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"My favorite thing about volunteering is sharing knowledge, and seeing the excitement in others to learn…” - Carolyn, TCA since 1997 “I love helping people make good choices when it comes to what trees to plant.” - Lori, TCA since 2006

Tree Care Advisors Minnesota Tree Care Advisor

“I love trees!” - Diana, TCA since 2009 “I also very much enjoy working on the community tree planting events where we bring together neighbors and a lot of families to help leave a lasting legacy and beautify their neighborhoods by planting trees. Volunteering also affords me the opportunity to be further involved in the community by being able to speak to groups about trees and City Council about tree issues.” - Lisa, TCA since 2009

Tree Care Advisors (TCAs) are a united group of informed volunteers, working to better their communities through their applied knowledge of urban forests.

“...I enjoy teaching, leading volunteers and responding to tree care question…” - Rick, TCA since 2010 “I hope to preserve as many trees as possible by educating their importance in environment…” - Nuala, TCA since 2000

Volunteers supporting urban and community forestry Minnesota Tree Care Advisor Program 115 Green Hall 1530 Cleveland Avenue North St. Paul, MN, 55108

Tree Care Advisor Become a TCA The Minnesota Tree Care Advisor program, founded in 1993, aids in the development of environmental stewards through education and promoting volunteerism. TCAs receive their initial training through what is called “Core Course”, a total of 30 hours of education and hands on training. Each Core Course session is limited to 20 people, to ensure individualized attention. Every three years a total of 12 hours of education must be acquired to retain Tree Care Advisor status, to affirm that TCAs are receiving the most up to date information on tree care.

What you receive… 

The most up to date research based information.

Cutting edge publications from the University of Minnesota, Minnesota’ Department of Natural Resources and Agriculture .

A manual of tree care information created solely for Tree Care Advisors.

A quarterly newsletter discussing seasonal topics, fellow TCAs and new research updates.

Discounts to other programs and courses such as the Tree Inspector Program and Shade Tree Short Course.

Community Involvement

Cost of the TCA Core Course The TCA program offers two tracks. The volunteer track has a reduced registration rate, with the understanding that you set a goal of volunteering 100 hours within three years. The professional development track has a higher cost and no volunteer service hours are required. This track is designed for adults working in a profession where urban forestry knowledge is needed, but they do not have the time to go back to school, and do not wish to contribute volunteer time.

You will be one of the first to receive an invitation to the most interesting volunteer opportunities that:  Allow you to connect with others who share your interest. 

Give you the venue to share your knowledge and love of trees.

Create healthier ecosystems within your community.

Gary Johnson and Patrick Weicherding coaching TCAs prior to harvesting trees and collecting research data. TRE nursery.

TCA Brochure  

TCA Brochure