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Fall Workshop

Oct 27 - 29, 2023

Holiday Inn

20800 Kenrick Ave.

Saturday Night!

Meet the “3 Old Guys”

Lakeville, MN 55044

•Just $25 per person to attend

•Get Acquainted Gathering Friday evening

•Educational Seminars on Saturday afternoon including Ride Command and a Trail Administrators Roundtable

•Presentation by Christina Davies on planning a snowmobile trip with a young family

•Saturday evening Happy Hour, Dinner and Presentation by the 3 Old Guys

Holiday Inn

20800 Kenrick Ave.

Lakeville, MN 55044


Rex Hibbert, Rob Hallstrom, and Paul Dick are all long-time snowmobilers—all having been riding for 50+ years. Paul and Rex have been in many long-distance snowmobile races.

The three embarked on an ambitious ride from Minnesota to Alaska this past spring—March 6 thru April 12, 2023.

Come and hear their story after dinner Saturday night.

Use code “MnUSA Region 6” for special room rates.

Members are responsible for securing accommodations.

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association
Go online to www.mnsnowmobiler.org for additional info and updates. Registration form for MnUSA Fall Workshop available on page 10 of this issue.
Special low-cost Saturday excursion for spouses not wishing to attend seminars.

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» August 25-26, 2023 – Outlaw Grass Drags, Princeton

» September 9-10, 2023 – Sno Baron’s Hay Days 2023

» October 27-29, 2023 – MnUSA Fall Workshop, hosted by Region 6

For more information on upcoming MnUSA and club events go to www.mnsnowmobiler.org

September 2023 Contents 3
Fall Workshop
Preserving & Protecting Snowmobiling for 45 Years
Hay Days 2023 u DEPARTMENTS
From the President
From the Vice President
Directors 7 Legislative News
MnUSA News
Vintage News
Racing News
Club News
MnUSA Business Supporters

From the MnUSA President

Summer Comes to a Close

Summer shows are the best, no windchill to worry about, no icy roads on the way there, and no blizzard dates needed. It’s happening sweetheart, it’s happening!

And so it goes, our theme for this issue is summer shows and events. We have a feature on Hay Days, the OFFICIAL start of winter; ISC, the International Snowmobile Congress coverage, in the vintage world the Milbank show; and in club news, other fun summer stuff you will find members of MnUSA participated in, including landowner appreciation events, parades, grass drags and just getting together as a club and campout and relax.

Relaxing isn’t something we have been doing at the office this summer. With a new hire, Kelly Hesli, whom you will

Great Southern MN Swap Meet (Snowmobile/ATV/UTV) and Vintage Sled Show

SUNDAY Oct. 1ST 2023

Dodge County Fairgrounds 1 Day Only - Rain or Shine

62922 State Hwy 57 Kasson, MN 55944

- Gates Open at 8:00 AM

- General admission $5.00 (Under 16 Free)

- For General Info Call: Jim - 507.951.0570

Darren - 507.951.1314

Vintage Sled Show

Call or Email Wade: 507.269.2998


Food, Beverage & Equipment Vendors will be on site

get to know more about, joining us in the office, we are making changes to how we operate; creating a membership management system for club rosters, to be submitted electronically, we have been busy. At the summer event, the E-Board report included 10 new initiatives the E-Board has been working on, including new staff, monthly staff meetings, new computer systems, software updates, new updated internet service, new phone system, email database building, the membership management software project, and website upgrades as a package to that, along with the potential for an e-newsletter.

As tradition had it, we had nominations for this year’s elections at the Summer Event for Fall Workshop at the Holiday Inn in Lakeville. See info regarding the workshop in this issue. Nominations were made for President, and Mark Kavanaugh accepted the nomination; Mike Clevenger accepted the nomination for Vice President; Gordon Heitke accepted the nomination for Secretary; Janet Widness accepted the nomination for Treasurer, and I will be your Director at Large. Nominations will be opened back up on Saturday October 28th for these four positions. You will need to be in attendance to vote, or you can request an absentee ballot by contacting the office and requesting one.

Accidental death/dismemberment insurance benefits are back! Thanks to Erica at American Income Life Insurance Company we were able to get you $4,000 coverage for our members, an increased benefit over the $3,500 coverage a few years ago, and at no cost to you. Again, a good reason to get those rosters in on time and up to date. If something tragic would happen, you want to make sure your membership is up to date to take advantage of that membership benefit. And speaking of memberships with the cost of everything going up, and the E-Board initiative’s outline above, we had to make the tough decision to raise dues $10 per year. XM and business memberships did not change. See more information about the reasons why we had to raise dues in this issue of Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine.

As we celebrate our 45th anniversary this year, we are looking for old photos of MnUSA events you may have from 45 years ago for the magazine. Let the office know what you have. We will have some 45th anniversary gear at the Fall Workshop and you all should be getting your 45th anniversary stickers soon.

As my tenure as your President ends, I want to thank all of you so much for all the kind words and support through the years while coming up thru the chairs. Starting in the December issue of Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine, you will be seeing a different face under the President’s column masthead and a different style of the President’s column, so enjoy the last ones over the next few months.

4 Minnesota Snowmobiling

Are You Prepared?

As summer approached, the Street Rodder’s started pulling their cars out of storage, and then that’s when I start getting busy. I was a mechanic for 30 plus years, and specialized in carburation, and diagnostics before getting into IT and Networking, I am a problem solver. A lot of the cars that came to me were not properly stored, and now they have fuel issues. These cars have sat for years, and others only 6 months. Today’s fuels are not of the best quality, and the fuel starts to break down within 30 days. In some cases, I have seen carbs full of what looks and feels like bee’s honey, thick and gooey.

So you ask, “What does this have to do with snowmobiling?” Well, don’t let this happen to your snowmobile and other equipment that you have. Again, store it properly by using a fuel stabilizer additive. Pull your sparkplugs and add a lubricant to coat the cylinders.

Like many of you, and maybe not, at the end of the season I take my sleds and go over them with a fine-tooth comb, replacing the items that were worn out or broken, then I would polish both snowmobiles,so they look new. Proper storage is the key to having your sled ready for the new season which will be here before you know it. I do like to plan ahead as I don’t like waiting ‘till the last minute only to pull them out of storage and go crud, I need to fix this, and now time is wasted, and plans are messed up. With the evergoing parts shortage you might want to pull your sled out and inspect as I’ll bet you will have to order parts and wait.

It won’t be long and it will be time to prepare for the upcoming season. Again, as many might have done at

the end of the season, a person just takes their grooming equipment and put it into storage. I have already given our Tucker groomer a good once over, and I found that it did take a beating from the last season. I had to call Uncle Joe, for some government funding just to buy parts for that piece of equipment. His response was “Tim, Tim who? and where is Minnesota”. With the beating the groomer took, I looked over our drag, and I can see that also needs some TLC. So our club is working on getting our equipment ready so we are prepared for the season. I know that a lot of the clubs out there put in a lot of hours grooming trails. I would suggest looking over your equipment thoroughly and be prepared as the snow will be coming. Ever get the feeling that being a volunteer for your club is a full-time job?

With summer coming to an end, we again broke the number of record heat days and drought. Didn’t this happen last summer? Look what last winter did for us, record snowfall totals throughout the State. It will be interesting to see what happens this winter, especially with the Canadian wildfires, as to how this will affect the weather patterns. I am going to prepare for lots of snow.

So, with all that said I need to get back to preparing for the Fall Workshop. A person doesn’t realize the amount of time and effort that goes into planning this.

September 2023 5
the MnUSA Vice President

MnUSA Directors

Executive Board


Scott Wakefield -XM 12620 Co Rd 30 Waconia 55387 612-483-5638 oliver1650@icloud.com

Vice President

Timothy Heinen 20602 Keystone Ave Lakeville 55044 952-250-6642 timothy@heinenzoo.com

Secretary Janet Widness - XM 43390 220th St Clitherall 56524 218-731-6126 jwstulk@prtel.com

Treasurer Gordon Heitke - XM 2270 300th Ave Mora 55051 763-234-6712 gheitke@gmail.com


Greg Sorenson 66033 Big Pine Rd Finlayson 55735 218-393-0413 minnsnoman@aol.com

Committee Chairs


Dean Thompson · 763-441-8555


Rick Johnson-XM · 612-935-7249

Communications: Scott Wakefield-XM · 612-483-5638


Janet Widness-XM · 218-731-6126


Greg Sorenson · 218-393-0413

Finance/Audit: Gordon Heitke-XM · 763-234-6712

Fund Raising: Mark Steinmueller-XM · 320-679-3653

Land Access: OPEN

Legislative/DNR/Trails: Terry Hutchinson-XM · 612-581-6627

Membership: Jerry Hanson-XM · 763-536-0472


Dick Theis · 763-494-3838


Scotty Harder · 612-860-0606

Site Selection: Mark LaBaw-XM · 952-221-2564

Website/Social Media: Mark Kavanaugh-XM · 218-330-7380


Region 1

Dale Dahlen, 2321 Pebble Beach Rd NW East Grand Forks, 56721, 218-791-6679 dodahlen@ hotmail.com

Mike Boucher, 27528 230th St SW, Crookston 56716 218-280-3385 mjb86@yahoo.com

Gail Friborg, 37857 Fairground Rd Bagley, 56621, 218-694-2840 pfgf@gvtel.com

Jeff Lovold, 603 2nd Ave SE, Roseau 56751 218280-1941

Aaron Swanson, 10218 Beverly Dr NW, Bemidji, 56601; 218-689-6686 aaronleeswanson@gmail.com

Region 2

Jack White, 11914 Main St, PO Box 514 Northome, 56661, 218-897-5764 jwhite@paulbunyan.net

Troy Johnson, 5140 County Rd 4 Cromwell, 55726, 218-390-0046 tntjohnson547@hotmail.com

Jerry Kujala-XM, 4951 Spirit Lake Rd Mt. Iron, 55768, 218-735-8446 jdkujala@gmail.com

De Lyle Pankratz, 7756 Ely Lake Dr Eveleth, 55734, 218-744-1375 dwpankratz@yahoo.com

Steve Thomopolous, 3152 County Rd 2 S International Falls, 56649, 218-283-4025 greekman1122@ yahoo.com

Randy Vannet, 28938 Arbo Rd Grand Rapids 55744, 218-244-6797 randy.vannet@gmail.com

Region 3

Tom Jann, 21668 Peterson Creek Dr Deerwood, 56444, 218-839-1230 lakejann@gmail.com

Allen Beumer, 10234 410th Ave Hillman, 56338, 320-355-2257 abeumer1845@gmail.com

Scott Haley, 14394 105th Ave Milaca, 56353, 612-670-6027 cody30@frontiernet.net

Scotty Harder–XM, PO Box 250 Zimmerman 55398, 612-860-0606, sharder67@msn.com

Jason Hendrickx-XM, 18539 93rd St SE Becker, 55308, 320-292-5926 jasonhendrickx@gmail.com

John Olmscheid, PO Box 160 Elrosa, 56325, 320-250-3271 johnolmscheid@frontier.com

Region 4 Sheri Gades-XM, 103 5th St N Danvers, 56231, 320-760-3526 gades@fedteldirect.net

Rodney Boesch, PO Box 337, Amboy 56010 507340-2820 rod.boesch@boeschcrt.com

Jeff Kack-XM, PO Box 55 Appleton, 56208, 320-289-1069 jkack@mchsi.com

Dick Kuttner, 522 Shady Ridge Rd NW Hutchinson, 55350, 320-587-6536 richardk@hutchtel.net

Region 5

Mike Clevenger-XM, 7302 NW 97th Ave Morristown, 55052, 507-838-5713 cmclevenger3@gmail.com

Coy Borgstrom, 20 E Veterans Memorial Hwy, Kasson, 55944, 507-251-1199 coy3911@gmail.com

Bill Gehn, Red Wing, 651-388-7541 william_gehn@hotmail.com

Paul Maruska, 26276 Drexel Ave, New Prague, 56071, 952-212-2293 ptmaruska81@gmail.com

Region 6

Bill Prinsen, 5011 121 St N, White Bear Lake 55110, 651-260-8508 skidoo06-@hotmail.com

Jeremy Goebel 11210 7th St S, Cottage Grove 55016 651-308-0398 goebeljeremy1985@gmail.com

Ken Zak, 20629 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, 55044, 952-469-2246 kjnbaa@frontier.net

Region 7

Randy Laberge-XM, 5424 Lax Lake Rd Silver Bay, 55614, 218-353-7697 dandrlaberge@hotmail.com

Ryan Boe, 5146 Jean Duluth Rd Duluth 55803, 218-349-5578 ryanboe@hotmail.com

Dan Hamilton, Duluth, 651-398-2461 danielhamilton@aol.com

Rick Johnson-XM, 4353 Briarwood Ln, Hopkins, 55343, 952-935-7249 rick@teampro.net

Phillip Lockett, 218-348-9161 lockettphillip@yahoo.com

Scott Seely, Two Harbors 218-830-1028, srseely@gmail.com

Gary Vezina, Duluth 218-722-2852

Bill Ylatupa-XM, 43 Garden Dr Silver Bay, 55614, 218-220-8189 ylatupa2@gmail.com

Region 8

Dick Theis, 20575 Co Rd 10 Hamel, 55340, 763494-3838 dickt.barbc@gmail.com

Randy Baudler, 9259 FoxlineDr N Corcoran, 55340, 763-420-5526 rbslawn@gmail.com

Ray Ehrlich, 23105 Larsen Rd., Corcoran, 55340, 763-354-6476 raehrlich@gmail.com

Mark LaBaw-XM, 1471 Independence Ave Chaska, 55318, 952-221-2564 mlabawstillafishn@yahoo.com

Region 9 Steve “Woody”Widness-XM, 43390 220th St Clitherall, 56524, 218-731-1286 jwstulk@prtel.com

Jeff Alberts-XM, 17321 Otto Zeck Rd, Detroit Lakes 56501, 218-847-1241, mtnmtrs@arvig.net

Donald Hansen, PO Box 94 Cyrus, 56323, 320-795-2741

Greg Strommen, 903 9th Ave SE, Barnesville, 56514, 701-212-7002, gstromm165@gmail.com

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9 4 8 5

7 6

MnUSA Office: 7040 Lakeland Ave N, Ste 212, Brooklyn Park 55428 ph.763-577-0185 fax 763-577-0186

6 Minnesota Snowmobiling

Legislative News

Get to Know Your Legislators

Forty four years ago (or perhaps 45, but who’s counting) a newly created organization set out to hire a lobbyist. A selection committee was formed and candidates for the position were invited to interviews. One of the candidates was a brash, arrogant, baby lawyer who had never been on a snowmobile and knew nothing about the sport. When the committee asked the candidate why they should hire him, he immediately replied “because I’m the best”. He was offered the job.

Years later, one of the committee members was in a conversation with the lawyer. At some point in the conversation, the lawyer said he remembered that he was hired because he was the best. The committee member immediately replied, “No, you were hired because you were the cheapest!”

It really never mattered whether the lawyer was the best or

not because the strength of MnUSA’s lobbying effort has always been with an engaged and active membership.

The remarkable natural resource that we call our trail system is possible only through our hard work and the cooperation and commitment of our legislative and regulatory partners. We have relied on these friends regardless of party affiliation or ideology. We have always found common ground over the years due to the great public benefit of our grant-in-aid and state trail system. We have achieved our successes by our members developing relationships with State decision makers. Many of us have invited legislators to club meetings, landowner picnics, trail rides, and even rides on our groomers. The point of all this is simple: The more a legislator understands what we do and how important our work is to the State of Minnesota, the more that legislator supports us at the Capitol.

There are 201 legislators in Minnesota. Many have never met us or even heard of us. Only you can fix that. The legislators are at home for the rest of this year. Now is the perfect time to have a cup of coffee with your legislators. Perhaps your legislators would be willing to help with your trail work for an afternoon. The opportunities to establish good relationships are endless. What are you waiting for?

September 2023 7

Preserving & Protecting Snowmobiling for 45 Years

For 45 years, Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA) members and volunteers have worked to preserve and protect snowmobiling in Minnesota and across the United States through legislative initiatives, trail development and involvement in land access for trails. Here are some of the accomplishments and milestones.

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association Protects Snowmobiling at the Legislature

• 1982- Legislation passed creating the Snowmobile Dedicated Trails & Enforcement Account

• 1983- MnUSA supports tourism budget increase and the creation of a separate tourism department

• 1984- Legislature requests Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner to present a plan of consideration for combining Trails & Waterways and Parks & Recreation. MnUSA opposes

• 1986- MnUSA is successful in getting legislation passed giving municipalities limited liability in lawsuits based on their participation in the grant-in-aid program

• 1990- MnUSA supports appropriation of funds for purchase and development of Paul Bunyan Trail and Bemidji to International Falls Blue Ox Trail

• 1991- Registration fee increased from $18 to $30 for 3 years to fund trails

• 1992- MnUSA is successful in getting legislation passed, limiting liability of snowmobile clubs and allowing them the same protection as municipalities

• 1994- Legislature passes stronger landowner liability bill. Landowners who open their land for snowmobiling are now better off legally than if the land remained closed to snowmobiling

• 1997- Registration fee increases from $30 to $45 for 3 years

• 1997- Legislature changes law regarding training for youthful operation

• 1997-1998- Non-resident snowmobile trail permit required

• 1998- Legislature passes complete ban on studs effective 1999-2000

• 1999- MnUSA leads initiative and successfully reverses stud ban. Nearly 40,000 signatures were collected supporting MnUSA’s position

• 1999- Legislature passes increase in unrefunded gas tax to 1%

• 2002- Successful in protecting gas tax at 1% of unrefunded gas tax. This provided funding for over 2500 club trails to be added into the grant-in-aid system.

• 2003-2005- MnUSA successfully protected the funds in the snowmobile dedicated account from raids during the budget crunch where all funds were available to cover the deficit. There is a $1.5 million appropriation for 2006-07 to go to clubs in the grant-in-aid system.

• 2004-2005- MnUSA successful in obtaining trail safety legislation which allows for two-way snowmobile trails in road rights of way, where necessary and appropriate, with consent of the local road authority.

• 2005- MnUSA supports increased funding to the clubs

for grant-in-aid trails. The legislature provided this additional funding through a trail pass for all grant-in-aid and state trail users. The enabling legislation provided that these funds could only be used for grant-in- aid, trail maintenance, grooming, and easement acquisition.

• 2005-2006- Designated trails were added to the grant-inaid system on major lakes in St. Louis, Cook and Koochiching County and statewide the clubs were given a 20% increase in their grants.

• 2007-2008- MnUSA successfully promotes legislation to appropriate an increase in grant-in-aid funding to the clubs for trail maintenance and grooming.

• 2008- MnUSA successful in opposing legislation to revoke payment to snowmobile dedicated account of unrefunded gas tax on snowmobile fuel

• 2009-2023- MnUSA prevents raids on dedicated account and protects funding sources.

• 2012- MnUSA successful in obtaining legislation to combine the trail pass and registration into one sticker and dedicating a greater percentage of the funds to grant-in-aid trail maintenance.

• 2012- MnUSA successful in obtaining legislation that allows studded snowmobile tracks on asphalt state trails unless DNR Commissioner determines it is not appropriate on trail by trail basis.

• 2012- MnUSA leads other non-profit trail groups to obtain legislation reducing the tort liability limit on recreational trails to $1 million.

• 2012- MnUSA works with federal legislators to obtain continued funding for the Federal Recreational Trails Program which is funded by a portion of federal off-road gas tax.

• 2013- MnUSA works with coalitions to protect access to private lands and protect snowmobile rentals.

• 2014- MnUSA successful in obtaining sales tax exemption on grooming equipment allowing non-profit grant-in-aid clubs additional funds to spend on trails.

• 2014- MnUSA successful in new legislation to prohibit tampering of odometers on recreational vehicles.

• 2014- MnUSA, with support of DNR, redefines a snowmobile to more clearly explain what vehicles can use snowmobile trails, providing safer trails for the users.

• 2015- MnUSA supports no registration requirement for snowmobiles 125 cc or less for non-trail use.

• 2016- MnUSA successful in designating David Dill Memorial Trails.

• 2022-2023- MnUSA and its OHV partners were successful in raising the fines for trespass in an effort to protect motorized recreational access for both civil and criminal offenses

• 2023- MnUSA successful in legislation for safer road crossings and bills of sale signed by current owner on sales of snowmobiles.

8 Minnesota Snowmobiling
MnUSA News 45YEARS Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association

New Laws

Another session has come to an end with MnUSA accomplishing 4 out of 5 of our legislative priorities. Our success was a result of bi-partisan cooperation. Our authors, Sen. John Jasinski (R; Faribault) and Rep. Rick Hansen (D; South St Paul) were excellent Chief Authors. Senate Committee Chair Senator Foung Hawj (D; St Paul) and House Committee Chair Rick Hansen (our author) effectively steered our legislation through the policy committees, the Environmental Finance conference committee, and finally the floors of the House and Senate. The following MnUSA priorities are now law:

1) The fines for all snowmobile trespass violations in Minnesota will now be no less than our civil trespass fine amounts that we passed into law during the 2022 session. $250/$500/$1000.

2) Crossing divided highways with a center median can now be done at a safe location approved by the local road authority. Previously the only trail crossings had to be at a road crossing which could have been a roundabout or a J turn which was virtually impossible.

3) The transfer of a used snowmobile ownership was previously required to be done with a bill of sale signed by the registered owner. Snowmobiles purchased at auctions and from private parties that may not have been the previous registered owner were impossible to complete. The new law is that the current owner (instead of the last registered owner) can now write a bill of sale even if they were not the last registered owner.

4) Snowmobiles no longer will be required to display registration numbers in addition to the State registration sticker. The new State registration sticker will be larger than the existing sticker. This change will start with new snowmobile registrations and renewals of existing snowmobiles. Numbers will still be required on existing registered snowmobiles until your current snowmobile registration is renewed.

The final MnUSA priority, creating a sales tax exemption for building materials for trail maintenance and development, was authored by Sen. Justin Eichorn (R; Grand Rapids) and Rep. Dave Lislegard (D; Aurora). The legislation passed both the House and the Senate but unfortunately did not survive the Tax Conference Committee process. In conference, Sen. Ann Rest (D; New Hope) offered several times to include our language in the final report but her offer was not accepted by the House despite strong advocacy by Rep. Greg Davids (R; Preston). The House Conference Committee Chair never explained why our provision was excluded from the final bill. We can only speculate.

All in all, it was a very good legislative session for MnUSA.



Lighthouse Motorsports Rosemount



Moorhouse Motorsports New Germany



MotoProz, Inc. Mazeppa



September 2023 9
MnUSA News The Model Year 2024 reinvents riding, one sled at a time. Country Cat
Always wear a helmet and don’t drink and ride. ©2021 Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. All rights reserved.

MnUSA Summer Meeting Report

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association Region 8 directors were the hosts for the MnUSA Summer Event at Baker Park, Maple Plain on Sunday July 9. Leadership, directors and members enjoyed a picnic lunch and attended the meetings on Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all who attended.

The Minnesota Snowmobile Education and Advancement Fund (MSEAF) is planning the Veterans Appreciation Ride for January 27, 2024 in Grand Rapids. Tax deductible donations to this event are accepted at any time, payable to MSEAF and sent to 7040 Lakeland Ave N. #212, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428. Sponsor a Vet for $225.00. Registration for veterans to participate in the ride will be open in November.

In addition to partnering with MnUSA on the veterans ride, MSEAF also provides educational and safety billboards, helmet stickers and medical information cards for helmets, and trail signage for clubs, and printing of other materials. The next sign order deadline is August 1.

Nominations were opened for MnUSA officers. Nominated were Mark Kavanaugh for President; Mike Clevenger for Vice President; Gordon Heitke for Secretary; and Janet Widness for Treasurer. In addition, motions were made and carried to suspend nominations for MnUSA officers until the Fall Workshop.

Snowmobilers are caring and involved people. Thank you to all clubs that provided information for the charity survey. The total raised for charity last season reported from the US and Canada was $2.027 million. Survey responses are still being collected. The form can be found at www.mnsnowmobiler. org/clubs/information.

MnUSA’s membership committee will continue with the Snow Goer Magazine Promotion for clubs. For $59 your club can be listed along with an article promoting joining clubs in the December print version of Snow Goer, listed on their website and on the digital version of the magazine, and on a digital locator map. Participating clubs will also be provided the digital version of the article for use on Facebook, your club website, etc. For more information go to www. mnsnowmobiler.org/clubs/information.

Annual General Membership Meeting

The annual General Membership meeting of Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2023, at the Holiday Inn, Lakeville, MN. All MnUSA members are welcome to attend. The General Membership will elect state association officers at its annual meeting. Officer nominations accepted at the July membership meeting are: President – Mark Kavanaugh; Vice President – Mike Clevenger; Secretary – Gordon Heitke; Treasurer – Janet Widness. Nominations will be opened again at the annual meeting.

2023 MnUSA Fall Workshop Registration

October 27 - 29, 2023 at Holiday Inn, Lakeville, Minnesota


Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association

Event Registration Includes:

Friday Evening: “Let’s Get Acquainted” with appetizers, pizza and drinks

Sat. & Sun. Morning: Pastries, coffee, juices

Saturday Evening: Happy hour, buffet dinner followed by a presentation of the “3 Old Guys” Journey to Alaska

Name: Address: Phone: Email: Club you’re with:

# Adults: @ $25.00 ea. = $

# Youths: @ $0.00* (under 18 yrs of age)

*for dinner count

# Attendees for Saturday Excursion @ $20.00 ea.

Total Enclosed: = $

Lodging Information

Members are responsible for securing their own accommodations

Holiday Inn, Lakeville, MN - Phone: (952) 469-1134

When making Reservations, use code “MnUSA Region 6” Room Rates starting at $129 for King Bed; $139 for 2 Queen Beds; or $179 for Queen Poolside

*Names of attendees for Saturday Excursion to Faribault Woolen Mill and Vintage Escapes Winery (cost includes Mill tour and 1 wine sample) Bus leaves at approx. 10:00 am and returns in time for Happy Hour.

Questions? Please email usEmail: timothy@heinenzoo.com Call: (952) 250-6642

Make checks payable to Region 6 Fall Workshop and mail to: Region 6 20602 Keystone Ave. Lakeville, MN 55044

10 Minnesota Snowmobiling
= $

Membership Dues Increase

At the Spring meeting of the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA) Membership Committee, a motion was made and passed to recommend a $10 across the board increase in dues for a single year to MnUSA individual/family members. The recommendation was taken to the MnUSA Board of Directors and was unanimously approved by all of MnUSA’s nine regions at the Board’s Spring meeting. Further codification was done at the Board’s Summer meeting to verify the amount on a single year and to address multiyear memberships. Again, the resolution passed unanimously by all nine MnUSA regions.

The following MnUSA dues schedule becomes effective September 1, 2023

Individual/family dues:

Paid through a club roster - $30/year

Non-club - $35 one year; $65 two years; $95 three years

XM Memberships - $50/year (no increase)

Business Member - $75/year (no increase)

Business Sponsor - $100/year with additional web listing & additional link (no increase)

Why Did MnUSA Raise Membership Dues?

There are several reasons for the increase, including:

• The dues have not been looked at since 2015. What has not gone up in costs since the year 2015? The answer. Dues.

• Increased general expenses and costs of doing business as a non-profit organization that includes rent, postage, envelopes, office supplies, telephone, and updates to the website to make it more user friendly.

• Increased costs as it relates to putting on events. We have events 4 times a year across the State of Minnesota. You’re all invited too.

• Increased reimbursement costs to our E-Board to attend events and meetings, specifically fuel and lodging expenses.

• We have hired a new full-time employee, with full benefits, to improve membership processing; and to pay for an enhanced membership management program for ease of members, speed of processing and returning rosters to clubs

in a timely matter; and to attract new younger members and more members.

• We also have an existing employee that continues to work on Minnesota related issues, with local DNR, other state agencies and national groups.

• We have been deficit spending for years, and reserves have been drawn down to historically low levels.

• Outdated and slow computers and phone systems needed to be upgraded to make communications between members and staff better and improved.

• Paying for a full-time lobbyist has enabled us to save clubs and trail associations thousands of dollars as it relates to sales tax on $ 300,000 groomers. With the dues increase, we can continue to pay for our full-time lobbyist to further our requests to eliminate sales tax on trail supplies and keep our momentum going as it relates to legislative victories and accomplishments.

Thanks for your continued support of MnUSA. We are well positioned for the future and future growth, promoting safe and fun snowmobiling for families and all that want to partake in the most fun sport in the world on snow!

September 2023 11
MnUSA News Adventure starts here. www.visitcranelake.com 218-547-1400 www.walkercountryinn.com CHIPPEWA NAT’L FOREST/LEECH LAKE • Downtown Walker Bars & Restaurants Nearby • Easy Access to Heartland Trail System & Leech Lake • Clean, comfortable rooms and whirlpool suites Great Rates for Snowmobilers!

Annual International Snomobile Congress

The 55th annual International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) was held in June at the Wyndham Moline on the John Deere Commons in downtown Moline, IL. Festivities started with a motorcycle/car ride to the Willis Antique Snowmobile Museum in Hopedale, IL where attendees got to see sleds packed literally to the ceiling of this vast antique collection. The ISC officially started on Wednesday with the Welcome Reception, groomer display and a fundraising event at a local taproom.

Thursday was a full day of meetings with the offsite evening meal being a wonderful boat ride down the Mississippi. I was seated close to the Illinois contingent, so it was nice to hear about the history and how the lock and dam system works.

More meetings on Friday and breakouts including volunteer recruitment, development and retention; avalanche awareness; snowmobile traction safety; and economic impact studies. I attended the publications open forum which was very informative. Ninety percent of respondents in a recent survey still want a paper magazine vs. an electronic version. There also was a roundtable discussion on trespass issues followed by the groomer reception and the Iron Dog Brigade for those Iron Dogs. Eight new pups were inducted at its 47th annual event.

Saturday was interesting with a local Chicago meteorologist letting us all know we are in an El’Nino and don’t expect much snow or cold for the upper Midwest. But what do people from the Chicago area know about anything, anyway (ha ha).

Saturday night was the big banquet featuring our very own Snowmobile Family of the Year, the Velishek Family from Faribault, MN. It was great to have them in person for the

presentation of their national award, so well deserved. They made all of us from Minnesota so proud!

And next year the 56th annual International Snowmobile Congress 2024 will be at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Green Bay, WI, June 13-15 with a pledge from the Wisconsin contingent for lots of cheese and lots of fun.

MnUSA News
Saturday night’s big banquet was packed. Left: There was so much food every day of the event that no one went hungry. Middle: Sponsors awarded clubs cash donations.
12 Minnesota
Right: Chicago area weatherman Mike Caplan. Snowmobiling Our very own Velishek Family from Faribault, MN was awarded ACSA Snowmobile Family of the Year. Iron Dogs newly elected pups at the Iron Dog Brigade Banquet.

5 Questions with Kelly Hesli

1. What do you like most about your job? Problem solving. I am constantly looking at everything in life finding ways to make improvements and do things more efficiently. To me, everything is always a work in progress. The association is a great challenge for me, and I am enjoying working through the many processes and analyzing what might be working and what might need some changes.

2. How do you unwind? We try to get away as much as possible. I do love relaxing up at the family cabin up north or floating down the St. Croix River on our boat. Traveling anywhere for any amount of time is something we like to do a lot. Right now, with 2 teenage boys in the house, there isn’t a ton of unwinding time!

3. What is your favorite snowmobile destination? Oh my goodness there are so many! I even have a bucket list I keep of places I still want to go! I will say where we ride most is the cabin in north Crow Wing County. It will always be a special place for us.

4. What was your most enjoyable sled trip? There are many! And anything with a great story makes the list! You’ll have to come find me and ask, there’s not enough room on this page! You can ask about the time my son lost his track and my sister and I sat the bar all day waiting for them to come back with the trailer, or the time we were in the UP and I fell down an icy staircase going to a waterfall and lost my glove and couldn’t get back up, or this one time we got pulled over…

5. Tell us about your family. I have been married for over 19 years to my amazing husband, Troy. We have 2 sons, Ben and Joe, who are now 18 and 16, respectively. We have no pets anymore as our last dog passed last fall and we realized we like to get away on the weekends and travel as much as we can!

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can, and should you need anything from MnUSA, please reach out, I am here to help!

Yellowstone Non-Commercial Guide Program

For over twenty years snowmobilers have been working to keep snowmobiling open to ride the same roads in Yellowstone National Park where other motorized vehicles are allowed in the non-snow season. If experiencing Yellowstone in the winter is on your bucket list, one of the successful efforts during the winter planning process was to have a chance to plan a trip into the park without a commercial guide.

The National Park Service recently announced the lottery for the 2023-2024 Non-Commercially Guided Snowmobile Access Program. Although most winter visitors to Yellowstone go by snow coach or commercially guided snowmobile rides, this program permits people to snowmobile in Yellowstone without the presence of a commercial guide. Up to four non-commercially guided groups of up to five snowmobiles are allowed to enter the park daily: one at each of the four park entrances beginning December 15, 2023 through March 3 (North Gate) or 15, 2024.

Permits are awarded through a lottery system and cost $40/ day. Lottery applications are accepted August 1 to August 31. Unclaimed or canceled permits are made available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning October 1 via www. recreation.gov. There is no waiting list. Cancellations may occur throughout the winter season, so check the website often for openings.

Permit holders are considered non-commercial guides, must be 18 years old and are responsible for ensuring that everyone in their group complies with park regulations. They must complete the free online Yellowstone Snowmobile Education Certification course and use only Best Available Technology (BAT) snowmobiles. For the complete detailed information on the program, please see the Yellowstone Park Service website at https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/ncgsaplogistics.htm

Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S.

Grant Program

Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. (Protect, Access, Sustain, and Support) Grant Program is returning for another year. Over two seasons the program has provided more than $800,000 in funding towards more than 170 projects for snowmobile organizations across North America. The objectives are protecting or increasing access to play areas, making snowmobiling more accessible to all, helping clubs re-invent themselves, trail development and safety initiatives. Applications are being accepted online through September 15, 2023, with notification of funding by October 6, 2023. https://www.ski-doo. com/us/en/snow-pass-grant-program.html

MnUSA News September 2023 13

2023 Milbank Show & Swap

Milbank 2023 was back at the river after a three-year hiatus, and it was well worth the wait. This year’s theme was “My Favorite Sled”—and the sleds, they came. You could get an engraved mug with your sled description on it, and many did, including me, along with 83 other local vintage sled lovers. Under the treelined path around the park, sleds and vendors set up shop, and with beautiful weather, except a few brief showers at about 5pm each day, there wasn’t any complaining. Great food, great hospitality—Cal Moser and his crew do a great job of putting on one of the premier vintage shows around.

• On-site restaurant

• Airport shuttle

• Swimming pool/hot tub

• Meeting room

• Adjacent Trail Access

MnUSA had a booth at this year’s event, and we know that close to 4,000 snowmobilers from outside the state of Minnesota buy trail passes to ride in Minnesota. I was amazed at how many DNR quadrant maps I gave away. The most common theme was “in Minnesota you know you’re going to have snow, and you’re going to be riding on some of the best groomed and marked trails in the Midwest.”

Of those 4,000 outsiders as it may be, quite a few come from South and North Dakota. MnUSA will be back next year!

14 Minnesota Snowmobiling
Vintage News
Many snowmobile manufacturers also make dirt bikes too! Nice display of race sleds at Milbank. Butch Fossell’s rare Massey I-500 race sled. Another great display of sleds in the shade
INTERNATIONAL FALLS/RAINY LAKE www.staycobblestone.com - 218-324-4660
About Special Rates!
September 2023 15 Wherever the trail leads, there’s an AmericInn nearby waiting to offer you friendly service, a comfortable and quiet night’s sleep, and always a place to park your sled Fuel up every morning with a free homestyle breakfast . Relax and enjoy our heated indoor pool. MINNESOTA Grand Rapids 218-212-1842 Tofte 218-663-7899 Virginia 218-208-0230 Int’l Falls 218-209-2487 Roseau 218-463-1045 AmericInn.com | 800.634.3444 Comfortable, quieter rooms | Free, hot, home-style breakfast Hotel-wide, high-speed internet | Indoor pool MICHIGAN Iron River 906-265-9100 Calumet 906-934-6115 $25 Millie Benjamin Minnetonka $25 Tim Loe Thief River Falls $25 Mike C Mullenbaum Stacyville IA $25 Vicky Wrobleski Lake Lillian $25 Roman A Seurer New Prague $50 Joshua Macziewski Montevideo $25 Austin Pauliot Grand Forks ND $25 Rick Whitcomb Rogers $25 Joe Mohrfeld Austin $25 Bob Bauer Buffalo $25 Tom Wilson Glyndon $25 Kurt Dahl Montevideo $50 Dave Rogers Silver Bay $25 Mark Kowal Greenfield $25 James Gjersvig Detroit Lakes $25 Casey Hoverson Manvel ND $25 Joni Wunderlich Miltona $25 Brian Zak Elko $25 Carol McCue Cook $50 Carol Lauermann Clearwater $25 Dylan Carpenter Backus $25 Kirk Spilde Ada $250 Luca Pellin Wyoming $25 Arthur Schmitz Boyd $25 Pat Offerdahl Mahnomen $25 Jayne Weiers Lonsdale $50 Pam Gilbertson Menahga $25 Patrick McKenzie East Gull Lake $25 Jacob Ellingworth Cloquet $25 Brad Budensiek Lakeville $25 Kelly Gustafson Welch
THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE WEST World Class Riding on: Buffalo Pass, Rabbits Ears, Gould, Rand, & Snowy Range. VISITNORTHPARKCO.COM



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Billed as the world’s biggest snowmobile event, and if you’ve ever attended, hands down, right on with that billing. The greatest thing about Hay Days is that it is always evolving and a different experience every time you attend, no two days or even years are the same. And that’s so true this year with the addition of the Southern Bounty Series off-road extreme mud racing challenge with its 8 different classes, based on what? Your tire size. These events are action packed against the clock, looking to score the fastest time through the big bad mud pit.

Along with the world’s largest swap meet, and the ever-popular free style expo, shooting skyward and grabbing massive air on a sled, ATV or quads, and motorcycles all in a quest for what? The biggest cheers from the audience.

And then there’s the tradition of Hay Days. Since 1966 Velocity Race Management puts on a great show with racers coming from all around the country to vie for the richest purse in snowmobile drag racing. These monsters of the grass way will travel 500 feet in less than 3 seconds at over 150 miles per hour and cost over $100,000 to build. Don’t want to miss that.

And take a stroll over to Memory Lane to see how this snowmobile thing all got started, with some of the great older sleds, but also some sweet 1980’s versions, this year’s theme for the Midwest Ride-In the last weekend in January at ERX Park in Elk River.

18 Minnesota Snowmobiling

And as always make sure to stop by the MnUSA booth and see a smiling familiar face all weekend long. Meet the President of MnUSA and members of his E-Board, office staff, including our new hire Kelly Hesli, and members of MidWest Outdoors, our magazine publisher.

I’m not sure two days of Hay Days is enough to get it all in, …but make it the best experience you can, because next year it will be a whole different one as we await what the great Hay Days staff and members of the Sno Barons will have in store for you.

September 2023 19
Warning: Off road vehicles can be hazardous to operate. Always wear a helmet and take a safety training course. ®TM and BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier recreational Products, Inc. or its affiliates. 320-253-7878 3653 32nd Street SE, St. Cloud, MN 56304 320-764-1000 720 Hwy 55 West, Watkins, MN 55389 www.miesoutland.com 320-253-7878 3653 32nd Street SE, St. Cloud, MN 56304 320-764-1000 720 Hwy 55 West, Watkins, MN 55389 www.miesoutland.com

General Dates and Times

Show Hours

Saturday and Sunday 7:00am to 5:00pm

Flyover with opening ceremonies to follow Saturday 12:00pm

Grass Drags Saturday Schedule

8:30am Drivers Meeting

10:00am Rd 1 Qualifier for Shootout Classes. Outlaw, Pro Xtreme 55.

11:00am Elimination heat races for all other classes immediately following Shoot Out round 1

11:45am Race sleds and drivers for autograph/interview session

12:00pm Opening Ceremonies

12:30pm Kitty cat/120s/200s Race

1pm Rd 2 Qualifier for Shootout Classes. Outlaw, Pro Xtreme 55. All other class racing starts immediately after Shoot Out qualifying for regular classes and are fit in between time slots for eliminations

5:30pm Track closes

Grass Drags Sunday Schedule

8:30am Drivers Meeting

9:00am Rd 1 Eliminations for Shootout Classes. Outlaw, Pro Xtreme 55. All other class racing starts immediately after Shoot Out eliminations for regular classes and are fit in between time slots for Semi Finals, Finals


20 Minnesota Snowmobiling
3pm Finals for Shoot-Out Classes. Outlaw, Pro Xtreme 55
Rd 2 Eliminations for Shootout Classes. Outlaw, Pro Xtreme 55 1:00pm Rd 3 Eliminations for Shootout Classes. Outlaw,
Xtreme 55
SEPTEMBER 9 & 10 THE OFFICIAL START OF WINTER CELEBRATING 56 YEARS WWW.HAYDAYS.COM SHOP WWW.PITPAL.COM #420 RETAIL: $194.99 $10 SAVINGS ENCLOSED HELMET CABINET 3 COLORS AVAILABLE DIAMOND, WHITE & RED 4 & 6 GALLON CABINETS 2 & 3 GALLON SHELVES FOLD DOWN WORK TABLE 44"W X 18"D HAY DAYS SPECIAL VISIT US AT HAY DAYS | BOOTH BB3 ONLY $185 STARTS AT $325 HUNDREDS OF ALUMINUM STORAGE SOLUTIONS SNOWMOBILE MUSTTRAILERHAVES! 41 YEARS IN BUSINESS Freestyle Show & UTV Races Saturday 11:00am and 2:00pm Sunday 11:00am and 2:00pm Southern Bounty Series Saturday 10:00am and 3:00pm Sunday 10:00am and 3:00pm Open Demo Rides Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm Sunday 9:00am to 2:30pm

Calendar of Events

Aug. 25 & 26 – Outlaw Grass Drags, Princeton, MN http://www.outlawgrassdrags.com/

Sep. 9 & 10 – Sno Barons Hay Days, North Branch, MN https://haydays.com/

Sep. 15 & 16 – International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Eagle River, WI https://www.ishof.com/

Oct. 1 - Great Southern MN Swap Meet and Vintage Sled Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Kasson, MN https://www.byronsnowbears.com

Oct. 7 – River City Snow Riders Swap Meet, Sherburne County Fairgrounds, Elk River, MN www.rivercitysnowriders.org

Oct. 27-29 – MnUSA Fall Workshop & Annual Membership Meeting, Lakeville, MN https://www.mnsnowmobiler.org & office@mnusa.org

Racing News

Oct. 28 – Snowmobile Day Celebration

https://www.gosnowmobiling.org/ & www.mnsnowmobiler.org

Jan. 26-27 – Midwest Ride-In Vintage Show, ERX Motor Park, Elk River, MN https://www.mwvss.com/

Jan 27 - Veterans Appreciation Snowmobile Ride

Jan. 31-Feb 4 – Northland 300 Ride for Special Olympics

Feb. 7-10 – Blackwoods Blizzard Tour for ALS https://www.neversurrenderinc.org/

Feb. 8-11 – MnUSA Winter Rendezvous, Thumper Pond Resort, Ottertail https://www.mnsnowmobiler.org

Hentges Racing Bids Farewell to Racing

Hentges Racing announced their decision to move on from national snocross after 23 years of chasing checkered flags as front-runners in the sport. Hentges Racing team owner, Nate Hentges said, “This announcement is a tough one for us, but all aspects of the decision have been carefully considered. After twenty-plus years of facilitating a premier-level snocross race operation, it’s time for us to step away.” Hentges departure from National Snocross racing is effective now, and Nate added, “While we are moving on from Snocross, we are going to keep our competition options in other arenas open for the future.”

22 Minnesota
TJ Gull and Levi LaVallee 2009. Photo: Wayne Davis Photography
What’s Happening at MnUSA? Go to our website and look under events Also, past issues of the magazine are available to view on the website...check them out! mnsnowmobiler.org
Come see why we were voted #I Trails • 400+ miles of groomed trails, plus thousands of square miles �f deep-steep mountain riding • Over 150 inches of snow annually • Ride The New Whiskey Loop Trail • Park tours available with epic scenery • Premium Beds • Am p l e Truck/Trajler Parking • Free Hot Breakfast and WI-Fl Rob Abear Andy Akins Jeff Alberts Adam & Wanda Alsleben Darren Amdahl Chris & Doreen Anderson Mark Anderson Keith & Michelle Anderson Eric & Angela Bachinski Mitchell Bahr Deb Pomroy & Ray Barnes Edward Barnick Wally Barry Chad & Amy Barthel William R Barthold Troy Beckers Bruce Bekkerus Michael Belanger Randy Benson Richard & Lilly Berg Jake Berger Trent Bernatz Keith & Heather Berndt Steve & Carolyn Blake Chad & Shelly Boegeman Tim & Karen Bothun Mike & Joelle Boucher Mike Brandt John & Linda Braunwarth Paul Breckner Gordon Brekken Kelly Brown Brian Brown Charlie & Carol Brown Ken Brown Colin & Jennifer Brown Richard Buresh Jim & Laura Bush Gary Butz Jim Carlson Tom Chamberland Tim & Linda Clark Dale & Sonya Clementson Rick & Deb Colberg Mark & Lori Coleman Elmer & Margaret Cone J. A. Connelly Chuck & Jacqueline Coryell Tim & Nancy Coughlin Steve Cowing Randy Demmer Michael & Mary Denker Charles & Sandy Doherty Trent Dore Bill Douglas Raymond Driver Mike & Kym Duea Wade & Melissa Dykema Mike & Chris Eck Rusty Eichorn Brad Eldred Mark & Patti Eldred JP Elsenpeter Jill Erickson-Buresh Rick & Shelley Evenson Daniel A. & Janet Feeney Ron Feist Jim & Belinda Folz Terry & Mary Foster Christian Franzen Tom & Jill Furrer Sheri & Russell Gades Mark Garcea Greg & Nancy Gellert Joe Gerrits John & Wendy Getz Bill Gibson Alex Gould Larry Grabanski John & Patty Grausam Ed & Judy Grelson Amy Groszbach Grudell Family Allen & Michele Gruidl Donald & Thelma Hansen Scotty Harder Dan Hartel Dane, Barb & Rebekah Hasbrouck Logan Haueter Brian & Rosanne Hauge Arne & Sharon Heggedal Joseph & Katie Heidelberger Dennis Heimerman Kason Heinecke Glen & Jane Heino Gordon & Diane Heitke Bob Hellerud Jeff Hendricks Jason & Angie Hendrickx Jack & Julie Hensley Duane Hiemenz Scott Hillig Jack & Julie Hinsley Robert & Gayle Holt Rex & Arlene Holzemer Bruce & Lee Ann Hughes Terry & Debbie Hutchinson SledDad Isaak William & Sherri Jarvis Kevin & Julie Jergenson Charlie & Sue Johnson Terry Johnson Todd Johnson Richard & Judith Johnson Jeff Johnson Paula Jones Mark & Michelle Jorgenson Jeff & Louise Kack Kathy Karkula Steve & Terri Kast Jerry Kastner Mark & Susan Kavanaugh Jim & Ellen Keesling Bob & Judy King Paul Kirscht Bob & Stacy Klemetson Earl Klersy Brent Klomps Steven & Linda Knopp Marlys Knutson Jerry Kujala Kenny Kukacka Greg Kunz Mark & Kathy LaBaw Randy LaBerge Mark Langevin Orv & Dee Langohr Brian & Paula Larson Ken Larson Larry & Donna Larson Levi & Kristen LaVallee LaVallee Inc Kevin & Lisa Leary Tim & Tammy LePage Roger & Donna Letcher Ken Lewis Jay Loeffler Michael Lommel Dave & Laurie Lorence Gary & Judy Lothenbach Brian & Janeen Lucker Brian & Penny Lund Dan & Rachel Lund Paul & Barb Maki Mike Manderfeld David & Dianna Martin Joel Matter Shawn Mayer Jon & Tawni Maynard Trace & Lisa McCoy Peter McTie Steve, Brittni, Skylar, Sven & Serenity Meier Kathy Kocina & Joel Mellenthin Jeff & Terri Jo Melo Jim & Barb Mickow Rick Miller Paul Molohon William Moreland Dave & Patti Myers Eli Nelson Alex Nelson Pete & Bonnie Nelson Bill & Sharyn Nepsha Mike & Judy Nodsle Brent & Jenny Oberdieck Paul Onken Jeff Orth Tyler & Kristin Osiecki Daniel Osterkamp Brian & Cathy Pazzelli Walter & Connie Petersen Craig & Yvonne Peterson Roz Peterson Timothy Peterson Lowell Peterson Ron Peterson Douglas Peterson Petschl Family Bill Plombon Heather Potter Jeffrey Price Ramie Ramsden Eric Reierson Nate Reilley Mike & Peggy Reis Steve & Kim Renslow Scott Riggs Mark & Sue Ringham Mike Roettger Matthew Rottmann Rodney Saline Mark Sampica Grant Scheibe Kurt Schmidt Lance Schoenberger Chuck Schreiber Dean Seeck Patrick Shea Larry & Judy Shepherd Stuart & Jennifer Simek Rob Sipe Bob Skoglund Rod & Jennifer Skorich Nick & Gretchen Slavicek Dan & Barb Snee Steven & Jane Spaeth John & Melanie Tevik Mike & Vicki Thelen Jeff Thomas Mark & Karen Thompson Mark Tiede Chad Timonen Jeffrey & Jolene Trippe Ole & Ruth Tweet Keith & Jennifer Twombly David Van Wie Kyle Voelz Paul Vranish Scott & Lisa Wakefield Ron Warhol Merle Weidemann Larry Wenzel Dan & Jen Wenzel Kim Werkmeister Kip West & Leon Wessels Rick & Ruth Whitcomb Rob White Steve “Woody” & Janet Widness Randy Windsperger Dave & Tammy Wolf Don Kline & Paula Worts Bill & Fran Ylatupa Rich & Ruth Zeman Paul & Kaylynn Zwak Craig Zweber
September 2023 23
XM Members

Honoring Larry Shepherd

Larry Shepherd was honored at the MnUSA Region 5 Spring meeting for his efforts for snowmobiling and veterans. Larry has been involved with the Minnesota Snowmobile Education and Advancement Fund Veterans Snowmobile Ride since the inception in 2008. He has served as both President and Vice President of MSEAF. Region 5 is so proud and honored to have Larry as a member, past Region Director and Region President. Larry has been a past MnUSA President as well. His efforts to raise funds, coordinate and supply both equipment and clothing for the veterans ride should not go unnoticed. The flag presented by Region President Mike Clevenger and Secretary/ Treasurer Cheryl Clevenger is a small token to show our members appreciation.

Minnesota Snowmobiling
Club News
Left to right Mike Clevenger Region 5 Lead Director, Larry Shepherd, and Cheryl Clevenger Region 5 Secretary.

Sno-Trails Landowner Picnic Club News

All of us here in the River Valley Trail Blazers want to thank everyone who came out to our 49th annual Landowners Picnic and volunteered their time on July 9th. This year we had 385 landowners, 352 of which were adults and 33 kids. Without them, our trail system wouldn’t be possible.

Please see below for a word from our Sno-Trails President.

Thank You Landowners Picnic Volunteers!

On behalf of Sno-Trails and all who snowmobile in Scott County, I would like to thank all of the volunteers from our clubs (Belle Plaine Boroughriders, Prior Lake Snowmobile Association, River Valley Trail Blazers, and Savage SnoPacers) and beyond that helped to make this year’s Landowner Picnic a success.

We were blessed with great weather and other than a couple minor hiccups the event went smoothly. We would not be able to give back to our valued landowners without your support. We really appreciate this year’s large volunteer turnout. I believe my initial attendee count was a little under 400. We will share final numbers when we have had a chance to process our paperwork.

I welcome any suggestions regarding what we could do better going forward or suggestions for next year’s picnic.

September 2023 25 144 SE 17th Street Grand Rapids, MN 55744 info@timberlakelodgehotel.com (218) 326-2600 • Spacious parking area for trailers • Ride in/out access to Grand Rapids area trails • Breakfast included • Full service restaurant and bar • Pool and hot tub • Some of the best trails in the state timberlakelodgehotel.com Three hotels colocated with varying price points
If you’ve tried the rest... IT’S TIME TO TRY THE BEST! Ultimate Ultimate Jr. w/tool box Galesville, WI • 608-539-4600 greg@ultimatesnowgroomerdrags.com ultimatesnowgroomerdrags.com Over 10 Different Features & Add-ons! » Ultimate Drag: 8’-12 1/2’ (W) x 20’ (L) » Ultimate Junior Drag: 6’ (W) x 12’ (L)

Crow River Sno Pros Annual Picnic

On July 7th, 2023, the Crow River Sno Pros hosted their annual Landowners Appreciation Picnic at the McLeod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, MN. Approximately 230 invites were sent to the owners of the land that their trails cross.The meal consisted of freshly grilled pork chops, potato salad, beans, buns, and a cold beverage. 1919 Root Beer floats were also provided for dessert, along with live music from 5 p.m. till 9 p.m. Approximately 200 people attended this year.

26 Minnesota Snowmobiling
Club News
IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! THUNDERBIRD LODGE On Beautiful Rainy Lake A SNOWMOBILE DESTINATION Excellent Winter Rate Cabins Perfect for Large Groups Legendary Bar & Restaurant Open Everyday, All Day Gas & Oil On Site with Helpful Attendants Connected to 100s of Trails Snowmobile Rental & Guided Tours Available CALL TO BOOK: 218-286-3151 THUNDERBIRDRAINYLAKE.COM SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR Sledding Sledding www rainylake org | cvb@rainylake org | 218 283 9400 Explore miles of beautiful groomed trails, a full-service community and snowmobileaccessible lodging www.rainylake.org | cvb@rainylake.org | 218.283.9401

Clearwater Trail Blazers Landowners Dinner

The Clearwater Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club held their landowners dinner on Friday, April 28 at their clubhouse. Approximately one hundred came and enjoyed the night. Social hour was at six and the dinner at seven. The great meal was served by “Black Hat” of Bagley consisting of beef brisket, and pork pig stickers, with all the extras. David Schotzko from the DNR gave a little talk about “Parks And Trails”. We gave away door prizes consisting of flowers, hams, turkeys and clothing. All landowners went home with a door prize.

September 2023 27 Club News Kec’s Kove on Lake Kabetogama 218-875-2841 www.kecskove.com Another Day in Paradise All Trails Lead to the Kove • On trail convenience with all the comforts of home • Relax after the ride in our comfortable cabins, lodge, restaurant, hot tub or sauna 2 5 th Annual www.RiverCitySnowRiders.org www.facebook.com/RiverCitySnowRiders Snowmobile Swap Meet Saturday, October 7th, 2023 Free Admission with MnUSA membership card (1 G.A. Only) Swap prices: Vehicle swap prices start at $30 (Includes 2 G.A.). All large vendors, enclosed trailers, motor homes, or tents start at $80. Sherburne County Fairgrounds Swapper and Vendor open from 6:30 to 3:30 Admission gate open from 8 AM to 3 PM $5 General Admission Elk River, Minnesota

Outlaw Grass Drags, August 25 & 26, 2023, Princeton

There is something for everyone at the Outlaw Grass Drags, hosted by the Rum River Trail Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, maintenance, and the safety of snowmobile trails in the Rum River trail system and throughout Minnesota.

Grass Drags

The Outlaw Grass Drags are one of the premiere grass drag events in the Midwest featuring everything from vintage sleds to outlaw sleds exceeding 150 mph. You don’t want to miss this!

Swap meet

Swappers large and small come to our event with nearly everything snowmobile related for purchase. If you need it, you can probably find it among the hundreds of swappers at our event.

Lawnmower racing

The fastest lawn mower racers from Minnesota and Wisconsin converge on our facility to put on one heck of a show. With numerous classes, the racers give us an action packed day of racing for all in attendance.

Food vendors and more…

The Rum River Trail Association consists of four clubs:

• Mystic Riders, Princeton

• St. Francis Sno Ghosts

• Grandy Northern Lites

• Cambridge Drift Dusters

Funds raised at the annual Outlaw Grass Drags assists the organization in maintaining over 500 miles of local trails. A healthy trail system not only benefits riders but businesses and the local economy as well. Success and continued growth is due solely to your continued support.

Doors open at 7 a.m. both days. For more information visit www.outlawgrassdrags.com/ or their Facebook page.

Sakatah Trail Sno-Cruisers Campout

Summertime is not an excuse for snowmobile clubs to not get together. The Sakatah Trail Sno-Cruisers from Region 5 had a club campout at Shades of Sherwood Campground in Zumbrota mid-June. Although this club is relatively small in nature there were 11 campsites with 34 members in attendance. Activities for the weekend included a corn hole tournament, card games, board games, swimming, biking, many great conversations, campfires, and of course s’mores. This was also a time to catch up on talk regarding past and future snowmobile trips as well as a chance to bring ideas forward for the next snow season. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time spent together.

28 Minnesota Snowmobiling Club News

Stillwater Snowmobile Club

Stillwater, MN

Washington County Star Trail

Stillwater, MN


Shamrock Landing

Duluth, MN


Sheet Metal Solutions

Duluth, MN


Sportsmen’s Inn

Duluth, MN


Crooked Lake Resort

Finland, MN


Finland Snowmobile Club

Finland, MN


Clip Joint Tavern

Alborn, MN


Hugo’s Bar

Brimson, MN


Country Corner Bar Brookston, MN


Billy’s Duluth, MN


Blue Max Duluth, MN


Boom Town Brewery & Woodfire Grill

Duluth, MN


Bruce & Melissa Illsley

Duluth, MN


Duluth Drift-Toppers

Snowmobile Club

Duluth, MN

Duluth Lawn & Sport

Duluth, MN


Fish Lake Storage

Duluth, MN


Hi Banks Resort

Duluth, MN


Johnson Supply Co. Duluth, MN


Lake Effect Restaurant & Bar

Duluth, MN


√ Marshall Hardware

Duluth, MN


Pequaywan Area


Duluth, MN


Pequaywan Inn

Duluth, MN


Reservoir Riders

Snowmobile Club

Duluth, MN

Scott & Lisa Pichette

Duluth, MN


Friends of Finland

Finland, MN


Trestle Inn

Finland, MN


√ Hungry Jack LodgeGunflint Trail

Grand Marais, MN


√ RJ Sport & Cycle

Hermantown, MN


Weis Eye Center PA

Hermantown, MN


Lutsen Trailbreakers

Lutsen, MN


Duke’s Towing Proctor, MN


Hartel’s Disposal Proctor, MN


Hoss Construction Saginaw, MN


Jeff & Anna Wies Saginaw, MN

Bri-Esa’s Convenience Store

Silver Bay, MN


LaBerge Logging & Contracting

Silver Bay, MN


Silver Sledders Trail Authority

Silver Bay, MN


Silver Trail Riders

Silver Bay, MN


√ AmericInn by Wyndham Tofte

Tofte, MN


American Legion Post 109

Two Harbors, MN


√ AmericInn by Wyndam

Two Harbors, MN


Auto Value

Two Harbors, MN


Blackwoods, Inc

Two Harbors, MN


Cooperative Light & Power

Two Harbors, MN


√ Country Inn of

Two Harbors

Two Harbors, MN


Danny’s Auto

Two Harbors, MN


Harbor Insurance

Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2114

Haugan Construction

Two Harbors, MN 218-834-2876

Judy’s Cafe

Two Harbors, MN 218-834-4802

Lake County Chamber of Commerce

Two Harbors, MN 800-777-7384

Sonju Two Harbors Sports Center

Two Harbors, MN


Superior Hiking Trail Assn

Two Harbors, MN


TH Auto Inc.

Two Harbors, MN


Two Harbors Federal Credit Union

Two Harbors, MN


Voyageur Snowmobile Club

Two Harbors, MN


Erickson-Larsen Inc. Maple Grove, MN


Ox Yoke Inn

Maple Plain, MN


Carver County Snowrunners Mayer, MN


√ CorTrust Bank

Mayer, MN


√ Minneapolis Motor Sports

Minneapolis, MN


Westonka Snoblazers

Mound, MN


Fat Boyz Bar & Grill

New Germany, MN


Moorhouse Motorsports

New Germany, MN


The Doublewide New Market, MN 952-461-3682

Alta Technologies Inc.

Plymouth, MN


Dent Works PDR

Plymouth, MN


Snow Goer/EPG Brand


Plymouth, MN


Charlie’s on Prior Prior Lake, MN


Doherty’s Tavern

Prior Lake, MN


Johnny & Nichole Olson

Prior Lake, MN


Prior Lake

Snowmobile Assoc.

Prior Lake, MN


Savage Sno-Pacers

Savage, MN


Belle Plaine Equipment Sales

Belle Plaine, MN


Minnesota Snowmobile Education & Advancement Fund

Brooklyn Park, MN



Eden Prairie, MN


Franzen Law & Policy Group

Edina, MN

Joe Silitz

Golden Valley, MN


Ollie’s Service

Alexandria, MN


Winning Edge Graphics

Alexandria, MN 320-763-7953

Audubon Liquor Store/ A.L.S.

Audubon, MN 701-367-1291

Absolute Insurance

Audubon, MN

Pit 611

Audubon, MN


DHS Grain Ltd

Barrett, MN 320-815-1043

Spud’s Small Engine Service & Repair

Barrett, MN 320-528-2299

Richwood Offsale

Callaway, MN


Bleachers Sports Bar & Grill

Detroit Lakes, MN


Detroit Lakes Express Inc

Detroit Lakes, MN


Detroit Lakes Tourism Bureau

Detroit Lakes, MN


Okeson Offtrail Sales

Detroit Lakes, MN


ULTRA Snowmobile Club

Detroit Lakes, MN

Venom Products LLC

Detroit Lakes, MN


Donnelly Co-Op.

Donnelly, MN

Hennen’s Auto Service

Shakopee, MN


Obrien Development & Holding Company

Shakopee, MN


√ St Boni Motor Sports St Boni, MN 952-446-1554

Hollywood Sports Complex

Watertown, MN



Sand Castle Lake Homes

Dorset, MN


AgCountry Farm Credit

Elbow Lake, MN


Farmers Agency

Elbow Lake, MN


Farmers Cooperative Oil Association

Elbow Lake, MN


Grant County Herald

Elbow Lake, MN


Haley Oil Company

Elbow Lake, MN


LG Seeds – Dana Bloom

Elbow Lake, MN

Midwest Machinery

Elbow Lake, MN


Frontier Marine & Powersports

Fergus Falls, MN


Otter Country Trail Assn.

Fergus Falls, MN


AJ’s Gas & Grocery

Herman, MN


Runestone Telecom Association

Hoffman, MN


Brian Woodle Trucking

Kensington, MN


√ A-1 Automotive Service

Moorhead, MN


West Central Trailblazers

Morris, MN


Tender Hearts Home Care

New York Mills, MN


Warner Garage Door

New York Mills, MN



Norcross, MN


Low Plains Drifters

Snowmobile Club

Norcross, MN


√ Osage Schoolhouse

Vacation Rental

Osage, MN


Ottertail Aggregatge

Ottertail, MN


Thumper Pond Resort

Ottertail, MN


Volt Edge Electric

Ottertail, MN


√ Grandstay Hotel & Suites

Parkers Prairie, MN


Lakes Inn at Dunvilla

Pelican Rapids, MN


√ Grandstay Hotel & Suites

Perham MN


Otter Tail Riders

Perham, MN


Perham Area Chamber of Commerce

Perham, MN


United Community Bank

Perham, MN


Ruther Excavating Inc. Richville, MN


Mark & Nadine Heit Rochert, MN


Snow Thrashers of Dalton Wendell, MN



V&V Ins. Agency, Inc.

Cresco, IA 563-547-2161

MWO Media

Burr Ridge, IL 630-887-1941

Border Guide Service Antelope, MT 218-324-2430

Brandin’ Iron Inn West Yellowstone, MT 800-217-4613

Ken & Katie Russell Fargo, ND Simonson Station Stores, Inc. Grand Forks, ND 701-772-3971

Texas Crossing Bar & Grill Wahpeton, ND 701-642-1991

Custom Manufacturing Clinton, WI 608-676-2282

Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Assoc. Hayward, WI 715-945-2511

Lulich Implement Mason, WI 715-746-2477

Track Inc. Monico, WI 952-888-7372

Stud Boy Trackson Ravenna, WI 231-853-2323

Cor PowerSports LLC Somerset, WI 651-387-5880

Arrowhead Groomers/ Hamblen Equipment St. Germain, WI 715-479-4200

The Next Trail Summit Lake, WI 715-432-6074

WestView Rental Lodge & Bunkhouse Dubois, WY 715-529-0898

Dalton Industries Brookside, Nova Scotia 902-897-3333

MnUSA Business Supporters “√” Denotes Show Your Card Member Discount September 2023 31 REGION 8 REGION 9 REGION 7 – Open-concept 2-acre lake home – Sleeps 15, 7 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths – 120’ of shoreline on Lake Content – Connected to Big Saint Germain Lake – Just 100 yds from the Bo-Boen Trail Immediate access to 4 trailheads linking 500+ miles of groomed trails in Vilas County stretching into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Large Groups Welcome! Experience the Trails of St. Germain, Wisconsin Blue J Getaway Book by Phone 1-800-445-5370 Or Scan Code Just a 2-mile ride to Hiller’s Radar Run the Largest Winter Lake Race & Bikini Run in the Midwest! February 3rd & 4th, 2023 Welcome Snowmobilers! Visit Our Property at: hillervacationhomes.com/blue-jay-getaway
32 Minnesota Snowmobiling New in-stock sleds arriving daily! Call your local dealer to schedule a maintenance appointment. Davis Motorsports Delano 763-972-5045 davismotorsportsdelano.com Northway Sports East Bethel 763-413-8988 northwaysports.com Podein’s Power Equipment Stewartville 507-533-8841 podeinspowerequipment.com Cannon Power Sports Inc. Cannon Falls 507-263-4532 cannonpower.com Duluth Lawn & Sport Duluth 218-628-3718 duluthlawnandsport.com Chopper Powersports Maple Plain 763-479-3719 triksports.com Chopper City Sports Fridley 763-572-2100 choppercity.com Hansen Sports on Bay Lake Deerwood 218-678-2051 hansensonbaylake.com WARNING: Professional rider on a closed course. Polaris® recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. Now is the time to service your sled for the upcoming season.

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