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OA ARCHITECTURE’s Healthcare team has great depth of experience and expertise with Healthcare projects in both

acute care settings and ambulatory settings. We bring a full range of resources to projects that address the needs of the clinical care provider, physician, patient and family. We design facilities that support the unique mission and vision of each client and the specific needs and goals for each project. MOA ARCHITECTURE believes that environments which address the holistic nature of healing create the best experiences and clinical outcomes with the least cost.



OA has a histor y of 30 years of successful healthcare projects. MOA’s Healthcare team understands the complexities involved in the design of health facilities as well as the specific needs of care providers, patients, and families.


MOA has done a superb job of interpreting our vision into a facility that is aesthetically beautiful, operationally


efficient, and structurally sound.

University Physicians, Inc. | Lilly Marks, Executive Director



ocated at a main entry to Denver’s redeveloped Stapleton neighborhood, this two-story Medical Office Building adheres to the area’s stringent design guidelines while projecting a unique identity. Flexible floor plates comfortably accommodate variously sized medical clinics. The facility is LEED Gold Certified through the USGBC’s Core and Shell program. Some of the sustainable design strategies involved include low-water landscaping, reduced heat island paving materials, waterless urinals, optimization of energy performance, construction waste recycling, use of renewable and recycled materials, and enhanced environmental air quality strategies. Designed to resemble two separate buildings, this facility is part of the creation of a Healthcare Village. This design brings the scale of the building down, giving the Village a more neighborhood appeal.

46,000 TOTAL SF



his single-story, multi-tenant medical office building houses small to mid-size pediatrics offices, including general practice, dental, and special needs services. The pediatric clinic is designed with playful building shapes, “warm” brick exteriors in multiple colors, and playful building accents such as the “celebrating people’ columns, designed to make the clinic feel less intimidating to young patients and their families.

13,900 TOTAL SF

A . F. W I L L I A M S F A M I L Y M E D I C I N E University of Colorado Hospital Denver, Colorado


he A.F. Williams wellness clinic at Stapleton is located on the ground floor of the Stapleton Medical Office Building, also designed by MOA ARCHITECTURE. The clinic includes three clinical medicine pods each with 8 exam rooms, central nurse / work station, and procedure room. The facility also includes a complete physical therapy suite with therapy pool, a general radiology/mammography suite, blood labs, and intern teaching and instructional facilities which support the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. The clinic’s administrative and support facilities are also co-located with the clinic space.

20,700 TOTAL SF


“ Ever y time I walk into the center, I pinch myself. We built a treasure


Denver Hospice Bev Sloan, CEO


his new Denver Hospice Care Center provides a state of the art, in-patient care facility serving the Denver area.

The 35,000 square foot care center will ensure a greater quality of life for patients with complex medical needs. Located in the Lowry redevelopment neighborhood, the care center comfortably fits into this quiet neighborhood setting. With 24 private rooms, the new care center is expected to serve approximately 1,500 patients per year, that are in need of critical care that can no longer be provided in their home. Each room is provided with patio access and garden views, as well as access to a host of patient and family support spaces. The exterior design is highlighted with the spiritual center, integrated into an exterior garden. The sloping roof forms and adjacent tower reach to the sky in a symbolic gesture to the heavens.

35,000 TOTAL SF


PHYSICIANS, INC Aurora, Colorado


his CM/GC project is the first privately developed office building on the Fitzsimons campus.

Designed to fit within tight site constraints, the 4-story office building anchors the prominent southeast corner of the new Fitzsimons Medical Campus, integrating the hightech medical campus with the surrounding community. UPI, a nonprofit corporation that handles administrative and billing matters for the University of Colorado’s hospital system, occupies about 65,000 sf, and Children’s Hospital leases 30,000 sf of office space.

120,000 TOTAL SF

N U R S I N G S C H O O L H O S P I TA L S I M U L AT I O N L A B Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado


his project involves the design of a Hospital Simulation Lab for the Nursing School totaling 3,500 square feet of Richardson Hall, one of the original buildings on the Adams State College campus. Existing classroom and administration space was converted into four simulated hospital patient rooms, each supporting a different model of care including a neonatal nursery, medical/surgery, pediatrics, and labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) rooms. The program also includes a nurse station and associated support spaces in a hospital care environment. The project also includes the relocation of administrative staff to the third level of the existing building.

3,500 TOTAL SF


OA ARCHITECTURE is committed to being a leader in understanding and addressing the improvement of individual, family, and community health through development of green and sustainable healthcare facilities.

ability G R E E N



A R C H I T E C T U R E :



Therapeutic, healthful, green, and sustainable. Green design is inherently therapeutic and leads to the restoration, maintenance, and optimization of individual, community, and global health. It is achieved through reduction of toxic materials, optimization of indoor air quality, and connections to nature and daylight. Green facilities embrace “reduce, reuse, recycle,� and the separation and reprocessing of natural and technological waste.

Welcoming, comfortable, and delightful. Healthcare facilities should be physically welcoming and promote comfort for patients, family, and staff. It should be easy to find and access, warm and friendly. Staff and providers who spend large amounts of time in the facilities should find it a pleasant, safe, and low-stress workplace.

Operationally efficient and effective. Design must support optimal work flow, accommodate state-of-theart technologies, and allow flexible delivery of service. Co-location of departments and services encourages interdisciplinary interaction and synergy. Design should help the organization do more, better, with fewer human and financial resources, thereby optimizing both operations and patient outcomes.

Accommodating. The physical infrastructure should be adaptable to rapid advances in technology and emerging healthcare practices to prevent premature obsolescence. A state-of the-art delivery of care facility must be able to evolve without disruption of operations as new services are implemented.

MOA ARCHITECTURE was founded in 1981, with the idea that excellent design skills should be complemented by equally strong technical execution and project delivery. Thirty years later, MOA is synonymous with well-designed projects that are responsive to programs and sensitive to budget constraints. We have 30 employees – including 20 licensed architects and 20 LEED APs – between our offices in Denver, Colorado and Casper, Wyoming. MOA’s expertise includes planning and design for healthcare, office, mixed-use and retail, education, and industrial projects. We’ve successfully completed more than 25 million cumulative square feet of facilities at a total construction cost of more than $1.7 billion.

MOA ARCHITECTURE Colorado | Wyoming

8 2 1 1 7 t h St reet | Suite 400 | Denver, Colorado 80202 302 S. David Street | Suite 210 | Casper, Wyoming 82601 w w CO. O f f i c e : 3 0 3 . 3 0 8 . 1 1 9 0 | W Y. O f f i c e : 3 0 7 . 2 6 8 . 9 8 9 0


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