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Minimum topics required list

• Should the U.S. Abandon its Isolationist Past? • •

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Students will create a newsmagazine using . They will research and incorporate content from text and two quality sources * per article. In a group of 5 or 6, they will be responsible for all of the following articles / topics: Hawaiian Annexation Interview Spanish American War Cover Story Panama Canal Muckraking Journalism Mexican Revolution Editorial (opinionated article) Imperialism in China and Japan Perspectives (Pro / con) Philippine Insurrection Choice of above (except cover story) Visuals per article: 2 minimum required while the cover story requires an additional one. – Types of visuals: pictures, maps, charts, political cartoons Editing:

All students must lead author one article, and co-author a second one, indicated by by-lines with the lead author listed first. The co-author will contribute research, pictures, and ideas, as well as be responsible for editing the final draft of the article. The writing in each article should meet or exceed the “Writing History Essays” expectations *.

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Magazine Production Specialty Tasks: In addition to authoring their articles, each student will be responsible for one of the following specialty tasks:

Magazine Editor: Your primary responsibility is to set up the magazine and help facilitate the submissions of articles in a timely manner. You are responsible for the overall quality of the news magazine. You should help colleagues that need assistance, delegate others to do the same. A good editor figures out the strengths of their staff and helps coordinate who does what, who helps where. They also are able to pitch in everywhere.

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Magazine Co – Editor: Helps with all tasks given the lead Editor. Art Director: Responsible for cover art (author of cover story provides you with primary visual). You will add items to the cover that increases a look of authenticity, including date, price, etc., and also include “teasers”, little phrases that highlight other articles within. You may be called on by members of group to help with their visuals. If time allows, you may insert time appropriate ads to fill white space throughout magazine.

Research Editor: Responsible for creating an end note page which provides sources (URL’s are fine) for each article in the back of the magazine. This should list each article, the by-lines, and a minimum of two sources (in addition to the textbook) used in the research for that article. You should help check quality of sources as well, reminding authors that Wikipedia and sources like “info please” will not be acceptable as the two, but may be listed in addition to the minimum.

Production Editor: In charge of recording who is doing what, checking on production status, reporting to editor and teacher, chipping in and helping out with anyone who needs help.

Be sure to include each of the following in your article on each topic. You should also include these as minimum understandings in preparation for the unit assessment. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hawaiian Annexation Hawaiian monarchy – little history Early U.S. interest Economic interests of U.S. conflicting with Liliuakalini’s national interests Role of Dole Bayonet Constitution Spanish American War Cuban unrest / reasons Yellow journalism (not to report on it, but report with it*) The Maine The de Lome letter Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders Dewey and the Philippine Islands Battle of San Juan Hill Outcome Panama Canal France’s previous attempt to build canal Acquiring the lease with Panama Panamanian revolution from Colombia , U.S. role Challenges building, and how overcome Importance of the canal Mexican Revolution U.S. economic interests in Mexico before revolution Key leaders fighting for control of Mexico Pancho Villa raids against Americans - U.S. response / results Tampico Incident – results Battle of Veracruz – objectives and results Imperialism in China and Japan Matthew Perry and opening trade in Japan How did we entice them to open their doors to trade with us? John Hay and his role in foreign affairs / especially Asia Foreign country’s role in China Our ambitions in China (why were we so late to get interested?) Open Door Notes / Open Door Policy Boxer Rebellion and its results Sphere of influence Philippine Insurrection Emilio Aguinaldo – how he fought with us, then against us Commodore Dewey Both their roles in defeating Spanish in Spanish American War Treaty ending Spanish American War and its provisions concerning the Philippine Islands The eventual defeat of the rebels Results of the insurrection – official status of Islands (in relation to the U.S.)

Example bibliography Hawaiian Annexation Joe Smith (lead author) Josh Simons (co-author) petition/ HID=189 Photo Credits bih=697&tbm=isch&tbnid=ocKAMtcHDfX6AM:&imgrefurl=http:// Spanish American War Shelley Stevens Sarah Jones Photo Credits ‌ etc.

Honors American History UpFront News Magazine

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Total Score ________ / 100

Concerns: CATEGORY Lead Authored Article

Co-Authored Article

Criteria Writing should meet or exceed "Writing History Essays Expectations" Intro has: -Attention Getter -Thesis sentence that organizes the rest of body Scholarly wording Paragraph length -Minimum Required Info included -All info relevant


______ 30

-Contribution of 2 sources Strengths and suggestions (Failure to apply editing suggestions to lead authored article = deductions here) ______ 15


Credibility Accuracy Reasonableness Support 2 sources to lead and 2 to co-authored article required ______ 15


-Minimum of 2 visuals (3 if cover story) -Choices highlight the topics -Photo credit provided ______ 10

Specialty Task Effort

-Quality -Timely Cooperative -Effort completion of specialty task

Overall Product

Quality News Magazine Created

______ 15

______ 15


United States History project information in magazine format