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RECONSTRUCTED SEAM : SITE ANALYSIS AND STUDIES Site: LITTLE WEST 12TH STREET & WASHINTON AVENUE 1 This site study focused on how the Highline is a seam between history and the contemporary. We discovered a CONTRADICTION on site with old, limited access, commercially oriented, passive spaces, (mostly meat packing plants) and open publicly oriented, specifically interactive, market-targeted luxurious and upperclass spaces, part of the redevelopment.




Collaborative Site Model & Studies: Axonometric: X. Liu Section: X. Ticzon

Bottom Plan: H. Kim Top Plan: W. Tu


1. Section showing atmospheric differences on site (24" x 36" ) 2. 1/16" collaborative site model 3. Top axonometric (24" x 36") 4. Upper abstracted site plan (24" x 36") 5. Lower abstracted site plan (24" x 36") Abstracted Plans show the on-site contradiction between passive vs. interactive, closed vs. open, spaces and bodies. As well as human and vehicle circulation.

Portfolio short  
Portfolio short