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Amarube Iron Bridge Kami-Town Skiing and Snowboarding

December through March, Kami-Town becomes a skier’s paradise, with four ski resorts operating within 15 mintutes’ drive of each other. Full winter wear, skis or snowboards and boots can all be rented for about 6,000 yen total per day, and ski lift tickets are sold by the day, half-day or season’s pass. See for more info.

Where: Amarube, Kasumi-ku Ph: 0796-36-1234 It reaches a height of 41 metres and it is the highest trestle bridge in Japan. The red bridge against a blue sky is very beautiful.

Daijo-ji Temple

Where: 860 Mori, Kasumi-ku, open 9-4 p.m. Ph: 076-241-2680, Admission: 800 Yen Built in 1745, Daijoji houses some of the most famous shoji screen door paintings of the Edo period by artist Oukyo Maruyama.





Kasumi-zuru Sake Distillery

Where: 600-2 Kobara, Kasumi-ku Ph: 0796-36-0029, One of the premier sake makers in the region, Kasumi-zuru offers tours (book 1 day ahead) and an expansive shop selling sake and souveniers.

Kebi Lake Campground

Where: Route 265, Ph: 0796-95-1109 Prices: 2,500 (camp) - 19,000 (cottage) yen A lakeside campground with cottages and tents for rent. Visit in the Fall to see the leaves changing colour, or in Summer to view the stars.




Choraku-ji Temple

Where: Kawai, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-95-1270, Admission: 800 Yen Built over 1,200 years ago, Choraku-ji features three wooden buddhas, each over 50-feet tall and a 231-foot five-story pagoda.

Tajima Highlands Botanical Gardens

Ojiro Ski Resort

Where: Ojiro-ku Ph: 0796-97-2717, Ojiro features five lifts, three beginner slopes, three advanced slopes and one difficult slope. Full/half day passes: 4,300/3,500 yen.



Muraoka Onsen and Spa

Where: 51 Shikada, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-98-1512, Admission: 500 Yen The Muraoka Onsen and Spa is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.-10 p.m. and features indoor onsen pools.


Mahoroba Ethnic Museum

Where: 2324-1 Muraoka, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-26-0033, Admission: 150 Yen Built in 1894, the museum was once a county government office. Open from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Tues.-Fri., and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekends.


Where: 701 Wachi, Muraoka-ku. Ph: 0796-96-1187 Open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. April-November. Admission: 500 Yen Founded in 1997 to conserve the Katsura tree, the Tajima Highlands Botanical Garderns have a thousand kinds of trees and flowers and three hundred types of plants. There are also two ponds and many types of birds.

Uheyama Terraced Rice Paddies

Where: Nukida, Ojiro-ku Uheyama has some of the best views of terraced rice paddies in Japan. In early summer the mountains are reflected in the flooded paddies, which get bright green with grown rice by late summer..


The Ki-No-Dendo Wood Museum

Where: Wachi 951, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-96-1388. Free, closed on Mondays. Built entirely of wood, this unique museum features wooden models and displays. Open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (4 p.m. in the winter). On the web at:`wood/

Hachikita Onsen and Spa

Where: Osasa, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-96-1600, Admission: 600 Yen This picturesque onsen is located below the Hachikita ski hills and is a perfect place to relax after a day on the slopes. Restaurant and souvenier stand inside. Open 11 a.m.-9 p.m., closed Tuesdays.

How to get to Kami-Town Kami-Town is made up of three smaller towns: Kasumi, Muraoka and Ojiro. The following map and guide show the different ways to get to Kami-Town by road and rail.

Syakunage Restaurant

Where: 739-1 Kanzui, Ojiro-ku Ph: 0796-97-2687 A great number of places in Kami-Town, such as Syakunage Restaurant, serve the tender Tajima Beef, which is the origin of many famous types of beef, such as Kobe Beef and Matsuzaka Beef.

Kami-Town Muraoka



Wadayama Himeji

Kasuga Yokawa

Kobe This Guide was designed by: Katsuya Azuma, Tomomi Fukugaki, Noriko Morimoto, Ayumi Nakamura, Shie Okamoto, Kenichiro Takebe, Ayaka Ueji, Kumoda Takayuki and Jeff Morrice

Muraoka Senior High School: 2931 Muraoka, Muraoka-ku, Kami-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo-ken. Postal code: 667-1311 Tel: (0796) 94-0201


National Route 9 Dainishinmei Express Bantan Expressway Kitakinki Expressway Maizuru Expressway Local Kita Toll Road


JR Sanyo line JR Bantan Line JR San-in Line

Sky Valley Ski Resort

Where: 701 Nakaotani, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-96-0375, This eight-course snow park caters mostly to snowboarders, has a variety of challenge levels, and offers full/half day passes: 3,500/2,500 yen. Arrive early to get a close parking spot.

Kami-Town Events January 1-3....... Choraku-ji Temple New Year’s Visit (Muraoka) Early February....... Hyogo Snowball Fight (Ojiro) Late February....... Hachikita Ski Festival (Hatchikita Ski Resort) Mikata Highlands Snow Festival (Mikata Ski Resort) Early March....... Crab Appreciation Festival (Shibayama Fishing Port) Early March....... Ojiro Winter Festival (Ojiro Ski Resort) June (2nd Sunday)....... Mikata 24km Cruel Marathon Mid-July....... Beaches Open July (2nd Sunday)....... Saruo Waterfall Festival July 24....... Mando Fire Festival Late July....... Kasumi Town Festival and Fireworks Early August....... Muraoka Town Festival and Parade Late September....... Kasumi Sea Breeze Marathon Late September....... Muraoka Double-full Ultra Marathon (44km/88km/100km) Mid-October....... Kasumi Crab Examination Early December....... Kasumi Crab Festival (Kasumi West fishing port) Web site:


Kasumi Cruise

Where: 410 Hitoichi, Kasumi-ku Ph: 0796-36-0571 Take a cruise along the Sea of Japan shoreline with three different courses to choose from.

Kasumi Coastline

Kami-Town`s shoreline is dotted with beautiful beaches and fantastic spots to watch the sun set along the sheer sea cliffs.




Road Stations

Where: Yadagawa, Muraoka, Hachikita Michi no Eki, or road stations, are scattered along the roads and highways of Japan. These road stations sell special regional products and souveniers, and are a great place to rest and relax on a long road trip. The Muraoka Farm Garden road station even has a Tajima Beef restaurant.

Yadagawa Onsen and Spa

Where: 754 Mitani, Kasumi-ku. Ph: 0796-36-1126, Admission: 500 yen Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., this onsen features public baths, water massage, sauna bath, a relaxation room and a gift counter.


Crab in Kasumi

Crab in Kasumi is delicious and unique. It comes into season in winter, and is served baked or boiled. Crab restaurants are easy to find by the large crab signs they have outside above their door. There is also a Crab Festival held in town in early December that shouldn`t be missed!

Eiraku Yakiniku Restaurant

Where: Onuka 91-9, Muraoka-ku, Route 9 Ph: 0796-98-1414, Specal Lunch Set: 800 yen Get a taste of Tajima Beef in this Korean grill restaurant in Muraoka. A meal will run roughly 3,000 yen per person for a Tajima Beef dinner.


Wasabu Nishigaoka Rice Paddies

Where: Kawai, Muraoka-ku The Wasabu Nishi rice paddies overlook the Chorakuji Temple in the beautiful Tajima mountains. They are counted among the Top100 Rice Paddy views in Japan.


Saruodaki Waterfall

Where: Hikage, Muraoka-ku, Route 267 Saruodaki is shaped like a monkey’s tail, and is rated one of Japan`s Top-100 waterfalls. The falls are especially beautiful when they are frozen in the late winter.


Mikata Snow Park (Ski Resort)

Where: Niiya, Ojiro-ku, Ph: 0796-97-2297 Mikata Ski Resort features eight courses and night skiing after 6 p.m.. Full/half day ticket: 3,600/2,000 yen. Night skiing: 2,000 yen.


Ojiron Onsen and Spa

Where: 510-1 Otani, Ojiro-ku Ph: 0796-97-3232, Cost: 600 yen Open from noon to 10 p.m., Ojiron Onsen features a large bathhouse, massage sauna baths, restaurant and Japanese-style tatami mat resting room.


Hachikita Ski Resort

Where: Osasa, Muraoka-ku Ph: 0796-96-0201, Hachikita features the most courses (13) in the area, and the longest runs. Full/half day passes: 4,500/3,500 yen.

Onsen Ettiquette

1. Pour hot water on yourself to wash and also adjust to the heat of the pool. 2. Enter the water very slowly, so you don’t burn yourself. 3. Don’t put your towel in the tub, swim, stay in the hot water too long, or wash your clothes!