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The Secrets Of Acquiring A Food Mixer ______________________________________________ By Dylan George -

Food mixers may be an absolute dream for those ambitious chefs which are either a little lazy or a tad too pushed for time to do everything manually. Purchasing one can however be somewhat of a minefield as the price may vary massively, and it is not necessarily an instance of getting what you pay for.

Learn More About Shake Mixer A food mixer is the type of item in which a good quality mixer may actually be not too expensive but appear less attractive because of a lack of fancy extra functions. Conversely, a poorer quality food mixer with a lot of fancy extras can appeal though it may be higher priced than it should be. These are my top five guidelines to help you to avoid buying a dummy.

Highest power does not always equal the best mixer Food mixers will advertise on their product description their power level, which often varies all the way up to around 700W. With items like a microwave it is a general rule that you should go for the most power that you can afford. You should note that this is not so with a food mixer. If you purchase a 700W mixer which doesn't have a good range of control over speed then you'll end up with less cake in your

mixing bowl and more cake on the walls. There really is no need to have a mixer with power in excess of around 500W or so, since this is ample to mix most things that you'd use a food mixer for. Choose a food mixer which completely disassembles quickly and easily. A few of the newer types of food mixer have special devices which allow them to rapidly disassemble and reassemble. This is very important since the food mixer will inevitably get very dirty and if it's difficult to completely disassemble this can be a nightmare for cleaning.

Select a mixer that is short and long and has a heavy base. When you are mixing the food mixer will begin to shake and move, which is natural considering the speeds at which the blades are rotating. If you choose a mixer which is not sturdy then it is likely that it's going to move. This can possibly cause damage to work surfaces and also means that the blender can't be left unattended even for a moment in case it falls on the floor. Choose a high quality but simple food mixer. It's very unlikely that you will need the majority of the gadgets which are included on today's food mixers. If you are having any doubt about what you may and won't use then it is better to err on the side of a less complicated mixer. Otherwise the mixer might become overwhelming to use and you may also be sacrificing actual quality for lots of bells and whistles.

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