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Opening Ceremonies By: Katie Gleason

Photo by Jasmine Crohn

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Evening Activities


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Jamaica vs. The U.S.


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Elected Officials stand by while the bagpipes play

Opening ceremonies began with the music of bagpipes as the Officers, Appointed Officials, and others entered the chamber. President of Anderson General Assembly, the Honorable Anna Klein, called delegates to order, and a moment of silence followed soon after. The Honorable Courtney Gysland, the First Under-SecretaryGeneral, gave an opening statement. The Secretary-General, the Honorable Winona Johnson, followed by welcoming the delegates and conducting roll call.

After the schedule was reviewed, the president of the International Court of Justice, her Excellency Anna Dupont, went over the code of conduct. Her meme-filled speech kept the delegates engaged and laughing as she referenced everything from Lil Pump’s mixtape to Tide pods. Next, the Chair of the State Steering Committee, Jane Guidera, gave a brief explanation of the whY I Give campaign, incentives for donations, and their goal to raise $1,600.

Klein gave several announcements, including the deadlines to apply for elected and appointed positions which are Friday at noon and April 20 respectively. The meeting was adjourned as delegates went on to their Caucus Trainings.

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Model United Newspaper

What is the CRC? By: Julia Michienzi

The Conference Resource Center, commonly referred to as the CRC, is up and running for the 2018 Model United Nations! The CRC is located on the first floor right at the bottom of the escalators. Delegates are welcome to visit the CRC at anytime during the conference for help with furthering their research, organizing their thoughts, writing resolutions, and any other struggles they may be having with conference topics. The CRC is there to help so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it! Unlike past years, the CRC is offering a very new and exciting resource to delegates throughout this conference. This year the CRC has three delegates who are representing three major world agencies. These agencies include: United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), and The World Health Organization (WHO). These representatives will be in the CRC, but will also be traveling to committees throughout the conference. Their presence will ensure that delegates are being held accountable on whether or not their ideas will be backed and funded by these major agencies. Delegates are welcome to turn to these agencies to create partnerships and ensure that they are creating resolutions with plausible solutions. During committees, delegates have the power to call one of these agencies to their meeting room. The CRC is taking advantage of a real-time messaging program called Remind. To call an agency, you can send a reply message to this year’s Remind. To join the Remind, text mnyig-

mun to 81010! This Remind will be active throughout the conference offering important updates on where and when these agency representatives will be located as well as other important reminders such as when the polls will be open for voting.

Evening Activities By: Katie Gleason

film festival, crafts, and games. YIG Fest will consist Evening activities of an inflatable basketball have been subject to hoop, ski ball, football toss, some changes this year. There is no longer a dance bean bags, a photo booth, and much more. The talent on Friday night. Friday show is at 9:00 PM on Friday night’s activities, beginnight and will be made up of ning at 8:00 PM, will inacts featuring your fellow clude YIG Fest, Senior delegates. Send-off, a photo booth,

CRC Officials Photo by Bayley Coronado

Make sure to attend evening activities tonight! The carnival starts at 7:30 PM, so stop by to get bouncy with some inflatables and enjoy some cotton candy and popcorn. Tonight’s activities also include a film festival, crafts, games, and caricatures! We will see you there!

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Get Your YIG Swag! By: Julia Michienzi

Don’t forget to swing by the YIG State Office on the first floor to load up on your YIG swag! For the first time ever, pick up your very own padholder for all of your important papers and note keepings.

As the snow continues to fall this April, make sure you keep warm with our YIG hoodies, crewnecks, jackets, joggers, sweatpants, hats and even gloves! Winter not really your season? The YIG store will also be selling T-shirts, sunglasses, and water bottles for the warmer months.

Anna Klein, president of the Anderson general assembly informed me that she will definitely be rocking her swag during the evening activities of the conference and is very excited to shop the new YIG store items. They have gavels, lip balm, pens, and pocket constitutions. Don’t miss out!

Jamaica vs. The U.S. By: Katie Gleason

Today, the International Court of Justice heard a case in which Jamaica claimed that the United States illegally kidnapped one of their citizens, violating a treaty and the Declaration of Human Rights.

Photo by Bayley Coronado

Jamaica claimed that U.S. officials persuaded the citizen to board a yacht that took him out of Jamaican territory and to the United States. Jamaica argued that although the citizen boarded the yacht voluntarily, he did not voluntarily leave Jamaican territory, making the event a kidnapping.

While the United States admitted that they apprehended the individual, they believe that what was done was a legal extradition of a criminal and that the citizen boarded the yacht willingly. Both countries admitted to violating the Declaration of Human Rights, and the United States claimed that because both countries did so, they should agree to set the case aside. Jamaica, on the other hand, hopes that the case will lead to changes that will prevent the United States from taking similar actions in the future.

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Be sure that you are keeping up to date with this year's conference by following us on social media! This year the CRC has set up a Remind with important conference updates as well as the power to request a representative from one of our three UN agency representatives. To join the Remind, text mnyigmun to 81010! For fun pictures and polls, follow our Instagram @mnyigmedia and our Twitter @mnyigmedia


Our Snapchat is mnymcayig, add us for photos and short video updates throughout the conference.

Even more updates and information can be found on our Facebook page. Visit our Facebook page at Make sure that you are tagging us in any of your MUN posts with the hashtags #MUN and #YIG2K18 Above anything else, be sure that you have the YAPP downloaded! Download the YAPP at to locate restaurants, apply for an appointed position for next year, and have access to a digital version of your schedule.

Model United Newspaper Issue 1  
Model United Newspaper Issue 1