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ANN U AL R E PO RT F Y 2 0 10

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010

DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE View an expanded version of the FY2010 annual report online at July 2010 It is my profound honor to take the helm at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The Arboretum’s natural diversity of woodlands, wetlands and prairie, the cultivated gardens and tree collections make it a premier public garden. The cold-hardy plant and fruit research and introductions by the Horticultural Research Center (HRC) are a standout in the world of horticulture research and discovery. I am delighted to be a part of the Arboretum community—the wonderful volunteers, the generous philanthropic community and dedicated staff make the Arboretum a special place. We honor our past, but look to the future opportunity and challenge. I am excited about the potential of the new Western

C ORPO R ATE PA RTN E RS We are grateful to the following corporations, as well as those listed on pages 5-14, for their generosity.

$50,000+ Brandspring Solutions LLC Comcast Xcel Energy

$25,000-49,999 C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. General Mills Foundation J.P. Morgan Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Addition, the restored Bog Walk that will re-open this spring, the historic preservation improvements underway in the Snyder Building, the essential shoreline upgrading at the Iris Pond and the beginnings of the nature play area at the Marion Andrus Learning Center. The Arboretum’s new strategic plan, now underway, will outline priorities to make your Arboretum a treasured community resource and destination for future generations. Thank you for your support.

Ed Schneider, Ph.D.

A SPECIA L T H AN KS Dr. Mary H. Meyer served as interim director at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum from July 2008 Allen S. Levine t h r o u g h Dean, College of Food, June 2010, Agricultural and Natural as a national Resource Sciences s e a r c h for a new director occurred. On behalf of the University of Minnesota and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, we thank Mary for her leadership and dedication.

Arboretum Director and Professor



Bailey Nurseries Foundation Best Buy COUNTRY Financial Services, Inc. Countryside Gardens Gabbert & Beck/Galleria Polaris Industries, Inc. UnitedHealth Group KARE 11 TV

AT&T Belmont Partners Public Relations Country Inn & Suites – Chanhassen Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Fresh Seasons Market Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens, Inc. Indulge & Bloom J.B. Hudson Jewelers Len Busch Roses Marquette Asset Management Pulte Group Wells Fargo Bank Foundation Wenck Associates

$5,000-9,999 Bachman’s, Inc. Cermak Rhoades Architects Delta Air Lines, Inc. Dorsey & Whitney LLP Emerson Electric Company McGough Construction Monrovia Growers The Mosaic Company Rosemount, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Private Bank

$1,000-2,499 3M Foundation AMEC Earth & Science AVEX, LLC Barr Engineering Company BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota

Cargill, Inc. Cub Foods Holly Lane Iris Gardens IBM Kohl’s Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd. Foundation The Pentair Foundation Pfizer, Inc. Prudential Foundation Rahr Foundation Ridgeview Medical Center Seward Co-op Suburban Chevrolet Tangletown Gardens TC Running Company Tonkadale Greenhouse US Bancorp Foundation Wagner Greenhouses, Inc.


ANN U AL R E PO RT F Y 2 0 10

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010

2010 YEAR IN REVIEW Over the past year, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum continues to fulfill its diverse mission to serve as a community resource with public display gardens, horticultural research, plant conservation, and education and outreach. Highlights are noted below in the areas of sustainability, development and capital projects, horticulture research, exhibits and education/outreach, and donor support. I. Sustainability Harvest Your Rain at Margot Picnic Area A permanent green roof constructed on an Arboretum picnic shelter demonstrates ways to re-use rainwater or help it filter into the earth, lessening harmful runoff into street drains and eventually our rivers, streams and lakes. Installed in late May, 2010, the Arboretum’s green roof was planted with 13 species of sedums and native “goat prairie” plants and made possible through a special partnership with the Minnesota Green Roofs Council and its member companies and organizations for donating supplies and/or labor. Harvest Your Rain also features exhibits on rain barrels and rain gardens. Rain barrels linked to a gutter system provides a reservoir of water to use for watering plants, filling birdbaths and other outdoor uses. Rain gardens are an attractive landscaping feature consisting of a bowlshaped or saucer-shaped garden filled with shrubs and perennial plants that thrive in changing water levels. It serves as a temporary holding area to contain storm water runoff from impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways and parking lots and allow it to filter into the earth.

II. Development and Capital Projects The new Western Addition completes ownership of Arboretum watershed. In January, 2009, the University of Minnesota and Arboretum purchased the property adjacent to our western boundary, a 90-acre parcel. This addition brings a total of 1, 137 acres. Maple and basswood big woods with wildflowers, open fields (that were probably prairie) and wetlands are part of this property. Roads, trails, and walking paths through the area will soon be developed. The new Western Addition will be used to teach about plants and the environment and how the land has been used by our ancestors through the ages: from American Indians who harvested the especially sweet maple syrup, to early settlers who planted fields. Do we have any section trees on this property? These trees were used as landmarks to delineate sections of property in the 1800s. Did the Conestoga wagon trail pass through this area? Research will uncover the rich history of the land and the findings will be interpreted with the public and integrated into educational programs in the coming years. III. Horticulture Research New apple introduction shakes market to the core In the 101 years of the northern hardy fruit breeding program at the University of Minnesota’s Horticultural Research Center (HRC), 26 robust varieties of apples have been introduced in the marketplace…but a newbie helped shake things up in Fall 2009. After 20 years of research, testing, and cultivation, SweeTango®–the off spring of Honeycrisp and Zestar parentage–burst on the scene with predictions over time to jostle Honeycrisp from its superstar perch. David




and chief apple breeder at the HRC (co-credited with Dr James Luby for introducing Honeycrisp) are the brains and tasters responsible for developing SweeTango®, Stringent criterion ranging from texture, size, disease-resistance– much less appearance and taste–make the apple breeding market a high stakes environment encompassing 20-30 years on average to develop a new variety. It often requires another 10-15 years before the variety is readily available in markets and grocery stores. Bedford says that texture and flavor are the two most important factors that dictate the future success of any particular apple variety from the University’s breeding program. A limited supply of SweeTango® apples were introduced for sale at the Arboretum AppleHouse in early Fall, 2009 and select grocery stores and markets. IV. Exhibits, Education and Outreach Youth Voices and Land Summit In fall, 2009, the Arboretum presented a conference of Youth Voices, an opportunity to listen to youth tell adults their ideas and interests. In addition, the Arboretum hosted a Land Conservation and Clean Water Summit for communities and professionals on how to better manage land and water resources. YOUTH VOICES: DESIGNING GARDEN-BASED PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN & YOUTH Saturday, October 3 A primary focus of the Youth Education Department is to use garden based programs to engage youth in hands on experiences that build skills, increase knowledge, and improve the vitality of the community. Graduates of the Urban Garden in Residence and CityFresh planning team members have a

ANN U AL RE PO RT F Y 2 01 0

4 4

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010

2010 YEAR IN REVIEW combined total of 66 summers working, growing and leading urban garden-based programs for youth. At the October conference, they evaluated the impact of these programs on their lives and offered critical insight into which aspects of the programs are valuable and which are not. “I would like to see more followup programs for older kids,” said Ebony Turner, 20, a planning team member. “Kids get to a certain age and they can’t go anymore. What’s next?” “It’s good to start early (in the garden). It helps develop a work ethic, and you gain a sense of responsibility at a younger age,” said Xavier Porter, 21, planning team member. Deedra Porter, 19, planning team member, also believes that the garden based programs “help to show kids responsibility and respect not only for the garden, but also in their everyday lives.” Team member LaVance Dixon, 19, says, “You can learn how not to be afraid to fail – just try things and not worry about whether they fail.”

The planning began in July, with team members at the Learning Center collaborating on the conference goal: to inject youth voice into garden-based program design and implementation. The most important point, they said, is that kid-participants expand the perspective of program designers, adding the depth and breadth of their direct experience to make a program more relevant to other children. Equally important for a truly

lasting impact, garden-based programs must continue past age 12. V. Donor Support Arboretum Trustee Challenge Fund Update In September 2009, the Arboretum Foundation Board of Trustees generously established a Challenge Fund to encourage donors to support our beloved Arboretum. For this initiative, the Trustees collectively pledged $96,100 above and beyond their annual support. This fund has been used to match, dollar for dollar, all reinstated, increased and new gifts. In this way, a donor’s gift has a doubled impact for the Arboretum.

The Arboretum is pleased to announce that the challenge has been exceeded. To date the Arboretum has received $101,352 in reinstated, increased and new gifts from 615 donors as a result of the Trustee’s Challenge Fund! Of the 1364 donors during this time period, nearly half of those gifts were new or increased from the previous year. The Arboretum wishes to thank the Arboretum Foundation Board of Trustees for their leadership and support and also the generous Arboretum donors who responded and made this Challenge Fund an amazing success!

EXHIB IT S, EDUCAT IO N A ND O UT REA CH Spring Exhibition: THE BIG BUILD by Patrick Dougherty Artist in residence May 3-22 Acclaimed environmental artist Patrick Dougherty brought his creative vision to life, weaving an immense masterwork with surplus forest saplings and branches for the Arboretum in the center island, outside the Oswald Visitor Center. Dougherty has built more than 175 installations worldwide over the past 30 years, from Scotland to France, Japan to Australia and now at the Arboretum! With willow as his medium and the Arboretum as his inspiration, he twisted and wove sticks and tree saplings, assisted by staff and volunteers, into a work he christened “Uff da Palace” as homage to the multiple meanings and experiences in the use of this Minnesota folk phrase. After Dougherty officially christened his newest sculpture, a public procession from the Big Build to the StickWorks Studio at the Marion Andrus Learning Center took place for a second ribbon cutting by the artist: StickWorks Studio was opened May 22- October 10. This open-air studio under the trees encouraged visitors of all ages to weave their own stick art this summer. Grapevine and willow were provided. Presented by J.P. Morgan Additional support from Country Inn & Suites Chanhassen, McGough Construction and Suburban Chevrolet.

5 5

ANN U AL RE PO RT F Y 2 01 0

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010

GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP J U LY 1 , 2 0 0 9 – J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 1 0



The Director’s Circle represents the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s highest level of Annual Fund operational support. The following individuals, foundations &

Ankeny Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Pete & Margie Ankeny Conley & Marney Brooks  Susan & Jim Cargill II

corporations demonstrate a unique and generous

Ruth & Dan Haggerty

commitment to provide for the gardens, programs, and

KiMa Private Foundation

research of our institution. This very distinguished level of

Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan

participation is greatly appreciated.

Roger & Nancy McCabe Foundation

Thank you!

Joyce & Richard McFarland

Whitney & Betty MacMillan

The McKnight Foundation

James & Rebecca Matson

Mary Agnes & Al McQuinn

Founding Co-Chairs

Margaret Rivers Fund  Jeannine Rivet & Warren Herreid II


Contributors who gave $150 or more in the twelve months from July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010 are listed in the honor roll that follows. Regrettably, space does not permit us to mention all the names of the thousands of donors below that level whose contributions are equally vital to the livelihood of the Arboretum. We value and honor each and every gift, and thank you for your continued generous support. $250,000 & ABOVE Anonymous (1) Mary Agnes & Al McQuinn Margaret & Angus Wurtele

$100,000 - $249,999 Anonymous (3) Andersen Book Trust Brandspring Solutions LLC Estate of Jane B. Spence

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous (1) Robert P. Bilotta Comcast Mary Lee Dayton Estate of Leona H. Grivelli KiMa Private Foundation Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Auxiliary Noren C. & Karen A. Nelson Margaret Rivers Fund

Xcel Energy

$25,000 - $49,000 Anonymous (2) John E. Andrus III Ankeny Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Lloyd & Margaret Bachman C. H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. Ella P. Crosby / Longview Foundation Kitty & David Crosby W. John & Lee Driscoll / The Driscoll Foundation Estate of Rada N. Fredrikson General Mills Foundation Ruth & Dan Haggerty / Haggerty Family Foundation Betty Jean Hahn J.P. Morgan Stephen & Isabella Keating Estate of Walter L. Mann Roger & Nancy McCabe Foundation The McKnight Foundation

Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council Minnesota Corn Growers Association Jeannine Rivet & Warren Herreid II Karrie & John Shroyer

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (3) June A. Andrix Bailey Nurseries Foundation Warren & Donna Beck Mike Bertelsen Best Buy Richard L. Brachmann Blythe Brenden / Brenden-Mann Foundation Conley & Marney Brooks Carmen & James Campbell / The Campbell Foundation Susan & Jon Campbell Susan & Jim Cargill II David & Carol Cole COUNTRY Financial Services, Inc.

Countryside Gardens / Barbara & Laverne Dunsmore Estate of Melvin E. Davison Rodney H. Forristall Gabbert & Beck / Galleria John G. & Alice L. Harrison Family Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Leonard C. Hoeft Jack R. & Hedy V. Lake Lang Family Foundation Sarah & John Lindahl Joanna & Ernest Lord Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Martin and Brown Foundation / Jennifer L. Martin Bob & Polly McCrea Joyce & Richard McFarland Estate of Evelyn W. Moyle Kathleen Murphy & Norm Rickeman Thomas & Jane Nelson Bart & Kandi Osborn Janet M. Peter


ANN U AL R E PO RT F Y 2 0 10

GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Polaris Industries, Inc. Cecil Ramnaraine Saul & Beth Ann Segal Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust Wawa June Thorson Jennifer & Steven Thwaits Karin & David Thwaits Lori & Philip Thwaits UnitedHealth Group Donald R. Wahlund Foundation Donald Weesner Foundation Renata R. Winsor Rick & Ann Zweig

$5,000 - $9,999 Lois A. Anselment Bachman’s, Inc. The Gordon & Margaret Bailey Foundation Marilyn A. Beddor Boss Foundation Debra & John Bryant Gail & Bob Buuck Caravan Trust / A.S. Cargill Dick & Marcia Carthaus Cermak Rhoades Architects Martin & Jan Chorzempa / Chorzempa Family Foundation B.J. & Ken Dahlberg James G. & Megan M. Dayton / Stone Pier Foundation Delta Air Lines, Inc. Dolan Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Dorsey & Whitney LLP Hugh & Joyce Edmondson Emerson Electric Company Luke & Rhonda Fowler Andrew & Erin Gottschalk Dr. William & Hella Mears Hueg I V Foundation Patricia & Benjamin Jaffray Mrs. William Ludwick Susan & Edwin McCarthy Peggy McGee / Charles B. Sweatt Foundation McGough Construction Kendrick B. Melrose Donor Advised Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Monrovia Growers The Mosaic Company Betsy Packard Estate of Mary E. Pennock Estate of Elsa M. Peterson Gary & Maureen Petrucci Phyllis S. Poehler & Walter E. Stremel Charitable Trust Estate of Gretchen M. Pracht HJ Promise Foundation Ted Robb Rosemount, Inc. Julie & Eric Showers

Richard & Judy Spiegel Estate of Irmagene Stark Van Sloun Foundation / Neil & Sue Van Sloun The Waycrosse Foundation Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Private Client Services Helen & J. Kimball Whitney

$2,500 - $4,999 Katherine J. Aby Alkire Family Foundation / Darrel R. Alkire Gary & Patrice Alkire Julian & Jamie Andersen Ruth M. Anderson AT&T Bruce & Martha Atwater / Prospect Creek Foundation Lawrence W. Bachman Bellmont Partners Public Relations Eve Benesh & John Crowley Gary & Helen Bergren Debra Bishop Priscilla Brewster Pat Carlson Carver County Country Inn & Suites – Chanhassen The Edward Dayton Family Fund Roger & Mary Dolliff Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Gerald & Kay Erickson Bonita & Scott Fisher Fresh Seasons Market Patricia J. Glassing Jim & Cathy Gray Mary Livingston Griggs & Mary Griggs Burke Foundation William & Barbara Gullickson Barbara Hamilton-Sustad & Gary Sustad Bill & Helen Hartfiel Bob & Sally Hauser Roger & Lynn Headrick Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens, Inc. David & Theresa Holmes Indulge & Bloom Philip & Milla Isaacson Delores E. & Robert J. Isaacson J.B. Hudson Jewelers Susan F. & Tobin H. Jones George & Mary Lou Klacan Knopf Family Foundation / Amy D. Knopf Lake Minnetonka Garden Club Len Busch Roses Jim & Jennifer Lewis Donald & Diana Lee Lucker Marquette Asset Management Mary Marrs Charles & Marilynne Marvin

Walter McCarthy & Clara Ueland / Greystone Foundation Dobbin & Molly McCrea Roger Meihak Minnesota Herb Society Philip & Katherine Nason Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Susan Hubbard Oakley Christopher & Annie O’Brien Carol & Bruce Olson John & Margaret Ordway / Dellwood Foundation Inc. John & Bea Palmer Roger Peters & Lorna Reichl John & Cathy Pohlad / Marquette Asset Management Juliette Primeau & Craig Johnson Pulte Group Charlie Scimeca & Kathryn Thorngren James & Susan Sneer Kim & Buddy Snow Fred & Alice Wall Ryan T. Wartman Wells Fargo Bank Foundation Wenck Associates, Inc.

$1,000 - $2,499 3M Foundation Gordon & Mary Aamoth Boz & Terri Albinson Mark & Jennifer Allen AMEC Earth & Science Pete & Margie Ankeny / Ankeny Foundation Peter & Sally Anson / Ankeny Foundation Ted & Ruth Arneson AVEX, LLC Dan & Anne Baasen Barbara K. Bachman Jo & Gordon Bailey Patrick & Laura Bailey Denis Bakke Arleen F. Ballor Barr Engineering Company Walter & Jane Barry Ronald & Joyce Beauchane William H. Beery Henry & Diane Benz Randy & Marcy Betcher Alexandra O. Bjorklund / McCarthy Bjorklund Foundation Suzanne C. Blue BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota Delores L. Bluestone Anne Bowman Armand & Mary Brachman Carroll C. Brooks Burdick-Craddick Family Foundation Brian & Annette Call Joan & Gary Capen Cargill, Inc. Mary Janet Cargill Joanne Carlson

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Louise Ann Carlson Bryan & Mary Carlson James & Kathy Catalano Harlan Cavert & Linda Odegard Laura E. Chandler Julie & Brad Close Cooper Schneier Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Cub Foods James & Jennifer Davenport Julia W. Dayton Bob & Joanie Dayton Richard DeLeo Ruth Diekman Barbara O. Dow Lollie & Alan Eidsness Dick & Sylvia Eisler Virgil T. Fallon Ben & Becky Field George Flannery Deborah Frenzel / Frenzel Foundation Freshwater Society John & Martha Gabbert David & Kristin Gantman James & Jordan Glover Mary & Steven Goldstein The Goddard School Chanhassen PTO Andy & Monica Graham Marvin & Evelyn Grimm Jim G. Hagstrom Bob & Diane Hagstrom Susan A. Hagstrum & Robert H. Bruininks Ione B. Haller Roger Hallgren M.D. Tom Hammer Ruth Hammer Mark D. Hanson Hardenbergh Foundation Margaret Harness Barbara S. Haroldson Lucy B. Hartwell Ralph & Beana Hatch Robert & Sally Hebeisen John & Jean Hedberg Hegman Family Foundation John & Ann Heimark John & Rosmarie Helling Karyn S. Heuer Tony & Diane Hofstede Holly Lane Iris Gardens John & Jean McGough Holten Max & Maggie Horn Jeff Hornig Rusty Huff Dr. Bruce & Jan Hultgren James & Joanne Huntting IBM James & Tracy Inglis James & Mary Jensen Roz & Mary Johnson Dale & Wilma Johnson Betsy Johnston Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Sam & Dona Jordan Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Art & Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation Jane & Jim Kaufman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Roxann Kay & Thomas Crane Margaret H. & James E. Kelley Foundation, Inc. The Steven L. & Jan L. Kirchner Family Foundation Kohl’s Frederick H. Kuesel Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd. Foundation Ted & Dagmar Larsen Elaine S. Larson Don & Joann Leavenworth David & Sharon Lentz Janet C. Leslie Gale & Kathy Libby R.C. Lilly Foundation / David & Perrin Lilly / David & Diane Lilly / Bruce & Mary Lilly / Susanne & Zenas Hutcheson D. Kenneth & Patricia Lindgren Russell & Avis Lindquist Lesley & Brent Longval Nivin S. MacMillan / W. Duncan & Nivin MacMillan Foundation Dave & MaryAnn Maiser Wilbur & Marjorie Maki Robert & Siri Marshall Tom & Kathy Martin Thomas & Sue McCarthy Michael & Kay McCarthy Alma McCollough Carol & Aaron McGuire Dick & Debby McNeil Donna & Paul McRoberts Mary & M. D. McVay Milo & Mary Meland Dale F. Menten William F. Messerli Fredrick & Christine Meyer Mary & James Meyer Evelyn Miller Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Peter & Judy Mitchelson Frank J. & Juliana H. Molek Christy & Terry Morse Ed & Beth Morsman Susan Busch Nehring & Gary Nehring Wendy M. Nelson Gretchen & Jack Norqual Rosemary & Gerald Olerud Peter & Bonnie Olin Ahmad & Ruth Orandi John & Marla Ordway Charitable Lead Trust Dr. Richard R. & Amy S. Owen Cynthia & Gregory Page Jeanne E. Pemble The Pentair Foundation Pfizer Inc. Linda P. Petterson Harriet & Walter Pratt Adelaide Prillaman


ANN U A L R E PO RT F Y2 0 1 0 Prudential Foundation Sallie Quammen & Charlie Fazio The Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, Inc. Rahr Foundation Ridgeview Medical Center Elizabeth M. Ringer John & Lois Rogers Don & Mary Anne Ryks Kay Savik & Joe Tashjian General Dennis & Pam Schulstad Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Loleta E. Scott Maryellen & Jeff Seeley Seward Co-op Nimi Singh Robert J. Sivertsen / The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Foundation Betty B. Slater Barry & Laurie Small Phillip H. Smith Harriet C. Smith Jacqueline Smith Warren & Mary Lynn Staley Thomas & Patricia Stedman Barbara H. Steiner Suburban Chevrolet Mary Sumners Evelyn Sweasy Tangletown Gardens TC Running Company Edwin & Beverly Thiede Sara Jean Thoms Mary Hershberger Thun & David Thun Tonkadale Greenhouse US Bancorp Foundation Ken Vogel Wagner Greenhouses, Inc. Ed & Carol Wagner Laura Walvoord Chuck & Nancy Webster Rebecca A. Weicherding Ellen M. Wells Tom & Diane Wentz Paul & Ann Werler Frederick & Eleanor Winston Sinclair Winton Mike & Barb Zins

$500 - $999 Tor & Kristine Aasheim David & Desiree Abele Keith Abrahamson & Karlene Johnson Roger Acton & Donna Hoiland Robert G. Adams Anding Consulting, Inc. Jan & Greg Aplin Joy & Rich Arens Randy Arnold & Patricia Fair Ron & Kay Bach Carl & Doris Bachman Lee W. Bachman Stan & Georgia Bachman Karen Baker

Valeria L. Barlau Bruce & Carol Barry Daniel R. Bauer Paul & Kathrynne Baumtrog Richard & Anne Behrens Drs. Michael & Ellen Bendel-Stenzel Susan L. Bergh Chip Berglund Michael & Sheila Gorman Bonsignore Kay & Curt Botko Ann E. Bruggeman Kate H. Budd Blenda & Jim Bullard George Carney Carolyn Foundation Marilyn & Gerald Cathcart June S. & H. Mead Cavert CDF Foundation Century Wine & Spirits Marie Christensen, MD City of Chanhassen Neal & Florence Cohen Elaine & Foster Cole Peter & Dianne Cook The Country Cake Cupboard Russell Cowles & Josine Peters Susan & Dick Crockett John & Elizabeth Curtin / PGN Foundation Arlene & John Dayton Mary Dennis Tom & Mary Detwiler Norma H. Dolliff Christine Dombrowski & Thomas Ivancsics Kirk Dornfeld & Carol Winter Thomas Dreeze & Evans Mirageas Cynthia & Charles Driscoll Edelweiss Design, Inc Eaton Corporation Mark & Carol Engebretson Ruth E. Engelbert Gerald & Sandra Erickson Roland & Pauline Erickson Donald O. Erickson Richard & Mary Ervasti Mark & Margie Eustis Robert & Mary Fayfield Pat & Dick Fishel Newton & Randi Fisk Frank & Judith Foss Margene & David Fox Charles & Barbara Geer / Zabel & Charles A. Geer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Teddy & James Gesell Lowell & Lety Gillette John B. Goodman Jane & Doug Gorence Geoff & Jenele Grassle Anne Gray Shirley Greenfield Alison Grey Pierson M. & Florence B. Grieve Family Fund of St. Paul Foundation Chuck & Lucille Grosch

Charles & Laurie Gustafson Jon & Terri Gustavson Jane D. Hall Philip & Margaret Harder Bob & Jacqueline Harvey Justine & Bob Haselow Randy & Mary Hayes Donna M. Hecker Stacey & Sam Heins Gary Helgeson & Nancy Bologna Barbara Hervas Debra & Jeff Hodroff Anastasia Hoeft Jim & Sally Hornig James & Ann Howard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Meredith & Richard Howell Hadlai & Anne Hull Ruth & John Huss Irling & Elizabeth Itzen Chris & Val Jackson Robert & Diane Johnson Judie & Mark Jones Gail M. Jones Ward Jones & Pat Stephenson Bruce & Irma Kelley Helen W. King Madonna & Jim King Janice Kispert Barbara & David Koch Elizabeth V. Koenig Kristie & Thomas Kotsonas Darrell & Barbara Kula Larson/Sobotka, PLLC / Brian Larson & Elizabeth Sobotka Dianne & Daniel Latham Mary Ash Lazarus & Barry Lazarus Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Tim & Lynn Lee James & Patricia Lehmann LeJeune Family Foundation Steve C. Leuthold Ross & Bridget Levin David & Jean Linne Longwood Gardens Library Bill Lurton Maha Inspired Activewear / Jamie & Krista Fragola Roberta Mann & Donald Benson Ted & Jodi Marti / August Schell Brewing Company Phillip H. Martin & Erika Zetty John & Betsy Massie Dr. & Mrs. John J. Mauriel Jim & Mary Alice Mayerle Jennifer & David McIntosh John W. McLaughlin Heidi McLean The Medtronic Foundation Eric J. Meester Men’s Garden Club of Minneapolis Katherine M. Merrill Microsoft Matching Gifts Program James & Laura Miles

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Minnesota Dahlia Society Michael Mitchelson & Susan Brown Mrs. Marilyn M. Moon Shirley K. Moore Sheila C. Morgan Vernon & Marilyn Mork Clinton & Mary Morrison Kingsley & Katherine Murphy Neiman Marcus Gregg & Colleen Nelson Melanie Nelson / Urban Thyme Larissa Nelson & Jeanie Thomas Jo Nichols Ford & Catherine Nicholson Nolan Family Foundation James Odland James & Marjorie O’Hara Jim Olsen & Carolyn Ganz Deborah R. Olson Otten Brothers Nursery, Inc. Henry & Betty Owen John Pearson Richard & Mary Ann Pedtke Jim & Donna Peter Mrs. Helen C. Peters Matthew Pfohl & Melinda Nelson Pfohl Ellen & David Phelps / Ritz Family Foundation Norma & Edmund Phelps / Ritz Family Foundation Patrick W. Philipp Pierce Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation William & Teri Popp Daniel & Linnea Poretti Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Power Peter Price & Julie Whitney Clyde & Mary Reedy Susan & Charles Reinhart Mary & Nat Robbins Norton & Bert Rockler Sandra B. Roe June M. Rogier Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rued Paul & Patricia Sackett Toby Sackter Saint Paul Garden Club, Inc. Sand Country Christmas Trees Carol Mae Sandstrom Jolene Satre & Dana Benson Jo Ellen & Howard Saylor Donna & Warren Schimunek John & Mary Schumacher Terry & Debra Schwarting Mur Senn Sentry Insurance Foundation Inc. Mike & Laura Shannon Joe Shneider Sieff Family Foundation / John & Jane Sieff Richard & Jean Simmonds Virginia & Richard Simmons Anthony M. & Heather Smith Jeff & Paula Bergin Soholt Carolyn J. Sorensen Karen Sowizral & Mark Black

Dean & Carol Spatz Cheryl Spicer Chad & Tracy Spotts / Andrews Family Foundation Charles & Jean Stark Martha B. Stimpson Sturdiwheat Foods, Inc. H.R. & Elaine Swanson Christopher & Kerry Swanson Henry & Virginia Sweatt Allen & Ann Taylor Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. Kaimay & Joseph Terry Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Edward & Julie Titcomb / The Rodman Foundation Emily Anne & Gedney Tuttle Marilyn & Lowell Ueland Urban Outfitters Ruth Spiegel Usem Nancy Van Sloun & Paul Barnard William L. Varner Todd & Lisa Wagner Lowell & Darlene Wakefield Richard & Carol Weller Jeffrey & Mary Werbalowsky Daniel Wetterlin & Mona Inman E.J. Wexler Gift Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation The Whitney Foundation Fritz & Jane Widmer Gil Williams Penny Winton Angela & Kirt Woodhouse William & Susan Wurster Xcel Energy Foundation Janet & David Zens David & Susan Zuelke Gary E. Zywotko

$300 - $499 Jim & Sharon Adam Jane T. Adams ADC Telecommunications Mary & John Alden Ameriprise Financial Grace E. Anderson Larry & Sheri Anderson Vince & Vickie Anderson Karen Ansbaugh & Steven Holbrook ARAnet, Inc. Terry & Sharon Armstrong Donna L. Arntson AXA Foundation James Azarski & Nancy Werner-Azarski Paul & Barb Bachman Erna W. Bachtold Ball Horticultural Company Javier & Carrie Barberena Phillip & Michelle Barry Chris & Erika Baughman BCS Life Insurance Company Corrie W. Ooms Beck Ruth & Paul Beckstrom Millie Benjamin


ANN U AL R E PO RT F Y 2 0 10

GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Muffy Bennett Theresa Berman Sandra R. & Oris C. Beucler John A. Billman Carolyne Bisson & Richard Miller Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Bjerke Ed & Mary Bock Elizabeth & Steven Bohl Mark & Kathy Bongard Wayne & Mary Bourne Peter & Corlea Boyer Jerry & Carol Brown Michael & Judith Browne Dr. Jim & Tess Brownfield Marilyn & Norman Brummer Thelma & Bill Bryson George E. Bugbee Marjorie & Fritz Butke Judy & Laurence Butler Terry Butler Janet & John Carey Roger & Lois Carlson W. Hane Carlson & Joan M.W. Carlson Elaine Case & Bill Wiktor Joanne & B.J. Case, Jr. Dodie Chalupsky Carolyn Charles Ann Christensen Judith A. Christensen Ronald & Janet Christenson Douglas T. Cohen Ron & Kathy Colby Monzetta W. Cole James & Barbara Colvin John & Wendy Composto John & Phebe Connolly Diane & Charles Cooley Jeanne E. Corwin Mary Jo & Fernando Cosio Kathy & Greg Coward Lynn Cremer Tom & Ellie Crosby, Jr. Sally & John Cuningham David & Merrie Dahlgren Sheldon & Carol Damberg Ann B. Davies & Patrick W. Divine Sue & Amos Deinard Robert & Norma Dempsey Gerald & Catharine Dillon Diane Dingley Lois & Douglas Dion Dede Disbrow Division Stampings, Inc. Vijay & Rekha Dixit Paul R. Doege Ernie & Mary Dorn Kathleen & Douglas Drake Bob & Mary Druke Pierre C. Dussol John & Dana Emery Jane Emison Tim & Mary Engstrom

Bill & Kay Erickson Theodore & Alpha Erickson Gene & Lorraine Ernst Karen Fenske Kerry & Monica Field Catherine Finch Janet & Doug Fiola Patricia A. Florance Tanya Foster Franklin Street Bakery Jerry & Janet Freund Geneice Gaasedelen James & Joan Gardner Wayne & Susan Gartland Lisa R. Gault Arlene & Glenn Geissinger M. Eleanor Gerster David & Leslie Gesko GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Raymond & Margaret Good Gene & Mari Jo Grace Graco, Inc. Allan & Nancy Greenwood Mary Jo & Buzz Griffin Robin A. Groenke Judy & Joe Hable Nick & Patricia Haddad Beth & Steven Haeg Curt & Tanya Hamilton Diana & Mike Hanline Norma Hanlon Phil & Ann Hansen Sally & Al Hanser / Hanser Family Foundation Greg & Mary Kay Harcus Kay Harrell Jeffrey Harris & Jill Dunning-Harris Catherine & James Hartzell Michael & Deborah Hatfield Jerry & Ann Marie Haus Glenn & Mavis Hawkyard Jim & Kathy Haymaker Roger & Marge Heegaard Paul & Laura Hegre J. & J. Heidinger Paul & Elaine Heles Helen & Ken Hendrickson Eugene & Mildred Henke Karen & Sheldon Hess Leslie Hexum Fredrick J. Hey, Jr. Rich & Carrie Higgins Judith Hilgers Rod & Jan Hillstrom Nancy Hoeft Orville C. Hognander, Jr. David W. Hohmann Tom & Kissy Holtz Helen M. Honmyhr Emily Hoover & James Luby Esther Hope & Patrick Clark Hormel Foods Corporation Bruce & Jeannine Hubbard Betty T. Huber

Joyce Huff Lisa Hunninghake Carole & Andrew Hunter Inclusion. Inc. Dorothy & Tom Jamieson Kay & Jack Jasper William & Jane Jensen Darold & Carol Johnson Kristin A. Johnson Peggy A. Johnson Sue & Al Johnson Alan & Judy Johnston Kris & Marty Johnston Kathleen Jones Norm & Mary Jones-Morris Paul & Chris Kadue Marilyn Kaeli Carole & Michael Kahnert Joe & Georgia Kandiko Elliot & Eloise Kaplan Edward & Irene Kaplan Lyle & Kathleen Kasprick Kenneth & Nancy Kaufmann Bill & Merlene Keeler Marylin Kelley & Lynn Kelley Timothy Kenny Robert & Jeanne Kill Marilyn E. Kingman Marcella Klein Gary & Mary Kloss Kraft Foods Foundation Joan & Paul Kroehnert Jim & Mary Landberg Jane Landry Thomas W. & Susan R. Larkin Kari Larsen Boyd & LaVonne Larson Mary Larson & Kim Petersen Paul & Nancy Larson Reuben & Gerry Larson Carol B. Laybourn Bill & Sharol Lehnertz Jim & Diane Lestor Dick & Peg Lidstad Kimberlee & Kenneth Linden Richard R. Lund John & Mary Ellen Lundsten Barbara J. Lutz Kathleen Mack Jane & Reed MacKenzie Kristine Maddern Joseph & Irene Maertens Richard & Diane Magnuson Thomas & Sandra Mallon Veronica A. Malone Beatrice C. Manka Ruth A. Marfell Karen Marinovich & Richard Roles Paul Markwardt & Richard Allendorf James B. Massie Cal & Mary Mathieson Tim & Karen McCauley Doug & Lori McDougal Vivian & Lewis McGonagle Tom McGough & Jan Winterhalter Barbara McGraw

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Terri & Jack McKeon Malcolm & Wendy McLean J. Daniel & Paula McQuillen Deb Melchert Michelle & Allison Mercer Cindy Mertens & Ken Kapsner Melanie & Dan Mertes John & Jacqueline Meyers Sonja & Mark Miedtke Stan & Beverly Mierzejewski Jo Mihelich Anne W. Miller William & Jean Mitchell Peter & Susan Moe Robert & Karin Moe David & Mary Molke Craig & Laura Mollet Ward & Beverly Montgomery David & Kimpa Moss Christopher & Cynthia Moyer Guy & Marsha Mueller Gail & William Munsell Miller & Janet Myers Bill & Stephanie Naegele Bob & Elizabeth Naughton Bert & Margret Nelson Kristen Nelson & Richard Cheeseman Karen Nemchik & Tariq Samad Martin & Barbara Nergaard Harold & Jeanne Ness Sharon L. Neuenfeldt Northwestern Mutual Foundation Elinor & William Ogden Old Dutch Foods Gene & Joyce Olson Ralph D. Olson Robert & Karen Olson Leroy Owens & Mary Henderson Robert & Julie Paschke Deb & Myron Pauly Bob & Penny Peters Carolyn L. Peterson Patricia M. Peterson Stephen & Ann Pflaum Norma & John Pierson Tad & Cindy Piper Sue Ann Pirsch Rolland D. Pistulka Maureen M. Pollmann Molly & Ronald Poole Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Sarah E. Porter, Sarah E Porter, CPA, MCSE, MCITP Cindy Pratt Nancy Priedeman Jodi & Rick Prohofsky Jay Quam & Kristi Carlson Bonnie & Peter Raquet Verna Rausch John Raynolds & Eileen BlakerRaynolds Redwood Falls Nursery, Inc. / John Buckley & James Buckley Carol Reed & John Hill Mary E. Reidhead

John & Carol Retherford James Rice Jack & Ede Rice Mary L. Ringer Dorothy C. Robb Judge James D. & Leanna M. Rogers Martha L. Rogers Peter & Kyle Rose David & Laura Rude Thomas & Eve Rutter Eugene & Betty Sailer Dr. & Mrs. Richard Salib Forrest & Faye Sargent Ken & Elaine Sarkela Brent & Barb Schank, D.C. Hans & JoAnn Schaub Jim & Lynn Schell Robin Schulte Glenn Schwartz & Lenore Rockler Loraine C. Schwinn John & Hiroko Shade Rajiv & Rajni Shah Sidney K. Shapiro Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Siess Jean Silberman & Tom van der Linden Anne Simonson William Yale Smiley Gary & Carol Smith Posy Jones Smith Dona Snow-Miller Brian & Shirley Snyder Gerry & Nan Snyder Charles Sorenson Lorraine Sorich Tiki & Bill Spell Edson & Harriet Spencer Robin & Chuck Spevacek Chuck & Sylvia Spragg Betty L. Stake Peg Stangby Wendy & Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell B.K. & George Stein Joe & Carol Stoebner Nancy & John S. Strom Evelyn T. Struthers Richard Sveum & Jennifer Olson Eric & Cynthia Swanlund Don & Wildie Swanson Terry Swanson & Terence Florin Sylvia A. Swede Jeanne & Tom Sween Sally Tang Harry & Margaret Teder Janice Templin Dr. Joseph T. & Gail Teynor Roger & Rita Tiede The Toro Giving Program Bruce & Bekka Trippet Dawn M. Uherka Wayne & Katherine Vagts Dr. & Mrs. Ed Vaurio Dorothy Vawter & David Dudycha Claire Vogel


ANN U A L R E PO RT F Y2 0 1 0 Judy & Dick Vogen Sharon Wahl Paul Waldon & Susan Norstrom-Waldon Lyle & Joanne Wandrei Kathleen & William Wanner Tad & Ann Ware Jo & Howard Weiner Lee West & Susan Bachman West Hugh & Alison Westgate Mark & Muriel Wexler Foundation Ted & Nancy Weyerhaeuser Claralouise M. Wheeler Bill & Karyn Whitely Patty Williams Susan & Steven Wilson Wendell & Marilyn Wilson Sharon & Clark Winslow Rex & Nan Winter Rosemary & Wayne Wislofsky Gregory & Harriet Witt Dave Zumeta & Kate Brady Joseph & Jane Zweber

$150 - $299 June Leslie Aaker Donald & Rosemary Abel Mr. & Mrs. Paul Abraham Alan Abramson & Barbara Wilson Mary Ellen Abramson Thomas & Ilene Adam David & Elizabeth Adams Family Marlene B. & Carl R. Adams Len & Sue Adler ADP Foundation Alfred & Dorothee Aeppli Greg & Cindy Ahlm Thomas E. & Sandra M. Ahlstrom Susan & Louis Ainsworth Edward & Margaret Alberg John & Michele Alberg Roxanne & Terry Albers Janet & Kenneth Albrecht Nancy Aldrich Lynne Buckbee Alexander Carl & Mary Alexander Steve & Judy Allen James & Elaine Allen Matthew Allen & Sarah Vernon Katie Alley & Bryce Pierson Alliant Techsystems, Inc. Altria Group Inc. Vince & Val Ames Chris & Carol Amundson Jody & Steve Anderly Adam & Sarah Anderson Charlotte G. Anderson DeVona K. Anderson Eric Anderson & Geraldine Urbanski Faith & Charles Anderson John & Judy Anderson Kathie M. Anderson Lee R. Anderson

Michael & Doris Anderson Norma H. Anderson Roger Anderson & Beth Widstrom-Anderson Roger E. Anderson Sharon Anderson Victor & Marianne Anderson Yvonne & Ritch Anderson Joan Andrew Jane Andrews Howard J. Ansel AON Foundation Cathy Arvig Margaret W. Atwood Richard & Frances Atwood Brian & Kelly Aubrey June & Robert Aufderhar August Publications David & Jamie Aussendorf Erika & Mark Austin Gerald & Diann Babb Charles & Mary Babcock James & Cynthia Bade Catherine Bailey Jeffrey B. Bailey Betty Bajwa & Manjit Bajwa Baker Foundation / David & Sandra Sherman Bryce & Carol Baker Lauren Baker & Eric Black Richard & Joan Baker Helen J. Balcome George J. Balding Dr. Hank & Carol Balfour Don & Mary Balster Mary & Fred Banholzer Sharon H. Banister Warren & Carol Banks Carol & Thomas Barrett Louise Barrett Frances J. Barry Linda Bartling Glenn Bartsch Barbara & Elpedio Basa Lani Basa & David Jankowski H.M. Baskerville, Jr. Jim & Linda Bast Pete & Anita Bastiansen Jeanne & Brian Batzli Jeff & Barb Bauer Jim & Margene Bauhs Patricia Beaver Bruce & Nancy Becker Frederick J. & Joan B. Beebe Becky Beilke William Beim & Susan Batchelder Larry & LuAnn Beise Ted & Caroline Beise Deborah Belfry Elizabeth H. Bell DeAnn Bellanger David & Mary Ann Benditt Jim & Linda Bendt Vic & Carol Benetti Jay Benson & Krisan Osterby-Benson Jo Benson Sharon Berbee

Michael & Barbara Berens Arlene & David Berg Erin & Kevin Berg Helen M. Berg John & Nancy Berg Phyllis E. Berg Sarajane Berge David & Nancy Bergerson Steven & Debra Berghs Bob & Helen Bergland Tom & Evelyn Bergmann Lloyd & Mary Bergquist Jamie & Jesse Bergstrom John Berrigan & Ronald Schirmer Scott Berry & Kate Johnson Mary Bertelson & David Kingsley Aric & Jill Bertram Bill Bertram & Ni Peterson Michael Bethke Beth Gilbertsen Betts Steven & Sandra Beulke Crystal & Mark Beussman Brian & Diana Beutner Karen & Karl Bickler Beverly Bingham Penney & Donald Birdsong Steven & Nancy Birth Ramona & Ralph Bishop Elizabeth K. Bixby Blair & Nancy Bjerke Drs. M. Blaeser & E. Muter Jane R. Blanch Darlene & Mike Blazek Henry Blommer, Jr. Gary & Karin Blonigan Mike & Joni Bloom Britta L. Bloomberg Frances Bly & Charles Hample Muriel Bochnak Suzanne Boda & George Grindahl Rob & Andi Bodeau Joseph & Sandra Bodensteiner Muriel & Gene Boedecker Mike Boggess Florence Bogle Gerald & Marlene Bohn Robert & Sharon Bollweg Frank & Barbara Bonello Dr. Amy Bonifas Susie & Phil Bonthius Bruce Boody Landscape Architect, Inc. Marvin & Hazel Boote Jim & Fran Borchart William & Deborah Borkon Amber Bowman Mary & Brad Bowman Carole & Norlin Boyum David & Jan Boyum Mary Brady John & Andrea Brainard K.C. Bramer Brandon Family Connie & Lin Branson Richard & Lorraine Brasket Priscilla & J.S. Braun

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Vernett & Virgil Bredow Twyla Bredy & Craig Rothfolk LuAnn Brenno & Douglas Doty Charles & Alice Bresnahan Marilyn & Michael Brewer Jayne Briesemeister William & Charlotte Brisley Dave & Lonnie Broden Ernest & Stephanie Brody Bob & Jean Broich Marion Broman Helen J. Bromberg Allen & Barbara Brosius Francis & Lorraine Brown John & Patricia Brown Larry & Wendy Brown Martha & Joel Brown Richard & Jean Brown Ron & Debbie Brown Mrs. Theresa Brown Jim Brownell Hal & Doralee Broxey Thomas & Joyce Bruckner Rachel Brudnoy Philip & Carolyn Brunelle Sheila & Tom Brunelle Don & Jan Bruns Jeff & Sue Brunsberg Bernadeen Brutlag & Bradley Zach Jennifer Buckles & Greg Maimares Charles Buckman-Ellis & Lynne Olson Carol Buesgens Mike & Jean Buller James & Linda Bulson Catherine & Denis Burand Evelyn Burau & Dawn Burau Brian & Trisha Burdick Ed Burdick David & Cassy Burns Tricia Burns Harold & Renee Burrows Tom Burt Dale & Janel Busacker Mary Buschette & Michael Balak Mark Bussey & Garth Galbraith Carol & Robert Buteyn Allan & Donna Butler Joshua & Lucia Byrne Julie & Dan Caesar Nicholas & Lesley Cafarelli Rob & Cathy Caho Bonnie I. Cain Marlyn & Patrick Cain Cindy Calderon & Harry Adams J. Michael & Karen Callan Janelle R. Camp Lori Campbell Janet & John Cardle Darlene Carlson Jane Carlson & Chucks Madhav Jerome & Linda Carlson Joanne E. Carlson

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Carlson Mari & Richard Carlson Martin Carlson & Mary Knoblauch Nancy Carlson & Bob Manders Richard & Mary Lou Carlson Sharon L. Carlson Steve & Shannon Carney Elsa Carpenter & Bernard Barton Donna & Robert Carr Marc Carranza Barbara Carsten Polly Carver Glenna L. Case Jim & Billie Cashman Betty J. Caspar Ray & Mary Caster Betty & Woody Cater Krista & William Cavanaugh Barbara & Collins Cavender Mary Beth Cavert Jill Cervenka & Rob Waller Linda Chlan & James Grindle Murty & Debbie Chamarty Eva Chan Karen M. Chaussee Natalya Chernevskaya Esther Chi Dave Chizek & Kris Diller / Chizek Family Foundation Laurie Chozen Jean Christensen Don & Sharon Christensen Marilyn & Wayne Christensen Vicky L. Christensen Elaine Christiansen & Hal Routhe Georgia & Jim Christiansen Patricia & John Christiansen Kathleen Christopherson Randy & Shelly Christy Tim Church & Ann Fredrickson Jeannine Churchill Dr. Edmund & Harriet Chute Larry & Judy Cipolla Klaus & Cynthia Clark Lynne Clark & Jim Schmidt Joe & Jan Clay Mitzi Clayton Roger & Gretchen Clemence John & Kathy Cleveland James W. Clifford & Terri D. Barreiro Dave & Pam Clinefelter Mary & David Clinton Dr. Gerald & Ruth Close Stephen Cobb Nell & David Cochran Daniel Cohen & Jennifer Palmquist Jim & Sally Colburn Jack & Ann Cole Sarah R. Cole Sandy & Doug Coleman Karin T. Collins Herb Colwill Community Bank Corporation


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GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Roger A. Cone Joyce & John Conley Edward & Joann Conlin Timothy & Donna Conners Gene & Sharon Cook Harold & Judy Cook Stanley & Diane Coombes Ann Cooper & Drew Smith Darcy & Harris Cooper Marcia & John Copeland Diane Coplan & Mike Donohue Joe & Tara Corbett Sharon Corl Mike & Linda Cornelison George Corrigan Chris Costales Thomas & Betty Costello Marilyn M. Coulter Margaret L. Courtney Launisse T. Cousins Chris & Joan Cowan Page & Jay Cowles Duane & Carole Cox Rachael & Kenneth Crabb Sherry Crayne Jan & Mark Crichton Stanley Crist Ned Crosby & Patricia Benn Robert & Gretchen Crosby Stewart & Lesley Crosby Brad & Cindy Cross Jane Y. Crosson & Bruce Stroebe Ed Culbert & Family Kate & Bill Cullen Mary & Robert Cunningham Don & Sandra Dahl Marjolaine J. Dahl Milo & Carol Dahl June Dahlager Byron & Judith Dale Cheryl & John Dale Sharon L. Dalmasso Dorothy M. Dalquist William & Dianna Dankel Mr. & Mrs. James DAquila Michael & Dorothy Darling Roy & Laura Daumann John M. & Elizabeth Davenport Mary Davidson Ric & Carolyn Davies Charlotte Davis Gordon & Eunice Davis Jo Davison Keith & Evelyn Davison Tom & Kathy Davison Bill & Charlotte Davnie Marcelle Dawe Ken & Abby Dawkins Gene & Sandy Day Rose & Michael Day Doug & Wendy Dayton Toby & Mae Dayton

John & Joanne Dean Deirdre L. Deane Harry & Debora Debeer Dan Delaney Ruth & David Delaney Terry & Janet Dempsey Mary Jane Dengler Holly Denis Dee Denning & Mark Yzermans Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Mike & Lori Derickson Deborah Derringer & William Lewis Conrad & Jeanne Derus Mary & John Desautels Charlene DeStefano & David Cochran Anne & Stuart R. Deuring John & Patricia Devins Dirk DeVries Karen DeVries Dick & Jennie Deziel Richard & Janice Dickey Jackie & Charles Dietz Christopher & Angela Dillon Jill & Eric Di Loreto Elna Diment George & Marian Dingman Doug & Tricia Dirks Eileen & Dennis P. Dirlam Vern & Shirley Discher Stephen & Sally Dischinger Janet Dixon James & Colleen Dockendorf John & Susannah M. Dodson Karl & Helen Doeringsfeld Bob & Susan Doerr Katherine D. Doerr Mary C. Doerr Val Doherty Robert J. Dolle, Jr. Eleta & Alex Donaldson Gloria C. Donnay Mary Donnelly Suzanna Doring & Don Stuewe George Dorsey David & Mary Doty John & Meric Dougherty Julie & John Doxsie Harry M. Drake Michael Dreher & Tammy Schexnaider Brian & Peggy Dressel Michele & Ed Driscoll Eric & Mary Jo Duncan Dr. David & Rita Dungey Thomas & Janice Dunlap Margaret Dunnigan Jean M. Eastman William Easton Barbara Eckoldt Valerie & Mark Eckstein Ecolab Foundation Jeanne Eddy & Lee Renz

John & Sally Ede Larry & Lynn Edelmann Donna Edelstein & Paul Botes Bruce & Sharon Edison Margaret A. Edstrom Bill & Ginny Edwards Rosemarie & Edward Edwards Paul Egeland Mary Egesdal Joan E. Egger Craig & Jan Eggers Kaitlyn Ehlers Cindi & Jeff Ehm Nick & Jan Eian David B. & Mary Jo Eide Marla Einarson Mary Ann & Joel Elftmann Roger & Tera Elias Don & Kathy Ellerton David & Kathy Ellingson William & Carmelita Ellis Kathleen Elvester Jim & Margo Elvin Todd & Devra Emmel Karol & Richard Emmerich Steve & Judy Emmings Mary & Lynn Endorf Mark & Kathy Endres Jonette Engan Betty L. Engebretson Tara & Erik Engebretson Verla K. Engelbrecht Shirley & Chuck Engh Doris Engibous & Cathy Ryan Paul & Jeanne M. Englund Marilyn J. Engstrom Chad & Sarah Ennenga Sally J. Enstrom Dianne & Lance Erickson Jill Erickson Jonathan Erickson Marilyn E. Erickson Muriel R. Erickson Robert J. & Sandra J. Erickson Roger & Margaret Erickson Virginia & John Erickson Jim & Linda Erwin Robert R. Etem Bill & Robin Evans Brian & Norma Evans Janese Evans Jerry A. Evenrud Tom Everson Doug & Ginny Ewald Express Scripts Foundation Grace L. Falk Ronald J. Falk Joe & Mary Faltesek Mike & Kathie Fargione Kathleen & William Farley Virgil & Carolyn Fasching John Fauth Mike & Patty Feeney Bernadine Feldman Diane & Michael Feldman Pamela & Daniel Feller Joan & Gordon Felt Martin & Dorothy Fergus Charles & Anne Ferrell

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 John L. & Ester Fesler Ron & Kathy Fiala Tony & Jill Fike Marian Filk Earl & Virginia Finlayson Janis & Roger Fischbach Jerry & Cathie Fischer Cindy & James Fisher Mavis Fisher Bob & Kathy Fitch Dolly J. Fiterman Michael & Linda Fiterman/ Jack & Bessie Fiterman Foundation June R. Fitz Gregg & Laurie Fitzer Mary & Jerry Fixsen Dennis & Toni Flaherty Henry & Anice Flesh Don Fluegel Florence Flugaur Karen S. Foot Virginia L. Forbes Margaret & David Ford Si & Vicki Ford Joseph & Donna Forrer Arlene & Brad Forrest Barbara Forster & Larry Hendrickson Dr. Donald & Jane Foss Cleone B. Foster John & Audrey Fox Edward & Marla Frach Cheryl & Elliot Francke Linda Frank Bev Frankenfield Dorothea & Richard Franzel Becky Frederick Professor A. G. Fredrickson Barbara O. Freeman Penny J. Freeman Mark & Sheila Frenzel Jim & Mary Frey Michael & Karen Frey Ellen & Tom Fridinger Hans & Linda Friedebach Carole & Roger Frommelt Steve & Margie Fuchs Judy Fuller Marna W. Fullerton Cindy Funk Rob & Ann Furst / The Furst Foundation David & Gail Gabbert Louise M. Gabbert Ross & Liz Gabriel Sami Gabriel Ray & Joyce Gadberry Cheraine & Robert Gaertner Kenneth & Molly Gage Jim & Sarah Gagliardi Tom & Diana Gagner Linda & Tom Gagnon Geneveive Gallagher Jon & Christine Galloway Ron & Micki Gamer Amy & Richard Gammill Liz Gandrud Gannett Foundation, Inc. Inez Gantz

G. Kent & Gail Gardner Gary Gardner & Helen Kivnick William & Gerri Gardner Christine & Michael Garner Michael & Amy Garrison Julie & James Gasper Diana L. Geer James Gehrey Ken & Kathie Geiger Shirley C. Gengler Michelle & Ray Gensinger, Jr. Karo & Saleem Ghani Don & Nancy Giacchetti Mary & Steven Giambruno Ted & Eloise Giannobile Jon Gibbs Joseph & Cathleen Gibney David & Geraldine Giese Patricia & Cary Giese Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gieseke Don & Nancy Gilberg Robert & Patricia Gilbertson Lois & Mark Gildea Laura & Robert Gillund Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Gilmore Cynthia & John Gilpin Anne & Stanley Glad David & Judy Glaeseman / Stone House Farm Mark & Elizabeth Glover Samuel T. Goad Ralph & Ursula Goebel Kenneth Goettl Dr. Stanley M. & Luella G. Goldberg Robert & Katherine Goodale, Jr. Jeri Goodspeed-Gross & Mark Gross Larry & Mary Gorden Sheila Gordon Adelaide & Louise Gorham Irving & Carol Gottesman Mary & John Gould Ronald & Mary Gould Eric & Sarah Goullaud Sara K. Graffunder Peter & Rosemary Graham Ronald & Cecilia Graham Colleen & Peter Grant Susan & Robert Grant Charlotte L. Grantier Jean Gray Jerry & Cindy Gray Edward B. Grayden Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens Myra & Roger Greenberg Julie Greenfield Tom & Barbara Greenspon Roger & Linda Greenwald Stan & Gail Greenwald Myrtle C. Grette Michael Griffin & Bonita Faber Harry Grigsby Pam Grimm Marjorie & Joseph Grinnell Jamie Grivich & Christopher Pelletier Polly Grose Johannes & Beth Grosen


ANN U A L R E PO RT F Y2 0 1 0 Bert & Susan Gross Audrey Grote & Mary Oelke Harold C. Grotte David & Yvonne Grover Mike & Veronica Grover Gladys Gudahl Amy & Julie Gudmestad James & Judy Guerrero Larry & Charlotte Gulden Phil & Susan Gulstad Pratibha & Shalini Gupta James & Celia Gust Steve & Theresa Gust Carrie Gustafson & Mary Lou Gustafson Alice J. Gute Walter & Helen Gysling Marge Haasken Ron & Sandy Haberkorn Richard & Katherine Hackett Lou Haddad & Sheri Olsen Dale & Sue Hadland Bob & Mary Hageman Jennifer Hagland Julie Haight-Curran James & Shauna Hajek Srinivas & Aruna Halaharvi Peter & Betsy Halden Laverne & Leota Hales Catherine & Dennis Haley Lisa & Justin Haley Renee Hallberg Catherine & Ryan Hallett John & Gayle Hallin Beth & Greg Halvorson David & Kathy Halvorson Jim & Darlene Halvorson Linda & Randall Halvorson Ruth Hamlow Jean Hammar Billal & Myrna Hammoud Judy Hamrick & Carolyn Walters Darlene & James Hancock Marjorie & George Hand Kelly Hanink Laurette L. Hankom Luann L. Hankom Jim & Olga Hanlon Kevin & Leslie Nordby Ruth E. Hanold Derek S. Hansen Marlys Hansen Merilane R. Hansen Paul & Cheri Hansen Bruce Hanson Dick & Darlene Hanson Karen Hanson & John Reay Marcia S. Hanson Raymond & Elaine Hanson Vern & Sue Hanson William Hanson & Martha L. Young Earl & Eileen Harff Greg & Kelly Harris William Harrod, Jr. Dale & Edna Hartman Wayne Hartmann & Michelle Letendre-Hartmann David & Barbara Hartwick

Wayne & Lynn Hass Cynthia Hasselbusch & Larry Espel Dan Hathaway Tracie Hathaway & Eugene Pittenger Donald & Aletha Haugen Bill & Ann Haugh Eleanor A. Haverstock Liz & Van Hawn Hayden Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Gary & Jean Hayer Rhonda Fleming Hayes Hazeltine National Golf Club Doug & Martha Head Deborah Healey John Healy & Kristin Kirk-Healy Mary C. Healy David & Joanne Heegaard Lucy & Kip Heegaard Thomas & Donna Heelan Evelyn & Timothy Heeren Louise Heffelfinger Bob & Joyce Hegstrom Scott & Kathy Heiderich David & Brenda Heim Katie Hein Jennifer & Bob Heinzen Art Helde Bernt & Suzin Helgaas Don Helgeson & Sue Shepard Robert Hemmingson Kay Lee A. Henderson Tom & Joyce Henderson Karen Hendricksen Nancy Hendrickson & Duane Willroth Thomas & Susan Hennessy Sharon Hepler & Michael Uttormark Elizabeth & Neil Hering Karen Heringer Carli & Matthew Herold Erlene & John Herr Ann Herzog-Olson & Lance Olson Dr. William Hession & Family Tom Hetzel & Bonnie Warhol John & Diana Hetzler Mavis & Rick Heupel Cheryl Hibbard Joan Walsh Hickey William & Georgetta Hickey Peg & Jim Hicks Thomas R. Hiendlmayr & Jan Ormasa Robert & Barbara Higgins Randall Hildreth & Joan Palmquist Jan & Glenn Hill Peggy J. Hill Bruce & Barbara Hiller Curtis Hilleren & Marjorie Vickerman Don & Dorothy Hilligoss Joan & Jim Hillis Herb & Donna Hillman Randy & Teresa Hillson Rick & Stacey Hiltbrand

Dennis & Jan Himan Loree & John Hinderaker Julie & Thomas Hines Nancy Hinrichs Dorothy & Don Hodapp Anne Hoerner George & Susan Hoff Margaret Hoff Shelley M. Hoff Anne E. Hoffman Richard & Jeanne Hoffman Robert C. Hoffman Susan & G.L. Hoffman Sylvia Hoffman Deloris B. Holasek Carole & Jon Holcombe Myrna L. Holden Stephen & Mara Hollenbeck Jena Hollensteiner John & Ann Hollick David & Meredith Holm Donald & Phyllis Holm Susan Holman Gale B. Holmquist Marge Hols Ken Holscher Theodore & Lydia Holsten, Jr. Jim & Susan Holtan Carol & Robert Holzinger Christine M. Honaas Barbara Hone Reverend Judy Hoover Leo & Pam Hopf Brian & Cindy Horgan Keith & Judith Hornbacher David & Dara Lynn Horner Erna A. Hornig Jennifer Horn-Ommen & Steve Ommen Diana & Terrence Horrigan Jessica Horton Joseph & Ruth Horvath Ellyn Hosch & Lee Biersdorf Brad & Suzette Hoven Richard & Cindy Howe Tom & Sheila Howell Cynthia C. Hoxie Carrie Hubbard Janet & Robert Huddleston Scott Hugdahl & Leslie Martens Maggie Hughes Milton & Ellen Hughes Barb Huibregtse Tim M. & Patricia Hultmann Ron & Lori Hume Susan M. Humiston Natalie Hunninghake Allan & Dianna Hunt Donald & Marlys Hunter David & Stacey Hurrell Scott & Greer Hussey John & Rebecca Hustedt III Tom & Mary Inglis David & Kathleen Ingraham Jeffrey & Carol Ingram Bob & Luba Ireland Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Irwin Richard T. Isaacson

JULY JULY/AUGU 1, 2009 – J UN ST E 30,2008 2010 Vernon & Patricia Isaak Douglas & Cynthia Iverson Jon & Frances Iverson K.M. Iverson John & Dorothy Jackson Robert & Ann Jackson Jean C. Jacobs James & Marjorie Jacobsen Betty J. Jacobson Lyle & Kay Jacobson R. Peter Jacobson Susann Jacobson John & Barbara Jacoby Alison & Paul James George & Joan Jandl Greg & Gail Jandl Susan Janeczko Roger & Vickie Janzen Phil & Jane Jenni Cinda & David Jensen Earl & Joanne Jensen Bill Johnson & Rachel Dabill Brenda L. Johnson Charles R. Johnson Connie L. Johnson Curtis & Linnea Johnson Dave & Tracy Johnson Elouise & Ken Johnson Elwood & Loreda Johnson Gary Johnson & Joan Hershbell Gene Johnson & Linda Paul James M. Johnson Jane & Zack Johnson Janice A. Johnson Jerre J. Johnson John & Pearl Johnson Judith A. Johnson Kathleen A. Johnson Kent & Suzanne Johnson M. Jerry & Lynn Johnson Maynard & Sandra Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Johnson Michelle & Mike Johnson Mick & Cindy Johnson / Johnson Creek Patricia Johnson Paul & Heather Johnson Penny L. Johnson Ross Johnson & Laura Menser Johnson Sander M. Johnson, M.D. Thomas & Margaret Johnson Virginia M. Johnson William & Mary Johnson Charles Johnston & Dyanne Drake Blaine & Lee Jones Lucy R. Jones Ray & Ellie Jones Dennis & Diane Jordan Edward & Rebecca Jorgenson R.C. & J.A. Jorgenson Carol Josephs Lynn & David Jossi William & Suzanne Joyce Jay & Deanna Juergens Mary Ann Jurgens M.L. Jurisson Kathy Justus

Judy Kaaua Phyllis & Donald Kahn Jerry & Becky Kajander Gary & Suzanne Kakach Tom & Elda Kaliher Jane S. Kalin Jayne E. Kane Colleen L. Kaney Philip & Marianne Kanning Myron & Virginia Karki James & Marcia Kaufmann R. Marianne Kaufmann Steve Kavka & Nancy Wieben Mimi Keating Cathy & Tom Kehrwald Wayne & Darlyn Keifer Phil, Sue, Brit & Lauren Keithahn John Keller & Sandra Shill Kelley & Kelley Nursery Martin & Esther Kellogg Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Michael F. Kelly Michaeleen Kelzenberg Jim Kemble Rolf & Marci Kemen Gladys Kempema Barbara A. Kerr Jeff & Teri Kertson Michael & Renee Kestell Douglas & Charlotte Ketcham Rudolph G. Kezele Thomas & Betsy Kiefer Erich & Karin Kientzle Dennis & Sungsook Kim Jeffrey & Julie Kimpton Allan & Betsy Kind Louise E. King Steve King Mary Reid Kinney Mark & Kristine Kinter Andy Kiorpes & Farrel Rich Cindy Kirk Thomas Kirkman & Ellen Jensen Judith & Edward Kishel Brad & Martha Kissell Carol Kissner & Claude Buettner Louis & Alice Kittleson Sandy & Robert Klas Arthur C. Klassen Jane M. Klehr Jane & Bill Klein Peter & Sandra Klose Amanda Knight Leon W. Knight Wayne & Barb Knight Shawn & Jessica Knorr Jean A. Knowles Jeanne & Eric Knox Gary & Kathy Knutson Mark & Terri Knutson Karen & Emery Koenig Phoebe & Daniel Kohman John & Jean Kolles Anita Sue Kolman & Marvin Marshak Cheryl & Erik Kolz


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GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Ronald & Linda Komis Al & Carol Konigson Roger & Kathleen Koopmans Virginia Kopp Dave & Ann Koppe Gigi & Axel Kornfuehrer Patricia & Kenneth Korte William & Jeanne Kosfeld Paula & Michael Koshmrl Jeff & RoxAnn Kosmoski Christine Kraft & Nelson Capes Elizabeth Kramer Gregory Krauska & Cindy Skack Susan Krech Folke Kristiansson Chuck & Annette Kritzler Joyce & David Kroells Jon & Linda Krogh Judith & David Krohn Fred & Mary Krueger Kerry & Gloria Kruppstadt Bonita Kuergeleis & Steve Thom Margaret & Frank Kurth Carol & Don Kuster Lynn Kvalness Donald & Maureen Kvam Richard & Mary Kvitek Jerome & Valerie Kyllo Jeannette Kyrk Scott Labat & Julie Musselman Eileen M. Lackmann Ronald & Ardella Lagerquist Mary Beth & Leo Lake Dr. James & Debra Lakin Dean & Kristen Lambert Bob & Holly Lamond Reta & Richard Lancaster Rick Lancaster & Abby McKenzie Joyce & Leon Lander Timothy & Bonnie Lane Jaxon & Allison Lang Virginia & Tom Lang William & Anne Langford Alan & Dorothy Langstaff Jean Lanska Joe & Joan Lapensky Michael & Katherine Lapic Mona & Fred LaPlant Elaine & Kevin Larabee John & Colles Larkin, Jr. Eric & Faith Larsen John E. Larsen & Michael Stewart Karen A. & Russell H. Larsen Stephanie & Gregg Larsen Don & Carole Larson Gerald & Carol Larson Jeanne & Richard Larson Jonathan & Natalie Larson Laura Larson Rich & Connie Larson

Robert E. Larson Wendy & Dick Larson David & Joyce Lasecke Roger Latta Dale & Judi Lauer Liz & John Laufers Cynthia Launer & William Thomas Nancy Lauritsen Eric & Jaimie Lavanger Richard E. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. H.W. Leach Daniel & Rayna Lechelt Charles & Anne Leck Dale Lee & Ann Rantanen-Lee Jeannine Lee & Roger Finney Robert L. Lee June Lees Sally & Ernie Lehmann John E. Leigh Virgil & Patricia Leih Jim & Jeannie LeMere Layton & Melba Lemke Bob & Shelly Lenzen Beth & Todd Leonard Bill Leonard & Mary Archambault Kay & Jim Leonard Gerry & Renay Leone Herb & Betsy LePlatt Peggy & Ilo Leppik Harriet E. Lerdal Vicky & John Lettmann Bruce A. LeVahn Clark & Karen Lewis Leslie & Gladys Lewis John & Judy Lewman Stephen & Sheila Lieberman Scott & Laurel Lifson GayLynn & Bill Liljemark Earl & Dorathea Lillestrand Van Linck Gary & Gloria Lindberg Robert D. Lindberg Edwin & Jane Lindborg Richard & Arnette Lindeen Steve & Nancy Linder Rebecca Lindholm Barry & Gloria Lindquist Dale & Randy Lindquist Debi & Ray Lipkin Christine & Calvin Litsey J. P. & Lynn Mattson Little Amy Liu & Feng Li Elisabeth & Rolf Ljungkull Jean R. Ljungkull Dona & Jack Lofland Nancy Loge Al & Lori Lohman Claire Lohmann Bob & Jan Lokhorst Don & Margaret Longlet Hazel J. Longren John & Ann Lonstein

George Loomis & Diane Shelgren Vernon & Beverly Loose Marie & Ron Louderback Mitch & Sandy Loughlin George Lovrien Meredith Low & David Roth Myron E. Lowe Lowry Hill David Lubben & Nancy Kwam Andy Luce Darl Lucius & Scott Torpey Allan & Mary Luehmann Julianne Lukawski Veronica V. Lukes Diane Lund & Donald Holzwarth Tom & Margie Lundberg Wayne & Beverly Lundgren Christine & Joseph Lupo Jim & Julie Lura Lurie Besikof Lapidus Charitable Foundation Aaron & Danielle Lutz Yvonne & Larry Lutz Christopher & Sara Lyche Lyman Lumber Company Richard Lyman Sue & David Lynch Dr. & Mrs. James Lynn Charlie & Traci Lytle Leslie Lytle Craig & Diana Macek John S. Maciejny Kathryn Anne Mack Anne Marie & Marshall MacKay Christine MacKenzie & Robert Smith Cargill & Donna MacMillan, Jr. Cathy Madewell & Jeffrey Johnston Barbara L. Madigan Margot & Mark Madsen Michael & Mary Maeser Liana Magee & Thomas Kleinschmit Dave & Joyce Magness Sue K. Mahle & Betty A. Friesen Peter & Deborah Mahon Shirley N. Mahowald Helmut & Mary Maier James & Cecilia Maiser Edward & JoAnn Mako Edward & Judith Malecki David & Sue Malmberg Edward Malone & Bella Mancini Mary Ann & Nick Mancini Audrey & Gary Manka Audrey & Kenneth Manning Joan Manolis Carolyn Maple & Roxanne Ahmann Laura & Kevin Marinan Andrew & Colleen Marine Chris & Bill Marinelli Charles & Paulette Marini

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Melissa Mark & Steven Hanovich Al & Wendy Markman Dianne M. Marshall Catherine & Dennis Martenson Holly & Scott Martin DeAnne & John Martinsen Dr. Elmer J. Martinson Phil & Elise Marty William & Shirley Maruska Julie Mason Jon & Judy Matala Bev & Paul Matheson Dean & Elizabeth Mathews Sally A. Mathieu Dr. John & Joyce Matsuura Lois & Joel Maturi Anna Mau & Edna Schoenecker Jane K. Mauer Steve & Kelly May Susan Mayerle Roger & Rochelle Mazze Colette & Ralph McCanna Mary McCarron Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. McCary Rodger & Marcia McCombs Judy & Mark McCorkell Marsha McDonald & Amos Rosenbloom Lisa McDonnel Bob & Terri McEnaney Mary McGahey & Todd Sheldon Paul & Christine McGinnis Patricia McGinty Mr. & Mrs. Burt McGlynn Sharon & Christopher McGrann Tom & Sue McGuire James & Barbara McIntyre Jon & Joy McIver Mary L. McKendrick Robert & Jane McKenna Stella & Patrick McKinney Robert McKlveen & Ellen Jones Brian & Kris McMenamin Norman & Marjorie McMillan Barbara McMorris Mark & Karen McMullen Sally & Thomas McNamara Shirle & Jerry McNeal Norma M. McNeil Susan McWilliams Katherine Meehan & Emmett Carpel Tom & Joan Meehan Peter & Catherine Meier Teresa & Myron Meinhardt Lori & David Melby Luke & Janice Melchert Jennifer Melson Joseph T. Mengel, Jr. Douglas & Connie Mertz Robert & Georgianna Mesenbring Kathryn Davis Messerich & Jeffrey Messerich Timothy & Carolyn Metcalf Wallace & Elizabeth Metzen

Ken & Janice Meyer William & Jennifer Meyer Dorothy Meyering Ernest & Sally Micek Thomas Michaels & Karen Ela David & Kathleen Michaelson Blake & Joan Middleton Barry & Roberta Midwinter Edith Milbridge Ed & Jacqueline Miller Jay Miller & Cheryl Fox Jim & Linda Miller Joyce & Gary Miller Robert & Patricia Mills Minnesota Medical Association Alliance Les & Jolanta Miroslawski Joe & Jen Mischel Bob & Lucy Mitchell John & Sandra Mitchell Kandy Mitchell Nancy & Charles Mitchell Jill Mithun Marjorie & Paul Modell Lonn A. Moe Nancy G. Moehle David & Cindy Moen Ross Moen & Elaine Sloan Robert & Lois Moffitt Mike & Andrea Mohan Kevin & Jeneen Molldrem, DDS Jim & Carol Moller Sara & Bruce Monick Monsanto Geraldine Rang Mooers Alfred & Ann Moore Clay & Sylvia Moore Michael & Heather Mootz Alma Morgan Judy L. Morgan Tom & Sally Morin Lucia T. Morison Jan Morlock Karl N. Mortensen Morton Family MTS Systems Corporation Valerie & Tom Muckenhirn Alice Mueller Dale & Jo Mueller Phillip & Catherine Mueller Bob & Helen Mugaas Luann Muller Nathan J. Munson Bryan Murphy Steven & Tricia Murphy Elizabeth B. Myers Judy & David Myers Greg & Cheryl Myhr Charles & Marjorie Nagel David & Julie Nagel Ted & Judy Nagel Mark H. Nammacher Barbara Naramore & Steven Cox Bob & Jane Ann Nash Pat & Peter Nash Michael Nation & Janet Sauers John & Debra Nauman


ANN U A L R E PO RT F Y2 0 1 0 Jean Naylor Ellen & David Neale Frederick & Phyllis Neher Amy & Delano Nelson Ave Nelson & Cathy Polasky Curtis & Eileen Nelson Darryl & Nancy Nelson Diane M. Nelson Doug & Carol Nelson James Nelson & Ellen Durkin Jeanne Nelson Julie Nelson & Mike Jubert Ron & Toni Nelson Susan M. Nelson Todd & Lisa Nelson Tom & Pat Nelson Nestle Foundation Alvin & Lila Netten Richard & Janet Neville Karan & Dale Newberg Adam & Erin Newton Marian & Sam Nichols Daniel & Darlene Nickols Thomas & Elizabeth Nicol Jo Nielsen Joan & Dick Niemiec Tom Noerenberg & Cindy Schneider Lois & Kent Norby Debbie & Jed Norgaarden North Oaks Garden Club Mary Ann & Gary Novak Russell & Marcelle Noyes Ada Nuhn Leslie & Eric Nussbaum Robert & Joanna Nute Janet Nydahl Oak Valley Farms Roger W. Oas Paul & Elena Oberleitner Eileen O’Byrne & Alan J. Giesen Daniel & Vicki Ochocki Lorre Ochs Jim & Carol O’Connor James & Ann O’Hagan Helen R. Ohnesorge Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. Morris & Kathy Oldfather Bob & Dorothy Ollmann Katherine P. Olsen Mollie K. Olsen Robert G. & Brenda B. Olsen Pastor Dave & Joan Olson Gen Olson Joan M. Olson Kate & Rick Olson Kent & Claudia Olson Laurel & Margaret Olson Lawrence & Lynn Olson Lynn & Ronald Olson Terry & Jane Olson Tom & Meredith Olson Warren H. Olson Wayne & Marilou Olson Patrice O’Malley James F. O’Neill, Jr. Marvin & Patricia Onken

Philip & Cassandra Ordway Frank & Julie Orr Margaret & Robert Osha Marri M. Oskam Brad & Janet Ost Dick Ostby & Vonnie Thomasberg Jeanne Osterby Joan M. O’Sullivan M. Virginia Ott Bill & Sabra Otteson Eugene & Patricia Otto Roy Otto & Annie Riley Leonard & Joan Ouradnik Valerie Overton & James Ellingson Rebecca Owren & William Hensley Joan M. Oyaas DuWayne & Marna Paehlke Robert & Marge Page Susan Pagnac & Marshall Midden John & Mary Pagnucco Lindsay Paine & Laura Paine Deb & Mickey Pajor Steve & Tina Palks Brian & Julia Palmer Joe & Charlotte Palmiter Dr. Michael & Treva Paparella Kathy Park Mark & Jeanine Parolini Terry & Mary Patton M. Joyce Paul Paul & Carol Paulson Robert & Ruth Paulson Tom & Anne Peacock John W. Pearson Leland & Doris Pearson Pearson Candy Company Pearson Education Peter Pearson Michael & Carol Pedersen Mary & David Pederson David & Doreen Pehrson Dave Peller / Professional Turf, Inc. Paula Pendleton Bob & Ann Perkins Sharon & Bruce Perkins John & Margaret Perry Rae & Paul Pesek Ben & Lisa Pesigan Kathleen Peter & Cindy Davis Richard Peters Mary & William Petersen Cy & Norma Peterson Dave & Roberta Peterson Diane & Scott Peterson Gary & Karen A. Peterson Guy Peterson & Katia Breslawec Mary Jo Peterson Patricia & Grant Phillips Steve Piatz & Janis Sines Dean & Karen Pickerell Jean Pierre Eugenia M. Pignatello Mark & Jen Pilate Paul & Pat Pistek

Charles & Wendi Pitschka Douglas & Mary Platt Fred & Mary Sue Plocher Patty Ploetz & Ed Matthees Michael B. Plunkett, MD Rita M. Podolak Chris & Anne Policinski Sally B. Polk Noel & Virginia Pollen Polytechnic University Greg & Martha Pomerantz Le Roy I. Pond Mary Ann & Scott Portnoy Clarence & Glenyce Possail Amy & Jack Post Mona & Al Potter Elizabeth Powers Susan & Jack Powers Timothy Power Gretchen & Kenneth Preimesberger Valerie & Clyde Preston Carroll & Judy Price Ronald & Carol Price William & Patricia Priesmeyer Diana Prince & Jefferey Sikkink Johanna Promersperger Randall A. Propp & Randy L. Nelson William & Diane Pruett Michele & Brian Pulvermacher Chris Putnam & Eva Gallagher Nic & Gail Puzak Bryan Pynn Marian C. Quarve James & Crystal Quiring Fred Quirsfeld & Linda Campbell Frederick C. Quirsfeld Joyce & Sherm Quisberg Gerald & Diane Rabe Harriet L. Rabens Steve & Jean Rabens Charlene Raber Charles Rader & Deborah Curtis Steve & Amy Raetz Timothy Rainey & Julie Ice-Rainey Sankar & Anuradha Raman Lisa Ramsey Ranch Resources Gerald & Mary Randolph Jean M. Ranweiler Steven & Patricia Ranz Gary & Susan Rappaport Betsy & John Raymond Michele A. Read Rhonda Read-Boecker / Read Perennials, Inc. Cathy Reed Joanne & Roger Reed Pam & Daniel Reed Sara Elise Reed Jane & Chris Reichert Teri Reid Stanley & Linda Rein Dr. H. Cris & Linda Remucal Tom & Lynne Rendahl Dan & Vicky Ress

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 V. Terry & Sharon Rhodes Chad & Jenny Richardson Laura J. Rickheim Karen Ringsred & Richard Manka Martha Rinker Richard & Caroline Rinker Jason & Anne Ripple Mark Ristau & Mary Story Lynn & Dennis Ritchie Mary & J. Peter Ritten Craig & Lisa Ritzinger Anne Rivers-Ditsch & Leon Ditsch Monica & Bruce Robb Ardyce & Jerry Robbin David & Barbara Roberts Mark & Ann Robinow Kimberly & David Robinson Lois Robinson Martha S. Robinson Tom & Julie Rochat Rock Isle Farm Susan Roe & Rene du Cret Ken & Betsy Roering Gregory A. Rogers Thomas D. & Nancy J. Rohde Fred & Marilyn Rohlfing Barbara Ronningen Robert W. Rood Annette & Paul Rooney Gary A. Rooney Patti & William Rose Carl Rosen & JoAnn Barbour Timothy & Katherine Roseth Jim & Susan Ross Julie A. Ross Mary Kay Ross Robert & Barbara Ross Sarah & Hamilton Ross Annette Roth & John Clawson Brynhild Rowberg Robert & Louise Rozanski Ann E. Rucker Joyce A. Rude Leah Rudnicki & Peter Kinn Robert T. Rudy Myrna Rufer & Roy Cowen Mark & Lisa Ruff Jeff Rundgren & Marcia Stephens Lori & Ray Runyan Thomas & Lynn Rusch Ross & Lori Ruschmeyer Douglas & Lorene Rutherford Karen Ryan Mr. & Mrs. D.D. Ryerse John & Katie Saindon John & Diana Salditt Beverly & Charles Salisbury Mary Salkowski Dan & Mary Salyards Curtis & Marian Sampson Garrett & Judy Sampson Wayne & Bonnie Sandbulte Rod & Avis Sanders Sheva & Tom Sanders Paul & Janet Sanderson Chauncey H. Sandgren

Marcy Sapuriada Hossein Sarfehjooy David & Connie Sauer Jean C. Sauer, MD Patricia & Barney Saunders Rob & Allene Sayre Carrie Schafer & Donald Lynch Eric & Marjorie Schaffer Dan & Janet Schalk Madelyn R. Schalow Paul & Libby Scheele John & Shirley Scheidel Kathleen Schier Sue T. Schiess Roger & Kathryn Schindel Rollie & Kris Schlichting Paul & Judy Schlick Dennis & Lois Schlutter Carol A. Schmidt Chuck & Teresa Schmidt Jeanette & Tim Schmidt William & Joan Schmit Cynthia & John Schmitz Gerald & Angela Schmitz Roger & Joy Schmitz Doris & Edwin Schnable Allan & Deborah Schneider Roger & Angeline Schnobrich Herbert & Barbara Schoening Sam R. Scholl Dorothy & Owen Schott Jackie & Dell Schott Jane Schrader Tony & Sue Schrempp Clint & Carolyn Schroeder Kim Schroeder Philip N. Schroeder David & Kristi Schubbe Mavis M. Schuette Jutta Karin Schultz Paul T. Schumacher Russ Schumer & Judith Florestano Pat & Gordon Schuster Jesse & Kathy Schwartz Ann Schwind & Manuel Vivas Richard & Debbie Scott John & Joan Scovil Herb & Margaret Seaquist Gerald L. Seck Securian Foundation Gail & Henry See Bruce Seelig David & Renee Segal Carol & Daniel Segersin Thomas & Sandra Seldon Carrie & Peter Senske Deanna & Eric Serrano Julie Setnosky JoAnn L. Shankland Judy & Jerel Shapiro Suzan & Edward Shaver Daniel Shaw & Judith McKloskey Lorraine Sherman & Sydney Schwartzfield Morris & Judith Sherman April Sherren & Darren Larson Bruce & Marcy Shilling


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GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Bruce & Meridy Shoger Michael Shong Steve & Rita Shor Daniel & Sherry Short Galine & Lenny Shteyman Barbara Sidders Robert & Michelle Siegert Claudette Siewert Carolyn Silflow & Paul Lefebvre Vern & Laurel Silvernale Dale & Marilyn Simmons Mary Simon & Theresa Simon Leah Simon-Clarke Mary Beth & Rich Simpson Sherwin & Carolyn Singsaas Gayle & Rob Sit Julian & Janice Sjordal Brian & Dee Skalbeck Bonnie Skelton & Shirley Bierma Stan & Sallie Skinner Monica & Thomas Skoogman Joan & Bill Slattery William & Marcelyn Smale Christine Smalley Greg & Martha Smetana Ann Cullen Smith Annette & D. William Smith David W. Smith Ethel J. Smith Gloria & Phillip Smith Helen T. Smith J. Patrick & Linda M. Smith Janet Smith Ruth & Charles Smith Smith & Hawken Terry L. Smith & Linda M. Lorenz Lee & Loretta Snilsberg Vaughn & Joann Snow Bradford & Rebecca Snyder Phil & Sharon Snyder Marilyn F. Soderberg Steve Solbrack & Liz Andress Robert Solheim Jan K. Solon M. Sommers Daniel & Kathy Sonnek Steve & Karen Sonnenberg Joyce Sorensen Jose M. Souto Laton & Paula Spahr Ordean & Norma Spande Tony & Cathy Sparks Lorraine Spears Fred & Linda Speece, Jr. Renate & William Sperber Dave & Sandy Sprengeler Gary Springer & Robyn Waters Rich & Liz Stadther Ernest & Donna Stalock Margaret Stark Cathy Stark-Risdall

Wendy Steele Irene D. Steffenson Mark & Joan Steingas Catherine H. Stepanek Robert & Cynthia Stevens Lori & Tim Stevenson Kathy Steward Brian Stieler & Carolyn Oakes John & Sue Stillman Norton G. Stillman H. Keith & Sally Stinson David Stockdale & Jane Anderson Timothy Stoebe & Doris Tran-Stoebe Raymond & Margaret Stoelting Ben M. Storey, Jr. John & Marcia Stout Lois & Bill Strand Barbara & John Strandell Bill & Lee Strang David & Christina Streeter Elizabeth M. Strom Phyllis Stromberg & Andrew Marlow Maggie Strub & Dorothy Strub Robert & Carol Stucker Monika Stumpf Rollie & Vicky Stussy Kristine Sundvahl Tom & Karen Sutera Aimee Sutherland & Fred Swengel Cynthia K. Sutter Vern Sutton G. Rolf & Patricia Svendsen Kevin & Kari Swan Connie K. Swanson Edward Swanson & Carsten Slostad Tom Swanson & Judy Farniok Maureen & David Swartout Bill & Sarah Swarts Kris Sweeney Douglas & Ann Sweet Bernard & Joanne Swenson Doug & Pam Swenson James & Shirley Swenson Jennie & Richard Swenson Jennifer & Robert Swenson Steve & Jean Swenson Marlys Swetman Charles & Colleen Swope John & Audrey Sword Cynthia C. Syme Michael Symeonides Kate Tabner & Michael Boardman Linda & David Tacke Joseph & Cynthia Tambornino Gary & Marsha Tankenoff Mary & John Taylor Timothy & Kimberley Taylor TCF Foundation Barbara Teawalt

Larry & Liz Tempel James & DeeDee Tennison Paul & Gail Terry George & Beverly Tesch Douglas & Michelle Thayer Dennis Thielen Patricia & Christopher Thiem Bob & Doris Thimmesh Cathleen Thom George & Doris Thomas Thomas & Sons Construction, Inc. Peter & Mary Thome Barbara & Bill Thompson Carol & Rodney Thompson Christine Thompson & Matthew Johnson Mark & Kimberly Thompson Mary Thompson & Bob Knuth Roby Thompson & Elizabeth Andrus Trudy & Dan Thompson Wayne Thomson & Joan Miller Paula Thorn & Sid Gunter Lowell A. Thornber Teri Thorsen John & Carrie Tietz Michael & Christine Till John & Amy Tillotson Mary & Harold Tilstra Gene & Diane Timgren Dr. Gerald W. & Susan E. Timm Heather & Andrew Tinkham Frances & Louis Tobian Janet & Paul Tolzmann Lee Toman & Jan Cronquist Blake & Lisa Toms Sharon & James Toscano Shirley & Greg Towne Virginia & Terry Tranter Charles Traxler Judy & Bill Trubeck Elsie M. Turnquist Gladys K. Turnquist Mike & Heidi Tuttle John Twomey, MD & Jennifer Zehr Darryl & Gloria Ulrich Faye M. Ulrich Tony & Jill Urdahl Bob & Leslie Uriell Lynn VanAllen Ronald & Ramona VanBuren Delbert & Theresa Vanderheiden Al van der Schans Lois Van Dyke Carol & Dan VanHeel Alexandra Van Horn Annette van Lengerich Linda Van Prooien Bob & Betty VanTassel Paul & Pat VanValkenburg Richard & Tara Varco Charles & Eva Vashaw Mary W. Vaughan Jay & Dory Venero Don & Mary Verbick

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Colette & Frederic Vereecken-Storme Roman J. Verostko Tom & Gail Vickery Teresa & Irving Victor Heather Vierling Elaine Dzubak Villafana Richard & Lynn Voelbel Don & Jan Voight Joel & Elizabeth Volm Clement & Ephie T. Volpe Jim Wadsworth & Sybil Kelly Richard & Judith Waeschle Denise Wagner Mike & Jan Wagner Jean & Dave Wagy Wayne & Eva Waldera Helen Waldron Carol & Bud Walker Lyle T. Walker Walker Family Julia F. Wallace LeRoy & Patricia Walquist Chris & Jane Walsh Mike Walsh Bill & Judy Walter Susan Walters Chris & Jeff Walton Ann & Dale Warner Cliff & G.G. Warre James V. Waterman Nancy & Douglas Watkins Gary & Judy Watts Jean & Jim Way Paul & Kris Weatherby Ruthanne R. Weaver Jim & Sharrol Webb Harry & Dorothy Webster Mary L. Webster Susan L. Webster John & Jolynn Wedekind Harold & Alice Weed Art & Nancy Weeks Deanna Weeks Mary & Richard Wegehaupt Maddy Wegner Steve & Carolyn Weiby John & Jeanne Weingart Julie & Karl Weisenhorn Peter & Eunice Weisensel Jennifer Weiss & Glen Coakley Steve & Katherine Weisser Gary & Brenda Welch David Welle & Rosemary Reinhardt Linda C. Welter Eric & Sarajo Wentling Karin Wentz & Mark Otness Linda & David Wenzel Mary Werner Wert Family Foundation / Jean & Sheldon Wert David & Patti Wessner West Metro Learning Connections, Inc. / Scott & Debra Schipper Robin & Daniel Westacott Karin & Craig Westgate David & Betsy Weyerhaeuser

William Whealon & Sylvia Nasla Brook & Michael Wheeler Mary & John Whipps Carl & Barbara White Dana White Dennis White & Joan Onffroy John & Sandra White Joyce & Donald White Bob & Dar Whitman David K. Whitney & Javier J. Cisneros Chuck & Lynda Whittemore Jackie Wicklund Mary & Rod Wideman John & Faerol Wiedman Vern & Rita Wigfield Michael & Ann Wilczynski Robert Wilder & Kari Pritchard Jackie Wilhelm Kevin & Barbara Wilkins Frank & Frances Wilkinson Steve & Kim Will Margot Willett Gretchen Williams Mary Wilson & James Reed Michelle & Alex Wilson Mr. & Mrs. P. Wilson Richard & Stephanie Wing Catherine & Peter Winge Douglas Winn & Susan Moore Bruce C. Winslow Phyllis A. Wirkkula Sandra & Brad Wirth Bill & Judy Wise Mary Jane & Basil Wissner Oliver & Gladys Wittenberg Molly & Bill Woehrlin Geoffrey H. & Mary N. Wold Chris & Kimberly Wolf Gerald & Peggy Wolfe C. Wolohan Don & Kathy Wood Perry & Barbara Wood Joey & Gerald Woodard Woodburn & Wedge Nan & Bob Woodburn Lane & Renea M. Woodland Susan & Tim Woolard Philip & Anne Worrell Gregory & Susan Worsnick Donald & Leona Wray E. Keith & Donise Wright Dan & Nancy Wrolson Norma Wubbena Penny Wuerth Richard & Gretchen Wunderlich Jim & Darlene Wuollet Dr. Gary & Vicki Wyard Joan G. Wyer Jerzy & Jutta Wyrobek Davis Xiong Violet Yahnke Steven & Jo-Anne Young Bev Youngquist & Marion Iverson Chengyan Yue Jane & John Yunginger


ANN U A L R E PO RT F Y2 0 1 0 Warren & Margaret Zaccaro Chris & Laurie Zacharias Beejay Zager Edward J. Zapp, Jr. Robert & Carol Zartner Tom & Tammy Zaruba Dr. Al & Sue Zelickson Barbara A. Zell Susan Zemke John L. Zenk, M.D. Theresa & M. Scott Zerby Stephen & Lillian Ziff Elizabeth Zilen & Robert Fogt Paula A. Zilka Lawrence J. Zilliox John & Nancy Zimmer Will & Sheila Zimmerman Sandy Zinn Rene’ & Rick Zona Eleanor Zwiers / Rum River Floral Designs

LEON SNYDER HERITAGE SOCIETY Individuals who have made commitments of future support to the Arboretum – including bequests in wills and living trusts, beneficiary designations in life insurance and retirement plans, and charitable gift annuities and other life-income arrangements – are honored as members of the Leon Snyder Heritage Society. June L. Aaker Marlene & Carl Adams Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Addington Dennis P. Albrecht John & Mary Alden Mrs. Darrel R. Alkire Gary & Patrice Alkire Elaine & Bob Ambrose Elmer L.* & Eleanor J. Andersen Lee R. Anderson Mary Anne Anderson Ruth M. Anderson Marion* & John Andrus Lois A. Anselment J. Daniel & Anne Baasen Lee W. Bachman Stanley & Georgia Bachman Gordon & Jo Bailey Bill & Patricia Baker Severne M. Banack E.W.* & Winifred Banktson Bruce & Carol Barry Eve Benesh & John Crowley Frederick & Ann Bentz Henry & Diane Benz Scott Berry & Kathryn Johnson Beth Gilbertsen Betts Diane Bierbaum Katharine D.* & John A. Billman Robert P. Bilotta Debra Bishop & Curt Towne* + Ruth M. Booman Anne M. Bowman + Armand & Mary Brachman

Richard L. Brachmann Dorene & Tim Brandon + Lloyd & Lois Brandt Conley & Marney Brooks Allen & Barbara Brosius + Eugene & Sharon Brumm Rod & Nancy Bubke + George E. Bugbee & Lucile A. Bugbee* Jim & Blenda Bullard Jim & Carmen Campbell Joe* & Pat Carlson Louise Ann Carlson Lynda Carlson Marcia & Richard Carthaus Ardys A. Casey James & Kathryn Catalano Ann Cathcart Harlan Cavert & Linda Odegard Irene Chanin Judith A. Christensen Alvin & Helen* Chromy Dr. Robert B. Clift Elaine & Foster Cole Marty Collier Paul Corydon Steven Crum Robert J. & Christy Z. Dachelet Sheldon & Carol Damberg Karen Davidson Richard V. DeLeo Dale E. & Emmillee S. Dennison William T. Dolan Joan E. Eckerly Hugh & Joyce Edmondson Doug & Celia Ellingson Charles & Shirley Engh Louise Eugenia Farmer Harold & Mary Ann Feldman Nancy Gaia Fenna Carol L. Ferris Ester & John Fesler Rodney H. Forristall Johanna M. Frerichs Louise Gabbert Henry & Dorothea Garwick Donald & Nancy Gilberg Anne & Stan Glad Mrs. Patricia J. Glassing Monica & Andy Graham Anne L. Gray John Greenham & Greg Cole Lucille & Charles Grosch Larry E. & Charlotte S. Gulden Betty Jean Hahn Lois J. Hall John* & Ione Haller Linda Halstead Mary T. Hammar Duane K. Hasegawa Connie Jaye Hines + Roger L. Hintze Mr. & Mrs. Leonard C. Hoeft Sally & Jim Hornig Ellyn Hosch & Lee Biersdorf Brad Hoven & Suzette Nordstrom

Dr. William & Hella Mears Hueg John* & Rusty Huff Delores E. & Robert J. Isaacson Darla R. Jackson Michael & Adele Jacoby Clarence & Romana Johnson Alan & Judy Johnston Gail M. Jones Howard E.* & Barbara Mackey Kaerwer Adele Kaufman Susan Keim Christina (Kiki) Kelley + Timothy S. Kenny + Virginia M. Kivits Donald F. & Mary Lou Klassy Diane & Jeffrey Klausner Norman K.* & Madeline R. Knafla Greg Krauska & Cindy Skack Jack R. & Hedy V. Lake John E. Larkin M.D. & Colles B. Larkin + Robert* & Elaine Larson Nancy Lauritsen June Lees Bob & Karen Libke D. Kenneth Lindgren Dale & Randy Lindquist Barbara Link Laura Lundberg Michael & Janet Malik Michael & Donna Mardis Alan & Sharon Marquardt Sarah J. Mason Joyce McCann Bob & Polly McCrea + Michael T. McKinney The Hon. E. Anne McKinsey Bruce & Janelle Melenich Kathryn & Jeffrey Messerich + Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick C. Meyer Gordon & Linda Meyer Bill* & Jo Mihelich Frank & Juliana Molek Beverly Montgomery Marilyn Moon + Judy L. Morgan Marilyn & Vernon Mork Muriel Morrow Ralph* & Bonnie Mueller Hal* & Luann Muller Leonard J. Nadasdy Noren & Karen Nelson + Patricia Newton Jim & Carol O’Connor Michael Olson & Suzanne Beatty Susan Osberg Hendrik* & Marri Oskam Beatrice M. Palmer Derrill M. Pankow Arthur W. & Jane S. Partridge Mrs. James R. Paul Gina J. Paulucci Carolyn & Luis Perez Janet M. Peter + Marjorie & Duane Peterson Lucia Pierson

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Eugenia Pignatello Peter Price & Julie Whitney Ronald & Carol Price Bill & Patti Priesmeyer Laura Prieve Gary & Kathleen Propp Cecil C. Ramnaraine + Clyde & Mary Reedy Darwin & Geri Reedy Donna Reichmuth Gary & Pam Reierson Judith F. Reinking Nancy L. Rice Ed & Ella Richter Elizabeth & Walter* Ringer Judge James D. & Leanna M. Rogers Edgar R.* & June Marie Rogier Patricia & Craig Roslien Marilyn Rushenberg Pamela Satre & Michael Funck Allan P. Sauter John & Mary Jo Schmitt Mary Ellen Scholl F.M. Scholljegerdes Kirk & Cheryl Scholz + Gen. Dennis & Pamela Schulstad Marion K. Scott Kathryn & Terry* Sherwood Timothy & Janet Singleton Janet J. Sinner Oliver & Barbara Skurdahl Betty B. Slater Anthony & Heather Smith Jacqueline H. Smith Phillip H. Smith Jamie Spanks + Ernst & Ruth* Spannaus Renate & William Sperber Richard & Judith Spiegel Lorraine G. Stewart Gordon* & Barbara Strom Anne Sturdivant & Gary Fleishacker Marvin & Ardis Sutter Dorothy Swanberg Connie & Craig Swarthout John D. & Patricia A. Telfer Mark & Kathryn Thacher Edwin & Beverly Thiede Sara Jean Thoms Wawa June Thorson Elsie Turnquist Donald P. Untiedt Von & Willie VanDorp Dan & Carol VanHeel Roman & Alice* Verostko Robert & Donna Vidas Ed & Carol Wagner William K. Wangensteen Chuck & Sally Watson Marilynn J. Weber David P. Welle & Rosemary A. Reinhardt Patrick Whitcomb & Patty Napier Helen W. & J. Kimball Whitney Corinne Wiles

Jackie Wilhelm Alan C. Williams Donna & Arno Windsor John* & Renata Winsor William J. Wintheiser Donise J. Wright Lorraine Penny Wuerth Kay M. Yost Marilyn & Alan Youel Jane A. Yunginger Alice Ziittel Anonymous (33) * Deceased + New members

GIFTS IN MEMORY OF Delmar Aasen Steven M. Ackerman Hope Allen Roger Amundson Hazel Anderson Howard W. Anderson Ina Anderson Jessie Anderson & Arnold Anderson Margaret “Peggy” Winton Anderson Frank A. Andrix Charles Angelo Dominic S. Arbisi Joseph Baker Doris Elise Barrett Elizabeth Barta Helen Bastian Evelyn Battaglia Cecelia Battcher Robert O. Batzli Susan F. Bennitt Clayton Victor Berg Di Bertelsen Doris Blakeley Bruce William Blakesley Leslie Jean Bolke Glenn Bonine Ruth Firestone Brin William D. Brisley Marnie Brodt James S. Brownlee John C. “Jack” Bryant Florence Bublitz Janet L. Bultrud Paul E. Busch Billy Bye Irene Byers Kenneth E. Cahoon Pat Callahan Mary Janet Morse Cargill Grace Carman M. Leroy Carpenter William T. “Bill” Carr Kathryn Caughey Janet G. Chase Regner Christiansen David H. Cochran Gordon “Gordy” Cole Thomas E. Cooper Kathleen M. Corrigan Roger Crary Leon Cross


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GIFTS ABOVE MEMBERSHIP Marvis M. Dahlin Melvin Davison Leontine M. Day Lillian R. DeBoer Marian S. Doege Jan M. Donnelly Joan C. Donohue LeRoy Dueber James “Burt” Dwyer Daniel F. Eckoldt Charles & Ruth Eisler Bror L. Erickson Antionette Etzkorn Roger Evans William B. Everett Nancy Everson Suzan Faus Grace Elizabeth Fazendin Arnold I. Feinberg Doug & Lillie Foster Harriett Fingerman Friedman Stanley L. Furber, Sr. Audrey Gallistel Donald M. Gedatus Elmer Gelhar Dorothy Gilchrist Verdell “Billie” Gipple Chester Gjertson Lydia K. Glander Stephen Gottschalk Sue Grcevich N. Bud Grossman Lexi Hagen John E. Haller Thomas B. Hammer George Hand Robert Hankey Archie Harju James Harness Alice L. Harrison H. Corrine Hasse Ned T. Hervas Gertrude Maria “Trudy” Hidy George O. Hilgermann Helen Hill Lynda Hoover Hines Tag Hinrichs Donald & Cathy Hinze Leo A. Hodroff Phyllis Hoffman Dennis L. Hogenson Carleen (Frisk) Holvik Barbara A. Holzer Dan Hooven Ruth M. Horstman Vi & Rollie Hron Elaine Barnes Hubbard John R. Huff Jane Humm Cecil “Bud” Hurd Lavonne Jacobsen Patricia D. Jaffray Annece Johnson Doris J. Johnson

George Johnson Milton V. Johnson Clifton “Sam” Jordan Kyle G. Joswiak Ray Juergens Ann Kania Mary D. Keating James Kelleher Eileen Tully Kent Florence “Flossie” Killgore Abbie Kinser-Templin-Smith Bruce Kinseth Daniel S. Kinseth Harold & Marge Kinseth Ludvig & Marie Kinseth Laura Kirk Roberta Kirshbaum Rita Kitt Erling Kjenstad George Klein Nellie Armstrong Klein Darlene M. Klemenhagen Virginia “Ginny” Knight John Knorr Virginia Koski Mary Kuesel Leonard & Jane Lampert Josephine “Jo” Langford Audrey M. Larson Jeanne B. Lash Lois R. Lavick Richard O. Leavenworth, Jr. Ronald M. Lehman Henry “Hank” Lempke Bertha A. “Betty” Lewis George Lewis Kathleen Lillehei Barbara Jane Lind Tom Linder Russell W. Lindquist Elsie Luff Kenneth E. Lukes Harold C. Lyman LaVerne A. Lynch Laura May MacKenzie Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. MacKinnon Shirley Mahowald Angus M. Mairs Jane Manick Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Marfell Carolyn Matz Carol Jean Maund Marty Mayer Elleva Joy McDonald Keith N. McFarland David McGough & Paul McGough Robert A. Melin Inge Meyerhoff Lorraine E. Mickelson William “Bill” Mihelich Bruce Mobberley John W. Moore Charles Murphy

Edith “Edie” Nelson Harold Nelson Mildred & Gunnar Nelson Charles Nolte Marion G. Nord Harriet Mann Nubson Josephine Nunn Harry Ochocki Venita H. Ocken Prudence Odland Edward J. Osfar Gerald B. Ownbey Duane Pahl Mildred Paul Alice Pearson Margaret Pedersen Eleanor Peterson Elsa M. Peterson Gene Stuart Peterson Wayne H. Peterson Norris Pettersen Terre Pivec-Magnuson Inez R. Plocher Lucille M. Pond Geneva Post Charles E. Power, Jr. David Pratt Mary M. Provost Irene K. Raguse Marvin J. Ramstad Jacob L. Reding Frances Reid Jo Reister George Ressmeyer Sheila Robb Carol M. Rognrud Mary Alice Ronning Filomena “Mary” Roselli Margaret Bohnsack Roskaft Marilyn Rothman Nancy Russell Ralph C. Sanders Mario Sartori George Satre Viola K. Scharmer Donald G. Schlachter Sally Crandall Schlossberg Earl J. Scholl Carole Schrade Fayetta Schrupp Phyllis M. Schulte Margaret “Peggy” Atwood Schuster Rabbi Max Shapiro Angela Shidla Mildred Shima Virgil Shroyer Louis Simon Isabel Smiley Wanda Smiley Beatrice A. Smith Robert “Bob” Smith Marguerite H. Snyder Robert Soltis Elizabeth W. “Betsy” Spencer Emma St. John Doris Valerie Hegg Steinbach Irene “Peggy” Steiner Robert C. Swanson

JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010 Thomas A. Swanson Gwen Sword Sophie “Sally” Tang Genevieve M. Thayer Dean Thomas James & Joyce Thwaits Paul D. Tierney Anna M. Tischler Mathew William Tomich Mary Toscano Steven J. Tranby Evelyn B. Uherka Elaine Vietz Gloria A Wagner Fay C. Wall Shelley and Ginger Walsh Dawn Elizabeth Bruzek Wartman Carolyn Warweg Anna Jane Washabau Patrick J Weicherding Richard “Dick” Weiss Mary B. Wendler Lee Werner Dorothy Werth Robert L. White Virginia White Beverly J. Whitney Richard O. “Dick” Wilhoit Paul E. Wilken Jack Wills Irene M. Winchester Robert C. & Jean S. Winton Robert Wolfson John “David” Wombacher Ronald Wood Calvin Woody, Sr. E. Keith Wright Ken Wurscher Iva Yelkin Varia Zankevics Eleanor J. Zezza Marcia Zinter Gladys Zwart Hughes & Lorraine Zweig

GIFTS IN HONOR OF John Andrus Peter & Carla Benjamin Tom Egan & Marjorie Bingham Blythe Brenden Anne & Jerry Buell John Jr. and M. Jane Caldwell Mary Janet Morse Cargill Betty Jayne Dahlberg Sheldon & Carol Damberg Claire Marlene Davenport Douglas Dayton Kaitlyn Ehlers & Savannah Riese Rod & Polly Erickson Helen Faul Flossie Finnicum Debra Greenblatt Ruth Haggerty Tom & Mary Johnston Jon Kemske

Sheila & Stephen Lieberman Russ & Avis Lindquist Melinda Liska Dennis & Laura Lundberg Elizabeth Reese & William Marton Tim & Karen McCauley Peter J. Olin Ralph Pamperin Katharine Patterson John & Cathy Pohlad Jean Ronnei Louise Rosenbaum Beth Ann Segal William & Patricia Sherman Anne “Topsy” Simonson Bonnie Skelton Richard & Judy Spiegel Sally Strand Polly Strom Erin and Elsa Trippet Brook & Mike Wheeler Barbara McDougall Wilbur

BUSINESS MEMBERS The following companies support the Arboretum with the purchase of a business membership and share benefits with their employees, clients and customers. Anchor Block Company Bailiwick Beacon Accounts Management Brandspring Solutions CR Landforms/Nature’s Nest Farm Davey Tree & Lawn Service Heather M. Dawe, Realtor Edelweiss Design Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce Edina Realty, Chanhassen Office Embarq Entegris Franke Financial, Ltd. Hartman Tree Farm Klein Bank, Chaska Lake Region Medical Lifecore Biomedical MGK-McLaughlin Gormley King Michael Foods, Inc. National Camera & Video New Perspective Senior Living Northeast Tree Northern Star Otten Brothers Nursery Red Oak Garden Center Rosemount, Inc. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Albert Lea Wagner Greenhouses Wallace Carlson Company


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JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010

2010 SUMMER EXHIBITION A powerhouse Summer 2010 exhibition presented by Xcel Energy showcased energy to fuel your body, life and imagination. Incredible Edibles gardens demonstrated how to eat fresh and grow your own nutrition-rich veggies. Amazing Art introduced outdoor artworks of the links between people and plants. Bio-Energized vignettes and energy crop plantings featured working energy alternatives for communities and business. “Xcel Energy is committed to environmental leadership which includes outreach and education. This exhibit is one of many ways that teach young people how they impact the environment and we’re happy to support these efforts,” said Crystal Manik, Market Manager.”




262,677 23,028,448 831,140 33,250 213,845 251,130

794,891 20,755,365 1,268,350 12,315 196,523 301,696



Cash in Bank Investments - Market Value Pledges Receivable Donated Securities Accounts Receivable Annuity Trust Receivable




2,099 571,149 3,458,514

15,187 464,873 3,357,780

890,985 4,285,974 15,411,768

415,505 3,845,726 15,230,069



NET ASSETS: Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted

University of Minnesota MLA Foundation * Memberships Restaurant Commissions Giftstore Gatehouse Research Sales Educational Offerings Facility Rentals Other Income In Kind Gifts


LIABILITIES: Accounts Payable Deferred Membership Revenue Land Payable




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1,898,821 4,063,791 904,726 137,347 818,311 410,573 205,041 366,717 432,391 99,054 286,691



2,875,365 1,528,022 1,303,858 1,138,137 933,111 653,009 326,215 301,765 208,712 14,698

2,833,497 1,660,935 1,327,513 1,167,849 1,080,840 661,953 317,823 322,166 240,683 10,204



EXPENSES Building, Grounds and Equipment Development and Communications Operations Research Projects Education Giftstore-expense plus inventory on hand Andersen Library Visitor Services Exhibits Restaurant


*MLA Foundation includes contributions, interest earnings, and unallocated unrestricted gifts for Fy2009 $495,771 applied to balance Arboretum operations. Fy2010 contributions of $102,104 in excess of current operating expenses are being retained by the MLAF.


FOUNDATION 3675 Arboretum Drive Chaska, Minnesota 55318-9613



2010/2011 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Julian Andersen Gary Alkire*

100% Recycled with 50% Post Consumer Waste

Patrick Bailey* Donna Beck John M. Bryant*

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JULY 1, 2009 – J UN E 30, 2010

Gail Buuck Susan Campbell Julie Potts Close*


David L. Cole* Megan Dayton Geoffrey J. Grassle Ruth Haggerty Sally M. Hauser John S. Helling Emily Hoover* James E. Johnson Sarah Lindahl David F. Maiser Thomas O. Martin Nancy McCabe* Polly McCrea Judy Mott Kathleen E. Murphy Susan Busch Nehring Chris O’Brien Kandi Osborn Gary M. Petrucci John M. Pohlad* Juliette Primeau Jeannine M. Rivet Ed Schneider Julie Hagen Showers Kim Crosby Snow Todd Wagner Susan Bachman West* *Appointed by U of M Board of Regents

Darrel R. Alkire Eleanor J. Andersen J. Daniel Baasen Barbara K. Bachman Dale L. Bachman Gordon J. Bailey, Jr. Jo Bailey Ralph W. Bashioum Eve Benesh Lloyd L. Brandt Priscilla Brewster Carmen D. Campbell Pat Carlson Katherine L. Coward Katherine P. Crosby Susan K. Cross Sherry Ann Dayton Martha de Vos Bill Dolan W. John Driscoll Kay Erickson Gary M. Gardner Herbert R. Goldenberg Julie Hahn Helen Hartfiel Shadra Hogan James Hornig William F. Hueg, Jr. Rusty Huff Stephen D. Keating Dr. John E. Larkin, Jr. David M. Lilly D. Kenneth Lindgren Mary Agnes McQuinn

Thomas E. Michaels Thomas P. Nelson Patricia Newton Catherine T. Nicholson Robert J. Odegard Peter Olin S. Bartley Osborn Charles W. Oswald Richard R. Owen Clyde Reedy Darwin R. Reedy Carl J. Rosen Rita F. Shemesh Phillip H. Smith Mary Stanley Barbara Steiner G. Rolf Svendsen H.R. Swanson Barbara Thompson Frederick L. Wall III Helen W. Whitney

VOLUNTEER POWER A total of 856 volunteers donated 34,003 hours of human resources to help propel the Arboretum’s success. Total Value (based on 2009 Independent sector rate of $20.85 per hour) = $ 708,962.55 Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients (April 2010): Betty Richie Charlotte Malotky Joyce Matheson Shirley Engh Education Website Team: Lynn Stearns, Sandy Stearns, Patty Priesmeyer, Ann Vanvick and Jutta Peters Edward L. Schneider, Arboretum Director Polly McCrea, President-Board of Trustees Timothy S. Kenny, Director-Education Peter J. Moe, Director-Operations Frank J. Molek, Director-Development & Communications The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. A premier national arboretum, is part of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota. ©2010 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. ©2010 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report Fiscal Year 20101  

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report Fiscal Year 20101

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report Fiscal Year 20101  

MN Landscape Arboretum Annual Report Fiscal Year 20101