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Do It Yourself Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance ____________________________________________________ By David Jonathan -

Singer Sewing Machines have been the top selling sewing machine since 1851. When Isaac Singer brought his first sewing machine to the market, the only way to stitch was by hand. His sewing machine revolutionized the sewing world. Today millions of these sewing machines are still in use. Thousands of new ones are sold every year. They all need annual Singer Sewing Machine service.

Learn More About Handheld Sewing Machine Singer sewing machines are used for clothing construction, window treatments, quilts, wall hangings, decorative items, and craft items. Some Singers are used an hour or two per week. Others are used ten to twelve hours per week. Still others are used almost constantly hour after hour. Sewing machines require service at least annually.

The Singer Company maintains a network of authorized dealers and regional repair centers. You can take your sewing machine to one of these or ship it to them for service. Or, it is possible to do your sewing machine maintenance, annual service, or repairs yourself. Sewing machine care may be described in terms of maintenance, annual clean and lube, and repair. We sometimes use these terms interchangeably, but close analysis reveals that most users should do their own maintenance, while annual clean and lube and repair, may require professional assistance. Mechanically inclined userss can easily learn to do annual service by studying sewing machine repair

manuals or taking a sewing machine repair course. More advanced repairs may require more advanced training and experience. Frequent operator maintenance insures best performance of the sewing machine. It also prevents problems, minimizing the need for repairs. Properly maintained, Singer sewing machines last a lifetime and more. Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance should be done consistently and frequently by the sewing machine user. This is fully described in Dr. David Trumbles free Ebook, 7 Steps to Peak Performance. This book teaches you how to do Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance. There are also numerous other books and resources available to help the user care for their sewing machine.

Here are a few of the things you need to do to maintain your machine. 1. Use the right needle for the project. 2. Replace the needle every three to four hours. 3. Clean the bobbin area every two hours of sewing. Use canned air or air compressor. 4. Place one drop of oil on the sewing machine race every two to three hours. 5. Clean out the needle bar area ever three to four hours. The skills and knowledge of the annual clean and lube, repairs and adjustments, as well as the basic skills of sewing machine maintenance may be learned through sewing machine repair manuals and courses. You can learn the step by step procedures to insure optimum sewing machine performance.

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Handheld sewing machine

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