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Energizer News The power of customers: Refrigerator Roundup saves almost 7 million kilowatt hours The Power of One® truck is on the move in your neighborhood, getting old refrigerators and freezers out of homes and garages in an energy-saving effort that benefits the environment and rewards customers. In the past four years, some 4,450 Minnesota Power customers have recycled more than 8,800 of their energy-wasting refrigerators and freezers in the Great Refrigerator/Freezer Roundup—and received $50 for participating. Last year alone, the Roundup collected more than 1,400 refrigerators, 256 freezers and more than 100 window air conditioners.

What’s the Refrigerator/Freezer Roundup? It’s a program from Minnesota Power designed to reward you for saving energy and encourage proper recycling of old refrigerators and freezers that use lots of electricity. Our contractor will pick up your old, working refrigerator/freezer at no charge. Four to six weeks later you can expect your $50 reward. continued on Page 3 Published by MP Corporate Communications, Kelley Eldien, Editor | 30 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802 |

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Your participation over four years translates to almost 7 million kilowatt hours saved, according to the Power of One® team. Think of that as about 7,500 tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions or taking nearly 1,500 cars off the road. The energy savings is enough to power an estimated 588 homes for a year.

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Energy Design

Conference & Expo General Conference: February 26–27, 2013 Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) For more information or to register for the 2013 Energy Design Conference & Expo, visit 2

Spare change helps to warm homes Here’s an opportunity to turn spare change into a warm home for your neighbors in need this winter. Minnesota Power gathers voluntary contributions from customers by “rounding up” their monthly bills to the next dollar. Money raised will be donated to the Salvation Army’s HeatShare program throughout northern and central Minnesota. Our customers generously donated $15,241 to the program last year. In addition to customer generosity, the Minnesota Power Foundation has donated $35,000 to the 2013 HeatShare program. To learn more about HeatShare and how you can help, call us at 1-800-228-4966.

Do you generate your own electricity? The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission requires Minnesota Power to buy all electric energy that qualified facilities offer for sale. The rules apply to small power producers who use renewable resources and cogenerators who produce electricity and steam. Disputes that arise over interconnections, sales or purchases of power will be resolved by the MPUC. You can obtain more information by contacting Minnesota Power at 1-800-228-4966.

MP adds 210 megawatts of wind energy Minnesota Power has reached a significant milestone in its energy supply diversification strategy with the completion of phases two and three of the company’s Bison Wind Energy Center. The Power of One® truck is on the move, collecting refrigerators for recycling.

Refrigerator (continued from Page 1) Our truck is out and about from Duluth to Sandstone and from International Falls to Little Falls. If you see it in your neighborhood, feel free to ask the driver for information. About 30 local appliance retailers also are supporting the effort and have information on hand to help. What happens to the old refrigerators? Appliance Recycling Centers of America in Minneapolis takes the appliances and breaks them down for further recycling. For example, metal is sent to a specialist where it is transformed into a material that can be used to produce items such as rebar or car parts. CFC refrigerant is recovered and reclaimed for re-use through a distillation process or destroyed through hightemperature incineration at an approved facility. Bottom line: the refrigerator is kept out of a landfill, recycled safely and its components re-used in other ways. How can MP customers participate? It’s easy—visit, call 1-866552-6755, visit a participating retailer or stop by the truck when it’s in your neighborhood and schedule a pickup. You’ll also find other ways to get the most for your energy dollar at Join your friends and neighbors and bring the Power of One® to your neighborhood.

The 210-megawatt renewable energy installations near New Salem, N.D., are now operational and the commissioning process has been completed. Bison 2 and 3 consist of 70 wind turbine generators, each capable of producing three MW of electric power by way of direct-drive turbines manufactured by Siemens AG. The turbines are installed atop 265-foot towers in south-central North Dakota. “Like our nation, our company is in the midst of a major transition to ensure a more balanced energy supply,” said Alan R. Hodnik, ALLETE chairman, president and chief executive officer. Since 2005, Minnesota Power has been rebalancing its energy supply mix in ways that are smart, sensible and sustainable for its customers and the environment. With the addition of Bison 2 and 3 the company has achieved a 20 percent renewable mix and is well on its way to meeting Minnesota’s renewable energy goal that utilities provide 25 percent of their energy through renewable means by 2025.


Hurricane relief

Curtain goes up on safety theater for schools At Minnesota Power, we’re committed to helping educate young people about the safe and responsible use of our main product—electricity. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a live theatrical production focusing on electrical safety. The free performance is designed for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The 25-minute production, held in schools in our service territory, includes grade-appropriate workbooks for each student.

MP line worker Keith Bassett gets a hug from a New Jersey resident after power was restored to her home. Fifteen Minnesota Power line workers traveled to the East Coast in October and November to help restore electricity to folks in the path of Hurricane Sandy. The group spent two weeks in Maryland and New Jersey.

Power line rights-of-way mostly on private land Minnesota Power maintains about 7,500 miles of power line rights-of-way in northern and central Minnesota, and most of it is owned by private parties. MP has been granted rights permitting the electric line to be constructed and maintained on the private land. Rights-ofway are not public thoroughfares. If you use them for recreational purposes such as snowmobiling, hunting or all-terrain vehicle riding, you must first obtain the landowner’s permission. Failure to do so can be considered trespassing. 4

The productions will take place in April and May during regular school hours. If interested, encourage your child’s teacher to call the National Theatre for Children at 1-800-858-3999, ext.1. They can ask questions or reserve a date. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minnesota Power website has a new look and is easier to use Check it out at:

Winter 2013  

A publication of Minnesota Power, this newsletter is published three to four times a year to keep customers abreast of energy-related and Mi...

Winter 2013  

A publication of Minnesota Power, this newsletter is published three to four times a year to keep customers abreast of energy-related and Mi...