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How to Transfer Contacts betwe LOREM IPSUM DOLOR en Samsung Galaxy and iPhone

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As we all know, Samsung and iPhone run different operat ing system like Android and iOS, which makes data transf erring a bit of trouble. It is impractical to type the contact phone numbers one by one to your new cell phone manu ally, which would cost you a lot of time and energy. Well, i t is outdated to do an arduous work by yourself. In fact, th ere is a professional phone contacts transferring program to help you sync massive contacts between your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy fast and efficiently with 3 simple ste ps, along with several mouse clicks.

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Coolmuster Mobile Transfer or Coolmuster Mobile Transf er for Mac is specially designed for users to copy data be tween two mobile phones even running with different OS. You can use it to transfer contacts from Samsung mobile phone to iPhone, and also be able to export contacts fro m iPhone to Samsung. What's more, this reliable tool als o empowers you with the ability to transfer text message s, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos between two mobile phones. All the contact information can be preser ved, including name, email, address, job title, etc.

Tutorial on Copying Contacts between iPhone and Sams ung Phone

Step 1. Install and launch the Phone Transfer on PC

Have you already got the contacts transferring software downloaded and installed on your computer? If so, you c an launch it directly and the home window will appear lik e the following picture shows. Choose Phone to Phone T ransfer to and click the "Start" button to go into the target window.

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Step 2: Connect both Samsung phone and iPhone to PC

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Using USB cables to connect your Samsung Galaxy pho ne and iPhone to your computer. After the transfer progra m detects your phones successfully, both the phones will be displayed on the window, named as "Source" and "De stination". You can change their positions by clicking the "Flip" button in the middle of the two phones.

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Step 3. Copy contacts between Samsung and iPhone

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You can start transferring phone contacts right now. To s ync the contacts from one phone to another, please mark the box in front of "Contacts", then click the button "Start Copy". Make sure both of phones are connected to the c omputer during the contacts transferring process. When t he transfer finishes, you can click "OK" button.

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