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Fiscal Year Highlights


n the last fiscal year, more than 318,000 visitors and members made the Arboretum their destination, and place to explore at their own pace. Peak times were the fall and spring respectively, but year-round—even in a winter characterized by little snowfall. FY 2012 was notable for new garden features and site improvements that ensured a smoother pathway and improved experience for visitors. Adding to our family-friendly features is a Green Play Yard—an outdoor play area especially for tots, with learning features geared toward infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. A fully restored and safer, more engaging Bog Boardwalk and interpretive features invited visitors to explore and learn about native plants and habitat. Improving the visitor experience overall were installation of more paved walkways, way-finding signage on trails, directional signage on Three-Mile Drive. In addition, upkeep and maintenance included repair of the woodlands waterfall and water system.

Green Play Yard. Photo by Don Olson.

After more than a decade, the Arboretum returned its greenhouse operation to working order, adding new furnaces and installing special benches so that annual flowers can grow from seed. With donor gifts and funds, it

is now possible to grow annuals in sizeable volume (instead of contracting out with nurseries)—all of our annuals will eventually be planted in Arboretum gardens. A seed bank and ultra-cold refrigerator was also added to preserve heirloom seeds and germ plasm of critically endangered species of plants. This past spring and summer was marked by road construction on State Highway 5, as bicycle paths were added on the underpass at Lake Minnewashta, as part of regional trail network developed by City of Victoria, Carver County and the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation.

Bog Boardwalk. Photo by Don Olson.


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JULY 1, 2011 – J UN E 30, 2012

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report FY 2012  

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report FY 2012

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report FY 2012  

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report FY 2012