our Selves to the Joneses, and suddenly navigating even basic life choices becomes overwhelming. What a time to be bringing a baby into the world – and what a strange journey it is to navigate! How are newly emerging families supposed to assess the endless array of choices, in a world that seems to judge them harshly no matter what they choose? Not to mention, this is all new to them! From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, everything she thought she knew suddenly seems to change. She has entered the Biggest Learning Curve of her Life, one where even the way her body behaves suddenly seems foreign! Every choice she makes is suddenly open to judgment. In fact, she has entered a War Zone – the land of Birth Wars and Mommy Wars, where every choice ranging from how she labors to how she feeds her child will be open to judgment and criticism, and no matter what options she embraces, someone, somewhere, will be calling her a terrible mom. Yet many moms don’t really care so much what others think – they just want to know how to discern what fits their

family, from the overwhelming array of options. When it comes to childbirth, especially, she feels lost. American women have grown up with no real frame of reference for birth other than what they see on TV and in movies, where it is dramatized for effect, which makes fear the natural response to childbirth. Helping expectant families navigate the plethora of information and options, and supporting them while helping create for the mom a physically shorter labor, with less interventions, while helping her understand how to determine which options are best for her, is what the Momdoulary Method will help prepare you to do. Plus, you get to create the space to help dad get more involved, too, because birth is an emotional journey for him, as well. Helping them feel more confident about their skills as new parents, can dramatically impact the way in which they view their new role. The doula and parenting preparation coach can help families get off to the best start possible. Parents are ready for these changes. Recent years have seen a rise of doula assisted births, and of parenting coach assistance. Documentaries such as “The Business of Being Born” and “Pregnant in America” have taken off, as have shows such as “Pregnant in Heels,” drawing attention to ways in which women are dissatisfied with the birth experience, and overwhelmed by the need to navigate birth and parenting options. People are poised to embrace change. They are aching to feel more empowered, less frightened, and better prepared to handle both birth and their entre into parenthood. We are standing on the edge of a revolution. Women, parents, are demanding change. Changes in health care and in birth support. They are especially getting tired of the Mommy Wars, and

the sense that even when they choose what they know is best for their family, they are attacked and not given the opportunity to even internalize why their choice is best for them, much less explain it to others. I have a vision for 2025: Women everywhere will be supported along the Big Learning Curve of the birth year and beyond, with a full understanding that we are not cookie cutter one-size-fits all women and that what is right for our Selves, may not be right for everyone. And that will be supported and respected as they make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We started two years ago, and have been working with parents and training students to help people feel empowered in assessing and understanding one’s options in childbirth and parenting. We have stood by hundreds of women as they labored, shortening their births, ensuring their questions were answered, and helping them more confidently navigate the terrain of birth, in addition to coaching them through parenting preparation as they find their way to an approach that fits them. It is our goal to increase this effort, to create stronger waves, so that the ripples can be felt around the globe. It is a big world, and a bigger goal.

I invite you to imagine, as you read through this guide, the many ways in which your training in the Momdoulary Method could help you bring your life goals more fully into focus. How could you re-create your life? Confidence has been linked to happiness. The more confident you feel, the better you feel, and the freer you are to make your dreams for your own life, and the world around you come true. This is the moment, the here, the now. An action now, can change life across many tomorrows. Think about it. What hopes and dreams are you waiting to act on? This is the moment to take hold of your dreams, to take the steps to weave your dreams into reality. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions and help prepare you for an education that can lead to an array of possibilities for your future. I invite you to contact them today. Wishing you a glorious year of possibility!

Our mission is to play a critical role in inspiring, educating and empowering women as they navigate the Big Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond. Empower a new family now, create a better world of tomorrows. One family at a time, we can change the world.

You’ve come to the right place our graduates impact countless families, the building blocks of our communities, and our world.


Welcome to the Future of Birth and Parenting.


Explore Our Differences!


Birth and Parenting Today

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“Momdoulary Method practitioners help you understand

everything that is happening to you, while helping you understand what is going on, and provide great physical support, while helping people improve their birth experience and their entre into parenthood – in a way that matters. “ Carla K. worked with NYC Momdoulary Method Founder, Laura Saba

Momdoulary Method Training and Certification is Unique in the World of Doula Programs


The Momdoulary Method Difference = Many Possibilities!

• A different kind of doula: Momdoulary Method doulas deliver the most comprehensive birth doula assistance possible. You will help clients not only prepare for childbirth, but to more seamlessly navigate the journey into parenthood itself. Physical comfort and emotional support provided during labor will be further strengthened by the unparalleled childbirth and parenting preparation you delivered. • Multiple Certifications: The Momdoulary Method prepares you for multiple certifications, which grant you serious career flexibility! You can qualify as a birth doula, postpartum doula, and parenting preparation coach. This flexibility can make the career possibilities really interesting! • Apprenticeship Hours Included: Having someone by your side as you navigate the hospital environment the first time makes a big difference, as does someone helping you identify stages and signs of labor. • Coaching Mentorship: During training you will be assigned a coach, for 8 sessions of lifestyle management and parenting preparation coaching, so you can experience what it is like to work with the process. • Birth Mentorship: You will be assigned a Birth Mentor, who will oversee your case reporting during your apprenticeship. • Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy Building Focus: This aspect of your education will help prepare you for managing a wide range of personalities and situations when dealing with others in your day-to-day engagements so that you will feel confident you can skillfully manage whatever comes your way • Body Mechanics: Our body mechanics training will help prepare you to better protect your body when physically engaging with your clients. Protecting yourself allows you perform at your best. • Information Curation: Helping expectant parents understand how to navigate the endless array of information they encounter in today’s Information Age, provides a valuable service. Knowing how to do this will also impact your own life and daily choices, as well. • Business Basics and Support Available: Your training includes education in setting up a practice. Graduates are eligible to purchase Momdoulary Method Kits and materials to use in working with their clients, as well as access to the Momdoulary Method website password area, for use of their clients* Are You Ready To Become a Player in the Future of Birth and Parenting Care and Preparation? *Where available; Subscription based service, terms and conditions apply


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“Momdoulary Method is training Ambassadors for Better Birth and Strong Family Foundations. Such ambassadors hold the key to creating a better tomorrow.�

Fran Sullivan, Childbirth Educator

Birth and Parenting Today


Parenting isn’t much bet- The Momdoulary ter. Families feel like every single choice they make, Method Response from how they will feed he truth is, the answers are their newborn, to where simple and obvious, if one their child will sleep, or how knows how to cut through they carry them is fraught with an endless array of the avalanche of information. possibilities, each with pros But those answers are carefuland cons too numerous to ly hidden amid the waves of track, and again, many mis-information and judgment. filled with political and social implications. And At Momdoulary Method, we use again, big business knows, education and coaching skills a scared or anxious pa- to help families understand how rent is one quickly parted to assess the information they with their dollars. What is receive so they can best navia parent to do? How and gate their way to the solution where do they begin to that best fits their family. This make choices, especially helps them more successfully Birth – the labor itself -- has when the choice pertains and confidently navigate the Big Learning Curve of the Birth become something the to their child. Year and Beyond. majority fear and dread, something to worry and pa- So, people wander around nic over. The “Birth Wars” lost. Reading, learning, We are a group of passionate, only add to that, with the endlessly – yet feeling like committed people, eager to very way you give birth now they cannot keep up. Just make a difference in the world, more of a social and poli- when they think they found focused on helping others find tical statement than not. the answers, new informa- their way to clarity and peace. It seems no matter what tion comes to light and Our mission is clear: Improve choice a mom makes, they feel like they are star- the birth experience for mother and child, while building up the someone is out there ready ting all over again. expectant family’s confidence to criticize her. Worse still, the information she reads is For the sake of our child- so that their family gets the best often conflicting. Epidurals ren, for expectant mamas, start possible. A start that reare the answer; epidurals for families everywhere, we flects values that fit their family are bad. Trust your doc- can do better. We must like a glove. tor; doctors are evil. Even do better. The next genethose with good intentions ration is depending on us. Are you ready to take the leap too often get caught up in Isn’t it time you become into your personal spotlight? Join us in creating the future of the war cry, at times exag- part of the solution? birth and parenting. gerating their point for the ‘win’ – only to serve to perImagine if families were encouraged to look petuate mis-information at what was best for their family and their on all sides. No wonder needs, instead of being encouraged to keep women are confused and up with the Joneses or celebrity trends? afraid! omen today are giving birth in a strange space in human history. With cesarean sections at an all time high, and a woman’s typical expectations one of pain, powerlessness, and fear thanks to perspective gained from TV, movies, and horror stories from friends, there is a lot to be desired. Complicating matters further, birth is a multi-billion dollar industry, one where a woman’s fear and confusion can at times serve a corporate bottom line quite well.



“A Momdoulary Method doula is a childbirth and parenting preparation guide, there to help one navigate their way through information madness.� Laura Saba

Birth Doulas in America Today


irth doulas perform genuinely important work. They possess the power to create a more comfortable, relaxed, efficient, and empowered birth experience. Unfortunately, too many doulas have bucked heads with medical staff, bringing their personal advocacy into the labor room. Large numbers of doctors and nurses can recount tales of doulas throwing themselves bodily in front of a patient, screaming, “Don’t you dare give her that epidural!” or doing wildly irresponsible things such as turning off the Pitocin pumps, risking hemorrhage for the patient, as their protest against drugs in the labor process. Furthermore, women who would otherwise benefit from a doula’s support, resist seeking it, because they fear they may need an epidural and that the doula will make them feel bad about themselves if they exercise that option. Still others feel that doulas approach birth irresponsibly, putting both mom and baby at greater risk when encouraging options such as home birth or less interventions. This has caused great resistance to the doulas entre into the birthing world, and that is very sad. Women stand to benefit tremendously from doula support. Responsible doula support can shorten the length of labor, reduce the risk of c-section, the need for forceps or vacuum extraction, or the need for pain medication or epidural. A doula can also make her feel more confident about her birth which can lead to better bonding with her baby. Yet doctors and nurses, as well as many birthing moms themselves are resistant to doula support – and that is a sad and sorry state of affairs! However, the tides are turning and the call for doulas is growing!


And Now Momdoulary Method Doulas Have Rolled Into Town…


ow, however, the world has experienced the Momdoulary Method difference. Our far more comprehensive training helps prepare one to understand that there is no right or wrong way to birth, there is simply what makes most sense for this mom and baby at this moment, in the circumstances they are facing right now. Momdoulary Method understands that every intervention has a time and place. That epidurals, for instance, can sometimes shorten labor, or help prevent emotional trauma that could interfere with bonding with her child. Just as no two women are alike, no two pregnancies are alike. Moms bodies, mental and physical states, and health vary. Babies come in different shapes and sizes, and get into all kinds of positions when making that short but dangerous journey down the birth canal. Each of these factors (and many others) contribute to what makes for a wise choice during labor. And quite simply, there is no this or that option, such as “Epidural or Natural?” Choices in labor are about relationships. Actions and choices now will impact things 2 hours and 2 centimeters from now. And how involved and knowledgeable a mom feels in making that choice will impact how she feels about her birth in retrospect. Momdoulary Method acknowledges that doulas are not clinically trained – medical directives during labor are a physician or midwife’s area of expertise. Where we come in is in helping the mom understand how to better navigate and assess the information she is handed, so she can better understand and asses her labor options, and helping her understand the relationships between the decisions she is making. Of course, we help her labor more efficiently and comfortably as well, while guiding her partner through the process in such a way that he becomes an even more integral part of the experience, allowing both partners to be emotionally supported throughout. And we help the family know what to expect, in both best and worst case scenarios. Knowing what will happen goes a long way in reducing the fear that is so common in labor. Instead of breeding mistrust for the physicians and care providers who will be mother and child’s lives in their hands, we instead encourage families to get to know their care team, ensure early on that they are on the same page, and to then focus on trust and relationship building. If a mom is having difficulty relating to her care team, we encourage the implementation of diplomacy and conflict resolution skills during the pregnancy. Labor is no place to lock heads. It is our firm belief that building a cohesive labor support team is instrumental in creating more positive birth experiences. Establishing positive rapport, built on trust and mutual respect by all involved can dramatically improve birth experiences. There should be no drawing of enemy lines in labor, but rather a team that comes together to support the laboring mother. Everyone has a role, with the doula providing comfort measures and emotional, but in a way that is a cohesive and integral part of the team’s directive. Are you ready to take the leap into being a part of the future of childbirth and parenting preparation?

“Whatever you decide, don't let it be because you don't think you have a choice.� Hannah Harrington, Saving June

THE WORLD NEEDS DOULAS & PARENTING PREPARATION COACHES * 8 in 10 women afraid to give birth * Fear of Birth Linked to Longer Labors * Today’s labors lasting 2.6 hours longer than in the 1960s * 33% is today’s c-section rate in the US * Many hospitals report an epidural rate of up to 90% * Up to 58% of women report feeling traumatized after their birth Mommy Wars Lead to Battles on the Playground and in the Boardroom Our Kids are Under Undo Stress – something has to give! * Tweens (30 percent) and teens (42 percent) say they get headaches vs. 13 percent of parents * Tweens (39 percent) and teens (49 percent) cite difficulty sleeping vs. 13 percent of parents * Tweens (27 percent) and teens (39 percent) report eating too much or too little vs. 8 percent of parents Constant competition to “Keep Up with The Joneses” causes undo stress on families as people come home to McMansions that they never have time to enjoy People have been conditioned to measure their worth, success, and happiness against the lives of others, leaving them in a state of chronic competition.


The US is experiencing high rates of unemployment, and many are unhappy in their current employment. Many find themselves in unfulfilling work, in constant fear of layoffs, or feel trapped with nowhere to go. What is your employment situation like?

The only way to do great work is to love what you do... Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.


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CHANGE IS HERE • Doulas have made inroads into hospitals, and Momdoulary Method in particular is finding a friendly welcome overall. Regularly featured articles discuss the benefits of labor support and the importance of birth education • Studies have demonstrated that doulas reduce the length of labor by up to 25%; the risk of c-section by 50%; the need for vacuum or forceps extraction by 40-60%; and the need for pain medication or epidural by 40% or better. These studies reflect the real benefits we see in the labor and delivery room. More importantly, the general public hears more about these benefits with each passing day • The support of a birth doula can dramatically reduce the level of fear and anxiety a birthing mother has, helping her enter the experience more confidently. • Women are becoming more aware of birth issues of the day, especially with the advent of birth related blogs, and films such as “The Business of Being Born” • Articles highlighting the negative impact of the “Mommy Wars” are increasingly popular • Minimalist and Smaller Living is rising in popularity, drawing attention to Higher Quality Living, that focuses on the Best that Life has – and the importance of family and friends, and a reorganization of values • More and more frequently attention is being drawn to our uniqueness, and the fact that we are not a ‘One Size Fits All’ or “one Lifestyle fits all” society • The momdoulary Method serves to help liberate women and families from the oppression of information overload and the judgment of Joneses


“I won't tell you that the world matters nothing, or the world's voice, or the voice of society. They matter a good deal. They matter far too much. But there are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely—or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. You have that moment now. Choose!” Oscar Wilde

Parenting Coach is a Parenting Preparation Authority and a Mentor Who Can Guide You Through the Information Overload Working as a Doula with Parenting Preparation Skills


re you the go-to guidance person in your group, their virtual “Dear Abbey”? Do you know all the latest greatest approaches for sleep solutions, nutrition, organizational tools, lifestyle helps, and product? Are you nurturing and supportive, an instinctive caregiver? Many of our prospective students were unaware of it, but they were acting as doulas and parenting preparation coaches already – they just weren’t being paid for it. Whether you solely work as a doula – literally serving women - incorporating the parenting preparation coach training into your work, or focus on your own Parenting Preparation Practice, we can give you the tools to help you organize yourself right into a career.

Maximum Flexibility


ork as a birth doula, postpartum doula, or parenting preparation coach. Roll them all into one and provide clients with start to finish support, or focus on one primary area, bringing your full skillset into the equation when it makes sense. Partner with a midwife, physician office, baby business, health food store, community center, or strike out on your own. Work part time or full time, or take one or two doula clients per month and run a parenting preparation and/or organizing bu-

You Are Needed!


tudies increasingly demonstrate the benefits of doula support, and of parenting preparation. Both can lead to better starts for families. With the skillset you will gain with the Momdoulary Method, imagine the benefit you can provide for friends, family, and the community at large – not to mention your own family.



today’s culture we don’t have the space to explore what is best for us, only what is the latest, greatest ‘’trend’’ and our decisions are always judged by others. No matter what we do, be It our choices for childbirth or how we feed, diaper, and carry our baby, it all gets caught up in a political and social statement. Parents to be rarely feel clear enough to explore what will fit them best, as there is too much information – and much of it frequently inaccurate or inflammatory -- to wade through. How can you even know where to begin?


s a doula and parenting preparation coach, you will help families explore what may work best for them. You help them cull the best solutions from the many choices, and you help them get the answers they need. You also help them understand what to expect in the coming days and months, and how to better prepare emotionally and logistically for the changes ahead. Instead of prescribing to them one choice that you think fits them, you will walk them through their own self-assessment process, empowering them by delivering tools they can use on their own in the future, too!

POSSIBLE AREAS OF FOCUS • Back, hip, and neck injury Doula Support Specialist • Parenting Preparation Coach for Expectant Parents • Parenting Preparation Coach for Adopting Parents • Parenting Preparation Coach for Multiples • Organizing Home and Life for Baby Coach

General Birth Doula

Moms of Advanced Age

Supporting In Vitro Births

VBAC Specialist

Teen Pregnancy

• Domestic Abuse Center Support Partner • Gestational Diabetes Doula Support Specialist

These are just some of the many possibilities!


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Course options: A) 8 month weekend class, one weekend per month, begins in December B) Online Program launches in January and again in August (you choose!) complete classroom portion of training in 5 months C) Find an apprentice in your area for oversight of certification qualifying births Contact us for information, dates, and time - and to apply today!

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES TO BETTER FIT YOUR LIFE!!! Plus the option to find and arrange an apprenticeship for yourself in your area under our guidance and structure, expands flexibility further!



Prepare today for the change of tomorrow! 16 units: ~ The Momdoulary Method of Service: labor support; education; parenting preparation; the coaching model; engagement with the birth team; engagement with the birth family; doula presentation; and more ~ Introduction to the Tools of the Doula; Relationship to Birth; Doula Ethics; Doula perception in the world; Care & support exercises; doula safety; professionalism; the Doula’s Promise ~ Navigating Childbirth; Complexities of labor in modern times; The rhythm of labor; Introduction to Childbirth Education; Understanding interventions ~ Developing the Doula Relationship; Meet & Greets; Trust-building; Exercises; Getting answers you need; the role of the birth plan vs. birth vision; nutrition and exercise in pregnancy; introduction to gestational diabetes, hyperemesis and more ~ Fearless Childbirth; Exploring Fears; The Big Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond; Mommy and Birth Wars; Mommy guilt; birth pressure; Birth Journey art and journaling; Birthnotics ~ Anatomy of a Pre-natal visit; Managing resistant clients; Overcoming fear of childbirth and confidence building; Understanding Cultural Differences; what if you don’t connect? ~ Fostering Positive Relationships; Conversations with Doctors; Intimacy During the Birth Year and Beyond; And Baby Makes 3; Introduction to Conflict Resolution Skills ~ The doula life; managing your life and family while in an on-call role; the doula bag; self-care; transportation and physical safety; Body Mechanics; managing your case-load


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~ Labor time; navigating labor symptoms; engaging the partner and family members; comfort measures including birth ball, rebozo, birth rope, acupressure, visualization, movement, positioning, hydrotherapy and more ~ Reading mom’s body; safe words; navigating labor; the mal-positioned baby; understanding complications and stalls; navigating breech and OP labors; Gravity and positioning (turning babies) ~ Laboring in the home; transporting to hospital; what to expect in hospital; hospitals and birthing centers; triage; different roads to delivery ~ Surprising uses of interventions; understanding the relationship between choices in labor; the Labor Land analogy; doula’s role during epidural; induction methods and induction support; supporting the scheduled or emergency c-section; pushing methods; 3rd stage labor support; skin-to-skin; breastfeeding, the first latch ~ Breastfeeding - milk production, positions, troubleshooting; the postpartum visit; self-care during the postpartum daze; newborn care basics; closing the doula relationship ~ Third party services; placenta encapsulation; referrals; community building; introduction to popular labor support services; acupuncture; chiropractic; belly dance; massage; pelvic care during pregnancy and postpartum; body rocks and birth ball bonanaza ~ The Coaching Model; the language of coaching; methodology; non-biased engagement; the 1% solution; black-lining; Organizing Home and Life for Baby applied practice ~ In-Home CBE; Fit Pregnancy; Green Baby; Interviewing Pediatricians; Basic Business tools for Doulas; Understanding the scope of your certifications; implementing a doula service; implementing a parenting preparation coaching service ~ Doula and parenting preparation boards - exams and oral evaluations


Training Program Includes: • Welcome packet with training manual, books, rebozo, training materials, and more. •

Your own assigned advisor

140 hours of classroom training

8 hours of coaching support

100 hours apprenticeship support

• Casework planning & documentation oversight during apprenticeship •

Access to our online materials

Personalized Business Cards

• Library of Materials to establish your own business* • Opportunity to apply for advanced training for those who want to advance their coaching and doula business* • Admission to our board exam, oral, and written finals in: Birth doula; Postpartum Doula; Parenting and Lifestyle Coaching; and all of our level 1 doula private education certification exams*


Opt to apply to our 5 month classroom On-Line training program in January or August, or our 8 month, one weekend per month program in December. *terms and conditions apply including those based upon successful certification and licensing agreement ** Apprenticeship hours may take longer to successfully complete


Our Curriculum Teaches a Broad Range of Skills in Labor Coaching, Postpartum Care, Parenting Preparation, Childbirth Education, and Lifestyle Organization and Design We teach you how to find clients, build your program, and work as a doula, parenting preparation coach, and organization and lifestyle design coach for new families Momdoulary Method teaches you comprehensive doula and parenting preparation skills that you won’t get together in any other program. Topics Include:

Childbirth Education

Newborn Care Basics

Comfort Measures for Labor

Breastfeeding Counseling and Support

Understanding Stalls Fearless Childbirth Understanding Interventions Support Through Pregnancy Complications

Lifestyle Organization and Design Coaching The Coaching Model of Support Apprenticeship


Coaching Relationship

Parenting Preparation

Business Model

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What I love about being a doula

What I love about being a doula is the ability to educate expecting parents to make informed decisions, while at the same time keeping traditions that are centuries old and used worldly to physically support women during labor. It's a beautiful thing to see a baby be born, but it is much more grand to see the conception of a women into a mother, as she holds her baby in her arms, and says to me, "I could not have done it without you." Cora Grajales

One of my favorite things about being a Doula is to know I helped parents meet their little one for the first time. It's the most wonderful feelings in the world! To witness the joy on their faces when their child arrives priceless! I never get tired of it! Robin Cocozza

I love being a Birth Doula. There is so much joy at the end of every birth story and regardless how many times you have supported a birthing mom you feel the same joy and satisfaction as the very first time. It is very rewarding feeling. Viviana Villa


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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Educators Primary Teacher: Laura Saba

Ms. Saba is committed to creating more confident, supported birth experiences, and providing families with a stronger foundation for parenting, one family at a time. Excited to see her mission catching the hearts of others, she is thrilled to help highly committed individuals join in the movement for creating positive change in the world, through her doula and parenting preparation coaching training program. An author, parent educator, childbirth educator, doula, lifestyle coach, professional organizer, and inventor Laura Saba developed the Momdoulary Method program to address lack she saw in the standard doula training programs. Ms. Saba sought apprenticeship under midwives, prior to attending a popular certification class.Ms. Saba was shocked to see the certification class was only 16 hours in length, provided no actual apprenticeship hours at birth (how can you teach someone and send them out there with no hands-on experiences!), and neglected to teach many of the important aspects of procedures and complications a birth mother may need to be supported through. Furthermore, she found that her clients repeatedly benefitted from the other skills she brought to the table, especially her parenting education and lifestyle management coaching skills. Putting it all together, she founded Birth Right Now, a comprehensive doula support center, that changed its name to Momdoulary, LLC in 2012.


After the 18 months run as Birth Right Now, she found her method led to a 97% epidural and pain medication free rate in all vaginal births, and that her clients experienced only a 14% c-section rate compared to the national average of 33%. Furthermore, parents reported feeling more closely bonded to their babies, and to feeling more confident and supported as they entered parenthood. Having tended to the births of hundreds of babies, in virtually every hospital in NYC, as well as hospitals in other states and countries, Ms. Saba brings a vast array of experience both in and out of the hospital to her program. Ms. Saba developed not only the Momdoulary Method, but all of the separate certification classroom units, again drawing from her vast background in parent education, lifestyle coaching, professional organizing, and childbirth education and doula service. Committed to the message of the program, she feels that message of empowerment extends to her students as well and it is her hope that they will be the change they want in the world.

Theresa Valenti Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Specialist

Theresa Valenti r e c e i v e d her MA in Organizational Psychology from Teacher’s C o l l e g e , C o l u m b i a University. She works with employees to build awareness of the dynamics that often unconsciously contribute to the escalation of conflicts and helps group members establish alternative behaviors conducive to successful group processes.

Unique Sotirakis Lead Educator Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Postpartum Care, Doula Comfort Measures, etc...

Ms. Sotirakis is a leader in the effort to create better birth experiences through judgment free doula support and parenting preparation that Momdoulary Method provides. Breastfeeding peer counselor, Master Doula Apprentice, highly respected doula, Doula, childbirth and parenting preparation Educator, Newborn Care Educator, and Senior Postpartum Doula and Parenting Educator, and apprentice supervisor, Ms. Sotirakis is firmly committed to creating stronger families and more empowered experiences for women, be they clients or women looking to enter the doula and parenting preparation field. Having supported women through some of the most advanced challenges that can present during labor, Ms. Sotirakis brings a wealth of experience both in and out of the hospital to the work she is so very passionate about.

Cora Grajales Assistant Educator Ms. Grajales is a popular birth and postpartum doula at Momdoulary, as well as a childbirth and parenting preparation educator, birth ball, newborn care, and birthnotics instructor trainer, placenta encapsulator, and apprentice leader. Ms. Grajales is committed to the development of better birth practices and creating a solid start for families.

Guest Educators We have a wonderful array of guest speakers each time we offer the training program. The list of midwives, physicians, physical therapists and other professionals who will speak during your session will be provided to you on the first day of class.

What can your life become? Are you ready to dream the possibilities? To spin those dreams into reality? The time to build your dream life is now! Momdoulary Method Doula and Parenting Preparation Training Program - here to prepare ambassadors of change to meet the needs of a changing world. Join the movement, help make life better, one woman and one family at a time!

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Where doula service comes with free Childbirth and Parenting Education. Experience the Difference Comprehensive Support Can Make.