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Mathematics Newsletter Feb/March 2011 201 MNPS MATHEMATICS Volume 2 Issue 4

Inside this edition TCAP and EOC Practice Items Professional Development Opportunities Calculator Use

TCAP and EOC Practice Item Samplers The Item Samplers contain questions that are representative of the types of questions that will be on Spring TCAP Achievement Test. Each test item in the Item Sampler is presented with the Reporting Category and Performance Indicator. Item Samplers for grades 3 3-8: Item Samplers for Algebra I and Algebra II: Practice Tests Practice Tests are full full-length length containing the same number of test items per content area that would be found on the actual Achievement Test. The design and layout of the Practice Tests are very similar to the actual test to better familiarize students wi with th the test format. Copies of the practice test should be delivered to schools about two weeks prior to testing. Practice Tests for grades 3 3-8: ent/ach_samplers.shtml Practice Tests for Algebra I and Algebra II: Algebra I Reference Page: Algebra II Updated Reference Page:

Page 2 Calculator Use on 2011 TCAP, grades 33-8 Students in grades 3 3–8 8 may use a calculator on the Mathematics content area of the Achievement Test per system policy. A calculator may not be used on any other content areas of the TCAP Achievement Test (i.e., Reading/Language Arts, Science, or Social Stu Studies). dies). Sharing calculators during testing is not permitted. The Test Administrator is responsible for ensuring students do not use calculator memory to store test information. Calculators must be cleared before and after the test administration. NonNon factor factory y applications and programs must be disabled or removed from the calculator before the test administration. During state-mandated state testing, calculators must be used with the original factory default settings. The following types of devices may NOT be used during d the test: • pocket organizers • electronic writing pads or input devices • electronic bilingual dictionaries • cell phones, PSPs, and/or iPods Some examples of prohibited calculators are: • Casio models: CFX-9970G, Algebra FX 2.0 • Hewlett-Packard models: HP-40G, HP-49G 49G • Texas Instruments models: TI-89, TI-92, 92, Voyage 200, TI-NSPIRE TI — the CAS version (The non-CAS CAS version of TI-NSPIRE TI is allowable.) • calculators that can communicate (transfer data or information) wirelessly with other student calculators/devices ators/devices • calculators that have a Computer Algebra System (CAS) Students may use any four four-function, function, scientific, or graphing calculator that does not have any prohibited features. The Test Administrator is responsible for verifying that calculators us used ed by the students do not have prohibited features.

HandsHands-On Equations Workshops Day 1, May 2: Making Algebra Child’s Play (grades 3-9) 3 Day 2, May 3: Hands Hands-On On Equations Verbal Problems (grades 4-9) 4 Cost: $125 for Day 1; $145 for Day 2 or $225 for both days. To register online:

Complimentary 45 45-Minute inute Introductory Webinar February 23rd: for more information visit:

MNPS Mathematics Department Ernestine Saville-Brock Coordinator K-12 2601 Bransford Ave Nashville TN 37204

Math Intervention: Strategies & Activities the Singapore Way! One- Day Seminar for teachers grades 1-6 May 12, 2011 Cost $199.00 For more information, visit

615.259.8770 Email:

The importance of mathematical literacy and the need to understand and be able to use mathematics in everyday life and in the workplace have never been greater and will continue to increase. (National Commission on Mathematics and Science for the 21st Century)

T3 TITI-Nspire Summer Workshop Cookeville, TN Monday, June 27 – Wednesday, June 29, 2011 The registration fee of a 3-day workshop is $350. This includes the latest TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS handheld and teacher edition software, all print materials. Registration begins on February 25. For more information, visit

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Math Newsletter  

Feb/March edition

Math Newsletter  

Feb/March edition