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I’m Kurt. I’m an environmentalist. And I work for Minnesota Power.

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Energizer News Technology upgrade at Boswell Unit 4 will cut emissions, bring jobs Minnesota Power’s largest generating unit is getting an upgrade. MP’s $350 million investment at Boswell Energy Center will reduce emissions at the 585-megawatt Unit 4 and bring hundreds of construction jobs to the Iron Range in the next few years.

For Kurt, the responsibility of protecting northern Minnesota’s environment is professional, but it’s also very personal.

Kurt’s professional background in aquatic toxicology helped prepare him to participate in the design of a novel wastewater treatment mechanism at Minnesota Power’s Laskin Energy Center that removes extremely low levels of mercury via addition of metal scavengers and multimedia filtration. Use of this wastewater technology at Laskin was a first, both for the utility and for the state of Minnesota.

The project will reduce mercury emissions by approximately 90 percent and is necessary to comply with the Minnesota Mercury Emission Reduction Act and the federal Mercury Air Toxics Standard. It also will further reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and particulates. The engineering phase of the project began in 2012 and site preparation work began earlier this fall. A major construction push will get underway next spring and the project is expected to be (continued on Page 3) The Boswell Energy Center in Cohasset, Minn.


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Pictured above fishing with his sons Tyler, 10, and Carter, 8, Kurt enjoys the outdoors like only a northern Minnesotan can. An avid boater and angler, he spends a lot of his leisure time enjoying the resources he’s charged with protecting as Minnesota Power’s environmental audit manager.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved the plan in September with the support of the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Cold Weather Rule can keep heat on The Cold Weather Rule regulates the conditions under which gas and electric utilities may disconnect residential service in the winter–between Oct. 15 and April 15. The rule requires that customers who have difficulty paying utility bills contact their utility to work out a mutually acceptable payment plan to keep their heat on. Should you receive a disconnection notice from Minnesota Power, you must contact us to set up a payment plan to avoid disconnection. Call 800-228-4966. You may also want to contact the state’s Energy Assistance Hotline at 800-657-3710 to find out if you qualify for funds to help in paying your electric heating bills. Join us for the 24th annual

Brochure cites costs, emissions

Boswell project will cut emissions

Learn about Minnesota Power’s costs, reliability and air emissions related to the fuels we use to generate electricity in our brochure “Your Electricity, Your Choice – Fuel Sources, Air Emissions, Costs.” Find the brochure at customer communications or call 800-228-4966.

completed in spring 2016. At its peak, the project will employ 500-600 construction workers.

Scholarship applications open Minnesota Power honors outstanding college and high school students through our two scholarship programs.The New Generation Scholarship program distributes up to $50,000 to students at two-year or four-year colleges. Applications are due Feb. 1, 2014. Twenty high school seniors are selected to receive $2,500 Community Involvement Scholarships. Applications are due Jan. 15, 2014. Learn more and apply at

Keep poles free of bird feeders and other items Bird feeders, satellite dishes, decorations, yard lights, basketball hoops, flags, antennas and similar attachments on power poles can jeopardize the reliability of the electrical system as well as the safety of lineworkers. If Minnesota Power learns that you have attached an item to a pole, we’ll ask you to remove it.

If it’s not removed, we’ll remove it and charge you a fee. If you prefer MP to remove the item because of safety considerations, call 800-2284966. Again, there will be a fee for our time and materials. Unsure about whether it’s safe to remove the item? Please call MP before attempting removal.

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The project involves replacing the existing scrubber and particulate control technology with a semi-dry system that uses less water, a powdered activated carbon injection system to capture flue gas mercury and a fabric filter to further control particulates. The Boswell Unit 4 upgrade is part of Minnesota Power’s EnergyForward strategy, a road map to providing customers with reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible electricity for decades to come.

CARE program offers discounts on electric bills Minnesota Power is accepting applications for its CARE program (Customer Affordability of Residential Electricity). CARE offers income-qualified households a discount on monthly electric bills. The program goes into effect Oct. 1 each year and is limited to 5,000 customers on a first come, first served basis. It also helps households establish a budget payment plan. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission oversees CARE which is administered by the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency on behalf of Minnesota Power. How to apply 1. Complete a LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) application with your local energy assistance provider. 2. Complete and submit the CARE program application. 3. First-time applicants must also complete and submit the Your Home Energy Report survey on the application. Where to complete the forms • Online at • Over the phone by calling AEOA at 218-749-2912, ext. 277, or 800-662-5711. • In person at the AEOA office at 702 Third Ave. S., Virginia, Minn.

Toby and Yonna Hickle with sons Noah and Levi.

Hickles choose energy efficiency Toby and Yonna Hickle were clear about what they wanted in the house they’re building near Hinckley, Minn. “Our goal is to live in an energy-efficient home with manageable heating and cooling costs,”Toby Hickle said. The couple’s home is being built to Minnesota Power’s Triple E New Construction standards and will use a ground source heat pump, also called a GSHP, for heating and cooling. Minnesota Power’s Power of One® conservation program helps you save energy your way. Get information and special offers about GSHPs and Triple E construction at 3

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Energizer, Fall 2013  

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