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Jong Dobo is contained in Dobo hamlet, near Dobo mountain Ian Tena village Kewapante subdistrict, Maumere District, Flores Island of INDONESIA. There are some villages in around the Dobo hamlet, named Piring Orchard, Moro and Baobatung village. There are beautiful sight to be comforted and cool climate of Dobo mountain . Besides the Jong Dobo , you can see the MEGALITH in local language named MAHE. If you can arrive at there , you will extend a warm welcome by HEGONG FOLK DANCE which one of the excellent dance in Maumere and a good conscience of local society. Artifact Jong Dobo has a measurement of small.It’s lenght 60cm, wide 8cm and high 12cm. The ship’s crew consist of twenty two and akind of Cooper Ship. The attendant of Jong Dobo name Mr Sergius who continued as duty from his father, because his father had die some years ago. In 2006 year ago the English Ambossador for Indonesia and his wife had visited ever there and still many more tourst all aver the world always visited there.


After you satisfied all of it, you can continue your traveling to rest in Sao Wisata Waiara Beach. There you will find enjoy beautiful sight beach, swimming, diving and enjoy beautiful sight of coral reef under the Flores Sea. How can you come over there ? By plane from Jakarta to Denpasar Bali about 30 minutes. Continue your travel from Denpasar Bali to Maumere by Merpati Nusantara Air Line every day about four hours. There you can gather breath and lodge. You can choose inn and many small hotels in Maumere as you like at a bargain. Next day you can continue your trip to Jong Dobo by motor cycle or car as you like. From Maumere to Jong Dobo about sixth kilometer distance. So coming up as soon as and see them and you will satisfied. By. M. Fernandez

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