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Minnesota Power 30 WEST SUPERIOR STREET DULUTH, MINNESOTA 55802 Marilyn Weber, Editor Apr/May 2005

Welcome home, Bandit and WindSong!

Peregrines, the fastest raptor on earth, migrate from Arkansas to Argentina. ey may winter at power plants if there is open water and an adequate nearby food supply, such as pigeons.


or the th year, a pair of Peregrine falcons has returned to Minnesota Power’s nesting platform near the top of a -foot stack at Boswell Energy Center near Grand Rapids. Bandit and WindSong are making Boswell their spring/summer home again this year.

We invite you to watch them raise their young on our live Web camera on ’s Internet site: Click on FalconCam. is is the third season our FalconCam has been live at the nest. We’ve had tens of thousands of visitors at our site from all over the world observing this natural wonder.

Last year the pair of Peregrines raised four chicks at the nest for a total of  young born to date. WindSong will lay eggs in early April and tend to them until sometime in May when they hatch. Care, feeding and flight training are the tasks of the parents throughout the summer. Electric utilities like MP have played a key role in Peregrine recovery

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efforts here in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. is once endangered species has returned to breed on high cliffs throughout the state, a more natural habitat. Osprey are another raptor that have made a comeback in our region. ey build nests on platforms we’ve attached to power line structures. is also keeps the nest away from electric wires to avoid outages.  is allowed to provide chicks to other states that are actively trying to reintroduce them to suitable areas.


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We care about your safety At Minnesota Power, safety is serious business. We encourage you to review the following messages and keep them in mind as you’re working and playing outdoors this season. Keep the -foot rule in mind. When carrying and using ladders and other long equipment or tools, keep them at least  feet away from overhead lines.

ey’ll mark the location of underground wires or pipe at your dig site.

let kids climb trees or fly kites near power lines.

Stay clear of substations and pad mount transformers. Our electrical equipment is locked and fenced for your safety.

If you see a fallen power line, stay far away. e line can be dangerous even if it’s not sparking. Notify MP immediately.

Contact MP before trimming trees near overhead power lines. Don’t

Our Web site teaches kids and adults the importance of electric safety. Visit the Electric Universe on our Web site for easy to understand lessons on electric safety. Kids will enjoy the graphics, experiments and interactive games geared for all age levels. Visit: Click on Electric Universe.

Call before you dig. If you hit an underground power line you could be fatally injured. Before digging or moving earth in any way, call Gopher State One Call – ---.

50 Cents off bulb recycling Plant the right tree Minnesota Power will send you  coupons worth  cents each to use to offset the cost of the recycling fee for compact fluorescent lights (s). About  hardware stores throughout northern and central Minnesota collect your used fluorescent bulbs for pick up by Minnesota’s only complete fluorescent lamp recycler, Mercury Technologies. To receive  recycling coupons, call Minnesota Power tollfree: ---. We’ll mail them to you. Participating hardware stores are listed on the back of the coupon sheet and also on our Web site:

in the right place We’d like to send you a copy of a handy booklet that provides guidance for homeowners, businesses and other landowners on selection and placement of trees to maximize their benefits and to avoid any hazards the trees might create.

If you live in the Duluth area, the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District () will take used bulbs from households free of charge on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. eir location and hours of operation are listed on their Web site: Or, call the  Hot Line at --.

Before you make a plan for planting on your property this season, you’ll want to take a look at e Right Tree brochure.

Please remember,  recycling is required by state law as they contain a small amount of mercury. Bulbs can not be disposed of with your household garbage.

To receive a copy, call toll-free, ---. Or, visit our Web site:

Your family will enjoy a Lake Superior Zoo membership Annual Zoo members receive free admission anytime to the Lake Superior Zoo in West Duluth, plus free or reduced admission to over  other zoos around the country.

Family memberships are  annually. Benefits include a  percent discount in the gift shop and café,

Wild Times quarterly newsletter sent to your home and discounts on education classes. Contact the Lake Superior Zoo for more membership information: - or visit: ENG05

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April-May 2005  

Instant Rebate Coupon for ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers, dishwashers and refrigerators. or the th year, a pair of...

April-May 2005  

Instant Rebate Coupon for ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers, dishwashers and refrigerators. or the th year, a pair of...

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