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A Full Body Massage -The Ideal Present

For last 5 years or so I have been getting treatments on a regular basis from Mobile Massage London. I feel like I'm a born-again Christian. I just can't stop telling all my family and friends about all of the incredible benefits I get and how good it makes me feel. I work as a delivery despatch driver, which is a very physically demanding job and I am also quite active. I go to the gym 3 to 5 times per week. I also go to a martial arts class once per week to do Xing Yi. I eat mostly home cooked food and drink smoothies, and only eat out occasionally. So junk food is a definite no-no. So I am basically saying that I take good care of myself.

The reason why I am able to lead such an active and busy life is due to the massages I get on a regular basis. When it comes to stress relief massages are amazing. I feel emotionally stable and mentally alert. It isn't all due to massage, however, getting massages on a regular basis definitely plays a major role. I feel great. There's nothing wrong with some vanity. My skin glows. That is due to the lavender essence and oils used during my massages. They encourage the removal of toxins from my body. It is also due to the fact that I have really good blood circulation now. So my skin gets all of the nutrients and oxygen that is needs.

I have peace of mind. The same masseuse gives me treatment every time, so he knows my body fairly well. He advises me on how to care for my body. For instance, when I am overdoing it on a certain exercise, he is able to tell that certain parts of my body are being punished. You know that saying about prevention being better than the cure. The government is taking that stance when it comes to our aging population. I am definitely helping to prevent many health issues from having my massage therapist keep a close watch on my body.

I have provided some example of the many benefits that come with having massages on a regular basis. There many other obvious benefits as well.

Now think about how frustrated I must get when I see friends and family around who are needlessly suffering. They have more money than me. They need more attention than I do but they don't take good care of their bodies. Instead, they complain and pop painkillers and visit their doctor. When I try to tell them about all the benefit I get from having regular massages, they agree with me and say they should do it. But they don't ever do it. I love them. That is why it hurts so much.

At first, I thought they were just cheap. Then I thought they were too lazy. After that, I thought they were just too scared to try anything new. I started to think back when I started to treat myself to full body massages on a regular basis. I was guilty of the exact same thing. After my sister gave me the phone number, I waited for 6 months before I called.

These days what I do is buy my family and friends massage treatments as gifts. They all love massage now. A couple of them treat themselves to massages on a regular basis. They've caught the bug. It's a really original gift. It makes me look great. Just imagine how nervous and excited they are when they get my gift. I'm always aware when a booking is made. I'm very excited at this time also. A couple of days later I receive a phone call where they tell me how much they loved it. Sometimes they tell me that their injury or pain has disappeared. The gift that I really give them is the knowledge and access to better well being and health. That is a beautiful gift.

Article a full body massage an ideal present  
Article a full body massage an ideal present