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The World Briefing By: Katie Gleason

Inside this issue: Field Trip to New YMCA


Italy vs. The United States


Global Rights for Disabled Individuals


whY I Give


Skyway Dining




This morning’s world briefing included many important updates and information on the progress made throughout the conference yesterday. First, the Honorable Anna Klein informed delegates of the work done in the Anderson General Assembly. Multiple resolutions were drafted yesterday and delegates are excited to bring them to the general assembly. Next, the Honorable Nibir Sarma updated delegates on the progress made in the committees that make up the Mondale General Assembly. Her Excellency, Anna Dupont, told delegates about the cases the International Court of Justice heard yesterday. While the court determined that no reparations were necessary in the case of Jamaica vs. the United States, the court ruled in favor of Belgium in the case of Belgium vs. the United Kingdom.

Delegates received updates on the Security Council from the Honorable Helen JinLee. While the council could not agree on their mock topic, Jin-Lee is hopeful that they will make a lot of progress on their topics in the next two days. The Honorable Sannah Arvidson-Hicks was next to take the podium to tell delegates of the work done in the Historic Security Council yesterday. The council hopes to come to a resolution on the Korean War in the coming days. The Honorable Jared Nathan updated delegates on the progress made in the Economic and Social Council, including debate on climate change, which has brought about four working papers. Delegates were told of the work done in the Junior Economic and Social Council by the Honorable Irene Choi, including two working papers that they plan to combine. The Honorable Taylor Hvidsten updated delegates on the work done in the Human Rights Council. They were able to agree that

vanilla is the best ice cream flavor and are now discussing human rights of persons with disabilities. Conference Resource Center Director, Olivia Brammer, told delegates about the three agencies the CRC is offering this year, which delegates can contact through Remind. Media Director, Emma Forouhari, updated delegates on the work of the media team. With plans to publish a newspaper at lunch and dinner today, the newspaper team is taking the conference by storm. She also reminded delegates to follow our social media accounts, which can be found in the back of the session booklet. Lastly, Jane Guidera, steering committee Chair, told delegates of progress made in the whY I Give campaign (about $400 of a $1600 goal), encouraging delegates to continue giving. The briefing was then adjourned, and delegates went on to convene in organs and committees.

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Model United Newspaper

Field Trip to the New YMCA

By: Julia Michienzi

This morning middle school delegates had the exciting opportunity to take a break from discussion and field trip to the Dayton YMCA in Gaviidae. They learned about the YMCA’s global partnerships and the 119 countries that also have YMCA communities. They watched a video from the 2017 Emerging Global Leadership Conference that took place in Mexico. In the video, there were representatives from all around the globe that shared their passion for the YMCA and its mission to strengthen communities.

Delegates write thank you cards Photo by Julia Michienzi

The delegates were then given a task, they were asked to write letters of support to these other countries. Josie Thune, an Anderson delegate, shared with me how cool she thinks it is that they are at the conference to represent other countries and now they have the chance to communicate with them. After writing their messages to the global partners, they were asked to reflect on their own support system. The students wrote thank you letters to the people who gave them the opportunity to participate in this conference such as their parents and teachers. It was a morning of reflection on the strong YMCA community and the gratefulness the delegates have to be a part of it.

Italy vs The United States This morning, the Inand don’t plan to until the ternational Court of Justice deadline specified in the acheard the case of Italy vs. the cord. United States. The US also stated that Attendance was high as they have plans to reduce Italy and the US argued their carbon emissions. They could points on a controversial top- not give specific examples of ic. Italy sued the US for leav- actions they have taken. ing the Paris Climate Accord, Italy argued that the claiming that the US is dammonetary value asked of the aging countries across the US was fair because of the globe. The United States arUS’s wealth and their high gued that although they have carbon emissions. It was uninformally stated that they clear whether the ICJ could plan to leave the accord betake much action because the cause they believe the moneUS had not officially withtary value they were asked to drawn from the accord. Later contribute was unfair, they in the case, the US stated haven’t officially withdrawn,

By: Katie Gleason

that they would not pay the fee they agreed to if they did not fulfill the requirements specified in the accord before 2020. This suggested that the US might violate the accord before they can withdraw legally. Italy wants the United States to remain in the accord to protect the environment and prevent climate change, while the US wants the court to recognize that they plan to withdraw legally and have no obligation to remain a part of the accord after 2020.

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Rights for Individuals with Disabilities By: Sophia Forliti

After just one day of discussion, the Human Rights Council is close to a resolution. They have been discussing rights for individuals with disabilities, primarily the availability of education and job opportunities. A big problem is the families of these individuals with disabilities. Some families do not have resources available in their area, so they will keep them out of school and out of the work force. The council is not looking to implement anything too invasive, but they do want the United Nations to make education and job opportunities for individuals

with disabilities more widely available. As of this morning, they have three separate working papers that they are moving towards putting them all into one. They have had no problems putting together this resolution. The countries all agree, some even already have similar resolutions to this implemented. They have also been exploring the connection between rights for individuals with disabilities with other human rights, such as religious factors. The Human Rights Council is working with other organs at Model United Nations. They are looking into possible funding from ECOSOC. They have already been visited by the World

The Human Rights Council in action Photo by Bayley Coronado Health Organization (WHO) who informed them of their view of the topic, and offered limited funding. The Human Rights Council will be discussing vaccinations later this afternoon.

whY I Give By: Katie Gleason

Help to give other students the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations by donating to whY I Give! You can donate in the skyway during mealtimes every day of the conference.

Not only do you get the chance to do good for our community, there are also incentives available for donations! You can earn a YIG pen for $3, a MUN sticker for $5, or a YIG lanyard for $8. Donate $10 and you get to

choose any two of these incentives! Make sure to stop in the skyway and give what you can!

Skyway Dining By: Julia Michienzi

One of the biggest questions every delegate faces throughout the conference is, “Where should I eat today?”. The skyway is filled with options and with the limited time for meals, it can be hard to come to a decision. Of course there is LeeAnn Chin the Model UN “classic” as delegate Alex Malen would call it. Anna Weber suggests the bourbon chicken if you are looking for something tasty to order. But for those looking for a lighter meal, the skyway offers a delectable Salad Bar, Subway, and the very popular Chipotle. Kieran White, vice president of the Anderson general assembly, shared her favorite dining trick with me. She informed me that at Chipotle you can place your order online ahead of time then skip the line and pick it up when you get there. This may be an appealing option if you are a delegate who is very impatient and has places to be. For breakfast options, Cardigan Donuts seems to take the cake. Delegate Melvina Manciel of the Anderson General Assembly recommends the Coffee Donut for those looking to try something a little different. Meals are a time for people to come together, Alex Malen shared with me that the skyway is one of the best times to reach out and make friends with other delegates. So get out there and branch out whether it be with new people or new cuisine.

Junior ECOSOC Discusses Global Development and Climate Change By: Julia Michienzi

The Junior ECOSOC worked all morning on developing a resolution on Global Development and Climate Change. There were many working papers presented on this topic this morning. During caucus delegates worked to combine a total of seven working papers in attempt to come to one final resolution. Delegates made sure that smaller nations’ ideas were being heard and the larger de-

veloped nations weren’t overriding the group. Their working papers included ideas on taxing waste products such as plastic bags, making all countries pay for their greenhouse emissions, and putting quotas that mandate cuts in greenhouse emissions annually. One concern that came up was from countries who depend on resources such as coal or gas to make up their country’s income. Another

concern was from lesser developed nations who may not have as much technology to reduce greenhouse gases as well as the funds to pay for their emissions. The organ will continue to debate and are hoping to pass a resolution sometime today so they can move on to their next pressing issue, sustainable urbanization.

Model United Newspaper Issue 2  
Model United Newspaper Issue 2