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November 2006 FEATURES


Secret Manila by Tiffany Limsico


Dearest Santa by Ina Castaneda


MNL speaks

What I want for Christmas




Midnight Munchies Manila’s 24/7 Restos



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Team Manila Zips A Healthy Addiction by Amanda Lapus



The Holiday Navigator

A Mall Guide, where to go, what to buy, promos, pros and cons of malls in Manila this holiday season.



The G List Manila’s Hottest Gigs this November

20 MNL Spindoctor




Bar and Restaurant list Wiji Lacsamana Thomas Hilado

Ivan Pablo Managing Editor

Creative Consultants

Richie Ryan Reyes Marketing, Events and Circulation

Christian Maningding

Roy Gasmen Photographer


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You may have your events posted in the magazine for free. To have your upcoming events listed, please email details to before the 20th of each month. For ad placement inquiries, email us at Deadline for submission of ad placements is every 17th of the month. COVER Photo : Lorraine Lapus Model : Amanda Lapus

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From the Editor


Of holiday memories…



No, I’m not THAT desperate.

More than meets the eye.

The Whipping Boy

The Transporter



Trust me like you trust your Daddy’s Trustfund.

I want to be a Koala someday!

The Moneyman

The Rockstar

Last month, I particularly remember this one perfectly breezy Saturday morning. I woke up to the sound of our old Technics turntable playing Johnny Mathis crooning a white Christmas, with my normally stoic mom humming along while making her coffee. This isn’t much a surprise, as I know some friends who start putting up and decorating Christmas trees as early as September. No kidding. We’re well aware of the fact that the onset of the “-BER” months (in case you don’t know: SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, and DecemBER) as the unofficial start of the Christmas season for many Pinoys. We love Christmas, and despite the lack of snow, the cool climate makes one a little bit more hopeful, a little bit nicer, and sometimes annoyingly chipper. All in the spirit of the season. So for this merry month of November, let the MNL team skip past Hallow’s eve as we get ready for Santa and his sleigh bells. We’ll make our very first issue as memorable as possible. Check out our Mall guide, and know where to buy that perfect pair of socks for dad. Still don’t know what gifts to get? See what fellow Manilenos have on their wish list. If you’re feeling nostalgic? Read about our writer’s love/hate relationship with the city. Need a new activity? Learn the tricks to zipping, and eventually get yourself started with fire-dancing. Or go through our gig list for November and see what Halloween Party you can crash. That’s what we’re all about folks. MNL isn’t just an event magazine; we’re here to show you there’s more to Metro Manila than what you see in the evening news. There’s beauty in the chaos, and we’re here to help you find it. Think of MNL as our early Christmas present. And the best thing is, you don’t need to wait for December 25th.




Don’t believe the hype.

Frustrated cartoon character.

The Shutterbug

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Pencil Pusher

Ivan Pablo Managing Editor

MNL November 2006 4

11/16/2006, 9:16 AM


My Secret Manila Tiffany Limsico

Maybe if I had more than a quarter of a century’s experience of living in Manila then I would be imbued with a greater sense of nostalgia. A friend of mine spent a year living in Madrid and complained on our MRT ride home how the urban planning in Manila was nonexistent and how ugly it had become to her. While I should have defended Manila, I nodded in silent agreement to avoid an argument instead. I recently spent three weeks in Kuala Lumpur in an extended vacation-of-sorts and when I arrived home, my boss asked what I thought of the Malaysian capital. He recalled how he asked his globe-trotting Australian friend a few years ago what KL is like and he answered, “It’s like Manila, but without the spark.”

“It isn’t a matter of looking elsewhere; it’s up to all of us to look harder. “

I will be the last person to disparage another city as a means of extolling the virtues of Manila, but that anecdote should have been my answer to my Madrid-dwelling friend. It may be difficult to see any semblance of a spark in Manila where smog is the color of the sky and traffic is an everyday occurrence. Clearly, the Australian saw something us locals have grown too jaded to recognize. For me, finding that spark becomes difficult only for the unimaginative, the cynical. It isn’t a matter of looking elsewhere; it’s up to all of us to look harder.

I have no secret Manila; I cannot claim to know any nooks and crannies as yet undiscovered, still mine to call my very own. My Manila is much about memory and recollection but also so much about foresight and anticipation. I remember how I walked the length of Hidalgo Street trying to find a replacement for the lost lens hood of my mother’s Leica, how I peered through windows of musty photography equipment and tried to be heard over the din of sidewalk vendors. I came home empty-handed that day except for the promise of several shop owners to contact their sources for equipment and to return at a later date. My heart has a soft spot for Cubao; after having watched several dozen college basketball games at the Araneta Coliseum, I know it like the back of my hand.

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Dearest Santa,

Ina Castaneda Christmas is coming up and again I have another list. It’s tradition and it’s my way of looking back at myself this past year. I think I’ve been mostly a good girl this year: I helped an old lady at the post office, I held doors open for others, I played with and took care of little kids, I’ve sent post cards, I smiled at strangers, I’ve been nice to my brother and sister, I learned to respect other people, I’ve taken care of animals and gardens, I learned to trust, and perhaps the most important, I saw once again how beautiful life is because of the people who I’ve come accross. I was lucky to have travelled a lot this year and to have met people on a level playing field, sans the things a lot of people use as basis for judgment. A friend told me: You are not Filipino, you are Ina. I am not French, I am Marc. I stayed in farms with no electricity, no toilet systems, where I walked barefoot, where only the essentials matter. It was beautiful.


What I want for Christmas

Renato Gatbunton Account Manager

Santa, I spent last Christmas away from my family, but I had somewhere to go. I was lucky. What about all the people who have nowhere to go? Because ‘Everyone must have somewhere to go’ I’m reading Crime and Punishment now and just a while ago Marmaledov’s character said that. What about them. I hope that everyone would have at least one somebody to go to, one somewhere to go, that they may find faith, hope, and love. Especially for this Christmas. And that I may find the strenght to be able to reach out more to people who need even just a small smile and that I may be able to give hope to others.

Karla Soyangco CSR

J Aprille Castillo Businesswoman / Model

That was a bit of a review of my year, a bit of my dreams for next year, a bit of what I’ve gone through, of what I’ve found important, and a bit of what I feel I should impart to others. And now here is a little list. I don’t think it’s too selfish. (but I’ll push it a bit with my Mini!) I think it’s honest. (As of this moment, anyway) If you can’t give all of them to me, then at least give me the will and spirit to go for it. To stand up, stand strong, and believe that I can get them all. Not for free, but to work for it! Like a big girl that I already am. Thanks Santa!

Sheilla May Castillo Student

From and with lots of love, Ina, The nicest girl in the planet.

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11/16/2006, 9:17 AM

1.Mini Cooper. Any color is fine. 2.Another exchange program to France. One year was not nearly enough. 3.Good health to my mum, my dad, and the rest of my family. 4.That something be returned. It’s something taken by someone who had no right to take it in the first place. 5.A plane ticket to Mongolia. That place fascinates me. Or Chile. 6.To re-meet all the wonderful people I’ve met during my travels. 7.To have an organic and sustainable farm with vegetables to eat and animals to be friends with. I’d have the fête every week-end. Everyone is invited. 8.To have no space for regret, always have hope, and never forget to dream. 9.A good job. One that pays well, that isn’t boring, and that allows me to give back something to the community. Of course, I want a job with nice workmates. 10.To be in love. And to always have & never forget the feeling.


MIDNIGHT MUNCHIES Manila’s 24/7 Restos

Think of the following scenarios: a long gimik night of music and alcohol, intense study sessions trying to cram for an important midterm exam, and burning the midnight oil trying to finish a report for your boss. What usually happens during ungodly hours? You get hungry of course. Since a lot of you are probably tired of fastfood fare delivered straight to your door, we’ve decided to list a couple of restaurants that could help fill that empty stomach.

1. RJ’s Bulalo,

2. North Park,


Makati Avenue.

Located somewhere in the middle of Mandaluyong, particularly near the City Hall, it’s not exactly easy to get to; you’ll have to drive or take a cab to the place. But once you get there and order a big bowl of Bulalo, it’s definitely worth the trip. They also serve other Pinoy comfort food, and the prices are reasonable. Be warned though, if you’re looking for ambiance, this is not the place to go to. Creature comforst like airconditioning is lacking so better be ready to rough it up.

After a wild night of partying and drinking, Chinese food is the perfect nightcap. If you’re alone, we suggest you try their noodles. If you’re eating with a big group, try ordering Salted Garlic Squid, Lemon Chicken, Beef with Broccoli and their Beef Hot Pot.

24/7 Fastfood

If you still prefer burgers and fries, there’s always


Greenbelt, Paseo De Roxas.|Buendia Ave.|Katipunan Ave.|Makati Ave.|Peoplesupport Bldg.|Philcoa|Anonas


Export Band building, Buendia Ave.|Convergys Bldg. Ayala Ave. Makati Ave.|Quezon Ave. (near the rotonda)

3. Something Fishy,

4. Rufu’s,

Kalayaan Ave.


For only 79 bucks, you get a breakfast buffet! There’s a wide array of food to choose from: regular pinoy fare like tapa, tocino, chicken and pork adobo, and daing na bangus; pancakes and sausages; noodles and even palitaw. Now if that isn’t a bang for your hard-earned buck, we don’t know what is. Drinks are bottomless too, so if you’re really, really hungry, Something Fishy is your best choice.


Caltex Station, Buendia Ave. Peoplesupport Bldg.|Valero St.


Makati Ave.|Buendia (near LRT) Taft Avenue, near La Salle

Situated near the old International School compound and a stone’s throw away from Makati Avenue, the place serves ready to eat breakfast meals. Their tapsilog is a must-try; it’s definitely different from the usual fare since it’s served with special gravy.

Yellow Cab Pizza

Peoplesupport Bldg, Ayala Ave.

Hot Shots Burger Emerald Ave.


Export Bank Bldg, Buendia Ave.

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For those still not over the World Cup fever, here’s an unassuming Italian cafeteria that should wet any appetite.

Amici Di Don Bosco The name of the restaurant literally translates to Friends of Don Bosco, this quaint cafeteria is run by the Salesians priests as it’s located along Pasay Road, right after the Salesiana Publishers bookstore at the corner. Upon entering, you’ll notice that the place is decorated simply, a mixture of modern neon-colored plastic chairs and Italian memorabilia. Goes to show that emphasis is more on function than form - that everything else secondary to the food - but at the mixed-up look does give this canteen style restaurant a more charming appeal to it. Amici specializes in authentic Italian pasta, pizza, and gelato. Interestingly, it’s self service- there are three separate stations depending on the kind of food you’re in the mood for. The only complaint is that you’ll have to line up twice if you’re getting both pizza and pasta. Also, note that the canteen is quite busy around lunch hour during the weekdays, and is apparently popular with Makati yuppies. We tried the pasta al pescatore or pasta in seafood sauce (Php 150) and the pizza al funghi or mushroom toppings at Php 240. The seafood served was quite generous, with two king-sized shrimps, a couple of mussels, and an abundance of squid. The sauce itself

has a sour tinge to it as with all authentic Italian pasta sauces, so if you’re used to the Pinoy-style sweet spaghetti, better look for it somewhere else. Take note that the servings are actually good for two, so be nice and share. The pizza crust is homemade, the texture is just right too, crumbly but still firm enough. We also tried a scoop of mint chocolate chip gelato and tobleroneflavored gelato (Php30), and were rendered speechless for a couple of minutes savoring each spoonful. Luckily they sell the gelato in 1 kilo (half gallon) or 1.5 kilo (1 gallon) tubs, priced at Php 350 – 450, in case you want to take some home. In case you’re dying to replicate their menu at home yourself, their Italian chef also provides cooking lessons. You can contact then at 833-8915 So for those looking for an authentic taste of Italy at a decent budget, lunch or dinner at Amici is well worth it. It’s just a shame that they’re closed during Sundays, since it would be nice to take the family there for a late lunch.

Ambiance - 3/5 If your’e looking for expensive design elements, look for it elsewhere. But in itself, the canteen-style has a charm that’s very difficult to resist. Food – 4/5 Probably the most authentic Italian food we’ve tasted in a long time. Great food, more than ample serving for the pasta; all at a reasonable price. Details: Address – Pasay Road, corner Pasong Tamo, Makati. Nearest landmark is the Salesiana Publishers bookstore. Parking – Three choices - park at the St. John Bosco parish, the Salesiana Publishers compound, or at Waltermart. Open every Monday to Saturday, 10am – 9pm. For inquiries about the cooking lessons, contact: 893-8915

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MNL November 2006 8

11/16/2006, 9:17 AM

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MNL November 2006 10

11/16/2006, 9:17 AM

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MNL November 2006 12

11/16/2006, 9:18 AM

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A Healthy Addiction by Amanda Lapus

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT ZIPPING? [Jokingly] “You feel as if you’re the nucleus surrounded by whizzing protons and electrons.” Paolo “Damn B” Soler

“You become the immediate center of attention.”

Wanggo “Mango Flambe” Gallaga

“It’s a creative form of expression and style.” Lorraine “Bin-D” Lapus

“A means of challenging yourself.”

Migui “Baby Back Migs” Winternitz

“It’s all about passion for the art form.” Cat “Mama Cat/Captain C” Juan

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MNL November 2006 14

11/16/2006, 9:19 AM



“YOU feel like a ball of energy.” This is what Paolo Soler told me when I

prodded to ask what he liked most about zip-ing. My sister, Lorraine, also heavily into zip-ing was quick to add that “it allows you to express your creativity, develop your own style, in your own way.” Zips, although not some new form of medication or fashion trend, has become a craze that has got tongues wagging and imitators abounding. Not bad for a recreational toy inspired by the Maori people of New Zealand. “Poi” as it was originally called, literally means “rock on a string” and the Maoris used it centuries ago as a training tool for battles. As for the women, they incorporated it into a mating dance to attract partners. Fast forward to the present, consisting of a string, a properly-measured weight and a flowing ribbon, a pair of Zips can provide one with a great workout (may improve one’s hand-eye coordination and tone muscles) as well as a fun way to pass the time. They can be brought anywhere, to the beach or a dance club and can be taught to anyone of any age range. The attracting of potential partners is an added bonus. I first learned of Zips through my boyfriend Paulino Servado and his friend Cat Juan who are all part of a company called Planet Zips. It was Planet Zips that first brought the aerodynamic toy into the Philippine market in 2004; the buzz began to pick up just last year and now the company is constantly being booked for lessons and events. “It all began from a passion for the very art of zip-ing,” Cat, the “captain” of the group explained. I remember walking into Valle Verde 1 park two years ago and watching them practice their zip-ing with mixed amusement and curiosity. With all the streams of colorful ribbons whooshing in the air, I could not help but feel like I had inadvertently walked into a gypsy haven. Over a Planet Zips meeting Tals once joked, “What I love most about Zips is that it helps me realize my fantasy of becoming a circus performer.” “You know people end up looking, but it doesn’t matter because when you get into it, you just flow and not

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Address: Located in EDSA so its pretty easy to commute or drive to this mall. Just ride any bus along the EDSA Route and you will surely find this mall Parking: There are many parking spaces for the mall but its really hard to get a space here specially during the evenings and the weekends Budget: You got your regular shops in Megamall, so don’t worry about your budget too much. Although there are a few signature brand shops in here, one can easily find a shop that fits the normal Juan’s budget.


Eastwood Mall

Address: Without your own vehicle, it’s darn hard to get to this mall. One can take the jeep with the Libis route in Cubao if you want to go here by commuting Parking: Parking space is not so well as well as you would expect the entire of Eastwood to be parking at the Mall’s parking area. Budget: There are just a limited number of shops here, usually clothes and shoes. Ranging from normal to above average in terms of their pricing.


Eastwood Mall

Address: It’s located along the intersection of C-5 road and Ortigas Ave. It’s pretty difficult to commute to this place unless you take a cab. Also if you plan to go during the evening, be cautious as its easy to miss the place during the evening Parking: Parking is a bit small as sometimes you are forced to park on the side streets inside the compound. Budget: The place is filled with Pet Shops, Furniture and Accessories store. Price ranges from cheap to normal



Address: It’s a bit harder to commute here, located at San Juan, you could either take a cab, a bus or a jeep to get to here. Parking: The place boasts of several parking areas, be careful though, it gets really crowded especially during the weekends. Budget: DVD! DVD! Aside from the usual find of cellphones, shoes, bags and clothes, the mall also offers several hobby and specialty shops.



Address: Located at the corner of Shaw blvd and EDSA, the mall is pretty easy to go to. Just take a BUS along the EDSA route and then have them drop you off at Crossing. You wont miss the mall Parking: Parking is spacious enough, they have their own building dedicated for is so it’s pretty easy to bring your vehicle and park here Budget: Not your standard shops, this mall boasts of hard to find signature brands that would leave a dent on your credit cards.

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MNL November 2006 16

11/16/2006, 9:19 AM

Address: Place is located near Tutuban Center and Divisoria. One can take the LRT or MRT Train, then a jeepney,FX or pedicab will bring you to this mecca of assorted stuff Parking: Parking is a bit crimp, so if you want to bring a vehicle better leave the house early. So it’s advised to just commute to and from the mall Budget: Assorted goods ranging from toys, clothes, shoes, bags, the works. If you want em cheap and with good quality, this is the place to be. Just don’t expect to find your original signature brands here.

168 Mall Gateway Mall


Address: You could go to the place via jeepney ride along the route of Pasay Road. Also you could travel thru the walkway coming from the MRT Ayala station to get to this mall Parking: Parking is relatively easy in this mall as they have a very spacious basement parking and an upper level parking as well Budget: Unlimited budget? This is the place to shop. Almost all of the well-known(expensive) brands could be found here. From your Louis Vuitton bags to your Bally’s shoes, you’ll find em here



Address: It’s nearer to the MRT Ayala station than Greenbelt and most probably you’ll pass by here before the other mall. Parking: Glorietta’s parking space is a bit small for the mall. Expect to have difficulties, specially during weekends Budget: This is like Greenbelt but a bit more sedated. You’d find you usual local brands here, but still offer some of the more-thanaverage type of shops.

Address; Being located at the heart of Metro Manila, Gateway is very accessible. Almost all parts of the metro has a commuters ride to Cubao. Parking: Parking is spacious, it boasts of 3 levels of basement parking. Also parking is available around Araneta Coliseum Budget: The shops located at Gateway Mall are your mixed. You can find your higherthan-average brands like Lacoste, Mango, Celio etc. Also you could find homegrew shops for fashion like Folded & Hung, BAYO, Bench etc. Mostly clothes, shoes, and electronics are what the mall offer


Powerplant Mall


168 Mall

Gateway Mall



Powerplant Mall

Address: You could ride a jeepney in Guadalupe to get to this mall, otherwise, you either take a cab or bring your own vehicle. You could also walk from EDSA along Estrella street if you’re up to the exercise Parking: Parking space is HUGE. So no worries with regards to parking Budget: Most of the shops you’ll find here are the heavily priced ones. Be prepared if you plan to take someone shopping here.


Address: It’s hard to get to this mall if you don’t have a vehicle. It’s located along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center. So better take a cab or your own vehicle if you plan to visit this mall Parking: Parking is substantial with the big lot beside it allotted for parking Budget: Don’t expect to find cheap stuff here. The mall is a bit small so the number of shops are very limited, especially if your budget is quite low


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MNL November 2006 18

11/16/2006, 9:19 AM

maximise your EXPOSURE the manila lifestyle magazine MNL001.indd


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Miko Syquia

Every month, MNL will be featuring turntablists in the city.

Miko Syquia has a regular gig at Coquina every Friday. Aside from spinning, he wastes time doing Marketing for the Driven, an events outfit. MNL : When did you start djing? MS : Seriously since 2002, but I’ve been watching DJs play ever since. I never played until I met DJ Patch at Flute some years ago. He got me into it. MNL : What got you into it? MS : I love music basically. Our family is musically inclined. I played the the piano for about 8 years. But my attention was inevitably diverted to Djing. MNL : What’s your set like? MS : I stick to sexy, uplifting, vocal house. But right now I’m diversifying to harder stuff like tribal, progressive, and tech house. MNL : Do you still play commercial tracks like ‘ever after?’ MS : To tell you the truth, I’m a big fan of Bonnie Bailey hehe. But when I spin, I usually stick to my stuff, but the stuff I play is usually vocal house, and it’s really appreciated by the crowd now. So I don’t resort to the commercial stuff most of the time. But when I start playing darker or twisted tracks, and I notice that the vibe’s down, I try to inject something familiar, but something that doesn’t totall deviate from my set, just get the crowd going and dancing again. Anyway, I think it’s all about educating the clubbers, give them the uncommon tracks gently, and let them appreciate it by themselves.

20 MNL001.indd

MNL : What was your most memorable gig so far? MS : I was in Absinth, and I started my set from 10pm and it lasted till 4am! 6 hours straight, man. The crowd was into it the whole time, the problem was I seriously wanted to leave but there were no DJs there for the night, I had to give in. All in all, the vibe was wicked anyway, such a fun night. MNL : What’s your favorite track now? MS : Grooveland - Tell me, Rick Pier O’Neil - Come to me MNL : What track are you sick of hearing? MS : Satisfaction by Benny Benassi… Pwede, please. MNL : So is the Manila dance scene getting better? Or are we still far away from the glory days of 1999? MS : I think people now are more educated in the diversity of the dance music scene. People don’t just stick to trance unlike before. Generally, a lot of people are familiar with other genres like house, break-beat, and progressive. All we have to do now is to further educate the crowd some more. I’m happy that a lot of production outfits like Bigfish, Superfly, NBK, etc. ate bringing in great acts from everywhere, and it’s refreshing. It’s all part of education. MNL : What non-dance song is in your Ipod? MS : Ole Frank Sinatra… Come fly with me!!

MNL November 2006 20

11/16/2006, 9:19 AM


the November G list


Absolute Bliss @ Ice Vodka Bar - Experience blissful sexy RnB music with a touch of uplifting house music courtesy of Venezia bar’s premier dj Matthew Carbonell. Taste a twist from your ordinary clubbing scene to a new unforgettable journey. Nov. 6, 13, and 20, Mondays at 10pm. Ice Vodka bar is located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 3. Stereo Therapy @ Embassy VIP Room – Unwind to the grooves of DJs Martin Pulgas and Chewy of Embassy, and Marie Garcia of Calypso Events. Every Wednesday, 10pm at the Embassy VIP room. For limited Guest list reservations, email calypso_ or call/text 0906-3576106. Management has the right to refuse entry. Dress code and age restriction strictly enforced. Soulshine @ Embassy Cuisine – Calypso Events and Smirnoff Ice presents Soulshine, your weekly fix of sophisticated grooves featuring Marie Garcia of Calypso. Groovin’ starts at 10pm, every Friday, Embassy Cuisine, The Fort. Open bar on Smirnoff Ice from 10pm-12mn. COME AND CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY WITH US AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY BOTTLE OF SMIRNOFF VODKA. CALL/TEXT (0906) 357 6106 FOR MORE DETAILS. Smirnoff stubs will be given at the door for the open bar. Spacedout Saturdays @ La Cabane – an after dinner delicacy of lounge and club grooves. La Cabane Resto-Lounge, Along Arnaiz Ave. near Park Square 1( Pasay Road, Makati). Nov. 11 and 18, Saturday late evening.



Gathering of the Tribes: DJ Antoine Clamaran – France’s Electro and Tribal House Superstar live in Manila. By Step Up Entertainment. Also featuring DJs Elmer Dado and Rocky Solarta. November 24 @ the PICC Forum, Roxas Blvd.

FILOIL/FLYING V Homegrown Invitational Cup Schedule of Games Nov 4 to Dec 17 2006, @ ULTRA

Hans Nieswandt in Manila - The Goethe-Institut Manila, in cooperation with Studio 23, Forerunner Technologies and Stanton, proudly presents Hans Nieswandt in Manila on 11 November 2006 at Capone’s. Nieswandt will be in Manila to kick off “DJ-Soundscapes”, a Goethe-Institut regional project that explores DJ and club culture in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand with DJ’s from Germany. The first of two parts takes place in 2006. Next year, more German DJ’s will be visiting the country to perform and collaborate with local artists to produce some new material.

Nov 4 Sat 1:00 – 2:00 Opening Ceremonies 2:00 – 4:00 Ateneo vs. San Beda Nov 12 Sun 12:00 – 2:00 ADMU vs. DLSU (W) 2:00 – 4:00 ADMU vs. LSGH (J) Nov 15 Wed 12:00 – 2:00 UST vs. DLSU 2:00 – 4:00 ADMU vs. UE Nov 24 Fri 12:00 – 2:00 JRU vs. UE 2:00 – 4:00 UP vs. UST Nov 26 Sun 12:00 – 2:00 Letran vs. UP 2:00 – 4:00 JRU vs. SSC

4:00 – 6:00 DLSU vs. Letran 6:00 – 8:00 SSC vs. UST 4:00 – 6:00 ADMU vs DLSU (M) 6:00 – 8:00 UP vs. JRU 4:00 – 6:00 FEU vs. San Beda 6:00 – 8:00 SSC vs. Letran 4:00 – 6:00 FEU vs. DLSU 6:00 – 8:00 ADMU vs. SSC 4:00 – 6:00 UST vs. SBC 6:00 – 8:00 FEU vs. UE

Dec 3 Sun 12:00 – 2:00 DLSU vs. JRU 2:00 – 4:00 UE vs. UST DEC 6 Wed 12:00 – 2:00 FEU vs. SSC 2:00 – 4:00 Letran vs. UE

4:00 – 6:00 Letran vs. San Beda 6:00 – 8:00 UP vs. FEU 4:00 – 6:00 ADMU vs UP 6:00 – 8:00 San Beda vs. JRU

Dec 13 – Play offs Dec 17 Championship

You may have your events posted in the magazine for free. To have your upcoming events listed, please email details to before the 20th of each month.

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Citrus Bar G/F Glorietta 2


Ayala Center Absinth Café Bar 3/F Greenbelt 3 757-4966

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf G/F Greenbelt 3 757-6002

Big Buddha 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4480

El Comedor G/F Glorietta 1 892-5071

Bizu G/F Greenbelt 2 757-2498

El Cuento G/F Glorietta 4 Gaudi 4/L Greenbelt 3

Cabalen Glorietta 3 373-2914

Global Café G/F Greenbelt 3 728-1317

Café Bola 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-2652

Good Earth 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4561

Café Breton G/F Greenbelt 3 809-6805

Grappa’s Ristorante 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4908

Café Havana G/F Greenbelt 3 757-4370

Kitchen G/F Greenbelt 3 893-5804 Kimpura Restaurant 2/F Glorietta 2 892-8274 M Café Greenbelt 4 757-3000 Masas G/F Greenbelt 2 757-4030

Melo’s Steak Factory Greenbelt 1 892-3847

Sugi Restaurant G/F Greenbelt 2 757-3678

Merk’s Bar Bistro 3/F Greenbelt 3 757-4721

Tavern on the Square and Tbar 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4484

Mezze! G/F Greenbelt 2

Hard Rock Café 3/F Glorietta 3 894-3611

Nuvo G/F Greenbelt 2 757-3698

Casa Armas Bar Y Restaurante 3/F Greenbelt 3 757-4961

Hue 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4936

Oody’s 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4258

Cascada 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4368

Ice Vodka Bar 3/F Greenbelt 3 757-4472

Pasha 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4981

Cena G/F Greenbelt 2 757-4030

italianni’s G/F Greenbelt 2 728-0289

People’s Place Greenbelt 3 729-2888

Chili’s Bar & Grill G/F Greenbelt 1, Legaspi St. 867-2727

Kai G/F Greenbelt 2 757-5209

Pepato G/F Greenbelt 2 757-2636


MNL November 2006 22

Segafredo Espresso Bar G/F Greenbelt 2 757-4058

Max Brenner G/F Greenbelt 3

Mylk 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4802


Red Box Karaoke 3/F Greenbelt 3 757-6188

Soul Food 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4824

Haiku 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4597

California Pizza Kitchen G/F Glorietta 3 893-9898

Recipes 2/F Greenbelt 3 728-0917

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Temple G/F Greenbelt 2 757-5113 TGIFriday’s 3/F Glorietta 3 752-7685 The Seafood Club 2/F Greenbelt 3 757-4716 Una Mas G/F Greenbelt 2 757-3357 Uva G/F Greenbelt 2 757-4243 Zen G/L Glorietta 3 892-6851


Rockwell/ Power Plant Mall

the bar & restaurant list

Burgoo 3/F Power Plant Mall 898-1815 Chinese Monk R1 Level, Power Plant Mall 897-3785 Cibo G/F Power Plant Mall 898-0366 Crustasia R1 Level, Power Plant Mall 728-5463

Figaro Cattleya Gardens, C. Palanca St.

Bamboo Lounge 2/F DLA Bldg. 32nd St. Justicia Drive

Prince of Jaipur Unit E. Fort Bonifacio 884-1692, 884-1694

Piper’s 103 C. Palanca St. 887-01707

Embassy Superclub The Fort Global City 816-4346

Sake Lab c. Palanca St. 813-0475

Red Kimono Unit 1A, G/F 4th St. The Fort Global City 816-6642

Jaymi’s Fort Grill Bonifacio Drive, The Fort 887-2709, 887-2741

Verve 103 Dela Rosa cor. Perea St. 840-3634

Good Earth The Fort Global City 881-5100, 887-7500

Kuretake R1, Power Plant Mall 898-0509

Gourdo’s Café Unit G, The Fort 6 Underground Entertainment Center Glass Tower, C. Palanca St. 845-1700, 887-5007 (0916) 789-1616 Je Suis Gourmand Salcedo Village G/F Net One Bldg. The Fort Global City Azzurro 815-8801, 815-8802 Somerset Millenium, Aguirre St. Le Souffle 884-2239 The Fort Global City Bravo Ristorante 887-5108 to 09 114 H.V. Dela Costa St. soufflé 886-7885

Mati G/F Power Plant Mall Lopez Drive 898-2505

Capone’s Bistro G/F Frasier Place Valero St. 816-4394

L’Opera Ristorante Italiano The Fort Ent. Complex, 26th St. cor. 5th Ave. Global City 889-3963, 889-2784

Legaspi Village

Il Ponticello 2/F Antel 2000 Bldg. Valero St. 887-7168

Mingoy’s Restaurente The Fort Strip 815-9187

Dencio’s Bar & Grill Eastwing Power Plant Mall 898-0601 Gram’s Diner Rockwell Info Center, Rockwell Drive 883-3966

Bistro 110 G/F Doña Angela’s Garden 110 C. Palanca St. 752-5037 Duets Bistro 5/F ACCEED Conference Center, Benavidez cor Trasierra St. 752-4022

Yaku G/F Sommerset Millenium, Aguirre St. 888-0505 The Fort Blackbeards G/L Market Market 886-7692

Gweilos 109 C. Palanca St. 817-6083

Trio 2/F Fort Pointe Bldg. The Fort Global City 889-1601 Zong Fort Square Plaza The Fort Global City 889-0479 MANILA Arkadia Remedios St. 400-9776 Bed Maria Orosa St. Cor. J. Nakpil 404-3662 Café Havana 1903 M. Adriatico 521-8097 Casa Armas Bar and Restaurant 573 J. Nakpil St. 525-6274 Lolo Dads 899 President Quirino cor. Leon Guinto 524-2295

Palm Beach Seafood The Fort Global City 889-8986 to 88

Ratsky Manila 1663 J. Bocobo st., Malate 523-8608

Pasto G/F Fort Pointe Bldg. The Fort 884-1592

Sala 610 J. Nakpil st. 524-6770

Pier One The Fort Global City 887-0112 or 0115

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MNL November 2006 24

11/16/2006, 9:19 AM

WATERING HOLES Fazolis The Library 1779A M. Adriatico, Malate Eastwood City Walk 1 421-0453 523-4561 EASTWOOD/LIBIS Alba Restaurante Espanol One Luna Lifestyle Center, Eastwood Ave. 631-2216 Basement Eastwood City Walk 421-2046 Benissimo 2/F Eastwood City Walk 687-6423 Blue Onion Eastwood City Walk 421-1862 Café Metro Eastwood Eastwood City Walk 2 687-4525 Ebisu Grill Eastwood City Walk 2 687-7806

Ipanema Eastwood City Walk 421-7764

Zeno Lounge Autohaus BMW Show Room, Libis 635-7885 Ortigas/Pasig/ Greenhills

727-2959 Dencio’s Bar & Grill Metrowalk 631-3545 Elbow Room Metrowalk 634-1404

Jack’s Loft Eastwood City Walk 421-2048

Aruba Bar & Restaurant Metrowalk, Pasig 636-4702

Prince of Jaipur G5 Fuente Circle, Citywalk 1 911-1204

Azzuro Bistro & Bar Linden Suites, San Miguel Ave. 638-7878

Recipe Café Metro Eastwood City Walk 2 687-4525

Casa Armas The Podium 687-3665

Pasto El Pueblo, ADB Ave. 634-0157 Segafredo Podium Mall 633-3421

Somethin’ Fishy Eastwood City Walk 1 421-4757

Chateau 1771 El Pueblo, ADB Ave. 631-7340

Sidebar Café El Pueblo, ADB Ave. 631-7339

Twist Eastwood City Walk 1 421-1822

Chili’s Grill and Bar Yaku 26 Missouri cor. Nevada St., 3/F Podium Mall Northeast Greenhills 687-5368

Intoxica G-Strip, Greenhills 751-2190

Zips from page 15 mind what your body tells you to do,” Cat added. This would explain why the company’s motto is simply “Free. Flow. Go.” There are no rules to zip-ing. Once you have your own pair and learn the basic steps, the rest is entirely up to you. My friends and I even noticed, that with time, a true zipper develops his owns groove and traces of his personality can be seen in the way he chooses to dance and move. This observation became so apparent that we ended up giving Zip nicknames to each other. Take for example, our friend, Monch de los Reyes who we noticed always

did a capoeira-like hop while zip-ing. We dubbed him “Monch Bob.” Paolo, who seemed to favor this particular move called the butterfly, is now known as “Damn B,” short for “Madame Butterfly.” Paulino, one of the busiest Zip masters and instructors on the other hand, is called “Faisca” which means fire spark in Portuguese. This is because with much practice and honed mastery of maneuvers, zip-ing may be considered the first step or training ground for

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previous page fire-spinning. Be warned however, that fire-spinning or fire-zipping is not for everyone and it is usually left to the discretion of the Planet Zips teachers to say when one is ready and equipped with enough technique to handle fire poi. Be it with trails of fire or with colorful ribbons, the art of zip-ing as mentioned earlier, is sure to attract spectators. I have accompanied Planet Zips to several events such as Tiesto, Levi’s Freedom Camp and out-of-town gigs in Calatagan and Punta Fuego, and in every performance, people were somehow compelled

26 MNL001.indd

to stop and watch. So what’s the secret to the Zips’ allure? I tried it out for myself, and although I may not be as skilled as my other friends, I understand why it can become so addicting. During one gig in Terrazas, Punta Fuego, I became so engrossed with zip-ping that I went to the extent of trying it while simultaneously doing flips on a trampoline by the beach front. Despite buckling knees and many failed maneuvers, I couldn’t stop! Migui Winternitz, aka. “Baby Back Migs” articulated this for me by saying, “With Zips, you learn to challenge yourself. Once you tackle a difficult move you find

yourself trying to learn more and being happy that you’ve actually achieved it.” Sometimes, you might accidentally hit yourself with the weight or the ribbons may get entangled in the beginning, but to see yourself becoming more fluid, physically fit and then gaining the confidence to perform in front of others can be very gratifying, and yes, habit-forming. For inquiries (orders, lessons or performance-bookings) Please e-mail

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My Secret Manila from page 5 There is an upscale mall next to the Coliseum now, walkways even, but before you had to wait for a torrent of rain to let up before leaving and the best place to get a postgame meal was at Bellini’s. But I have to admit: nothing in Manila has cured my wanderlust. I dream of a Himalayan trek, partying in Prague, falling off the map. Don’t even get me started on what Manila could very well do without. But I dream of departing with every intention of coming home again; I hate Manila only because I can never leave it behind.

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MNL November 2006 28

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MNL's maiden issue


MNL's maiden issue