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Upcoming Meeting Highlights June Program: Field Herpetology - Observing Amphibians and Reptiles in the Natural Environment

Slide Presentation and Panel Discussion. Have you ever been curious about the work of field herpetologists? Do you wonder about the creation, aims and implementation of herpetological field projects, or the equipment and methodology that herpetologists utilize to successful achieve project goals? Would you too like to learn how to find. observe and enjoy amphibians and reptiles in the wild, not only safely, but in an environmentally friendly manner as well? If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions, then you'll definitely have to attend the general meeting of the Minnesota Herpetological Society on June 4, 1999 as well as the Fillmore County field trip and camp-out on Saturday and Sunday June 5 and 6. At Friday's meeting a variety of MHS members, all currently actively engaged in herpetological field studies, will present a slide illustrated panel discussion reviewing basic amphibian and reptile hunting and observation techniques along with information on necessary and/or useful equipment and supplies. Of course, most of these individuals will also have an assortment of colorful and/or humorous (at least now anyway) tales to share about their experiences.

Volume 19 Number 5 The companion field trip to Fillmore County in southeastern Minnesota's beautiful "Bluff Country" will allow those attending to test their "herping" skills while participating in an ongoing county wide herpetological survey supported by the MHS Grants in Herpetology program. Prospective activities include an examination of the MNDNR's recently dedicated Hvoslef Wildlife Management Area (named for a 19" century Fillmore County physician/ naturalist) near Amherst MN and a visit to the Living Museum of Natural History in Lanesboro (yet another project supported by MHS grants). Saturday evening (as well as Friday for those arriving early) will be spent camping as a group at the private "Hidden Valley Campground" on the banks of the Root River just outside of Preston, 1v1N. Located approximately 150 miles south of the Twin Cities, both Preston and the Hidden Valley Campground may be easily reached by simply following U.s. Highway 52 in the appropriate direction. The campground itself is located off Highway 52 east of the City of Preston just opposite the Fillmore County State Aid Highway 12 junction. Other nearby attractions include Mystery and Crystal Caves, Forestville State Park and Avian Acres Native Bird Supply and Petting Zoo. Per person camping costs will be somewhere between $5.00 to $10.00 depending on the total number of people in our group (more people ~ lower per person rates). Family participation is not only welcome, but is encouraged as well For more information on the Fillmore County camping trip or on additional area lodging options contact John or Connie Levell at (507) 467-3076 JPL

Welcome to the MRS Board of Directors Julie Beauvais has accepted the position of Recording Secretary since no one was elected to the office in March. Please thank her for stepping forward and helping out with this unappreciated but very important position.

Welcome to New Members Joining in January: Eric Wahlstrom Joel Dale Matt Curtis Floyd Worden And in February: David Dewitt Amanda Dewitt Craig Schuster Kathy Schuster Daniel Benzick Cynthia Egli Julia Egli

June "Critter of the Month" In honor of our planned field trip let's try and bring in Herps native to the State of Minnesota - that way we can see up dose and personal what we hope to find in the "field".

(see maps on page 6 for field trip location)

Board of Directors President Bill Moss

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Vice President John Levell

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Members at Large JodiAhems Nancy Hakomakl Gordon Merck Janell Osborn

Bell Museum of Natural History 10 Church Street, SE, Minneapolis Minnesota, 55455-0104 Voice Mail: (612) 624-7065

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MAY 1999

The purpose of the Minnesota Herpetological Society is to • •

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Aquatic Turtles Gary Ash

Volume 19, Number 5



Amphibians Greg Kvanbek John Meltzer John Moriarty


Internet /

Committees Sarah Richard

The Minnesota Herpetological Society

John Levell

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Terrestrial Turtles Fred Bosman John Levell

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Further the education of the membership and the general public in care and captive propagation of reptiles and amphibians; Educate the members and the general public in the ecological role of reptiles and amphibians; Promote the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians.

The Minnesota Herpetological Society is a non-profit. tax-exempt organization. Membership is open to all individuals with an interest in amphibians and reptiles. The Minnesota Herpetological Society Newsletter is published monthly to provide its members with information concerning the society's activities and a media for exchanging information, opinions and resources. General MeetinS" are held at Borlaug Hall, Room 335 on the Sl Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota, on the first Friday of each month (unless there is a holiday conflict). The meeting starts at 7:00 pm and lasts about three hours. Please check the MHS Voicemail for changes in schedules or cancellations. Submissions to the Newsletter Ads or Notices must be submitted no later than the night of the General Meeting to be included in the next issue. Longer articles will be printed as time and space allows. All active members are allowed a classified ad, run free of charge as space permits. Business cards are run for $5.00 per month. or Emailed to: Items may be sent to: The Minnesota Herpetological Society Attn: Newsletter Editor Bell Museum of Natural History 10 Church St. SE Minneapolis, MN. 55455-0104

Snakebite Emergency Hennepin Co. Regional Poison Center (612) 347-3141 Minnesota Poison Control System Local (612) 221-2113 Out of State: (800) 222-1222 Copyright Minnesota Herpetological Society 1999. Contents may be reproduced for non-profit use provided that all material is reproduced without change and proper credit is given authors and the rvn;s Newsletter citing: volume, number and date.

MHS Newsletter Volume 19 Number 5

NEWS, NOTES & ANNOUNCEMENTS Critter of the Month Sara Knez Jake Jacobsen

John Levell

Chinese Gliding Treefrog (PolypedIlles dennysi) Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macroclemys temminckii) Russian Tortoise (TestudIl horsefieldi)

Keith Tucker

Ball Python (Python regius)

Evan Morris

Amazon Tree Boa (Cora\lis enydris)

Help a Hapless Herp Thanks to members who adopted:

Ren- Fest

Thanks to Raffle Doners

To past Renaissance participants:

Jan Andreasen

books, desk alligator

The costuming department (that would be me) requests that you search your wardrobe to see if there are any stray cottage pieces that may have inadvertently followed you home-

Bill Moss

turtle yo-yo

Dick Palmatier

lizard house, carriers heat rock, 10 gal.aqu., cage cleanersr

Karin Rea

t-shirts, lizard drink

This would include: chemises, bodices, shirts and pants as well as accessory items like belts & pouches. Please check, as we are missing many pieces (you know who you are; Don't make me come afteryouJ)

Also, if you would like to donate any outdated or outgrown costume items, please let me know!

for a total of 3 animals saved Still needing homes are:

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at (612) 203-5295 (during the week) or on weekends you can call (651) 488-1383. Thanks in advance for your prompt attention-

6 Iguanas 1 - 3 ft caiman 1 sm. Common Boa 3 Burmese Pythons

p.s. The next sewing sessions are scheduled for 5/23 and 6/27 at the Haig's. See ya there! 째Gator Galli

1 Russian tortoise 1 Red eared-slider 1 California Kingsnake


Takenfrom National Geographic, Vol 195, No.5

Gila Monsters Losing Desert Homes Burgeoning development in the Sonoran and fvlojavc Deserts threatens Gila monsters, the nnly venomous !izar~s in the U.S. "Las Vegas and Phoenix are among the tnstest growing arCi\S in the \'Vest," Sill'S David Brown, ill1 Arizona State University biologist. "Construction workers find Gila mOIlsters 011 their sill'S and often call ,mimill shelters to reSCUe them." Nl'Vilda ,lilt! Arizol1,\ state laws protect thl' foot-long reptiles.


Photo by Michael Fogden Text by John L. Eliot Submilled by lodi L. Aherns



Warning Notice Several Herp Societies have been running a warning notice about Proctor & Gambles new scrubbie sponges (the yellow sponges with green plastic fibers on the back for scrubbing pots) It appears that after using one to clean the algae off a 200 gallon aquarium the tropical fish started dying within 30 minutes of being introduced to the tank, they were all dead within five hours. The back of the label stated the new sponges were treated with a fungicide and were II not for use in aquariums, keep away from other pets". The fungicide in this case is "triclosan" a derivative of 2-4-D (a part of Agent Orange). This chemical is also being used in anti-bacterial, hand cleaners and anti-viral disinfectants. The warning here is clear: NOT ALL SPONGES ARE EQUAL-READ THE FINE PRIN11 This is similar to the moth-proofed plastic shoe boxes that were available for awhile. The built-in protections could be fatal to your animals, check out the chemical additions before using products near your beasts. Sources: Northern Calif. Herp. Soc., May 1999 -Melissa Kaplan, "Bad Chemicals in Sponges?", www.anapsidorg Colorado Herp Soc., April 1999, Vol. 26, No.4, "Pot Scrubbers and Pets"

MHS Newsleller Volume 19 Number 5

THE ROOT RIVER NATURALIST By John P. Levell "What's a Frog Run Anyway?"

words ever left his lips, I knew exactly what the tall cop would say. "Your

I knew it would happen sooner or later. Aiter all, just how long can one

A frog run," I explained, His part of a nation-wide program specifically designed to document the presence

frog nul, ... now just what in the hell is a frog run?"

reasonably expect to wander around in

a county owned regional park just south of the Twin Cities, after midnight no less, before somebody, most likely the police, take notice? Amazingly, the answer to this question is quite some time, but that is part of a

different story entirely. In any case, on this one particularly cool, moonless night back in late April 1994, they (they being the police, cops, fuzz, flatfoots or whatever else you may wish to call them) actually did find us. Well, sort of anyway. To begin with, I know that I saw them well before they had any idea where my wife Connie or me actually

were. In fact I'd be blind if I had missed them, with their gleaming white squad car, cherry red flashers still whirling madly away as they peered into our parked Jeep Cherokee with their flashlights. Smiling to myself I softly muttered IIBusted," as

Connie and I continued through the darkness.



As the gap narrowed between us and the jeep, Connie and I broke the suspense by turning on our flashlights as well. "Can we help you with something officer," I announced when

within reasonable hailing distance. The policemen, one kind of tall and lanky like Jimmy Stewart, the other more solidly built and shorter, just stared until we reached the road. "Saw this jeep here and we're kind of wondering just what it, and you two for that matter, are doing in the park," the tall officer said, "after all it is pretty late." The shorter cop, saying nothing, just watched.

"Well actually sir, believe it or not the wife and I are doing our frog run." I saw an astonished look take control of their faces and worked hard to stifle my smile. At the same time, before the

only frog call route in the county. It need not remain so, however, as listening to calling frogs is one outdoor activity virtually anyone can take part in.


and measure the relative abundance of

our indigenous frog and toad species. Doing this requires visiting the wetlands where these amphibians breed, preferably after dark, where we listen for calling frogs and record our observations on special standardized Frog and Toad Call Survey fonns."

I handed over my clipboard of data as proof of my sanity, before continuing. "You see officer, the call of each toad or frog is totally unique to that species, just like the songs of birds, and these animals can all be easily identified on the basis of their voices alone. To help insure some measure of uniformity in data collection,. observers are assigned specific frog call survey routes consisting of ten listening sites each and this park just happens to be our route." Although now silent, I could sense both officers' growing belief in my story. "That lake over there is stop number 8," I added pointing in the direction of our recent appearance. "Listening posts 9 and 10 are up the road and around the bend. We've got Chorus Frogs, Spring Peepers, some Leopard Frogs and 1 or 2 Toads calling now, other species start singing later in the year. Since we want to record as many different species as possible we'll run the route 3 times over the course of the spring and summer. Once now in late April, then again in late Mayor early June and we'll finish up the last one sometime before the middle of July." Nodding in unison, the police handed back my clipboard and sent us on our way. Since moving to Fillmore County, Connie and I have passed on our original frog call survey route to another observer and we have now established a new one much closer to home. After 3 years, ours is still the


To participate in Minnesota's frog and toad survey, aU that is needed is 2 to 3 hours of time, 3 nights each year and an ability to recognize the calls of only about 10 of the state's 14 or so different species. Learning these calls is actually quite simple, as a number of excellent audio tapes and CDs of frog call recordings, including a cassette specifically on the Frogs and Toads of Minnesota, are now readily available. Establishing routes and data collection is relatively straightforward and easy as well. For more information on audio recordings of frog calls, the Minnesota Frog and Toad Surveyor on frogs and toads in general call the Living Museum of Natural History at 507 467-2167. If no one is available to answer your call, please leave a message on the Museum's voice mailbox and your call will be returned just as soon as possible. Arrangements may also be made to "tag along" on future Living Museum frog call runs and experience the survey first-hand.

Minnesota Frog and Toad Call Survey The annual Call survey dates are: early spring late spring summer

April 15-30 May 20 -June 5 June 25 - July 10

listen for the different species in your own area or for more infonnation concerning how to participate in the survey contact MN Frog Watch/Thousand Friends of Frogs 1536 Hewitt Ave Hamline University Graduate School, MS -A1760 St PauL MN. 55104-1284 Email: Web: -ed

MHS Newsletter Volume 18 Number 5

FROM OUR MEMBERS HERP SITING ON THE WEB Hi, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jodi Palnoe and I have been a member of the MHS since October. Yes, I am a newcomer. I am

going to write a monthly column on herp websites. There is such a wealth of information on the web that I would like to share it I will be writing about breeder/dealers, educational, family/children and MRS member herp related sites. If you have a herp site or know of some really great herp sites I sure would like to hear from My e-mail address is you. Thanks and have fun herping on the web. Jodi MHS member

Books! Books! Books! Amazon.what? is awesome! If you want books on herps or just about any other animal this is the place. They have bargain books, bestseners and new titles. In their catalog they have books on: • Herpetology -Ornithology • Marnmology -Entomology • Fishes and Aquaria • General Natural HIstory • Rare and Endangered Species o Horticulture

and Zoos

MRS member website serl Do you like Varanids? This is the place to be. This is the website for the LV.A. (International Varanid Association). This site has cool pictures and great information on Varanids. This site features: ·LV.A • About the LV.A. Mission • I.V.A. Officers and D&N Staff • Breeders Page • Other Varanid!.inks • Photo Gallery and Misc. • Births • Husbandry Tips • Monthly Care Sheets • Upcoming Chats • Enthusiast of the Month - Membership Information If you like Varanids you can join the LV.A .. The LV.A. is not internet only. Membership includes 3 issues of Dragon News, a yearly membership directory and if your online, monthly online meetings. The membership is $20 annual. Make check or money order out to LV.A. Mail to: Jon Hogston 1740 Norfolk Ave. #14 St Paul, MN 55116 This website is under construction

but is being updated daily. It is definetly worth going to. This site is great! I like it because you can find just about anything your heart desires. And with about 90 breeders you can buy just about anything your heart desires. It's also nice because you can learn just about any herp you want to and there are a lot of pictures. The many features of this website are: 'Forums -Chat 'Oassifteds 'Search Engine • NRAAC ORG. (National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council) • Bookstore • Breeders/Dealers • Events • Herp Index • Herp Auction • New This Week • Guest Speakers • Herp Adoption • Herp Mail Lists • Herp Societies • Expo/Shows • Rodents/Feeders • Cages/Supplies - Magazines/Publications • Distributors • Importers/Exporters • Art/ Clothing/Gifts • Manufachlrers They have an online contest each month. It is called Herp Hunt They have a set of pictures you have to find each week by searching the breeders websites. There is a drawing for the prizes then and the grand prize is usually a pair of breeding reptiles. Make sure and check out the NRAAC. They are fighting for your right to keep herps. Anyone can become a member and it is free of

charge. They do ask for volunteers and donations. They have a monthly newsletter you can download.

They have a links page with 60 links on it Yes, they do take credit cards.

ATTN: HERPERS Do you find it hard to attend the large reptile Expo's? and expensive for traveling? Here are some smaller, closer and less expensive for travel reptile shows & swaps that are a great time and have some excellentreptiIes. •

Midwest Reptile show- Indiana State Fairgrounds. Call for info- Brian Hahn (317) 882-8088, May 9">, June 6th, July 25th, Sept 26"', Ocl24th, Nov.28 th Dec. 19">. A fun show with nice reptiles and other supplies.

All Ohio Reptile show- Ohio National Guard Armory . Call for info-(615) 264-2583 Or (614) 457-4433 or May 22nd, June 19">, July 17th, Aug 21", Sept 25th A great show, Harford Reptile Breeding Center is there all the time and have some great pythons, black milksnakes and others.

Great Lakes Reptile Sale Swap- Livonia, MI. Info call-Jerry (517) 339-7908 May 9th, June 13th •

Mississippi Valley Family Pet and Exotic Expo- Davenport, Iowa. Info (319) 323-5865. July 11th 1999. I have never gone to this one. Jodi L. Aherns


MHS Newsleller Volume 19 Number 5

Field Trip to Preston, MN

Follow Hwy 52 from the Twin Cities. Preston is approximately 150 south of the








The campground is east of Preston on

Highway 52 opposite the Fillmore County State Aid Hwy 12 junction

Contact John or Connie Levell (507) 467-3076

Willow creek.

for information concerning the campgrounds or

trip schedule. Firstfield trip leaves at 8:00 A.M.


MHS Newsletter Volume 19 Number 5

15th Midwest Herpetological Symposium Featured,presenten~ Dr. Michael Grace Researcher at the University of Virginia

Keyll ote. speaker . Terry L. Vandeventer

''Eyesight and Infrared Receptors in Reptiles"

You will not believe what Dr. Grace has found!

Owner and operator of Arco Iris Herpetoculture, guide for several Green Tracks Tours and reptile breeder of long standing.

Chris Koester

Successful breeder of Water Dragons

"Herpetofauna of South America"

"Breeding the other Green Lizard"

let Terry take you on a fascinating trip via his outstanding photography to South America, You'll follow bushmasters, get a glimpse of Caiman Alligators and spot Emerald Tree Boas aJi in the wilds of South America.

Paul Hollander t·1aster of genetics and one of the first to breed

green tree pythons.

"Genetics Everyone Can Understand" Here's a chance to learn how your colorfully bizarre corn snake

came to be. Ernie Wagner & Lynn De Vries Ernie is a retired reptile guru of the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Washington and wen-respected

·'al,.' VJOJik~h.OP .


pioneer of reptile breeding. lynn De Vries IS a turtle breeder extraordinaire. ''Turtle Torture and Turtle Triumph"

A special session will be held on Sunday for those interested in the more advanced medical care of reptiles and amphibians. CaU for details on Sunday's opportunity for veterinarians to receive continuing education credits.

Take a picturesque tour of a horrifying turtle processing plant in southern Iowa. Then you will see what they are dOing with turtles In Northern Iowa. Joe Branham Reptile keeper at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Successful breeder of gila monsters since the 1970's. "Gila Monster Mysteries"

Don't miss this fascinating program as Joe shares a wealth of knowledge gained from many years working with gila monsters. Rob Campos Specialist in exotic turtles and tortoises. "Tortoises of Egypt"

At the invitation of the Egyptian government, Rob Campos traveled to Cairo Egypt to assist with a care and breeding program for their native tortoises.

,,,,Ie ',1'1>. S;alte:


"Sunday will be an ali day sale. There will be 40 vender tables from all over the U.S. Hundreds of fascinating reptiles and amphibians wi!! be for sale and on display. You'l[ also find books, supplies, equipment, reptile·related crafts and much more for sale. You can meet and talk to top breeders and get their expert advice.

.~~ Registration Form ..

~ 1999 Midwest Herpetol~icol S)"mposllllfI & Sale .:. October 15-17,1999 .:. Des Moines, Iowa


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


&/or COlflpat1ion attend'ng symposium:

Address' _._ City: __ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Stote' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip, _ _ _ __

Ph<lne: (

E·mail: ~~~~-

Herpetological Organization Affiliation (if ony):,,,,=======:-;c;;;;C=_ __ Special Needs (Accessibility or Diet) Pleose indicate any special asSistMu needed"


Four Points Sheraton l Des Moines, Iowa 11040 Hickman Rd - Across from Uving History Farms

Admission: $4, Ages 6-12 $1, Children under 6 free .:. .:. .:. .:.

Hu,ldreds of fascinating reptiles and QmphibiQns for SQle and on display. Books, supplies, equipment, reptile-relQted crafts and more for sale. Meet Qnd talk to top breeders and get their expert advice. An experienced veterinarian on location to help answer your questlOns.

Regislration- Full Conference Bdare September 15 Registration· full Conference After S"-ptember 15 Sundny Only Includes Workshops & SOle BOl1qutl By October II'~ Grand buffet -3 "-ntree.'> Tax & gratuity indudr.d



X $52

X $62 X $10

X $25 Total:




Cr<!dit Cord: o Visa 01.\osterCord

Cancellations must be received no kiter than October 12'~. There will be no refund~ after this de('ldHne_

Chtck: M<I~,-


Poyable to Io .. a H.rpeto\ogkol ~rtty

S P 0 nso red by the Iowa He rp eto log ica I S oci ety

Card holders S'gnalure f~o!e; R~g'5Ironls

______ ,

rot,r.g by cred,! cord m<rl fox IhiS fMm 10 515·276·2648. rf )"0-0 choose to fa..: your r"9,strotrM. do no! Rnd the or'ginal by rna'! Doing 50 ..... 011 re.sufi ,,, dupl,e"te CMrg<-s to ywr cnd,! cord Thonk ),O.J.

Pap"U1'mu5t accompany r"9'strot i on

Maif to: Iowa Herpetological Society, P.O. Box 13102, Des Moines, Iowa 50310~9998

~ ~

Irr,========================================~iI~ NOW AVAJLABLE


by Frank & Kate Slavens :nN~din~, Igng,c;vity. & inventory h1f(H:1T111tion current as of Jl\l1uar,o ht of each year is being ~U~i1Qd (Qr indusian 10 our ~ext .DDUal edition. The current editio~ contains 534 pages of

information €In 49,618 specimens held In 19S coUeethlO'- Longevity and Inventory Information _\1(:1"111 bQ curl'(lnt as. of Janua.ry 1st. and bN'cding Information should be complete for the previous ),Clar. Information doe, not peed to be typed. nor doell it have to be in any kind of order. just try to mRke1 it legible lUld. a' complete as pO$Siblc. Plea~



AU Public and private collectors holding live reptiles and/or amphibians in captivity is asked to contribnte to this annnal report



Compiled by Frank & Kate Slavens

~ ~

TO ORDER: (1) A ~omplete inventory of aU reptilell and aml)hlbians lh'ing in )'our collection all of January 1.

(1) A list of aU 'pecies bn:d during the previous year. Bare minimum would be to mark the species bN)d and indicate if they laid. eggs or gave live birth. If pOli~ible inc1utle mol;'C detailed note, (If a paragraph or more. Be as detailed as pos.s.lble.

_ _ _# 1998 SOFTBOUND (each) _ _ _# 1998 HARDBOUND (

(3) A list of all specimens in your collection which you. bcH~"t:: Illa~ Sl.'t longevity records for the :lpeel~ Ulit those speties, living or dead whicb you bdic\'e m.ay be or record length.

_ _ _# 1980 through 1997 - soft each $20.00 $ _ __

(4) PleallC be sure to list your name, a.ddress and telephone Qumber, fax as you want them listed. Pleue be Icgible. Anonymous submission:! will be considered. try to at least list your name and

,tate.. (5) Ify()u know of a person keeping reptiles alHl amphibians 10. c:n.lltivity that has not responded pleuc encourage them to do so. All collectors should l'ellpolld.

$30.00 $_ __ $40.00 $_ _




_ _ _# Some hard bounds available - inquire


S3.00 S $4.00 $


P.O. BOX 30744 _

$_ _



NAME__________________________________________ PlcR$( do respond. All information should be scnt to: Frank 1... Slaven, PO 80130744 Seattle. Washington 98103. Qr FAX Z06 546 Z9U PLF-ASE PASS THIS ON TO ANY PERSON KEEPING LIVE REPTILES AND/OR AMPHIBIANS IN CAPTIVITY.

ADDRESS·___________________________________________ ADDRESS,___________________________________________




Mlnd the following infonn8;tion: CURRENT ISSUE:



At 423 pages, this edition includes a complete listing of 33,659 specimens in 311 collections from around the world. Our new format puts breeding, longevity and inventory together on one page. Tho! inveutury Vrovicics location and sex by species for each oUhe taxa reported. Also included is reproductive information for 1997 and longevity records. Breeding inrormatian from past years and longevity records may be round on the Worldwide Web at: Come visit.

Include numbers of males. females, and unknown 1>Cx.



MHS Newsletter Volume 19 Number 5

M.H.S. BUSINESS April Board of Directors Meeting

Treasurer's Report of April 1999

By Nancy Hakomaki (acting secretary)

Prepared by Marilyn Brooks Blasus

The MHS Board of Directors met April 10, 1999 at the U of M Student Union. A quorum was present



Beginning checkbook balance: Membership: Raffle Sales Rodent Sales

Presented and accepted: Minutes from March meeting, Treasurer's report~ Membership secretary's report The 1998 audit has been completed and accepted.


Adoption/ placement Misc. (bank err,)

President's report The immediate concern is to find an appointee for Recording Secretary. Since the position was unfilled at the April meeting Nancy Hakomaki volunteered to record the April Minutes.

315.00 55.50 72.25 580.00 210.00 149.00 1.00 1,382.75

Total income: Expense:

Newsletter(april/may) Misc. prt./post.

Vice-Presidents Report May speaker is already lined up. Steve Bostwick, The Natural History of Amazon Tree Boas, Nov speaker will be Dr. Robert Powell, Adventures in Herpetology - in the neo-tropicallslands (anoles).


Library Supplies Refreshments Sales costs Misc. (award) Misc. (repair laptop)

General discussions covered new membership packets, to include a rewrite of the committee descriptions; basic

breakdown of the membership survey responses, and newsletter format and contents.

Total Expense: Net income/ (loss)

Suggestion for a new sale item was made by Gordon Merck, he will bring a sample baseball cap with the MHS logo embroidered on the front to the next Board meeting.

Ending checkbook balance:

564.00 0.00 SO.OO

0.00 157.98 0.00 514.80 23.48

45.00 1,355.26 27.49 14,164.70

Funds allocated to Wlpaid expenses

(grants) (phone) Funds available

1,775.00 346.24 12,043.46

MRS Coming Events June 4, 1999 MHS General Meeting. Speaker. Panel, Topic: Field Herpetology: Observing Amphibians and Reptiles in the Natural Environment 335 Borlaug Hall, U of M, St. Paul Campus, 7:00p.m June 5-6, 1999 Field Trip to Filmore County see page 1 for more details. July 9, 1999 MHS General Meeting. 335 Borlaug Hall, U of M, St. Paul Campus, 7:00p.m July 10, 1999 MHS Board of Directors. Student Union, U of M, St Paul Campus, 6:00p.m. October 15-17, 1999 -15 th Annual Midwest Herpetological Symposium - Iowa Herpetological Society, Des Moines, Iowa. Call Ed Twedt (515) 292-3074 or Tom Weidner (515) 2760 3059 for more information

Hands-On Due to the short amount time in scheduling Hands-On(s), we are not always able to list these events in advance of the newsletter printing date. If you are interested in learning about upcoming events call the MHS voice mail (612) 624-7065 for recent listings or contact Sean Hewitt (651) 604-0314 for further information concerning Hands- On events.


MHS Newsletter Volume 19 Number 5

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Oassified ads are free to the membership. Deadline is the night of the general meeting to be included in the next newsletter. Mail to: MHS Editor, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church 51., SE, Minneapolis, MN,55455 1.0.0= male, 0.1.0 = female, 0.0.1 "" W\Sexed, cb"" captive bred, obo <z or best offer, += times run. (ads are run only 3x unless requested to continue.)

For Sale: Many variable Kingsnakes (thayeri) at dirt cheap prices. Also beautiful proven 1.1 alterna phase Greybands. Mark (320) 202-9871 or

Geckos from G.G.F. '99 baby Leopard Geckos. Hi-Yellow Jungle $25., Jungle $15., Hi-Yellow $20., 1 male Puroedu", pictus $15. Call Jodi L. Aherns (612) 588-9329 ++

email whitneywee庐 ++

1.0.0 adult Ball Python, normal pattern $65. with/ 20' x2?' x 33"h cage including bottom heat and overhead lights $100. 1.0.0 adult Mall urom.styx (spiny tail lizard) $125., 55 gaIlon aquarium with/ black wooden top (partially screened) including vita-light and heat lights on timers $75. Free black metal stand. Gerbils pets $2 each, breeders or young, many unique colors. Medium to adult feeders $15/dz frozen, limited supply. 10 gallon aquariums with/ screen tops, wheels, water bottles, food dishes, $20. Each set. Call Kathy (612) 753- 4509 +++

Bearded Dragon haochlings born April 27 and available in late June. $25 each. Call Julie or Jorge Rimblas (612) 832-9173 or email

0.2 Leopard Tortoises 13" & 13 'h " Big, Beautiful, Healthy. $425.00 each. Call Mark at (612) 822-7996

+++ Sandfire Bearded Dragon Hatchlings $60. Each; Veiled Chameleons babys $40. each, adults $75. Each; Complete Chameleon Set-ups (24"w x 18" d x 36"h screen cage, heat lamps, Repti-sun 5.0 Fluorescent lamps & Bio-vines) $125.00 each. Call or email Vern (612)


Due in June: Third generation Bob Sear's strain Hog Island Boas. Selectively bred for light clean backgrounds with muted saddles and bright orange tails. None better at any price, $125. Brazilian rainbow boas from bright iridescent orange adults, $125. JungIe carpet pythons from 4 Ih foot bright gold and black adults, $200. Contact Mark Wendling, (319) 8574787. K +++ Leopard Tortoises, 10" male 5 yrs old $125. Smail female $50. Contact Fred (612) 476-0306 +++ Frozen Rabbits - all sizes. Prices very reasonable- pinkies to adults. Jim Daluge (612) 295-2818

Wanted: All the shed snake skins in the world. Needed for giveaways at educational programs contact Bob Duerr 541-0362

JOD/I.. AHfRIII Ground Gecko freak English Spot

African Fat路 Tailed Gecko Leucistic Leopard Gecko 5 Other Morphs o/Leopards Homonota Horrida


Jim's Rabbit Shack "Where Spots Are Tops'

Proud Member 2946 Thomas Ave. N. Mpis .. MN 55411 612-588路9329


G.G.A. I.G.S.



(612) 295-2818

8700 Jaber Ave. NE Monticello. MN 55362


Dr. Janel! Osborn, DVM


"Herpetocultural Housecalls"




(612) 599-5476


Veterinary Medicine for Reptiles and Amphibians


Ad verlising Policies MRS Ad Policy: The MHS assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY regarding the health or legality of any animal, or the quality or legality of any product or service advertised in the MHS Newsletter. Any ad may be rejected at the discretion of the Newsletter Editor. Due to space limitations, unpaid and complimentary advertisements are subject to occasional omission.

MRS Rodent Sales

Classified Ads: All active members are allowed a classified ad, run free of charge as space permits. Ads may be run (3) consecutive months, after which time they may be resubmitted. Corresponding members are allowed a complimentary business card advertisement monthly as space permits. Display Ad Rates: Ad Size per Month 1/. page $10.00 1fz page $20.00 full page $40.00 Business card advertisements may be purchased at $5.00 per ad, per month. Submissions: All advertisements should be submitted to the MRS Editor, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church SI. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Deadline is the night of the General Meeting for inclusion in the next newsletter. Make checks payable to: Minnesota Herpetological Society

Mice Pinkies Fuzzies Hoppers Adults

$7.00 dozen $7.00 dozen $8.00 dozen $10.00 dozen


$12.00 dz. $18.00 dz. $24.00dz. $15.00 six $30.00 dz.

For pick up at monthly meetings only. Orders must be placed at least one week in advance of date of meeting at which the frozen rodents are to be delivered. Place orders with Tina (Rat Girl) Cisewski at (612) 856-2865.

All proceeds go toward the operating costs of the sodety. The MRS is a completely volunteer run, non-profit organization.

Membershi New


Membership #

Sm.Pups LgPups JUYll Rats. Adults


lication Check #

Name ______________________________________________________________________________ Addre$ _______________________________________________________________________ City_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State Phone

Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ __ List in MHS Directory? ___Yes ____No

Herp related interests __________________________________________________ Active Memberships: _ _ _ Sustaining ($60Iyr) _ _ Contributing ($30Iyr) _ _Basic ($15Iyr) Corresponding Memberships: ___ Gold Commercial ($100Iyr 2 full pg. ads) ads) ____ Bronze Commercial ($50Iyr 2 1/4pg ads)

_____ Silver Commercial ($75Iyr 2 1/2 pg. ___ Basic Commercial ($25/yr 2 Bus cards)

Required check info Drivers Lic # State DOB _______ Please enclose the proper payment with your application. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: MINNESOTA HERPETOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Membership is for 12 months from the date of approval, a receipt will be sent only upon request. MAIL TO: Minnesota Herpetological Society, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church SI. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for proce$ing.


~II +'"


to S""t#ng~


Next Meeting:


JUNE 4, 1999 Rm. 335 Borlaug Hall, U of M St. Paul Campus Start time: 7:00 p.m.






MHS Voicemail: (612) 624 - 7065 Internet:

~I===B~U;F;:OR;D;:!====~i i _ _ .....


Non-Profit Rate U.S. Postage PAID Mpls. MN Permit No. 2275








Vol. 19 (1999), No. 5  

Minnesota Herpetrological Society Newsletter

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