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minnesota herpetological society April Meeting: Mix It Up! A Trio of Topics

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Pet Expo Recap

Field Herping Opportunities Help Make a Snakey Cake! See page 4 for details!


Information edited/removed to respect privacy concerns.

A PRIL 2006



Board of Directors

President Bruce Haig




Vice President Tim Banovitz

Recording Secretary Ellen Heck

Membership Secretary George Richard

V OICE M AIL : 612.624.7065 • MHS W EBPAGE : HTTP :// WWW. MNHERPSOC . ORG MHS G R O U P E M A I L : H T T P : / / W W W. G R O U P S . YA H O O . C O M / G R O U P / M N H E R P S O C

Treasurer Nancy Haig

April 2006

Newsletter Editor Asra Halvorson Members at Large Fred Bosman David Dewitt

Carmelita Knudson


Education Jan Larson

Library Tim Banovitz

Webmaster Anke Reinders

Volume 26

Number 4

The Purpose of the Minnesota Herpetological Society is to:

Sarah Richard

Adoption Sarah Richard

The Minnesota H e r p e t o l o g i c a l S o c i e t y

• Further the education of the membership and the general public in care and captive propagation of reptiles and amphibians; • Educate the members and the general public in the ecological role of reptiles and amphibians; • Promote the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. The Minnesota Herpetological Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Membership is open to all individuals with an interest in amphibians and reptiles. The Minnesota Herpetological Society Newsletter is published monthly to provide its members with information concerning the society’s activities and a media for exchanging information, opinions and resources. General Meetings are held at Borlaug Hall, Room 335 on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota, on the first Friday of each month (unless there is a holiday conflict). The meeting starts at 7:00pm and lasts about three hours. Please check the MHS Voice mail for changes in schedules or cancellations. Submissions to the Newsletter Ads or Notices must be submitted no later than the night of the General Meeting to be included in the next issue. Longer articles will be printed as time and space allows and should be in electronic file format if possible. See inside back cover for ad rates. Submissions may be sent to: The Minnesota Herpetological Society Attn: Newsletter Editor Bell Museum of Natural History 10 Church St. SE. Minneapolis, MN 55455.0104

Copyright 2006, Minnesota Herpetological Society. Except where noted, contents may be reproduced for non-profit, noncommercial use only. All material must be reproduced without change. Proper credit will be given including the author/photographer and the MHS Newsletter citing: volume, number and date.

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

April Upcoming Speakers: Mix it up – Speaker triad by Jeff LeClere

April’s meeting will feature three interesting presentations that, individually, would be too short to fill the length of a normal talk. There is no theme; each subject was specifically chosen to be unique. Collectively, they will produce a colorful blend of information within the span of a normal presentation.

Craig Renier – Keeping and Breeding Fire Salamanders

Presentations regarding the breeding and rearing of amphibians are usually scarce. Indeed, producing amphibians involves a whole new set of challenges different from those of reptiles. Craig has been member of MHS for over 10 years. He has been maintaining and breeding fire salamanders since 2003. He will discuss proper husbandry and breeding including what methods have worked for him and those that haven’t met with the best of success. He has been breeding herps for over 20 years. Throughout this span of time he has bred veiled chameleons, banded geckos, fat-tailed geckos, leopard geckos, and three day gecko species (giants, peacocks, and gold dust). He has also had success with Tropidocalotes, Stenodactylus, African clawed frogs, and dwarf frogs. Craig has also kept poison dart frogs and a mata mata.

Gordon Vadis, President of BugCo – The Business of Bugs

“Gordy” has taken his family owned business of about 50 years from the early days of selling minnows as bait to one of the largest distributors of crickets and other insects in the nation. He will discuss the trials and tribulations of producing and shipping live insects to retail pet stores, zoos, schools, and labs across the country. Learn how he developed and shaped the diet and packaging of crickets to create his flagship product, the Bug Box, which revolutionized the world of feeder insects. Gordy has worked so diligently that his efforts have gained him nationwide media coverage on NBC’s Today Show and Newsweek in 2004, and won three awards in 2003. BugCo also currently runs an ad in Reptiles magazine. In 2005, the business continued to grow with a couple new exciting changes. And, to top it all off, BugCo is located right here in Minnesota!

If you’ve got salamanders or insectivorous herps, please bring them to the April meeting for Critter of the Month! This Critter of the Month is themed around April’s speakers!

Ed Quinn, Division Resource Management Program Coordinator MN DNR – Field Herping Opportunities for MHS members

Ever wonder who reads our MHS field survey reports and what they do with them? Find out as Ed takes us through a history of MHS field surveys and a look at what some future sites hold. In addition, Ed and I have been working on some new, very exciting opportunities for MHS members to assist the DNR chase down herps in the field and teach newcomers the wonderful world of field herping. If you are interested in field herping on any level you cannot miss this talk! If you are not sure how to find herps in the wild, or if you are a seasoned herper, learn how the MHS and MN DNR can help each other, how they can help you, and how you can help them. Do not miss it! For future months’ speakers, see page 5

Page 3

News, Notes & Announcements The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

Happy Birthday MHS! Help with our Cake Snake! As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, May will be the Minnesota Herpetological Society’s 25th Anniversary! To celebrate, this May will be a special meeting, complete with a reunion of some of the original founding members (more details on the speakers later), plus a cake! But we’ll need your help to create this massive cake. Here’s what we’re planning for the cake:

Here’s your part: Bake one or more 8 or 9 inch circular cakes-- follow the directions on the cake mix package for a 2 layer circular. Cut it in half as shown in the diagram to the right, and have it already frosted to bring to the May meeting. We will assemble the massive beast on the front row of tables. The more people contribute, the longer the snake!

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

Audit Committee Members Needed

Volunteers are needed for the 2005 Audit Committee. Every year, a small committee consisting of the current treasurer and two club members audits the financial reports for the prior year. The two club members cannot also be members of the current Board of Directors. The process takes about four hours and accounting experience is not required. Please contact Bruce Haig at the April general meeting or by e-mail if you are interested.

There will be more details and a sign-up sheet at the April meeting if you are interested in contributing to this silly, fun, enormous snakeycake. See you there!

NOTICE OF MEMBERSHIP DUES INCREASE At the meeting held February 4, 2006 the board unanimously voted to propose an increase in the membership fees as follows: Basic: increase from $15 to $20 Contributing: increase from $30 to $40 Sustaining and Commercial will remain the same at $60 and $25, respectively.

The board can only propose the increase. It is up to the general membership to vote on it. The voting will take place at the May general meeting, which is scheduled for the 5th of that month at 7pm. The change would go into effect June 1st, 2006.

In order to vote, you must 1. Be a member in good standing. 2. Attend the general meeting. No provision will be made for absentee voting.

Cover Photo © Jeff LeClere

Page 4

State Fair Chairperson Needed!

Before you know it, it’ll be State Fair time. An important part of MHS’s educational outreach is the Minnesota herp exhibit we run in the DNR building on the State Fairgrounds. Many folks take our flyers and learn about Minnesota herps through this venue. However, this program can’t run without a State Fair Chairperson. This position is open! Will you be the person who steps up for this important outreach venue? If you’d like more information, ask a board member or talk to Marilyn.

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

April 2006

Volume 26

Attention: Persons interested in field herping opportunities!

Do you want to find and photograph herps in the wild but need a little assistance? Are you a seasoned herper who wishes to participate in coordinated surveys? The following notice is intended for anyone interested in finding herps in the wild. Several opportunities await you this year, so mark your calendars! April 7, 2006 —— MHS General meeting Ed Quinn will discuss MHS field surveys past and present and present new herping programs. Please see Upcoming Speakers on the MHS website and the MHS newsletter. June 3, 2006 —— Field herping clinic at the Haig residence in East Bethel, MN. We will be teaching MHS members various methods for finding herps in nature. This program is geared for those who have never herped and wish to learn, but will also be diverse enough for anyone who would like to attend. Look for a sign-up sheet at the meetings. We are also interested in volunteers who would like to help guide as well. See below for contact. June 10, 2006 —- Is the tentative date for the formal MHS Field Survey for the year. The tentative location is Sibley St. Park. This is typically a weekend long event, but volunteers can sign up for any day they choose. This survey is always well attended, is really fun, and we usually turn up a good number of herps. The main goal is to document new county records and submit an annual report the MN DNR. Look for sign up sheets at the MHS meetings! All of these events and more will be presented in greater detail at the April 7 MHS general meeting. For questions or further info, please contact me. —Jeff LeClere

Herp Mini-Survey – June 3, 2006

Mark your calendars for a one-day reptile and amphibian survey tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2006 on the property owned by Bruce and Nancy Haig just north of the Twin Cities. This is an opportunity to learn survey and species identification techniques in anticipation of future state park surveys. Details and sign-up sheets will be provided at the May general meeting.

Number 4

Future Months’ Speakers

May: MHS 25th Anniversary! Delvin Jones, Barney Oldfield, Dan Keyler, Jim Gerholdt, Bruce Delles and more TBA will blast you into the past with a Minnesota Herpetological Society “This is your life: past, present, and future”. Topics will include how the MHS was formed and how it was run in the early years, hopefully followed by comments by newer MHS members (TBA) demonstrating how things have changed since. This meeting will have a very informal “party” feel to it with many anecdotes, decorations and a cake. More details can be found in other parts of the newsletter. Come help us celebrate MHS 25th Birthday! June: Noah Anderson – Thermal biology of Gopher Tortoises and feeding mechanics in turtles (official title TBA) Noah is a doctoral student at Idaho State University researching feeding mechanics in aquatic turtles, which will form part of his presentation. The other half will focus on the results of a study of thermal biology in Gopher tortoises in Mississippi. Noah was a 2000 and 2004 MHS grant recipient which helped to fund both projects. July: Rebecca Christoffel – University of Michigan (title TBA) A long distance MHS member, Rebecca’s thesis involves people’s perceptions of snakes, especially venomous species. This work is probably the largest and most comprehensive to date dealing with the interaction between those who fear snakes and those who educate using snakes. She will provide suggestions about how to present snakes to the public, and there are a few surprises! If you are involved in MHS Hands-On events on any level, or give herp presentations, you do not want to miss this one! Page 5

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

Photo Contest 2006

People’s Choice Winner by Kevin Collison

Kevin Collison won in the “Other Herps” catergory in all three places. He also received the People’s Choice award. Page 6

Becky Girard won 1st and 3rd in the Snakes/Lizard category

TJ Turner won 2nd in the Snakes/Lizard category

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

Skyler Bouley won first and second in the 12 and under catergory August Hewitt won third

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

Richard Bonk won first in the Mixed Media/digitally enhanced catergory Laurie Grassel won second Liam Bonk won third

Some of the great entries received for this year’s Photo Contest! Page 7

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

Minnesota Herpetological Society Treasurer's Report

Board Meeting Review

For January 2006 Beginning Checkbook Balance:18,347.82

For February 2006 Beginning Checkbook Balance:15,903.30

Income: Membership Library Fines Raffle Adoption Rodent Sales Small Item Sales Donations Midwest Other Total Income:

Income: Membership Library Fines Raffle Adoption Rodent Sales Small Item Sales Donations Midwest Other Total Income:

Treasurer’s Report- The bank balance, year to date, is down approximately $4000.

Prepared by Nancy Haig, Treasurer

395.50 2.00 103.50 25.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 526.00

Expense: Newsletter Misc. Printing and Postage Program Library Supplies Hands-On Refreshments Rodent Cost Adoption Cost Midwest costs Donations Other* Other* Total Expense:

388.30 0.00 0.00 0.00 42.88 93.50 0.00 1,160.98 0.00 (281.11) 725.00 544.41 296.56 2,970.52

Cash Increase/(Decrease):


Ending Checkbook Balance: 15,903.30 Placement of Cash Holdings Checking Account 15,903.30 Cash on Hand 155.00 Total 16,058.30 Treasurer’s Notes: Income: Income was low due to lack of sales Expense: 2005 rodent bill was paid $93.50 2006 Pet Expo Electric fee (Hands-On) $725 donation grasslands study grant * $544.41 newsletter postage * $296.56 2005 Holiday Banquet costs Page 8

250.00 0.00 67.00 75.00 139.00 102.00 144.00 0.00 0.00 777.00

Expense: Newsletter Misc. Printing and Postage Program Library Supplies Hands-On Refreshments Rodent Cost Adoption Cost Midwest costs Donations Other* Total Expense:

388.30 0.00 0.00 0.00 27.81 0.00 0.00 1,663.02 60.00 0.00 0.00 182.82 2,321.95

Cash Increase/(Decrease):


Ending Checkbook Balance: 14,358.35 Placement of Cash Holdings Checking Account 14,358.35 Cash on Hand 155.00 Total 14,513.35 Treasurer’s Notes: Income: $144.00 Hands-on donation Expense: 2006 rodent bill was paid *$182.82 voice mail

By Ellen Heck, Recording Secretary

Vice-President’s Report- Speakers coming up: April- Craig Renier – Breeding Fire Salamanders, Gordon Vadis – BugCo, Ed Quinn – DNR; History of MHS Field Surveys & new opportunities May- 25th Anniversary - Delvin Jones,

Barney Oldfield, Dan Keylor, Jim Gerholdt, Bruce Delles June- Noah Anderson – Report on grant award and doctoral on turtle feeding research July- Rebecca Christoffel – her thesis on the right way to present herps to the public Pet Expo- This went very well. Channels 9, 11, 29 got film and Jeff did a radio spot for 950 AM.

Survey- Randy is looking into dates with the DNR. May 10th is slotted as the one day mini-survey at Bruce & Nancy’s.

Old Business Dues – The increase notice was in the newsletter but not announced at the meeting. The notice be published next month and announced at the April meeting. Inventories – The request for inventory lists was reiterated.

25th anniversary Birthday party theme, “Snake cake” - a request for cakes will be put in the newsletter. It was suggested that we invite old members, the DNR, zoos, etc. Also, we should probably contact the media, newspapers, etc. Library Inventory - This is complete. Some books are more than 2 years overdue

New Business DNR/Field Survey - DNR may reimburse $200-$400 since MHS has no budget for field surveys. This could become an ongoing thing. Members could be recruited to visit various parks and log what they see. Jeff will head up a committee to review the sheets before turning them over to DNR. Also, they would like members to help set up 1 or 2 day nature hikes for the public as

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

well as MHS members. Ed Quinn will discuss this further at the April meeting. State Fair – Still need someone to chair this.The announcement was not in the newsletter but Asra will insert in the April issue. 2005 Audit – It is in the bylaws that this will be done by a committee of 3, consisting of the treasurer and 2 non-board members. Bruce will ask for 2 volunteers at the next meeting. The audit will commence immediately and be finished by June. The request for volunteers will be put in the newsletter. White Snake Sale Wrap-up

By Ellen Heck, Recordiing Secretary

The white snake sale has come and gone for another year. We had over 700 items donated and raised over $1000, which is better than last year.

In the best traditions of Hollywood, we have many people to thank, starting with Todd Turner, who volunteered to run the sale. Other volunteers were Fred Bosman, Ananda and Abbey Wold, Asra Halvorson, Ellen Heck, Nancy Haig, Carmelita Knudson, Christy & Chad Danathar, Brandy Schneider, Roger (last name unknown), Heather (last name unknown), Josh & Marie Huslander. We unfortunately don’t have space to thank all the donors individually, but without you and your support, the sale could not happen.

In addition to the items donated by members, a number of businesses from around the country sent things in. Apogee Blue Chameleon Ventures ProExotics Natural Chemistry, Inc Reptile Wearables CaribSea, Inc Pretty Pets

We realize it is a long process to total the bags and check out, and we thank everyone for their patience. We are formulating plans to speed the process for future sales.

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

Thank You 2005 Volunteers!

Many thanks to the MHS members who, as usual, generously contributed their time and talents to support the MHS and its public education goals during 2005. The members that contributed over ten hours will be receiving a small gift in appreciation at the April general meeting. If your name is not among those that contributed over ten hours and you feel it should be, please send me an email describing your contribution before the April meeting. Members contributing 10 hours or more: Aherns, Jodi Curry, Connie Allard, Roger Danathar, Chad Anding, Emilie Danathar, Christy Anding, Rachel Delles, Chase Auguston, Monet DeWitt, Amanda Backer, Kaia DeWitt, Dave Backer, Marla Dye, , Amanda Backer, Mike Evans, Heather Backer, Sage Fremouv, J W Banowitz,Tim Gamble,Tony Bittner, Linda Giefer, Kara Blasus, Marilyn Grassel, Laurie Blasus, Randy Grassel,Vern Bliese,Tom Haig, Bruce Bonk, Liam Haig, Nancy Bonk, Richard Hakomaki, Nancy Bosman, Fred Halvorson, Asra Bosman, Liz Heck, Ellen Boughton, Faye Hensley, April Brumfield, Judi Hewitt, Michelle Bush, Mike Hewitt, Sean Buzicky, Barb Holstrom, Caitlan Carlson,Vanessa Holstrom, Jody

Homich, April Hulslander, Marie Jaeger, Amanda Janni, Mike Karsten, Sam Kazeck, Pete Keyler, Dan Knott, Matt Knudson, Carmelita Knudson, Daniel Lang, Casey Lang, Mariah Lang, Marit Larson, Christina Larson, Jan Larson, Merle LeClere, Jeff Lucas, Richard Mahlow, Josh Manna, Jen Mauricio, Liz Menke, Sean Menke, Shannon

Merck, Gordon Miller, Anna Moriarty, John Morris, Lily Moss, Bill Peterson, Stacy Pfarr, Harley Printy, Jeff Reinders, Anke Richard, George Richard, Sarah Sandberg, Bill Sasse, Aaron Sasse, Cheryl Sasse,Thomas Schmidtke, Mark Schmidtke, Nicholas Snyder, Brandy Turner,Todd VanderBales, Cinci Vitrone, Paul Wold, Abby Wold, Ananda

Other generously contributing members: Albrecht, Kara Gilbertson,Theo Andreasen, Jan Grassel, Janna Ash, Gary Gushulak, Michelle Asleson, Dave Hawkins, Daiel Bittner, David Heit, Aaron Bittner, Steven Heit, Jim Browning, Karen Hewitt, August Bruacks, Andrea Holstrom, Ken Calander, Donna Ingbreston, Brian Cisewski,Tina Ingbretson, Heather Clayton, Heather Jack, Marlo Gerholdt, Jim Jacobsen, Glen Gilbertson, Darren Johnson, Molly

Kvanbek, Greg Lang, Jeff Levell, John Mahling, Laurie Matson, Heather Meltzer, John Monson, Dan Monson, Lori Patika, Melissa Patika,Jamie Peterson, Jon Porwoll, Ann Refsnider, Jeanine

Rex, Alexandra Rohweder, Mike Rose, Jo Rose,Tali Sasse, Josh Scamp, Maddie Schmidtke, Zachary Schmoll, Alex Strand, Megan Taylor, Shanon Ulveness, Domonique Ward, John Wold, Brent Page 9

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

Pet Expo


Text and Pictures by Bill Moss

April 2006

Entering the vast expanse of the Minneapolis Convention Center, one is greeted by an open sea of booths and displays catering to dogs and cats, with a few companion birds in the mix. You can find everything from food to bedding to pet hair removers to glamour photography in these many aisles. Way in the back there is a huge pool where dog owners are happily encouraging their pooches to run the length of the ramp and leap into the air to catch an object tied to a rope hanging out over the water. Whether they catch it, or miss it, the dogs fall happily into the water and swim out to wait excitedly for their next turn. Dogs are barking, dogowners are strutting and people in the stands are clapping. But over there on the far wall, in the midst of all this commotion, there is a booth that appears to have a log jam of people surrounding it. It’s kind of a low key booth, not a lot of noise com-

Page 10

Volume 26

Number 4

ing from over there, but there are plenty of interested people nonetheless. In fact, it’s hard to get past the booth for all the people. It’s the booth staffed by the members of the Minnesota Herpetological Society. Here there are snakes ranging in size from 13-foot long pythons to young corn snakes barely a foot long. There are water turtles and tortoises on display for those who like reptiles with a hard shell and lizards for those who prefer a more active animal. There is even a small alligator so people can see where Aunt Mary’s purse came from. On the back wall of the 30foot display are two large cages containing display animals. One contains a huge iguana and in the other is a large python. These display animals provide living examples of what those cute little pet store animals will one day become.

The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

The knowledgeable MHS volunteers are there to share their experience and expertise with the public attending this event. Among the hoards of people lining up in front of the display are those who are eagerly reaching in to touch one of the animals being held by MHSers while learning all about the particular critter, there are those who prefer to stand back and watch from a distance, and of course - those who, once they realize what’s in the booth, step lively to quickly put distance between themselves and those “creepy” reptiles (or is it our staff?). The Pet Fair and other public venues that the MHS participates in are ways of fulfilling one of the missions of the MHS – to educate the public as to the value of reptiles and amphibians in nature. There is no telling how many people walked away from this booth with a greater appreciation of these animals than what they arrived with. To that end, Job Well Done! The MHS would like to thank Marilyn Blasus for chairing this event and thank the following people for their generous participation – collectively over 226 hours of volunteer time. Robert Eschbach; Amanda Dewitt; Cory Schaak; Tabitha Schaak; Dave Dewitt; Chris Smith; Skyler Bouley; Yvette Bouley; Sean Hewitt; August Hewitt; Jennifer Hensley; Peter Kaizer; Brandy Snyder; Christina Danathar; Larry Lillo; Jason Lillo; Gordon Merck; Randy Blasus; Michelle Hewitt; Jeff LeClere; Ellen Heck; April Homich; Kathy Claugherty; Chad Danathar; Sarah Richard; George Richard.

Page 11


The Newsletter of the Minnesota Herpetological Society

April 2006

Volume 26

Number 4

P a g e r e H v erpe u

Juve Interview Name: Tali Age: 9 Lives with: My mom, Jo

How long have you been going to MHS meetings? Since we joined in September 2004 What’s best about MHS? I love everything about the meetings-- the people, the speakers, the adoptions, the raffle. Oh, and I loved being at RenFest! What’s your favorite herp? Go DRAGONS! Bearded, Water, and Legendary! Next herp you would like to get? California King or “Oreo” snake.Then, when I’m older and move out, a boa.

April Herp-Help Tip:

Don’t leave reptile lights on at night. Reptiles need a “photo period”, so turn the light off at night so they can sleep. Note: Ceramic Heat Emitters and Infrared Reflector Spot bulbs can be left on 24 hours. The Winner for March 2006 Favorite Herp Survey... It was the closest race we’ve had, but in the end, the CORN SNAKE won out! 2nd Ball Python 3rd Boa Constrictor 4th King Snake 5th, last but not to be left out, the Garter Snake

What are your pets’ names? We had 16 Juve Voters. Some of the comCorn Snake: Candy Cane ments on why they voted for the corn Bearded Dragon: Norbert snake: Chinese Water Dragon: Argetlam or Lawea: Snakes are awesome animals Birthday wishes “Argie” to have. I have two and I love them. go out to Mali Uromastyx: Auralam or “Aurie” They are very easy and don’t take Crested Gecko: Pumpkin Pie Caitim - April tons or work. Map Turtle: Canica or “Nica” Humza Halder - April 14 Skyler: Easy to keep, calm, good for Dwarf African Clawed Frogs: Ranito & Liam Bonk - April 28 beginners. Ranita Marcy: Because I got to hold one.They’re Chilian Rose-Haired Tarantula:Vered smooth. Cats: Azure, Juglans Negra or “Jug”, Murtagh or Theo Because I own one as a pet. “Murt”, Belvedere or “Mr. B” Jessie:They are very beautiful snakes. Got a good tip or idea for the Juve Herper Page? Email Dan Monson. See you at the meeting! -Dan FishMan Page 12

G E T Y O U R ME S S A G E T O Y O U R T A R G ET A UD I E NC E W I TH A 1 /4 P AG E AD. $ 1 0 P ER M ON T H $ 1 10 PE R Y EA R *

*12th month is free on a one year commitment Advertising Policies


Business card 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page

$5/Month $10/Month $20/Month $40/Month

$55/Year* $110/Year* $220/Year* $440/Year*

* Note: 12th month is free on a one year commitment


MHS Ad Policy: The MHS assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY regarding the health or legality of any animal, or the quality or legality of any product or service advertised in the MHS Newsletter. Any ad may be rejected at the discretion of the Newsletter Editor. Due to space limitations, unpaid and complimentary advertisements are subject to occasional omission. Classified Ads: All active members are allowed a classified ad, run free of charge as space permits. Ads may be run three consecutive months, after which time they may be resubmitted. Corresponding members are allowed a complimentary business card advertisement monthly as space permits. Due to federal restrictions on non-profit mailing permits, we are not allowed to run ads for travel, credit, or insurance agencies. Submissions: All advertisements should be submitted to the MHS Editor, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Deadline is the night of the General Meeting for inclusion in the next newsletter. Make checks payable to: Minnesota Herpetological Society.

Minnesota Herpetological Society Membership Application

Renewal Membership# Type Check #


Address City, State, Zip, Phone


List in MHS Directory?



Herp related interests

Active Memberships:

Sustaining ($60/year)

Contributing ($30/year)

Basic ($15/year)

Corresponding Memberships: Commercial ($25/year, 2 business card ads/year) Required check info. Drivers Lic #



Please enclose the proper payment with your application. Make Checks Payable To: Minnesota Herpetological Society. Membership is for 12 months from the date of approval, a receipt will be sent only upon request. Mail to: Minnesota Herpetological Society, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.


Non-Profit Rate U.S. Postage PAID Mpls, MN Permit No. 2275



Next Meeting: Friday, April 7, 2006 7:00 PM Room 335 Borlaug Hall, U of M St. Paul Campus MHS Voice Mail: 612.624.7065

MHS Web Page:

Vol. 26 (2006), No. 4  

Minnesota Herpetological Society Newsletter

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