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Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 MNI Targeted Media Maverick Awards, Dean McClearn and Tommy Shaw! Both winners prove every day that we’re leading the REvolution.

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LIVE FROM NEW YORK... By Stacey Zirkle


t’s the 2014 National Sales Meeting! The MNI Targeted Media REvolution kicked off in a thankfully snow free and unique way, with everyone from Stamford and Sales coming together for the first time ever. For many, this was a first-time visit to the “Big Apple,” and what better way to spend the night than dinner and dancing at Copacabana. The dance battles between Shelli and her many opponents kept our core value of “Keep it Fun” in mind.

The View from the Top Although the dancing went into the late hours of the night, everyone was up and ready the next day for General Session at the Time and Life building. This year, we were lucky enough to have two Time Inc. Executives speak to our team. CEO Joe Ripp and Executive Vice President Mark Ford made it clear how excited they were to be back in the same room with MNI Targeted Media Inc.

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Dean McClearn

Tommy Shaw

Winner of the Sales Maverick award, Dean personifies the Maverick spirit in everything he does, including his work ethic, integrity, and dedication to his clients.


ean is absolutely tuned in to his clients’ needs, which is why they trust him and his expertise. His skill at providing powerful plans for his clients was proven when he won MNI’s first-ever ‘Account Pitch’ and our biggest digital account, Keurig.

Building solid relationships and focusing on business that is renewable are also important to Dean’s success, as well as his ability to stay calm under pressure and when faced with difficult clients.

His consultative approach and dedication have helped to continually grow the account, in a highly competitive environment.

Dean is absolutely tuned in to his clients’ needs, which is why they trust him and his expertise.” ••• continued on page 2



(continued from cover)

The Art of Selling Print

Like Dean, Tommy embodies the Maverick spirit in everything he does, from his willingness to collaborate to his dedication to our success.


n the ever-changing world of digital advertising, there are three important components, that I include in my daily selling life, that allow print to be the mainstay of my bookings. These help me close integrated programs and foster partnerships that include print in the mix (and they help garner those highly coveted increased print commissions).


ACTIVITY Breeds Results! This concept is nothing new to MNI or Sales in general; Rob Moore has been offering constant reminders of this for over a year now because it is the most basic and effective tool behind successful sales growth. This is also possibly the hardest goal to maintain. I have found that my success in print is directly correlated to the number of meetings I have week over week. Having a full calendar is my first priority, and I feel it is crucial to successful print selling. Having the print conversation face-to-face, at least 10x a week, directly increases my bottom line and gets me closer to my annual goal.


Magazine Media: Alive and Well! The misconception that “print is dead” is very prevelant. Remembering and communicating that magazines are alive and well has helped me consistently renew—and win new—print partnerships. One thing that resonates with my clients in initial print conversations is their trust that I believe in and stand behind print, and that I love MNI’s unique print offerings. This is easily expressed in face-to-face client and agency meetings, and it generates curiosity as to why I’m so excited. Print? Really? Yes! Despite continued growth, proliferation, and adoption of other news and entertainment outlets, overall magazine print readership is up 1.1% among adults 18+ compared to a year ago. Time Inc. has also fared better than the industry average—with print readership up 2.9%. It is also undisputed that magazines rank as the #1 medium for advertising acceptance. The list goes on…The point is that it is incredibly helpful to have these (or a few other) performance statistics about the print world, and Time Inc., on hand for every


Remembering and communicating that magazines are “alive and well” has helped me consistently renew— and win new—print partnerships.” meeting. The One Voice slide on “The Power of Print” will generate very interesting and surprising conversations as we move along in the very fluid digital universe.


Hard Hitting Questions: Be Not Afraid! While not the most natural thing to exercise, hard-hitting questions provide me with the knowledge I need to sell print and make sure clients understand how print can help them achieve their marketing goals. If you do it long enough, the uncomfortable part of asking about money (and for money!) goes away. Here are a few questions that I have grown accustomed to asking each client, on top of the standard targeting and goal questions, that expedite closing a sale:

1. What are your budget parameters? 2. How do you feel about print in your media mix?

3. What percentage of the total budget is being allocated to print?

4. What are the challenges I can address regarding print and getting it on the plan? And/or…

5. What do I need to do to get print on the plan? Remember, print is a viable and powerful medium for your clients. It’s important that you understand and believe this fact to be true. Your enthusiasm for and confidence in print will influence your clients and prospects, and will make it easier to get more print dollars in your media mix. Believe in the Power of Print!

Winner of the Stamford Maverick award, Tommy was praised by his colleagues for his flexibility, and for being able to quickly switch gears when campaigns change. But no matter how may permutations plans have, Tommy always delivers the highest quality results for our clients. Tommy is always willing to join calls with reps and clients, and is great at answering all the clients’ questions so they have a comprehensive understanding of how their campaign will run. His openness and availability goes a long way to prove to our clients that they’re our priority and that we always have their best interests in mind.

Tommy is always willing to join calls with reps and clients, and is great at answering all the clients’ questions so they have a comprehensive understanding of how their campaign will run.” The consummate team player, Tommy is happy to share his knowledge and insights, so everyone has a complete understanding of the products and services we provide. A true Maverick, Tommy knows that sharing information makes our team stronger and more able to provide the most powerful plans for our clients. Please join me in congratulating the 2013 MNI Targeted Media Inc. Mavericks! Dean and Tommy are perfect examples of how the Maverick spirit of hard work, collaboration, and innovation are what will help us lead the REvolution.


SPRING, 2014



or digital media campaigns, it’s becoming more and more common for MNI clients and advertisers to compare our campaigns to the website traffic they are monitoring through Google Analytics. However, one of the biggest challenges your digital team can face is the client’s misrepresentation of how they should compare Google Analytics metrics to those of their MNI digital campaign reports. This article will outline the difference between Google Analytics and MNI reporting and how to manage expectations for clients and campaigns that are referencing Google Analytics for their own use.

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free tool that allows companies to monitor their website, or traffic being referred to their site, through digital campaigns, by providing detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources.

By Stefanie Mosca and Mary-Nevin Gauthier

URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name. This enables Google Analytics to tell users where searchers came from, as well as what campaign directed them to their website.

want the user to take. Once a goal is set up, the client often chooses to extend the goals out into a funnel path where they can define steps within the funnel and can apply multiple goals to the campaign.

In order for an MNI campaign to be tracked in Google Analytics, the UTM codes must be set up properly, and visits need to be tracked before the campaign goes live. Additionally, once the campaign is live, it is important to make sure the client makes our team aware of any changes made to their website or UTM codes, since that could affect our ability to track the progress of the campaign.

The key to combating a high bounce rate is to provide content that draws users into visiting several pages on the site.”

The most relevant aspect of Google Analytics is Referrer Traffic, defined as specific websites or ads that refer or send visitors to a website.” Google Analytics calls for a user to set up at least one goal, which they suggest be the purpose of your website or the action you

Another important metric in Google Analytics is bounce rate, which is defined as the percentage of visits in which the visitor only views one page of your website before leaving. The standard interpretation of a high bounce rate is that people are coming to your site and either finding what they want, but not anything else that compels them to stay, or not finding what they want at all. The key to combating a high bounce rate is to provide content that draws users into visiting several pages on the site.

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While it can be extremely helpful for companies looking for insights into their website traffic or time spent on certain aspects of their site it should not be used as a comparison tool for digital media campaigns. The most relevant aspect of Google Analytics is Referrer Traffic, defined as specific websites or ads that refer or send visitors to a website. To ensure referrers are from the ads served by MNI, a UTM code is embedded. A UTM code is a simple code that can be attached to a custom


Understanding Brand Studies A

s we look closer at how advertisers judge campaign effectiveness, brand studies are often sought after to help take a deeper look at “what’s going on under the hood” of a particular campaign. Here at MNI, more and more clients are looking into brand studies to help understand how their target audience was reached, and how much brand lift occurred in a given campaign.

What is a Brand Study and How Does It Work? A Brand Study measures the value of online advertising by providing insights to campaign effectiveness. Studies look to identify the what (was awareness raised?), the who (did I reach my target audience?), and the why (what ultimately drove performance?). Some of the top brand studies available are Vizu (purchased by Nielsen), Dimestore, ComScore, and Dynamic Logic/Millward Brown. Studies are conducted by delivering surveys to two separate groups; “control” and “exposed”. These groups are defined simply as those viewers that have never seen the advertisement before (control) and those who have (exposed.) The two groups are delivered a survey question which measures the difference in positive response rates between the two groups. This difference between the two values determines “Brand Lift”.

Who is Measuring My Campaign? Vizu (Nielsen) One of the more popular studies available in this space is Vizu. Vizu was purchased by Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, in July 2012. Vizu tracks billions of ad impressions each month, and associates data points regarding the particular ad exposure, to aggregate and translate into a usable format. A very large amount of data is processed in realtime which is unique to Vizu’s platform. Vizu describes brand lift as the percentage


to help clients understand their market and pinpoint actions for growth. They provide reliable audience measurements and insights into what drives consumer choices and experiences to help the client evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their online media (as well as cross media) campaigns.

Brand studies look to identify the what, the who, and the why.” increase in the primary marketing objective of a brand advertising campaign. This is measured by shifting consumer perception of awareness, attitudes, favorability, purchase intent, and preference. When utilizing a Vizu study, CTR is not appropriate for measuring the effectiveness of brand advertising.

A very large amount of data is processed in real-time which is unique to Vizu’s platform.” Vizu processes their proprietary data in realtime. This data is used to determine who has actually seen your advertising, and who hasn’t. It also helps identify which media formats viewers are exposed to, and how frequently. Lastly, a Vizu study will show which media formats a viewer is exposed to. Vizu uses an “intelligent” survey-based methodology for measuring both audience characteristics and consumer sentiment. It is designed to maximize consumer participation while minimizing potential bias. On average, Vizu garners 50-100x the response of traditional long form research and will notify a user they will not be taken off site.

Dimestore Another top brand study player our clients work with is Dimestore. Dimestore works

Discovering the ‘Where’ All brand studies look to identify the what, the who, and the why, and Dimestore has the ability to discover the where. Using their ‘GeoMarketing’ solution they can determine • Where your ideal customers are located • Unexplored markets that will reach your customers These are the types of questions that impact performance and determine who will survive in a competitive marketplace. Through analyzing location-related issues, Dimestore can give clients the necessary information to optimize their business so it can respond more quickly to market changes, and exploit untapped potential consumers before their competition does. Another feature that makes Dimestore so unique is that they can assess the ad’s actual visibility on screen together with its view time. This allows the client to make adjustments to the creative and/or media plan while the campaign is running, to further improve the delivery to your target group. For those who do not find almost real-time feedback flexible enough, Dimestore offers pre-testing simulation solutions to test creative within the actual environment of the planned campaign before it launches.

SPRING, 2014

By James Caruso and Lauren Lysaght ComScore: ComScore is widely known as a leading market data analytics organization which provides incredible insights into the digital world. ComScore has many different ways of analyzing digital data, but what we typically see at MNI is their Advertising Analytics. The major component of ComScore analytics is “Brand Survey Lift”; this is a survey-based solution to measure total impact of online and multiplatform advertising, leveraging actual campaign delivery insights to calculate and weigh survey responses. ComScore uses a proprietary methodology to optimize campaigns and eliminate wasted ad spend by measuring lift in key branding metrics such as awareness, message recall, and intent to purchase. ComScore also measures the total effectiveness of your ad campaign to help measure online presence. ComScore will identify the best performing locations and where the brand increase has been lifted. It also captures share of voice taken from competition while measuring campaign impact on search activity. This is done by incorporating site visits, search activity, partner site visits, and branded social media pages. This combination of research will help to understand at which locations brand lift has been increased the most.

ComScore also measures the total effectiveness of your ad campaign to help measure online presence.”

most, and optimize the delivery of viewable ads to a specific audience with the goal of driving purchase intent. Advance will help determine how a campaign impacts the behaviors and attitudes of a specific target audience. This study will also provide insights in how to optimize a current campaign, determine which portions of the campaign are most viewable, and how often an advertiser is reaching each audience segment. Millward Brown Digital integrates exposure (audience, reach, viewability) and impact (brand, behavior, sales) into one measurable tool in a web-based solution. This is a fully customizable and holistic solution, which integrates key metrics into one platform while allowing for a customized set of metrics based on audience attitude and behavior. This data is unique to campaign objectives on a case-by-case basis. It is provided in real time using an analytics dashboard which allows advertisers to adjust campaigns mid-flight. The ultimate goal is to help increase efficiency and effectiveness while a campaign is in progress.

Which Survey is Right For Me? Choosing a brand study depends on the goals and budget of each campaign. If you are looking to measure a campaign in real-time to make optimizations, MNI recommends utilizing a Dimestore, MillwardBrown, or Vizu study. If gathering data for future planning is the ultimate goal, ComScore provides an excellent solution.

If gathering data for future planning is the ultimate goal, ComScore provides an excellent solution.” Whichever strategy is chosen, conducting a brand study will help advertisers leverage brand value as well as improve their marketing initiatives across digital and non-digital media. Combining the brand study solutions with MNI digital solutions, we can provide our clients with insights that can improve design, messaging, and media plans to maximize the ROI of client’s existing and future digital campaigns.

Increased Exposure Means Increased Brand Lift CONTROL GROUP



Millward Brown Digital Dynamic Logic is a leading online research company that specializes in measuring the effectiveness of online communication. In July 2013, Dynamic Logic and Compete merged to form Millward Brown Digital. They use a product called “Advance,” which allows advertisers to measure how a campaign is reaching and impacting the audiences they care about Controlled Positive Response Rate

Exposed Positive Response Rate


TARGETED TRENDS Continued from page 3

Google Analytics vs. MNI Campaign Reports 1 Many companies monitor their website traffic from digital campaigns using Google Analytics. 2 Google Analytics is not an

‘Apples to Apples’ comparison with MNI Reports.

3 Google Analytics is best for measuring referrer traffic.

4 MNI Reports measure

impressions, clicks, and CTR.

5 Clients should set a goal

for their Google Analytics reports, like what action they want visitors to take.

6 Clients can combat high

bounce rate by ensuring their website includes relevant and engaging content.

Remember: Make sure your clients know that Google Analytics, while a valuable tool, is not the same as MNI reporting metrics!

Google Analytics Metrics vs. MNI Reporting The primary success metric used in Google Analytics is page views to the client’s website or certain pages within the site. A page view is defined as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by the analytics tracking code. For digital campaigns, MNI provides each client with a number of metrics, such as impressions served, clicks, and clickthrough rate; however, these metrics are not available through Google Analytics since the platform’s primary measurement is page views. It is important to note that visits and clicks will never marry up since they are two different metrics coming from two different measurement tools. Not only are the two very different forms of measurement, but depending on the ad servers that the campaign is associated to, visits and clicks are not counted exactly the same, which often causes discrepancies. The concept of a visit in Google Analytics is also important to understand because many features, reports, and metrics depend on how Analytics calculates visits. A visit is a group of interactions that takes place on a website within a given time frame. A visit can be as short as a few seconds or as long as several hours, but by default, visits last 30 minutes. Every time a visitor’s campaign source changes, Google Analytics opens a new visit. It’s important to point out that even if an existing visit is still open (that is, less than 30 minutes have elapsed), if the campaign source changes mid-visit, the first visit is closed, and a new visit is opened. Many clients express concern when they receive a report from the MNI team that


does not match up to the total visits or referral traffic they are seeing in their Google Analytics platform. Reporting discrepancies commonly occur when multiple ad servers are used to measure the progress of a campaign. When an ad server delivers line items that are hosted by a third party, reporting discrepancies between the two systems will occur, and it is common to see campaign variances of up to 20%. It’s best to investigate discrepancies while a line item is still running, since there are fewer troubleshooting steps available after a campaign has ended. Once you learn that a client is using Google Analytics to track their MNI campaign, set up a call with your Digital Account Manager and the client so the client can explain what they use Google Analytics for and what metrics are important to the campaign. This will be the first chance for your Account Manager to explain how MNI can work with the client using their Google Analytics and manage expectations early on. Additionally, your Account Manager will need access to the client’s Google Analytics account, so that we can include a breakdown of the visits vs. clicks, as well as other metrics we are seeing from the referrer traffic within our reports. Google Analytics has become one of the top resources for web analytics and can provide many insights into what is working or not working within a campaign. When a client chooses to utilize this tool, it is essential for the entire campaign team to have a working knowledge of the software in order to use the insights Google Analytics provides as a compliment to the reporting and services that we provide and not a detriment.

SPRING, 2014



emember to get involved in MNI’s social media platforms whenever you can! Comment on, like, and share articles, and tag yourself in photos. A robust social media campaign connects us with our clients and our industry, increasing SEO, driving people to our website, and building our brand and our reputation as industry leaders. • B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those who do not. (Inside View) • Fifty-eight percent of marketers who have been using social media for more than three years report that it has helped them improve sales. (Social Media Examiner) • Seventy-four percent of B2B marketing companies use Twitter to distribute content. (Content Marketing Institute)

• Eighty-seven percent of B2B brands use social media to engage audiences and distribute digital content to prospective and current customers. (Content Marketing Institute) Using social media to increase business is no longer a concept on the cutting edge. It’s a proven strategy that builds relationships and brand equity, and it’s important that we continue to increase and improve our social media presence.





*Before liking/following, look for the MNI logo to make sure you’re on the right page.

Social Media Checklist Like and share the MNI Facebook Page (MNI). Follow us and retweet our posts on Twitter (MNI_TimeInc). Follow and interact with the MNI Time Inc. Page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (MNI).

LIVE FROM NEW YORK... (continued from cover) They both mentioned how they want other Time Inc. divisions to take a look at some of our practices for bringing products to market, and reflect those throughout their own teams. Joe and Mark remember MNI in its early stages and are impressed with how far we have come. Joe is confident that we will reach Rob Moore’s personal 100+ million goal! This sparked the enthusiasm for everyone to head back to the hotel and learn about what’s new with Digital and Magazines, and the relaunch of Later that night each region had the opportunity to discuss what they learned that day at unique downtown NYC restaurants. Everyone who attended the 2014 National Sales Meeting in NYC left feeling enthusiastic about our future, with tons of new insights and information and the REvolutionary spirit that will make 2014 a successful year. And remember...

You’re the REvolution! P.7

WELCOME ABOARD! NEW HIRES JESSICA BLOCH | 12.16.2013 Sales Coordinator Department: Sales | MNI | Chicago Reporting to: Heather Hein

SEAN WALSH | 2.10.14 Digital Media Planner Department: Digital Media Group Reporting to: Tommy Shaw

KATHERINE WYNKOOP | 3.17.14 Assistant Digital Media Planner Department: Digital Media Group Reporting to: Jennifer Butler

STEVEN WEISS | 1.6.14 Digital Media Plannner Department: Digital Media Group Reporting to: Tommy Shaw

ALANA SEMEL | 2.12.14 Account Executive Department: Sales | MNI | NYC | Reporting to: Michael Andrews

KRISTEN BURGER | 3.18.14 Sales Development Associate Department: Marketing | MNI | Chicago Reporting to: Heather Hein

JAMIE TRAN | 1.6.14 Digital Media Plannner Department: Digital Media Group Reporting to: Tommy Shaw

COURTNEY CURLEY | 2.18.14 Account Executive Department: Sales | MNI | Dallas Reporting to: Kevin Whitlow

SEAN DELANEY | 3.28.14 Account Executive Department: Sales | MNI | Boston Reporting to: Laura West

ERIN ALLEY | 1.13.14 Account Executive Department: Sales | MNI | Chicago Reporting to: Heather Hein

LEWIS NEWMARK | 3.3.14 Account Executive Department: Sales | MNI | Los Angeles Reporting to: Corinne Lynch

CLAUDIA LAUTURE | 4.28.14 Digital Account Manager Department: Digital Media Group Reporting to: Lisa Miano

VICTORIA WILSON | 2.10.14 Account Executive Department: Sales | TMH | Chicago Reporting to: Dave Mevorah

MICHAEL DICOSTANZO | 3.3.14 Digital Ad Ops Coordinator Department: Digital Media Group Reporting to: Lauren Confalone

ELIZABETH BOYLE | 5.1.14 Sales Coordinator Department: Marketing | MNI | Boston Reporting to: Laura West


Everyone had an unforgettable time in Paris, and now we’re focusing on the Riviera Maya! Like all President’s Circle trips, this will be a first-class reward for the Top Ten who have proven that they can lead the REvolution, and take MNI Targeted Media to the next level.

So keep moving forward! Keep reaching toward your goals and following the sales pillars, and you could find yourself enjoying one of the most beautiful and exclusive locations in the world, Riviera Maya!

Laura West Julie Polmonari Heidi Schrock Janis Kern Dean McClearn Shelli Fitzsimmons Laura Baranowski Marybeth Kitley Adam Ross Megan Regnery Maura Fitzgerald Brielle Fiorillo


MNI Targeted Media Inc. Edge, 2014 Spring Issue  
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