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No. 1 in Automation


The message we want to convey to both our customers and suppliers is simply that we want to be the best. • Best portfolio of Automation • Best price/performance ratio

• Best customer service on the market • Best reliability of existing logistics

By having this as a guidline in our daily activities, we are convinced that this will also help our customers to be the best, which will benefit both parties.

Our field is the Nordic region. The headquarter is located in Stockholm and we also have local offices in Malmö and Helsinki, Finland.

Sensor Control Nordic AB is an independent supplier of components and systems within the industry automation branch. Our vision is to become the leading independent supplier of components and systems for machine builders in the Nordic countries.

Our customer focus is medium-sized and large machine builders. In order to be able to offer our customers the absolute best service and support, we have chosen to form our product range according to our customers needs.





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Together with a number of different partners who are specialists within their fields, we have built a complete and powerful product range. Our assortment today includes five product areas:

Sensor Control Nordic AB has through the years achieved the highest credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet. We have also been awarded with the prestigious prices ”Super Company” and ”Gazelle” by the Swedish business publications Veckans Affärer and Dagens Industri.

• Control systems • Drives & Motion • Computers • Sensors • Components

This is a confirmation that we are working properly and that our ambitions are consistent with our clients, to be no. 1!

Our partners are carefully chosen to suit our concept. Our demands are that they are leaders in technology, offer high quality and are great in customer support!


Control Systems PLC SYSTEMS

VIPA was founded in 1985 in Germany and is today one of the leading manufacturer of PLC, HMI and distributed fieldbus solutions. 2003 VIPA developed the SPEED7 series, the fastest hardware PLC in the world based on an ASIC chip from Profichip GmbH, a subsidiary of VIPA. The full VIPA range, from the smallest SLIO CPU to the fastest 300 CPU, is programmed with VIPA SPEED7 Studio, TIA Portal or STEP7 from Siemens. With a presence in 60 countries, with 62 local offices and distributors, VIPA offer a worldwide service and support.


With a large product portfolio in the distributed I/O’s, we support most PLC systems. SCN can provide efficient and compact I/O systems to ProfiNet, Profibus-DP, Ethernet IP, CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT and Modbus. It’s possible to connect up to 64 I/O modules to one nodadapter. With the help of the modular and extremely compact I/O’s, every automated solution will from now on be simpler and more cost-effective.


Belgian eWON was founded in 2001 and is today the world leader in industrial VPN solutions. We can provide secure remote access via Ethernet, GSM network or via fixed connections to most PLCs and other controllers. Remotely control or monitor your equipment anywhere in the world from any location.


Safety PLC Samos PRO is a compact modular safety system. With different types of security modules it handles up to 96 safety-rated inputs and 48 safety outputs. The safety PLC is easily programmed with software Samos PLAN, which has a simple graphic interface, where no previous experience is required in PLC programming. Samos PRO is a perfect safety PLC with gateways to industrial Ethernet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Modbus and CANopen.


From Bihl+Wiedemann we have a full range of ASi components such as gateways, I/O modules, diagnostic software and tools. Bihl+Wiedemann ASi master is now used as a reference for the certification of new ASi modules. They also have products for ”ASi safety at Work”.


Control Systems HMI PANELS

Weintek is a leading manufacturer of HMI panels and has since the start grown by 40-60% annually and send today 500 000 units per year, via hundred of distributors worldwide. Weintek HMI panels currently supports over 250 different PLC models. Since the development software is free to download, Weintek are able to offer the highest possible price/performance ratio for our customers’ applications.


The Italian company Progea, established in 1990 in Modena as a system integrator of automation and process control. To meet the industry’s need for monitoring and process control, the SCADA platform Movicon was launched in 1992. Progea is in the forefront of technology and invest over 30% of their turnover on research and development, to produce the best solutions in the industry.


Atop offers a wide range of TCP/IP-based products to the industry, such as Ethernet switches, converters for serial communication, Ethernet and wireless Ethernet devices. Fiber optic converters from EKS Engel is mainly used in applications in industrial automation. Whether it is a measuring system, control panels, printers or barcode scanners, fiber optic converters from EKS is suitable for various types of hardware. EKS fiber optic converters for bus systems with RS485, Profibus, Modbus Plus and applications with RS422 or RS232 interface. EKS provides fiber optic converters for all types of programs.


Hilscher manufactures various types of PC/PLC interfaces for communication. Most fieldbuses and Ethernet networking in automation is also available. PC card such as Profibus can easily be implemented in an industrial PC.



We offer servo motors and motion controllers from YASKAWA Electric, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots, motors, servo drives and controllers. We provide the entire Sigma-V series of servo drives with power ratings from 3,3W up to 55kW, and motion controllers with multi-axis control up to 62 axes.


We market and stock AC inverter drives for all types of applications ranging from 0.1 kW to 630kW from world leading YASKAWA. The J1000 series is a compact inverter series for simple motor controllers. The V1000 series is a ”all round series” to fit most applications. The A1000 series is a highperformance series with many configuration options that solves all needs. We also have special drives for eg elevators, textile machines, winders and cranes.


SCN can offer the markets widest range of fanless box computers from AAEON, IEI and Winmate. These manufacturers are at the very forefront of development and offers the latest technology regarding CPU performance. Besides a wide standard range, we can also customize computers entirely according to customer needs. We have extensive experience in delivering rugged and fanless computers, with no moving parts. They are also available with different fieldbus connections.


SCN offers a complete line of industry-compatible 19”rack- and tower computers from both AAEON and IEI. You can get all kinds of configurations such as ”wide temp”, RAID solutions, powerful graphics and the latest technology regarding CPU performance. Besides a wide standard range, we can also customize the computers entirely according to customer needs.


Computers DISPLAYS

SCN offers a wide range of industry-compatible displays in sizes from 5,7” to 65”, mostly from Winmate and IEI, but also other manufacturers. In addition to screen size there are different designs in terms of protection type, the type of touch technology, installation method, brightness, in- and outputs etc.


SCN has a wide range of industry compatible keyboards and pointing devices. These are mainly from the market leading manufacturer InduKey Gmbh in Germany, but also from others when needed. All products are designed for tough requirements regarding vibration, shock and water etc. The keyboards are available in several languages and can be offered with or without a pointing device. Together with our supplier InduKey, we can also customize solutions to meet customer requirements.


SCN offers a wide range of panel PC’s in sizes from 5,7” to 24”, mostly from IEI and Winmate, but also from AAEON. These manufacturers can offer the latest technology regarding CPU performance and different designs in terms of degree of protection, screen size and type of touch technology. Besides a wide standard range we can also customize the panel PC’s completely according to customer needs. SCN has long experience in supplying the panel mounted computers to most industries such as medicine, food, material handling and other industrial automation.


From a number of suppliers in Taiwan, SCN has a wide range of portable tablet PC’s in sizes from 4,3” up to 12,1”. Long battery life, high brightness screens with touch function, WLAN, GPS and GPRS are some of the requirements our tablet PC’s meet. In addition, available for most models, a wide range of accessories such as docking station, carrying case, extra battery etc. In addition to the standard range, we can also at larger volumes customize your computer for certain requests, such as customer’s logo and color.



With headquarter in Cologne, Germany, Posital is a leading manufacturer of absolute optical and magnetic rotary encoders. Posital’s specialty is to provide connection to different fieldbus systems and Ethernet protocols. Today we offer rotary transducers for CANbus, Ethernet IP, Profibus, DeviceNet, ProfiNet and more.


From FRABA and Gemac we have a complete range of inclinometers, also known as tilt sensors and accelerometers. We have a wide range available, from small angular range of +/- 5 degrees up to 360 degree range. Analog outputs, but also fieldbuses and digital signals are on the program.


SCN represents LTN and Eltra, where we offer a wide range of incremental encoders of various styles, from small compact with shaft to rugged hollow shaft encoder. The product portfolio also includes magnetic linear sensors. All products are tested according to ISO 9001:2000 quality standard. The sensors are also UL/CSA certified, and many of the products meet ATEX standards. With an encoder from LTN and Eltra, SCN can offer you a costeffective and appropriate solution for your application.


MTS invented the technology behind the magnetostrictive measurement principle. Today they are market leading manufacturer of linear transducers in different configurations, which means we can always offer the right sensor regardless of application. They are available in most signal outputs such as Analog, SSI, Profibus, ProfiNet and CAN.


We have level sensors based on reed relay technology from Celduc. These sensors have only one moving part and can, for example, measure the level in a fuel tank. Repetitive accuracy and precision ensures minimum maintenance.



LTN Servotechnik is a leading manufacturer of resolvers for industrial and mobile applications. The resolvers are well suited for tough applications where high demands on the sensor is required. The resolvers can not only withstand high level of vibration and shock but also tough conditions related to high and low temperature. The LTN resolvers offers high accuracy and low signal ripple. We have both standard types and tailor made units, which can be manufactured according to customers requirements.


Huba Control, with headquarter in Wurenlos in Switzerland, is one of the leading manufacturers of quality sensors in pressure and flow. Huba Control is a global company that manufactures pressure, flow- and differential pressure transmitters. We offer a wide product range, which spans many fields of applications including medical equipment, heating/ ventilation and traditional machines in automation. With fully automated production, we can offer quality products at a very cost-effective level.



SCN represents Motrona that manufacture products for visualizing temperatures, pressure, pulse counting and positioning. We also have units for simple motion control and various interface converters. Motronas products complements SCN’s other ranges of absolute encoders from FRABA Posital, linear transducer from MTS Temposonic and other manufacturers of sensors.


SCN represents Celduc, who has extensive experience in Solid State Relays (SSR). Thanks to its research and development and good market position, Celduc is a reknowned specialist in Solid States Relays, magnetic sensors and reed switches. In the SSR, we offer everything from 1-phase to 3-phase, 125A 1600V. Celduc’s products are manufactured according to international standards. We have a standard range, but also produces customized units.


GIGAVAC is an American leading company in the field of high voltage relays and contactors. The relays have a working range up to 115A (1.5kV-70kV) depending on model. The contactors are rated for 12V to 750V, both AC and DC and currents up to 5000A. GIGAVAC’s products are hermetically sealed and can therefore withstand very high voltages and currents in relation to its size.


SCN has a wide range of slip rings for different applications that require continuous rotation. We specialize in developing customized units, where we tailor-make according to customer needs, but we also have standard units from stock. They can carry high currents, but also high-frequency bus signals, such as Profibus and Ethernet. Both encoders and resolvers are available in combination with electrical transmission. Our main manufacturers is LTN Servotechnik in Germany, whose products guarantee long life spans - a very important feature when it comes to slip rings.


Mean Well is a market leading manufacturer of power supplies and DC/DC converters. We stock and market the switched DIN-rail mounted power supply units.


Customized products We offer customized standard components such as cables/connectors and mechanical connections. Also, we can deliver fully customized components, sensors and computers according to customer needs. The modifications are made in collaboration with our suppliers or locally by us in Sweden. For example, we provide cusomized industrial PC’s with customer item, logo and color.


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