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Summer 2018 Volume 3 Issue 2

EDITOR’SDESK Scott Link Director of Communications

There’s a rule in the media control room of every church: no singing on com. People who wear a communications headset during a service should not sing along

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Imagine trying to talk to someone on a phone and the other person is singing the whole

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time. Communication just isn’t logistically possible.


with the worship music. While this might seem harsh, there are two very good reasons for it. First, the “com” is how multiple tech positions communicate with each other during worship. People have to be able to speak and be heard and hear others clearly.

Second, some of us can’t sing. There’s a reason many of us work behind the scenes. My dad used to say he likes to sing “solo”… so low, no one could hear him. The sound of a tone-deaf singer in your ear could be, well, distracting. So, no singing on com. Media is a form of communication that enhances worship and glorifies God. There is joy to be found in using technical talents to serve the Lord. Those serving in the areas of audio, video and lighting use their creativity to facilitate and enhance the experience for those in the room, and by extension, the experience beyond the walls through live and archived video and audio streaming. The audio engineer dials in the settings to make worshipers sound beautiful. The camera operator frames a shot and makes moves which enhance the video for those who are watching at home. In many ways, running the media equipment is very much like playing an instrument. While it’s true that a brass player and a Technical Director use different skill sets during worship, both are using their talents to glorify God. When I served in tech ministry at various churches, I would call my service in media a “sacrifice of praise.” I knew that each week I could have been singing and praising God in the congregation. Instead, I sacrificed my time to facilitate and enhance the worship of others. This is a very real sacrifice that volunteers and media ministry staff make every week. That’s not to say media volunteers don’t worship. They do. There are multiple services and times people can attend and engage in worship while they are not serving. The people who run the lyrics, sound, lights, camera, or any other media know they are giving up something so that others can worship. What a privilege it is to honor God not only with our gifts but our service as well. Service in media ministry does mean a sacrifice of praise, but not worship. First Peter 4:10 says, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (NIV) Media staff and volunteers offer their talents each week to the ministry of the local church. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: sometimes I would turn the com headset microphone off and sing anyway.​​

Senior Pastor Dr. Glynn Stone Senior Associate Pastor of Worship and Administration Tim Whedbee Teaching Pastor Paul Coleman Connect Pastor Bo Patterson Adult and Discipleship Pastor Greg Martin Serve Pastor Eric Perkins Pastor of Marriage and Family Counseling Dr. Gregg Zackary Marshall Campus Pastor Geoffrey Davis The magazine of Mobberly Baptist Church Mobberly Magazine is published quarterly. Mobberly Magazine Reprint Policy Contents copyright 2018 by Mobberly Baptist Church. All rights reserved. The content in this issue of Mobberly Magazine may not be reproduced in part or in whole without written permission from Mobberly Baptist Church’s Communications Department. To obtain permission, please send your request to Editorial Inquiries: Contact Scott Link at Mobberly Baptist Church Longview Campus 625 E. Loop 281 Longview, TX 75605 Marshall Campus 101 W. Carolanne Blvd. Marshall, TX 75672


9 Experiences in music are tools that Mobberly's

The church's response & desire to reach ALL people

children and youth choirs use for teaching spiritual

of our East Texas community led to the beginning of

truths and building foundations for private and

Mobberly En EspaĂąol. // El deseo de Mobberly de

corporate worship. Mindy Avedikian believes in

alcanzar a TODA persona del este de Texas dio paso

developing lifetime worshipers.

al comienzo de Mobberly En EspaĂąol.


23 Through hardships and joys, the Whites have

Worship is the action of showing God our love

passed down a legacy of music to their family. As

and reverence in adoration. We give praise to God

the old gives way to the new, and as new seeks

because we were created for that purpose. Pastor

to honor the old, worship makes a way to come

Tim Whedbee seeks to actively teach his staff and

together as one unified body in Christ.

volunteers to live out a daily walk of worship.

2 First Word 22 Staff Q&A 28 Engaging Others People leading people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

CAN YOU HEAR THAT? Silence is refreshing. We hear so many voices today, its hard to hear what anyone is actually saying. God’s counsel is to “be still and know that I am God” ( Psalm 46:10). If we want to hear God’s voice, we have to tune out all other voices. If we want Him to hear us, we must first be ready to hear Him. Most churchgoers hold strong opinions about worship, and yet few of us reflect an understanding of true worship. Worship begins with God - not ourselves. Worship is the response of the created to the Creator. Considering the careful planning that God puts into revealing Himself to us, we would do well to follow His example when it comes to worship. In the Old Testament, as the worshipers would make their journey to the temple of God in Jerusalem, they would prepare their hearts to engage God. They did not rush into the temple. They knew they were about to meet with God, so they carefully prepared themselves and their families. Traditionally the 15 larger steps ascending the Temple Mount gave the worshiper pause to recite the 15 Psalms of Ascent (each psalm or song would have been memorized ). Can you imagine the difference it would make in your own life and in your church if, before you gathered with others in God’s house to worship Him next Sunday, you read the 15 chapters of Psalm 120 through 134? When I travel to Israel, that is one exercise I never miss. The Psalms show the canvas of the glory of God – from a God who is holy, almighty, jealous, omnipresent and who does not tolerate sin – to a God who delights in our prayers, leads us as a shepherd and loves us as friend. If you read and meditate on God’s Word in the hours that lead up to this time of public worship, you’ll see a wonderful difference in your own attitude.

2 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

Pastor Glynn teaching on the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount in Israel. A group of 34 from Mobberly visited the Holy Land together in June.

The highlight of the week for every child of God should be drawing near to God in worship with the church. The Bible simply states: “draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Every church Worship Gathering must have intimate prayer, impassioned preaching and incredible praise. I don’t mean trying to impress God with big productions or big promises. We need to depend on the grace of God, not the goodness of man. We need to humbly obey God. While our normal propensity is to approach God with arrogance and agendas, we would do well to follow the advice of King Solomon: “Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Better to approach in obedience than to offer the sacrifice as fools do...” (Ecclesiastes 5:1). •

Could it be coincidence that King Solomon, who constructed the first great temple for God, was also the one who initiated the habit of stepping up and reciting a psalm as one ascended the Temple Mount? The worship of God is the highest ministry of the church. Solomon’s caution reminds us who is in control. When we come in late for worship, are we telling God that He must wait on us, and presume He must adjust to our tardiness? Let me suggest a few practical tips for the next time you go to church to worship God:

1) BE EARLY. Thanks to His amazing grace, did you know that God is

2) COME EAGERLY. Solomon states “do not be hasty to speak, and do not be

approachable? You can come to the Father and talk as long as

impulsive to make a speech before God... Let your words be

you want to and He will listen, without ever checking His phone.

few” (Ecclesiastes 5:2). The Lord’s Day should be revered – set

When we come corporately to God in public Worship Gatherings,

apart. Because Sunday is special, my family prioritizes Saturday

we must guard our steps and not just burst into His presence.

routines even more than school nights. We select and often iron

“Better to approach in obedience than to offer sacrifice as fools

the clothes we plan on wearing. We put our Bibles and offerings

do” (Ecclesiastes 5:1).

by the door. Saturday night is different because Sunday is

If you knew you could meet your favorite professional athlete before an event, you would do whatever it took to be present

different. You ought to come to God’s house eager for God to speak.

hours beforehand. Most of us don’t go to church early because

Instead of being hasty to speak, be eager for God to speak. One

we don’t expect to engage with God. Let me say it differently

Sunday after church, a man came up to me and said, “Well,

– church attendance is a Saturday night decision. Contrary to

preacher, honestly, I didn’t get much out of church today.”

popular opinion, the beginning of each Worship Gathering is not

Although I didn’t say it, my initial thought was to ask him, “What

a throw-away of miscellaneous minutia. The beginning of our

were you ready for when you came today?” We should come to

worship is prayerfully put together with the aim of directing our

church knowing God has a message He wants to speak to us

thoughts toward God.


As a pastor, I also realize that another aspect of lateness is because we think our agenda is more important than God’s agenda. Perhaps that explains why many people prefer sitting

3) COME EXAMINED. Solomon said that fools use many words (Ecclesiastes 5:3).

in the back, because what’s next is more important than what’s

This reminds me of our idolatrous human thinking where we, the

now. Baptists, especially, are known for fighting over the back

worshipers, are preoccupied and our minds are so full of other

row, but true worshipers ought to be competing for the front row.

stuff that our hearts do not seem to have room to meditate on

Sit up close. Don’t miss a thing that God has for you. When you

God. This exercise of reading God’s Word on Saturday night and

go to a football game or the symphony, you pay big money to sit

early Sunday morning, allows the Holy Spirit to examine your

on the front row. You don’t want to miss a thing! If the Word of

heart so that your worship is appropriate for the audience of One.

God is flowing from Heaven, wouldn’t you want to sit under the

God is the audience of our worship.

spout where the blessings come out?

When you become aware of someone else’s presence - their MO B B ER LY MAG AZIN E | 3

presence should not dictate your behavior. We don’t come to

What will it be like to LIVE in HEAVEN? We will get

worship God on our terms. We come on His terms in respect and

to ENJOY other believers, but most importantly,

honor. I want to ask you: “What makes you kneel?”

we’ll get to EXPERIENCE God!

Worship is not about making a statement. God is not impressed with your performance or your cool clothes. God works most through the humility of someone who is willing to confess their need for Him.

4) COME TO EXPRESS YOUR HEART TO GOD. When I talk about music in church, I can see the eye rolls. But the great builder of God’s Temple went on to say something interesting, “don’t let your mouth bring guilt on you”



coming back, but I do know

- READY? Jesus

Jesus IS coming back, and

wants you to be

Worship Gathering must have intimate prayer, impassioned

His RETURN is closer than

ready to meet Him

preaching and incredible praise - or else it’s not a Worship

ever before. So, we need to

face-to-face at

Gathering! Two of those three elements are expressions TO God

be sharing the gospel to all

any moment. Do

(prayer and praise). I wonder what God thinks when He looks in

we meet before it’s too late.

you know Him?

(Ecclesiastes 5:6). Personally, I love music! I love to sing to God, so I listen to a lot of worship and praise music during the week. Whether you like to sing or not, I truly believe that every church

a church service and sees many people standing there with their mouths closed during a time of praise. Frankly, if you don’t take

When mankind is the center of the universe, when

the time to sing praises to God outside of the church, no wonder

problems happen, MAN has to come up with

you don’t sing in church.

the solution. When God is the center, He is in


CONTROL. If God is out of the equation, He is out of the SOLUTION.

Ultimately, the highest priority in worship should be to “fear

The Good News is

When we walk out the

God” ( Ecclesiastes 5:7). Our culture and many of our churches

the POWER of the

doors of the church,

have lost the sense of the sacred. If you roam the hallways and


our LIVES should back

foyers of many churches, the conversations range from college

a prayer away.

up what we HEARD.

football to the latest Fox News story. Sunday morning Worship Gatherings should be the time and place for us to publicly declare

In this life, the decision you make whether or

our faith in God. We gather together expecting God to change

not to FOLLOW Jesus will impact all of your

our lives - nothing else will or can.

ETERNITY. Are you RIGHT with Jesus?

In your busy routine, you need the solace of Sunday morning to reflect on God and respond to Him. Keeping the Sabbath day

Until you acknowledge

What is your plan?

holy is so important. I can promise you that Satan will not quit

JESUS as your

Where do you want

competing with God’s day. So if you try to squeeze God into your


your family to be, and

weekend, Satan knows you’re actually squeezing God out. Why

your relationship is not

how are you going to


get there?

don’t you commit now to being in church this Sunday? It just might change your life!

You can’t separate LEADERSHIP from RELATIONSHIP. (Proverbs 22:6) 4 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E


Lifetime of worship

By: Debbie Stevens


done.” PSLAM 78:4, NIV

he has

Why do parents race home after work every Wednesday during the school year, pick up fast food at a drive-thru, eat on the way to church and drop their kids at KidsLIFE? Because children learning about Jesus is an exciting thing! KidsLIFE at Mobberly is a ministry that engages preschool through sixth grade children in activities, missions, discipleship and music. Walk through the The Bridge or The Crossing on any Wednesday night and you’ll hear the joyous sounds of children learning, laughing and singing. Children’s Choir is a part of KidsLIFE that uses musical concepts to build spiritual foundations for kids to help them become lifetime worshipers.


Children’s Choir Children’s Choir at Mobberly exists to introduce children to the love of God. Children not only learn Scriptural songs of worship, they are also led to understand the meaning of the lyrics through age-appropriate games and activities. Drama, dance, playing instruments and other hands-on experiences help teach kids about God. Music activities give children the opportunity to use their heart, mind, body and voice to worship God. Experiences in music are tools used for teaching spiritual truths and building foundations for private and corporate worship. Children’s Choir Coordinator, Mindy Avedikian, knows how much kids love the arts. This past spring MobberlyKIDS led a night of worship on the Longview campus entitled, Born to Worship You. Preschoolers kicked off the event with a cheer, “Two-Four-Six Eight, Let’s tell God that He is great! Clap your hands. Sing a song. We can praise Him all day long!” The excitement continued to build as they sang “Praisin’ Our Amazin’ God” and “I was Made to Praise the Lord.” “We want preschoolers to know that it is fun to praise Jesus,” Mindy said. “It is exciting to watch them maintain that same energy as they graduate to the older children’s choir. Born to Worship You was a night focused on allowing the kids to lead everything; songs, instrumentation, dialogue, prayer and scripture readings. Children also participated in media production elements. The kid-led Worship Gathering was designed to mirror the Sunday morning gatherings at Mobberly. Incorporated into the music was meaningful choreography that helped the kids to experience a high energy time of worship and solidify lyrics through muscle memory. “As a mom, I am thankful that my daughters were part of this experience,” Jennifer Gillaspie, Children's Choir leader said. “As a leader, it's so rewarding to see kids work to achieve success using their God-given talents, and seeing them lead in worship is something I will never forget.”

IT’S SO REWARDING TO SEE KIDS WORK TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS USING THEIR God-given talents, AND SEEING THEM lead in worship IS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER FORGET. Bringing Bible stories to life allows kids to experience the Bible in a hands-on way. “Kids enjoy participating in drama. It’s a form of art that allows the story to become visual as well as auditory,” Mindy said. One special moment that she recalled was how powerful it was to watch the drama team portray the life of Christ as the choir sang “Jesus at the Cross.” The Worship Ministry at Mobberly believes in developing future worshipers and worship leaders. A parent of a 3rd grader, Kara Blankenship, shared her thoughts on Children’s Choir. “It is important to find ways to encourage and train the next generation to use their voices in praise. Born to Worship You gave MobberlyKIDS an opportunity to praise God and lead in worship. What a blessing!” The Night of Worship was a unique experience of children leading adults and families. 6 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

Wednesday Nights As a former educator, it is important to Mindy that the worship portion of each Wednesday night offers a learning experience as well as a time of musical preparation. Knowing that the kids have been in school all day, choir teachers are strategic about making sure the evenings are active and diverse. “Wednesday nights are more than just teaching lyrics and hand motions. Hearing their young voices lift up praise to Jesus each week is an amazing sound." Working with children can sometimes be exhausting, but Mindy and the other teachers find their time with the kids each week refreshing and energizing. “Teaching Children’s Choir is something I never pictured myself doing, but it has become the highlight of my week,” Jennifer said. Kiersten Blankenship, Kara's daughter, added that she always enjoys singing, but she especially singing in children's choir.

Student Choir The Mobberly Student Choir meets on Sunday afternoons each week during the school year. Seventh through twelfth grade students learn more about worship and worship leading. Students who enjoy singing, playing instruments, dance or drama all find a place to use their talents to worship God. The Student Choir exists to worship God inside the church and in our community through local mission opportunities. Mindy and Tim Whedbee organize and rehearse the students each week. “I’m always amazed that the students take time out of their busy schedules to come to rehearsal every Sunday afternoon,” Mindy said. “They have a million other things they could be doing, but they choose to give up an hour and a half of their Sunday afternoon here at church.” Students rehearse music for Worship Gatherings, participate in a discipleship Bible study and look forward to solving the “snack for the night” mystery clue each week. One text clue was “K. So, you’ll love the snack tonight!” The students were stumped, but they dove into their chips and queso without hesitation. Students who desire a larger commitment can audition for Sunday morning worship teams. These are students who are growing Christians and are typically leaders in our student ministry. Being a part of a worship team gives students the experience of being involved with intergenerational teams where they learn the concept of vocal leadership, visual leadership and spiritual leadership. Vocally, the students learn music at a fast pace. They learn to hear and sing multiple voice parts along with blending techniques. Visual leadership teaches appropriate appearance, stage presence and how to connect with other worshipers. The Mobberly worship ministry strives to incorporate music, drama, audio, video and lighting into meaningful worship. Children, students and adults are welcomed to serve alongside us in any aspect of the worship ministry. Periodically, the Student Choir participates in “Go, Sing, Serve” events that allow students the opportunity to take their music outside the walls of the church. This past year the choir served and sang at Harvest Outreach and House of Hope, ministries that help meet spiritual and physical needs of people here in Longview. One teenager’s MO B B ER LY MAG AZIN E | 7

parent commented on how cool it is to see his daughter serve in the community. During the fall, Mobberly students led worship at a local Longview church where one of the staff members is a former Mobberly choir member. “We like to provide opportunities for our students to put their faith into action,” Mindy said. “As the students interact with people at each ministry, they gain perspective of how Jesus can meet the needs of those hurting in our community.” Dale and Lisa Turner, organizers at Harvest Outreach in Longview, said, “The Mobberly Student Choir, along with their adult leadership, put their faith into action and helped to serve food with friends on the south side of Longview. While the adults prepared to share groceries, the choir sang beautifully, interacted with adults and children and shared the love of Jesus with those that many would consider unlovable or unreachable. The choir gave with their full voice and heart to reach residents of our community. Their music and service blessed those outside the walls of the church.”

Mobberly Worship The mission of the Mobberly Worship Ministry is to “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples.” (1 Chronicles 16:24, ESV) Choirs for children and students are just two examples of how Mobberly values teaching children biblical truths and leading them to experience praise and prayer. Living out Psalm 100 grows kids and students in their faith so they can impact their world for Jesus.



through all generations.” PSALM 100, NIV Top: Nick Hamilton, a student in the youth choir, reads scripture for Palm Sunday Night of Worship. Second: During "Born to Worship You", children portray the life of Christ during a special drama portion of the Night of Worship. Third: Students of the Youth Choir sing at Harvest Outreach as part of their "Go, Sing, Serve" day in the fall. Bottom: Children sing and dance during the Easter Worship Gathering. 8 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E




by: alyssa rummel translation by: christine aubert


The smell of Mexican pastries and coffee fills the room as smiling greeters open the doors, ready for a new Sunday. As soon as you walk through the door


Listos para un nuevo domingo, los voluntarios sonrientes saludan y abren las puertas mientras se percibe el olor a café y pan dulce. Tan pronto entres

you get a handshake, or if you have met them even once before,

por las puertas, recibirás un apretón de manos, o si has tenido el

more than likely a bear hug. Friendly chatter and hearty laughter

placer de conocerlos de antemano es más probable que te den

are prevalent as old friends and new visitors mingle together.

un gran abrazo. La charla amistosa y las risas abundan al ver que

Bienvenidos – you are welcome here.

viejos amigos y nuevos visitantes se mezclan. Eres bienvenido aquí – you are welcome here. MO B B ER LY MAG AZIN E | 9

There was, and still is, a huge need for the gospel in our community. Our prayer is that we can help fill that need by being a God-honoring, Christ-centered ministry that preaches biblical truth – primarily in Spanish instead of English. Mobberly is one church with multiple languages.

Hubo, y hay todavía, una gran necesidad del evangelio en nuestra comunidad. Nuestra oración es que podamos ayudar a llenar esa necesidad al ser un ministerio que honra a Dios y que está centrado en Cristo, predicando la verdad bíblica en español en lugar de inglés. Mobberly es una iglesia con múltiples idiomas.

Mobberly En Español was born out of a desire for Mobberly’s

El deseo de ver que la congregación de Mobberly emulara

congregation to better reflect the demographics of the Longview

mejor la demografía de Longview, dio paso para el comienzo de

community. With the Spanish-speaking population of East Texas

Mobberly En Español. Ya que la población de habla hispana en

continuing to grow, Mobberly realized there had to be a change

el este de Texas esta creciendo, Mobberly se dio cuenta de la

in order to achieve the mission of reaching all people with the

necesidad de hacer un cambio para lograr la misión de servir y

gospel of Jesus Christ.

compartir el evangelio de Jesucristo con las miles de familias en

Together, Senior Pastor Glynn Stone and Serve Pastor Eric Perkins began praying for God’s direction in what Mobberly

nuestra ciudad y los alrededores. El pastor principal Glynn Stone y el pastor Eric Perkins

should do to respond. The pastors approached Calixto Arce, who

comenzaron a orar por la dirección de Dios en lo que Mobberly

was a Mobberly member at the time, and asked him to begin

debería hacer para responder a la necesidad. Los pastores se

seeking the Lord about leading a ministry aimed at reaching the

acercaron a Calixto Arce, miembro de Mobberly, y le pidieron que

Spanish-speaking community of Longview.

orara específicamente buscando la voluntad de Dios en cuanto

“I didn’t think that I would ever be deemed ready or worthy to be considered for a position like this, especially because of my lack of experience or because I had not gone to seminary,”

a dirigir un ministerio destinado a llegar a la comunidad de habla hispana de Longview. “No pensé que estuviera preparado ni digno de ser

Calixto said. “Being pastor to a Hispanic congregation was the

considerado para un puesto como este, especialmente por mi

last thing on my mind.”

falta de experiencia y porque no fui al seminario," dijo Calixto.

Nevertheless, he accepted the position as pastor of Mobberly En Español. He felt the Lord convicting him to be a part of this endeavor. “There was, and still is, a huge need for the gospel in our community. Our prayer is that we can help fill that need by being a God-honoring, Christ-centered ministry that preaches biblical

"Ser pastor de una congregación de habla hispana no era algo que tenia pensado para mi.” Sin embargo, aceptó el puesto de pastor de Mobberly En Español ya que después de mucha oración, sintió el llamado de Dios a ser parte de este esfuerzo. “Hubo, y hay todavía, una gran necesidad del evangelio en

truth – primarily in Spanish instead of English. Mobberly is one

nuestra comunidad. Nuestra oración es que podamos ayudar

church with multiple languages.”

a llenar esa necesidad al ser un ministerio que honra a Dios

Mobberly En Español launched on Easter Sunday of 2013 with over 150 in attendance; other churches came to celebrate with 10 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

y que está centrado en Cristo, predicando la verdad bíblica principalmente en español en lugar de inglés. Mobberly es una

them on that day. Following the launch, there was a core group of approximately 15 people who met regularly in The Bridge on the Longview campus.

iglesia con múltiples idiomas.” Mobberly En Español se lanzó el domingo de Pascua del 2013 con más de 150 asistentes; otras congregaciones vinieron a

“It was challenging because we were small enough to be a

celebrar con ellos en ese día. Después del lanzamiento, había

Connect Group but definitely not big enough to be a typical

un grupo de aproximadamente 15 personas que se reunían

Worship Gathering,” Calixto said. “We approached it as such

regularmente en el edificio The Bridge en el campus de Longview.

because that was our long-term goal – to provide a Worship

“Fue un reto porque éramos lo suficientemente pequeños

Gathering for the Spanish-speaking community.”

como para ser un grupo de conexión, pero definitivamente no

Formulated to be an extension of the English-speaking

lo suficientemente grande como para ser una congregación

services, Mobberly En Español participates in many of the same

típica,” dijo Calixto. “Sin embargo, lo abordamos como tal porque

activities and follows the same sermon series as the rest of

ese era nuestro objetivo a largo plazo: brindar un servicio de


adoración para la comunidad de habla hispana.”

“Pastor Glynn sends me his manuscripts for his Sunday

Formulado para ser una extensión de los otros servicios,

sermons,” Calixto said. “I translate and put them into cultural

Mobberly En Español participa en muchas de las mismas

context. I add jokes and adjust illustrations so our people can

actividades y sigue la misma serie de sermones que el resto de

understand more clearly. Early on, my messages were more like


a direct translation of the manuscripts. In time, I began to make

“El pastor Glynn me envía sus manuscritos para sus

them my own through prayer and research. I approach the pulpit

sermones,” dijo Calixto. “Los traduzco y los pongo en contexto

each week with fear and reverence – it's a high calling. I'm always

cultural. Agrego chistes y ajusto las ilustraciones para que

thinking about how the message is going to land on people’s ears

nuestra congregación pueda entender más claramente. Al

and their hearts. It has become my favorite thing to do.”

principio, fue difícil y era más como una traducción directa del

Even though he didn’t imagine himself being a pastor, Calixto feels like he is where God has called him to be .

mensaje. Sin embargo, con el tiempo y con la ayuda de Dios, seguimos el mismo tema pero hacemos que el mensaje sea

“I approach this ministry in two ways. On the day when Jesus

adecuado a nuestro contexto cultural. Cada semana me acerco

completely restored Peter on the beach, he asked him three

al púlpito con temor y reverencia, es una gran responsabilidad.

times ‘Do you love me?’ Peter said, ‘Yes.’ Twice Jesus said,

Siempre estoy pensando en la manera que va a ser recibido el

‘Feed my sheep,’ and one time he said, ‘Tend my sheep.’ There’s

mensaje en los corazones de las personas. Se ha convertido en

a difference between tending and feeding. Feeding is what I

un gozo para mi.”

do on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and sometimes

A pesar de que no se imaginaba a sí mismo como un pastor,

on Saturday mornings during our Bible studies – sharing God’s

Calixto siente que está donde Dios lo ha llamado.

Word. Tending is caring for the sheep. It’s coming alongside and

“Me acerco a este llamado de dos maneras. El día en que

seeing where you can help, encourage and guide them. It is a big

Jesús restauró por completo a Pedro, le preguntó tres veces:

charge, but it is one I take seriously.”

‘¿Me amas?’ Pedro dijo: ‘Sí.’ Jesús le respondió dos veces:

In the past five years, Mobberly En Español has grown beyond

‘Apacienta mis ovejas,’ y solo una vez dijo: ‘Cuida mis ovejas.’ Hay una diferencia entre cuidar y alimentar o apacentar. Alimentar es lo que hago los domingos por la mañana, los miércoles por MO B B ER LY MAG AZIN E | 11

just a handful of members. It has seen over 140 professions of

la noche, y algunas veces los sábados por la mañana durante

faith with close to 50 of them making decisions to follow Christ

nuestros estudios bíblicos - compartiendo la Palabra de Dios.

through baptism. Its general attendance on a Sunday morning

Cuidar es estar a un costado, viendo dónde puedes ayudar,

ranges between 75 and 100 people.

animar y guiar a tu congregación. Es un gran encargo, pero es

The ministry succeeds not by the efforts of staff members alone, but by the leaders God raises up within the congregation. They are able to help serve the people’s needs and make the ministry what it is today. “Several of these leaders, like brother Edwin Pastul and his

uno que tomo en serio.” •

En los últimos cinco años, Mobberly En Español ha crecido más allá de solo unos pocos miembros. Ha visto más de 140

wife, Cindy, have been with us from the beginning. He served as

profesiones de fe y cerca de 50 de ellas han tomado la decisión

one of our first leaders,” Calixto said. “Some of them, like Edwin,

de seguir a Cristo a través del bautismo. Su asistencia general

continue to be my right-hand people. It’s been neat to see God

los domingos por la mañana varia entre 75 y 100 personas.

bring people to serve at Mobberly En Español who are mature

El ministerio ha tenido éxito no solo por los esfuerzos del

and adequately trained – not people who are merely looking for

personal en Mobberly. Dios ha levantado líderes dentro de la

a new place to worship, but people who feel called to be here at

congregación para ayudar a servir las necesidades de la gente y


hacer del ministerio lo que es hoy.

As the attendance has increased, so has the development of

“Varios de estos líderes, como el hermano Edwin Pastul y

leaders. Cultivating leaders has been something that Calixto has

su esposa, Cindy, han estado con nosotros desde el principio.

enjoyed most about the past five years.

Edwin, ha servido como uno de nuestros primeros líderes,”

“People come here and make a commitment to serve. They

dijo Calixto. “Él, como algunos otros, continúa siendo mi mano

take the responsibilities they are given, and with some coaching

derecha. Ha sido maravilloso ver como Dios está levantando

and leadership development, they’re able to rise up to their

entre nuestra congregación a personas para servir en Mobberly

calling and serve well.”

En Español. Personas que son maduras y están adecuadamente

Two of those whom you will see serving each week are Juan

capacitadas, no personas que simplemente están buscando un

and Carmen Garcia. They first came to Mobberly in 2015 when

nuevo lugar para congregar, sino que sienten el llamado para

they were invited by friends.

estar aquí.”

“We wanted to build our relationship with Christ and were

A medida que la asistencia ha aumentado, también ha crecido

searching for a church with sound doctrine,” Juan said. “We

el líderazgo. Cultivar líderes ha sido parte de lo que más ha

found that here at Mobberly.”

disfrutado Calixto en los últimos cinco años.

When asked why they stayed at Mobberly, they both agreed it

“Los miembros de nuestra congregación se comprometen

was because of the way they were treated. “We saw the love of

a servir. Asumen responsabilidades que se les otorgan y con

Christ shown to us,” Carmen said.

desarrollo de liderazgo siguen su llamado para servir bien.”

Parents of four, the Garcias longed for a place for their children to learn more about the Lord.

Dos de los que verás sirviendo cada semana son Juan y Carmen García. Vinieron por primera vez a Mobberly en el año

“The love and care for children is very real,” Carmen said. “That is another reason we kept coming. We felt so welcomed here.” After becoming members, Juan and Carmen immediately

2015 cuando fueron invitados por amistades. “Queríamos crecer en nuestra relación con Cristo y estábamos buscando una iglesia con sana doctrina,” dijo Juan. “Lo

stepped into volunteer roles. Juan serves as part of leadership, and you can find Carmen serving in several different areas on

encontramos aquí en Mobberly.” Cuando se les preguntó por qué se quedaron en Mobberly,

Sundays, but she enjoys being a greeter on the First Impressions

ambos coincidieron en que era por la forma en que fueron

team the most.

tratados. “Vimos el amor de Cristo,” dijo Carmen.

“We wanted to help others feel the same way that we felt,”

Siendo padres de familia, los García anhelaban un lugar en

Carmen said. “It’s such an honor, such a privilege to be able to give back what we received. We want to show others the love of Christ.”

donde sus hijos aprendieran más sobre Dios. “El amor y el cuidado de los niños es muy real,” dijo Carmen. “Esa es otra razón por la que seguimos viniendo. Nos sentimos

“The Lord showed us that as members we have a duty to

muy bienvenidos aquí.”

serve,” Juan said. “And we are willing to keep serving to that

Después de unirse como miembros a la iglesia, Juan y Carmen

potential. There is a lot of need.”

inmediatamente dieron el paso a ser voluntarios. Juan es

When the Garcias were new to Mobberly, volunteers filled that

parte del liderazgo, y puedes encontrar a Carmen sirviendo en

need for them. Now they encourage others to fill that need in the

diferentes áreas los domingos. A Carmen le encanta ser parte del

same way.

equipo de voluntarios quienes se encuentran dando la bienvenida

“The ones who served us were the ones who got us connected to the church. They were there for us and drew us closer,”

los domingos por la mañana. “Queríamos que los demás sintieran lo mismo que sentimos

Juan said. “That’s what I would use to motivate others to serve.

nosotros,” dijo Carmen. “Es un gran honor, un privilegio poder

You can have an effect on people by drawing them closer to a

devolver lo que recibimos. Queremos mostrar a los demás el

ministry, closer to what’s happening in the church. We want to

amor de Cristo.”

see a need and respond to it.” •

“El Señor nos mostró que como miembros tenemos el deber •

As with most new things, Mobberly En Español has had

de servir,” dijo Juan. “Y estamos dispuestos a seguir sirviendo. Hay mucha necesidad.” Cuando los García empezaron a visitar a Mobberly, los

growing pains as they have ventured to fulfill the vision of

voluntarios llenaron esa necesidad para ellos. Ahora ellos animan

reaching all people of East Texas.

a otros a llenar esa necesidad de la misma manera.

“For the first two years, we struggled with finding someone

“Los que nos sirvieron fueron los que nos conectaron con

who could consistently lead us in worship every Sunday,” Calixto

la iglesia. Estuvieron allí para nosotros y nos acercaron al

said. “We had volunteers, and on a couple Sundays, if you

ministerio,” dijo Juan. “Eso es lo que usaría para motivar a otros

can believe it, we even had karaoke-led worship! We needed

a servir.” Puede tener un efecto en las personas acercándolas a

someone with a vision for worship.”

un ministerio e involucrándolos en lo que está sucediendo en la

In 2015, Mobberly En Español found that person. Ricky Ruiz joined Mobberly’s staff as the worship leader for the ministry. “Calixto and I had known each other from a mission trip to

iglesia. Queremos ver una necesidad y responder a ella.” •


Como suele pasar al comenzar algo nuevo, Mobberly En Español ha tenido dificultades al tratar de cumplir la visión de alcanzar a todos en el este de Texas con el evangelio. “Durante los primeros dos años, tuvimos problemas para encontrar a alguien que pudiera dirigir la alabanza consistentemente los domingos,” dijo Calixto. “Tuvimos voluntarios, y un par de domingos, si pueden creerlo, incluso cantamos alabanzas tipo karaoke. Necesitábamos a alguien con visión para formar un equipo de alabanza.” En el 2015, Mobberly En Español encontró a esa persona. Ricky Ruiz se unió al equipo de Mobberly como el líder de alabanza del ministerio. “Calixto y yo nos conocimos hace casi Mexico that he led

14 años en un viaje misionero a México que dirigió Calixto,”

almost 14 years

dijo Ricky, recordando. “Nos encontramos en Mobberly unos

ago,” Ricky said,

seis meses antes del lanzamiento del ministerio. Yo no estaba

reminiscing. “He

interesado en unirme al equipo en ese momento porque yo ya

then bumped into

había sido parte de ministerios nuevos, y sabía la cantidad de

me at Mobberly

trabajo que eso involucraba. Después de casi dos años y medio,

about six months

a través de dificultades personales, batallas y tragedias en mi

prior to the ministry

vida, Dios cambió mi mentalidad y mi corazón. Dios usó esas

being launched. I wasn’t interested at the time because I had

cosas para confirmar que había una necesidad y que Él me había

been a part of starting ministries before, and I knew the amount

estado preparando toda mi vida para ser parte de algo como

of work they involved. Fast forward almost two and a half years.


Through personal difficulties, battles and tragedies in my life, God changed my mindset and my heart. God used those things to confirm that there was a need and that He had been preparing me my entire life to do something like this.” Building the worship ministry from the ground up took time, and it is still a work in progress.

Formar el ministerio y equipo de alabanza desde cero tomó tiempo, y todavía estamos trabajando en ello. “El reto para muchos ministerios que van comenzando como el nuestro es ver cómo puedes lograr la excelencia en un lugar limitado,” dijo Ricky. “Teníamos limitaciones con respecto a los voluntarios, tenían poca experiencia y también estábamos

“The challenge for a lot of startup ministries like our own is

limitados por el horario de dichas personas. En nuestro caso,

how to bring excellence in a venue or into a place where you’re

tuvimos mucha gente que trabajaba seis, tal vez incluso siete,

very limited,” Ricky said. “You’re limited on volunteers, limited on

días de la semana. Tratar de formar un equipo de alabanza y

experience and also limited on availability from said people. In our

una base de voluntarios fue, y a veces todavía es, una dificultad

case, we had a lot of people that worked six, maybe even seven

semana tras semana.”

days a week. Trying to form a worship ministry and volunteer

Según Ricky, la clave para encontrar voluntarios en cualquier

base through that was, and sometimes still is, a challenge week-

área del ministerio, es formar amistades y establecer liderazgo


con las personas más allá de las interacciones del domingo.

According to Ricky, the key to finding volunteers in worship, 14 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

“¿Cómo nos estamos conectando con Dios y con los

or any other area of ministry, is in how you lead people beyond

miembros durante la semana? Si guías y animas a las personas

Sunday morning interactions.

a conectarse con Dios durante la semana, les puedo garantizar

“How are we connecting with God and people throughout

que al pedirles que sirvan en un domingo lo harían con todo

the week? If you connect people with God outside of Sunday

corazón. Cambia el enfoque y la forma en que sirven. Lo harán

morning, I can guarantee you that asking them to serve on a

con excelencia y un corazón de gratitud. Los seres humanos

Sunday will come with a heart-change. Their focal point and

damos regalos a las personas para mostrarles que apreciamos

approach to serving changes. They’ll approach it with greater

algo que han hecho o lo especial que son para nosotros. No

excellence and a heart of gratitude. We give gifts to people to

debería ser diferente con Dios. El servicio es nuestro regalo a Él.”

show them we appreciate something that they’ve done or for

Se estableció un grupo de voluntarios: músicos, cantantes y

who they are. Why should coming before God be any different?

apoyo técnico para servir en el ministerio de alabanza. Alcanzó

Service is our gift to Him.”

un nivel de excelencia que anteriormente no había podido

A regular group of volunteer musicians, singers and behind-

alcanzar. Sin embargo, durante el año pasado, el enfoque ha

the-scenes technical support was established to serve in the

cambiado - no solo queremos producir música con excelencia,

worship ministry. The worship reached a level of excellence that it

la esperanza es guiar a la congregación a adorar a través de la

had not previously been able to attain. Yet, during the past year,


there has been a shift from just trying to produce good music. Now the hope is to lead the congregation to worship through music.

Ricky sabía que cultivar una actitud de adoración requería algo más. “Mi filosofía, una filosofía la cual yo oro que siempre esté doesn’t matter what culture you come from or what what you're bearing when you come through the door. The moment we step into worship, our personal cultures take second place. Our goal is no longer about pleasing others first, but moving toward God’s heart together.

... no importa de qué cultura vienes o qué vengas cargando. En el momento en que entramos en la adoración, nuestras culturas personales ocupan el segundo lugar. Nuestra meta ya no es la de agradar a los demás primero, sino avanzar juntos hacia el corazón de Dios.


Ricky knew that cultivating an attitude of worship required

centrada en Cristo, es crear una cultura de personas cuyos

something more.

corazones se muevan a seguir el corazón de Dios. Para mí, eso

“My philosophy, a philosophy I pray is always Christ-centered,

significa que no importa de qué cultura vienes o qué vengas

is to create a culture of people whose hearts move after God’s

cargando. En el momento en que entramos en la adoración,

own heart. To me, that means it doesn’t matter what culture you

nuestras culturas personales ocupan el segundo lugar. Nuestra

come from or what you're bearing when you come through the

meta ya no es la de agradar a los demás primero, sino avanzar

door. The moment we step into worship, our personal cultures

juntos hacia el corazón de Dios.”

take second place. Our goal is no longer about pleasing others first, but moving toward God’s heart together.” •

With an expanding group of leaders, a Christ-centered worship

Con un grupo de líderes que van en aumento, un ministerio de alabanza y adoración centrado en Cristo y un énfasis en la predicación basada en la Palabra de Dios, Mobberly En Español

ministry, and an emphasis on preaching biblical truth, Mobberly

planea continuar avanzando hacia el corazón de Dios en los

En Español plans to continue moving toward God’s heart in the

próximos cinco años, tal como lo ha hecho en los primeros

next five years just as it has in the first five.


“We stand poised, ready to continue to impact our community

“Nos mantenemos firmes, listos para continuar impactando

with the gospel – trusting Him to exponentially multiply our

a nuestra comunidad con el evangelio, confiando en que Él

efforts, ordaining our steps to give Him the highest praise,”

multiplicará exponencialmente nuestros esfuerzos, ordenando

Calixto said.

nuestros pasos para darle los más altos elogios”, dijo Calixto.

¡A Dios sea la gloria – to God be the glory!

16 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

¡A Dios sea la gloria!

How It All Began

Laney Wootten’s earliest

leading worship at Macedonia Baptist

memories of worship are

Church, where they served for 37 years.

standing on her mother’s

They came to Macedonia straight out of

Texas, when Bob’s family moved into

piano bench, singing "Jesus

seminary and built a life within the loving

town. They were in junior high school at

Loves Me" in front of the

community they found there.

the time and got to know one another at

congregation. She was only three at the

They raised four children and are now

Bob and Janet met in Lake Jackson,

church. They credit their mutual love for

time, and quite shy in front of an audience.

“Honey and Papa” to 10 grandbabies.

heartfelt worship to that childhood church.

Still, Laney says she cannot remember a

Now in retirement, their days are filled

When Bob was 18 years old he began

time she wasn’t singing in front of people.

with family as they are actively involved in

At that time, Bob and Janet White were 18 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

raising up the next generation.

to seek the Lord’s direction for his future.

by: Mary Kathryn Tiller

(L-R) The Wootens: Jon, Laney. The Whites: Janet and Bob.

“Our church was having a revival, and

of pastor. Desiring to know more, he

Still unsure of what a career in full-time

the speaker was talking about the second

continued to pray and seek the Lord’s

ministry looked like for him, Bob began

coming. I went down to the altar to pray,

direction. A year or so later, he received

pursuing a degree in agriculture, but

and I said, ‘God, what do you want me

confirmation of his calling, this time during

he never gave up on the call to go into

to do with my life? I’m about to graduate

a Baptist Student Union state convention.

ministry. It was Janet, his girlfriend at the

from high school, what’s next?’ I felt like

“I could take you to the exact place

time, who presented the idea of music

God said the phrase ‘full-time ministry.’

where I was sitting. An invitation was given

That’s all I heard at that time.”

for students who felt the call to become

“We were talking one day, and Janet

missionaries. I felt a very clear sense that

said, ‘I could really see you doing music.’”

God wanted me to be in the ministry.”

I said, “Really?... I would love to do that!”

At that point, the only role in full-time ministry Bob saw around him was that

ministry to him.


While Bob and Janet had both sung in

“It was very God-honoring, heartfelt kind

Blending New and Old

the church choir, Bob had not considered

of music. That was our background,” Bob

the option of music minister. As he began

agreed. “So, that’s what I would bring out

his daughters had as much influence over

to pray about it, though, it became clear

of the church we served. I didn’t try to

him as he did them.

that was exactly what he was to do.

teach them a formal style, but lead them

Once married, Bob and Janet moved to Louisiana, where Bob earned a degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological

to worship through heartfelt music.”

Passing on the Gift of Song

Bob is quick to tell you, however, that

In the 1990’s, Jeni and Laney attended a Passion Conference. There they were deeply impacted by the kind of worship they heard, and the sisters brought what

Music became an integral part of their

they experienced back to Bob and Janet.

degree and taught for three years before

home. The family even began singing as a

“The girls were instrumental in helping

their first daughter, Jeni, was born. Once

group, often traveling to other churches,

me grasp this new style of worship; you

Bob graduated, they moved to Longview

revivals and special events.

talk about us mentoring them, that’s when

Seminary. Janet had earned a teaching

and began serving at Macedonia Baptist Church in the summer of 1979.

Redefining Worship During his time in seminary, the church viewed music as a formal expression. Bob

Laney remembers those times fondly, though she was not yet comfortable singing in front of large groups of people.

they mentored us,” Bob said. “That was the turning point in how we saw worship.” Janet happened to be taking piano

It took several years for her to overcome

lessons from a friend who was on the

the nervousness of performing.

edge of the new worship movement in

“The turning point for me was when I

her own church and began learning some

remembers one conversation in particular

joined the praise team, and I began to

chords and stylings that brought a new

that demonstrated the worship philosophy

lead worship with my Dad,” Laney said. “I

kind of emotion out of the congregation.

of the 70’s.

developed a confidence in singing in front

“It’s amazing how music connects

of people, and I found new purpose and

to our hearts and souls; and how even

passion behind what I was doing.”

certain chords can elicit certain types of

“A professor was teaching about the use of formal or high church music. One of the students asked, ‘What if your people

The praise team Laney and her sister,

aren’t there? What if they don’t enjoy

Jeni, were a part of stood behind Bob

scholarly, formal music?’ The professor

during worship times, giving Laney a front

said, ‘It’s your job to bring them there.’

row seat to Bob’s leadership.

expressions from us,” Bob said.

Changing Tides Janet considers their discovery of this

That was the concept of music schools

“One of the things I learned from my

more sincere musical approach to when

and seminary at the time: we’ve got to

dad was how to be an authentic worship

Bob truly found his passion for worship.

bring people to this formal level of music

leader,” Laney said. “He taught me that

and expression of worship,” Bob recalled.

it was not about performance or being

People would stand up and raise their

polished but about the heart. My parents

hands, but some people felt uncomfortable.

that had a different philosophy about

always shared what was happening in their

It was scary – something new,” Bob said.

music: “It was about Jesus,” Janet said.

lives, so I learned to do that from them.”

Bob began to receive push-back on the

Bob and Janet had grown up in a church

20 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

“Our worship became very heartfelt.

style of worship he was presenting. “You know, change is difficult for people,” Bob said. “Every generation has a safe place, whether it’s in music or the way we prefer to have a sermon

The church soon found solid footing

that same time, God led Bob to retire. He

again and emerged celebrating its hard-

and Janet began attending the Marshall

won identity as a worshiping church.

campus with the Woottens. While Janet

The Next Generation

often joins Laney singing on the platform, Bob is happy to sit in the congregation,

presented. We like the way we’ve always

Parents to five beautiful children, Jon

done it, and then someone comes along

and Laney Wootten are no strangers to

husband, Will Hagle, also attend Mobberly,

and tells us they have a new way to reach

growing pains. Their oldest son, Jude, has

serving on the Longview campus through

a different group of people. I can’t tell you

autism and presents unique and difficult

the choir and on staff in the student

how many churches I’ve seen close their

challenges to the already exhausting life of

ministry, respectively.

doors because people refuse to change.”

parenthood. Armed with the example she

where he helps with Jude. Jeni and her

“There’s great joy in watching your kids

saw in her parents, Laney has learned to

serve the Lord,” Bob said. “I think Laney

how to coexist with the new and the old,”

lean into worship when times get tough.

leads worship better than I ever did, as far

Laney said. “The older generation learning

“We struggle so much with Jude. At

“It was a transition for all of us – learning

as being able to lead people into God’s

from the younger, and the younger

times, we really get down; maybe he’s

presence. I loved leading worship, but I’m

generation learning from the older. In the

having a major meltdown and the other

content now being led.”

end, we were just saying that we both

kids are crying, and I’ll say, ‘We need

had something to offer, and we needed to

to worship!’ That is our weapon in dark

formally, it remains an integral part of his

come together as a church.”

times,” Laney said. “The kids know the

daily life with Janet.

Bob and Janet continued to lead their

purpose of it: we’re not just trying to feel

While Bob no longer leads worship

“We are now in our sixties and enjoying

church through this transition in musical

happy again, we’re pushing back the

retirement. Our time together and the

styling, and a change in church leadership,

darkness with worship. We’re teaching

worship we share each morning is sweeter.

which occurred during that same time.

them that when we feel like all is lost, we

It really only gets better.” Janet said.

“That’s when worship became our life. It carried us through, it really did.” Janet said.

turn on the music.” Like her father, Laney felt her call to

Through hardships and joys, the Whites and Woottens are testament to God’s

worship ministry around the time she

goodness and the overwhelming power of

the church was falling apart, I’d get my

graduated from high school. Prayerfully

worship. Authentic worship that has the

headphones and my Walkman, and go

seeking the Lord, she became certain she

ability to shore up the church body as they

into the backyard late at night to worship.

was to lead worship. In college, she had

lead people into a life-changing, ever-

I would begin feeling so despondent, so

a band, and God opened doors for her to

growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As

sad, so discouraged, feeling like, ‘what are

lead worship throughout her twenties.

the old gives way to the new, and as new

we going to do?’ and I would end saying,

In 2016, the Lord brought Jon and

seeks to honor the old, worship makes a

Bob agreed, adding, “When it felt like

‘ok, we’re going to be ok.’ Your focus

Laney to Mobberly’s Marshall campus

way to come together as one unified body


where they began leading worship. Around

in Christ.



DAVID McBRIDE is Mobberly’s audio director, and has been on staff since December of 2015. David grew up in North Carolina, where much of his family still lives. He has been involved in worship ministry since he was 13 years old, beginning as a bass player for his local church. In high school, he began pursuing an interest in the technical aspects of worship by volunteering to mix audio for Sunday morning worship services. David has a degree in Worship Studies with a concentration in Worship Tech from Liberty University. David and his wife, Keri, will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this year.

audio engineer for Sunday morning

seek out wisdom from people who have

Worship Gatherings in the Longview

been walking with Christ and experienced

Worship Center. I also post-mix most of

challenges different than my own. Keri and

HOW DID YOU COME TO KNOW CHRIST? I was raised in a church-going,

our internally created video content. Along

I have had many prayers answered related

with the rest of the media team, I manage,

to making our home in Longview and

Christian family and went to a Christian

troubleshoot and plan media systems

becoming part of the Mobberly family.

School through 9th grade. I first met Christ

across both Mobberly’s campuses.

when I was 12 years old at a youth camp

Occasionally, I also get to be involved on

and was baptized shortly after. About

the platform playing bass for our Worship


a year later, I began feeling a call to be


My favorite verse is 1 John 4:18. The idea

involved in worship ministry. I first played

of Christ’s unconditional love has been a central theme since I came to know Christ;

becoming a full-time staff member as the


audio director at Mobberly.

I really enjoy having the opportunity to

role as a husband.

bass guitar in church and progressed to

support effective ministry in a capacity that

in my personal life, spiritual life and in my

avenue to exercise both my creative and


technical passions. My favorite projects

I likely would have continued in a field with

My parents have definitely had the most

are those where our team is given creative

my original major in college. I began my

impact on what kind of person I am

license to deliver a testimony or an idea in

first two years of school studying math

today. They gave me opportunities to be

a powerful way.

and physics, before changing to Worship


challenges me to learn and gives me an

exposed to Christ without making it a mandate. I was fortunate to grow up in a loving, Christian family and in time made a

Studies. I imagine I would probably be


working in media outside the church.

Being on staff I have gained a different



perspective on the church as a whole.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a

I’ve grown to value and appreciate the

paleontologist. Jurassic Park was my

My role as the audio director has me

diversity of a church body. Rather than

favorite movie, and I was fascinated with

involved in a few different aspects of

looking to validate my own beliefs and


Mobberly’s ministry. Primarily, I am the

opinions, I try to challenge them and

decision to follow Christ.

22 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E



he idea and concept of worship can be widely debated, defined and demonstrated throughout the different denominations within the Christian faith. When

one mentions “worship,� people think of hymns, worship songs, orchestral music or acappella

singing. Music is often equated with worship across the Christian church in the Western world. While praising

the Lord through song is a powerful

way to give God glory, the great

concept of worship extends

beyond a Sunday



Mobberly’s worship teams work to uphold this spiritual discipline in the

the privacy of your own life.” Many individuals serve Mobberly by

partners and in many other roles. Chelsia Kilgore has served in the

church and to lead the congregation in a

leading the church in worship through

Mobberly Choir for more than seven years

lifestyle of giving praise back to God.

the orchestra, choir, praise band, prayer

and loves singing praises to God. “It just does not get any better than when you are singing praise to the


Lord. When you enjoy it with the people alongside you, there is a bond that is created.” On Sunday mornings, the church service focuses on different aspects of worship that the congregation can experience together. “We try to incorporate different forms of worship into each of our Worship Gatherings,” Pastor Tim said. “We want to connect with people, and at the same time, show God’s nature.” Each gathering at Mobberly has music, singing, baptism, prayer times, and teaching from the Word. Jason Pate joined the praise band in


Longview in January of 2017 and has


alternating between playing acoustic guitar

since spent his Sundays serving by and the drums.


Tim Whedbee serves as the Senior Executive Pastor of Worship and Administration at Mobberly and seeks to actively teach his staff to live out a daily walk of worship. “From a ministry standpoint, we are constantly teaching our teams to focus on their personal time with the Lord each day,” Pastor Tim said. “Leadership ability stems directly from our time with the Lord. You cannot be on the platform leading worship if you aren’t doing that in 24 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

Choir members sing in January during a Night of Worship. Charles Billingsley, an award winning vocalist, led worship with the Mobberly Choir and Orchestra.

The worship team plays on the first Sunday of "Come Together" when The Crossing and the Longview Worship Center Worship Gatherings combined.

“It was an opportunity to use my gifts and talents to serve and honor God." Every musician, whether in choir and orchestra or the praise band, comes each

translates only as “worship.” Each comes

only do we bow our hearts before the

with a different facet and understanding of

greatness of God, we also position

what worship can look like before God.

ourselves to give Him thanks for what He

Worship is an action. Worship is a heart

Sunday early in the morning to rehearse

posture. Worship is a commandment.

and prepare for the Worship Gatherings in

Worship is a lifestyle.

order to best lead the congregation to the throne of God. But worship is so much more than a Sunday morning experience.

WHAT IS WORSHIP? In the Christian church, some may

has done in our lives. The Bible tells us to: “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving [towdah], and

One of the Hebrew words for worship

into His courts with praise: be thankful

is shachah, which means “to bow down.”

unto Him and bless His name.” Psalm

While this is an action, it also symbolizes

100:4, KJV

the posture of our hearts. We can bow

A third Hebrew word for worship is

our heart before the mightiness of God

zamar, which means “to make music

and give our praise to Him because of His

in praise of God.” The majority of the


Hebrew words for worship do not describe

believe that worship happens on a Sunday

“We worship God for who He is, and

morning and not throughout the week. But

we give thanks to Him for what He has

the Hebrew language describes worship

done in our lives,” Pastor Tim said about

as much more.

worship. “It is something we do and not

gifts He’s given me, and it’s an honor to

English translations of the Old

music specifically, but zamar refers to an instrument in most of its usages. “Worship is a way to honor God with the

just something that we think. It is an action

help lead our congregation to the throne

Testament can be lacking in the richness

that we take in showing God our love, our

of Jesus through music,” Jason said. “I’m

that comes from the Hebrew language.

reverence and our adoration.”

not a great public speaker, but when I’m

There are several different Hebrew words in the Old Testament that English

Another Hebrew word for worship is towdah, meaning “thanksgiving.” Not

sitting behind the drums, that’s my voice. I put 100% into it each time I play to be

“Anytime we are worshiping on a daily basis, it is out of response to God and

“It moves me in a way that nothing else in

difficult to carve time out of your day, but

the world can. I get really involved in it.”

you are giving that to Him.” We are created for and by God. Worship

fellowship and fun makes it one of my


excellent for Him.”

to be lived out each and every day through a daily walk with the Father.

provide a time and a place for people to

praise will always be on my lips.” Psalm

worship the Lord, pray together and hear

34:1, HCSB

from His Word in a corporate setting. A church service rich in encouragement,

Sunday service," Pastor Tim said.

individual's desire to continue their personal walk of worship during the week. “I think the thing I enjoy the most is

assigned ten Levites the full-time job of

seeing the people in our church on the

praising God in front of the Ark of the

platform leading other people into the


presence of God,” Pastor Tim said. “I love

His salvation day after day. Declare His

After Sunday ends, worship continues

“I will praise the Lord at all times; His

prayer and praise can empower an

“Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim

favorite things about serving,” Jason said.

Mobberly Sunday Worship Gatherings

we associate worship with music in the

David declared this song of praise:

“Mobberly has a great team of

“For from Him and through Him and

Lacy Barron and Cara Whedbee (L-R) sing a duet accompanied by the adult choir during Mobberly's Christmas concert. The concert was held on both campuses.

Testament was a lifestyle. King David

with instruments to lead people. musicians that serve each week. The

forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36, NIV

In comparison, worship in the Old

Musicians at Mobberly use their talents

is our natural response to His greatness. for Him are all things. To Him be the glory

reserved for Sunday mornings and that

“Music speaks to my soul,” Chelsia said.

what we can give to Him. It’s sometimes you are making the most of your day when

“A misconception is that worship is

turn our hearts to God.

to see people take ownership and use the unique gifts that God has given them.” Choir and orchestra members join

glory among the nations, His marvelous

together to lead the congregation in songs

deeds among all peoples.” 1 Chronicles

of praise. Singing is an impactful way to

16:23-24, NIV


Jacob Cheshier plays the guitar and sings during a Sunday Worship Gathering. He helps lead worship for the late-hour modern service. Pastor Tim said that his personal time with the Lord is a structured devotional

Jesus Christ spoke to the devil: “It is

time each day.

written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your

“I love my time with the Lord to be built

God, and Him only shall you serve.’”

upon the praise, confession, petition and

Luke 4:8, ESV

supplication. But within that, there is a

Pastor Tim says, “Worship is a response

lot of freedom. It can be done in a lot of

to God because He first pursued us; He

different ways.”

sought us. Our response is to accept or to

Jason shared that he enjoys spending

reject. We are responding to the greatness of God and who He is.” For Chelsia worship is part of her morning routine every day. 26 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

time with the Lord through song during his Pastor Tim Whedbee and guitar player, Caleb Head, sing as they lead the congregation during a Sunday Night of Worship.

one-hour commute to and from work. Worship is an action, but it also is an issue of the heart. It’s possible to sing

the words of a song without engaging our hearts in worship. It's important to consider the words that we are singing, and as a result, give our hearts to the Lord. “I think the greatest misinterpretation is that worship is about us,” Pastor Tim said. “We lose sight of the fact that worship is for God. It was never intended to be about


Teresa Davis, a Mobberly Orchestra member, plays bassoon in a Sunday Worship Gathering.


The Crossing service has joined

Mobberly, she saw the choir and felt


the Worship

touched by the music.

Gatherings in the

“Once I visited during choir rehearsal, I


Longview Worship

felt drawn to them. I didn’t know anybody.

Center in order to

They just welcomed me with open arms. I

bring the Mobberly

felt like I was supposed to be there – like

what we like. It is about what God likes and wants to see from His people.”

family on the Longview campus together. The 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Worship

Chelsia said that her first Sunday at

I belonged.” Mobberly has many opportunities for

Fatherings feature blended music led by

members to use their gifts in leading

through song and prayer during corporate

Mobberly’s Choir and Orchestra, and the

others to worship the Lord each week.

worship we see a richness of His

11 a.m. gathering in both Longview and

presence. This richness is available when

Marshall features modern music led by a

of praise before the Lord on Sundays

we walk daily with the Lord.

band and worship team. Mobberly also

and learn how to live a lifestyle of worship

offers a Worship Gathering at 11 a.m.

throughout the week.

When we join our hearts together

“Put a priority on it,” Chelsia said. “Give yourself daily to the Lord. It has to come

for the Spanish-speaking congregation,

first. When we put Him first, there are

Mobberly En Español.

blessings that come from it. When we are

There are opportunities for everyone

The congregation can bring their hearts

Worship is an opportunity to give the Lord what He deserves from the abundant blessings in our lives. We give praise to God because it is why we were created.

close to the Lord and seek to live like Him,

to join together and bring praise to the

everything falls into place. Even in the hard

Father through song, prayer, encouraging

times, you still see the good in it when you

testimonies and biblical teaching from

and corporate, to God for who He is, and

are in your daily time with Him.”

Pastor Glynn.

what He has done; expressed in and by

WORSHIP AT MOBBERLY Worship on Sundays at Mobberly has changed slightly in the last few months.

“From You comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly; before

“Worship is our response, both personal

the things we say and the way we live.” -Louie Giglio

those who fear You, I will fulfill my vows.” Psalm 22:25, NIV MO B B ER LY MAG AZIN E | 27



Have your family pray, asking God to place


Buckner Family Services offers engaging

opportunities in front of you to talk to

Ask them to sit and talk over some snacks

activities for you, your family or Connect

people and begin spiritual conversations.

while you watch the kids play.

Group as you provide meals for children



Practice at home with each other so you

Ask if you can pray for them as you pray

can share your story easily as you engage

for your food. This is a great way to give

others. To develop your testimony, write

them a tract, provide helpful information or

Shade Tree Ministries is also a great place

three sentences: life before Christ, how

share your three sentence testimony.

on Saturdays to help serve meals to

I met Christ and life after Christ. People are interested in how Christ makes a difference in your life today.

YOU CAN ENGAGE PEOPLE WHEREVER YOU GO. Be natural. Be genuine. Listen to what they are saying and show that you care by asking questions. Share with them how God is blessing your family or working in your family’s life. Ask about their spiritual beliefs or who Jesus is to them. Share a Steps to Peace with God tract with them (available on both Mobberly campuses).

28 | M O B B E R LY M A G A Z I N E

Ways to start spiritual conversations: “I am sorry for your struggles right now. Do you have a faith background? "Where do you attend church?”

WEAR AN “ENGAGEONE” ARMBAND Why? It will remind you to talk to people. When people ask about it, you can say, "this is to remind me to ask you about a relationship with Christ. This is how Christ


in serveral different apartment complexes. Get to know the participants and the parents, play games and share the gospel. Contact Sarah Beasley: 903.452.5935

homeless people. Contact Dick Lindsey: 903.918.1960 •

Don’t let the summer or fall pass you by without having the joy of engaging others for Christ with His help. The church can provide several resources for you as you begin to engage someone. Call the Serve office for more ways you can serve our community: 903.663.7337

is making a difference in my life each day,

God uses our obedience as we follow His

how about you?

command to go and “make disciples”… Matthew 28:19-20

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH JESUS? Would you like to know how to receive a new life through Jesus? ADMIT YOU ARE A SINNER IN NEED OF A SAVIOR. “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Romans 3:23 “…the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23 The Bible teaches that each of us has willfully rebelled against our Creator. The Bible calls this rebellion sin. God is holy and must judge all sin. However, God loves us each so much that he offered his own sinless Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for our sins.

BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS. “What must I do to be saved? They answered, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.’” Acts 16:30b-31 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16-17 Jesus Christ was sent to earth by the Father in the form of a virgin-born baby. He lived a completely sinless life and willingly died on the cross so that He could take the punishment that we deserved. The Bible teaches that all who turn away from their sinful lifestyle and place their trust in Him will be saved and will have eternal life. We can’t earn eternal life – it is a gift of God that we receive by faith.

CONFESS THAT JESUS IS LORD. “If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 Those who have found new life and purpose in Jesus cannot keep it to themselves; they must tell others! One way that believers show their commitment to the Lord is through baptism. Baptism symbolizes that we’ve been cleansed of our sins and given a new life through Jesus.


LONGVIEW CAMPUS 625 E. Loop 281 Longview, TX 75605 Sunday Worship Gatherings: 8, 9:30 & 11 a.m. // Longview Worship Center 11 a.m. // Mobberly En Español - The Crossing MARSHALL CAMPUS 101 W. Carolanne Blvd. Marshall, TX 75672 Sunday Worship Gathering: 11 a.m. // Marshall Worship Center

Members of the Marshall Worship Team sing during Palm Sunday Night of Worship. Passion Week 2018 kicked off with a Night of Worship on both the Longview and Marshall campuses.

Mobberly Magazine, Summer 2018  

Summer 2018 issue of Mobberly Magazine, an official publication of Mobberly Baptist Church, which has campuses in Longview and Marshall, Tex...

Mobberly Magazine, Summer 2018  

Summer 2018 issue of Mobberly Magazine, an official publication of Mobberly Baptist Church, which has campuses in Longview and Marshall, Tex...