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„Because of the exceptional relationship between man and nature, which renders him homeless to a certain extent, it is important for a human being to find a way of orientation within the world and thus establishing a new relationship with the world. All passions of human beings are ultimately aimed at the reduction of homelessness.“ - Erich Fromm -

intro. The taste of salt lies on your tongue while you wander around. Surrounded by a place where the wild ones search for their inner peace. Silence embraces you while you are watching old oak trees waving in the wind. Thoughts crawl into your mind while waves are moving cautiously closer to the shore. No land in sight. But there will be no right wind for a ship without a harbour. You won´t hardly notice your homeland as long as it´s there. Like good air that you breathe and take for granted. You can see their value when both are missing. Your lungs will hurt from the fume in pubs and your soul will hurt because of the forced displacement. You travel around the world to look for what you´re missing. And you´re coming home to find it.

„It‘s a funny thing about comin‘ home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You‘ll realize what‘s changed is you.“ - Eric Roth -

a guy picks something up in the desert

tree in the desert

Erik Sørensen 95 year old pensioner

old washing machines at the harbour

two kayaks are laying in dunes

Laurits Møbjerg is building a terrace


Jesper Heilskov 67 year old pensioner

chair in the house of Erik Sørensen

Malene Pedersen 43 year old artist

oak tree close to „ Anholt Kro“

wind turbine at the harbour

Hans Møbjerg 58 year old owner of „Anholt Kro“

view from Bybakken

old boat at the „Blå Hus“

view from Sønderbjerg

Esther Gry 16 month old daughter of Laurits & Malene

Laurits Møbjerg 26 year old carpenter

part of the living room from Laurits Møbjerg and Malene Pedersen

tree house

weapon cabinet in the workshop of Helene Hennings

Susanne Jepsen 59 year old cook

dead crows are hanging next to food stations of the deers to keep other crows away

Simon Fuhrmann 31 year old priest

Carl Emil Rasmussen 14 year old pupil

old trailer

old pictures taken at Anholt around 1930 by the Heilskov family

Matthew & Heidi Greaves and their five children


dryed Ising is a delicacy on Anholt

Heilskov family and friends

a guy walks through the desert

kitchen in the house of Laurits Møbjerg & Malene Pedersen

chair in the living room of Laurits Møbjerg & Malene Pedersen

Helene Hennings 41 year old headmaster of the school

view from Vesterstrand

someone drove against a lantern

way to the lighthouse

entrance room in the house of Erik Sørensen




garden of „Tanternes Hus“

Lotte Abildstrøm 59 year old owner of „Gartneri og Naturpleje“

sunspot in the „western forest“

I would like to thank: Laurits Møbjerg Malene Pedersen Carsten Brabrand Helene Hennings Lotte Abildstrøm Morten Abildstrøm Jesper Heilskov Susanne Jepsen Helle Rossen Matthew Greaves Heidi Greaves Simon Fuhrman Jakob Kjærgaard Hans Møbjerg Liselotte Arentz Sørensen Anders Freestone Andrea Momme Hagen Bachmann Teresa Lange Sebastian Eckoldt Frieder Bickhardt Mario Wezel Arianna M. Sanesi

photographs, layout, text & production by Martin Neumann

Anholt, Denmark - 2013


a project about finding home, feeling home & being home.

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