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letĂ­cia laxon

drawing painting installation

fine art

Self Portrait Door 2013 mixed technique

self-portrait door The Self-portrait door has, in its internal side, a series of self-portraits and in its external side three portraits of the artist made by collaborators. Explanatory texts accompany the drawings and paintings. The door is a metaphor of a transparent intimacy openness (there is an inscription ‘room to draw’), which invites the viewer to get to know the artist in an introspective way, through allegorical self images and abstract concepts of the self.

seven arrows “Arrows in pink address that which I had thought impossible to escape from�. Urban intervention. Interaction between mosaic and flypost.

Seven Arrows Feb, 2014 crayon, marker, ink and tiles 32 X 48 in

deer son The word for “deer” in portuguese refers

a picture of me (detached in purple) and my older sister in 2000

both to the animal and to a male homossexual. The polysemy in the term is the central point of the installation. It is about dealing wth homossexuality in a repressive family’s context.

Filho Veado 2013 installation with photography, mirror and drawings


Resting Nov, 2013 ink on paper A4

Bandage and Desire Nov, 2013 ink and watercolor on paper A3

Encounter Jan, 2012 ink and watercolor on paper A3

Blue Nov, 2013 dry pastel and ink on paper A3

Discipline Dec, 2012 dry pastel on paper A4

Untitled Nov, 2012 ink, watercolor and dry pastel on paper A4

I have no envy of motherhood Aug, 2013 dry pastel, crayon, colored pencil and oil on paper A4

Declive Jan, 2014 dry pastel, crayon and watercolor on paper A3

wildness Letting the beasts from inside run free. Carrying the world on her belly Nov, 2013 Charcoal and dry pastel on paper A2

Parsons Green Jun, 2013 Watercolor, colored pencil and crayon on paper 12 X 6,5 in

Exu and Oxalรก know themselves Jan, 2013 Ink and watercolor on paper A3

HIppopotamus Shout Dec, 2012 Charcoal and dry pastel on paper A3

early works

A Catholic School’s Classroom in Buenos Aires 2004 pen and pencil on paper 8 X 10 in

Faceless sitting woman 2004 pen and pencil on paper 3,5 x 3,5 in Woman by the window 2004 pencil on paper 4 x 3,5 in Licking her toes 2004 pencil on paper 11,5 x 7,5 in


Olocum and its shame Sept, 2013 dry pastel and watercolor on paper 4,5 X 11,5 in

Cortazar 2004 pen and pencil on paper 7,5 X 7,5 in

Pedro Dec, 2013 dry pastel, ink and watercolor on paper A3

About the nightmares for which there is no awakening Jul, 2013 colored pencil, dry pastel, watercolor, acrylic and ink on paper 11,5 X 10 in

Visiting Saddam Nov, 2012 markers, ink and watercolor on paper A3


unfinished work

Back Stroke started in Jun, 2013 ink, crayons, marker, watercolor on wall 25 X 48 in

The theme of copy/authorship is permanent in my artistic investigation. This piece of work consists in an assembly of copies made out of varied Quino’s pieces and the unfinished lady is a trial to copy Toulouse Lautrec’s La Toillet.

F for Fake started in Jan, 2013 pencil, oil, marker, watercolor, paper, charcoal, ink on wooden door 28 X 82,5 in

Study on the mouth started on Dec, 2012 magazines, watercolor, ink, marker and crayons on wall 64 X 65 in

Sketch - The bridge 2014 project of urban intervention with flyposters over an actual bridge

The bridge (upper body) started in Aug, 2013 watercolor and gouache on paper 40,5 x 27,5 in

The bridge (legs) started in Aug, 2013 watercolor and gouache on paper 38,5 x 27,5 in

Transklimt started in Oct, 2013 ink, watercolor, acrylic and gouache on paper 27,5 X 38,5 in password: tish No one likes to feel lonely 2013 animation


Aug, 2012 marker and pencil on paper A4

Embraces his belly Nov, 2012 ink on paper A4

Untitled, Dec, 2012 ink on paper A4

Strokes, body and a chicken Jan, 2013 ink on paper A4

Wild Blue Apr, 2013 ink on paper A4

Odoyá Flyposter fixed in a abandoned house at Itacimirim beach, Bahia. It was made as a religious gift tho Yemanjá, the orisha that rules the seas in Candomblé culture. Self-portrait made in a creative partnership with the artist Clara Domingas.

Odoyรก I and II Feb, 2013 gouache paint on paper 27 X 38,5 in

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Letícia Laxon | Portfolio