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Do you ever have a question about one of your herps and wonder who might be able to provide an answer? Most people who keep pets of any kind have been is this situation at one time or another. A group of MHS members has volunteered to provide assistance. Listed below are the people and their specialties. Please be reasonable about the time of day and how frequently you call.

Large pythons and constrictors Glen (Jake) Jacobsen 757-8268 Vence Jimerson 869-8547 Other Snakes John Meltzer 263-7880 John or Connie Levell 374-5422 Amphibians John Meltzer Greg Kvanbek Jeff LeClere Education Contact DavLydon

263-7880 533-7723 488-6388 550-9855

Terrestrial turtles and tortoises John Moriarty 647-1334 Ann Porwoll 489-7853 Glen (Jake) Jacobsen 757-8268 Aquatic Turtles Dennis Daly


Lizards Nancy Haig Bill Moss

789-4637 434-8684

Crocodilians Jeff Lang

(701) 772-0227

The purpose of the Minnesota Herpetological Society is: to further the education of the membership and the general public in care and captive propagation of reptiles and amphibians; to educate the membership and the general public in the ecological role of reptiles and amphibians; and to promote the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians.


(612) 488-1383 (612) 374-5422 (612) 623-7620 (612) 925-4237 (612) 925-4237 (612) 224-7212 (612) 753-0218 (612) 757-8268 (612) 488-6388 (612) 291-1132 (612) 757-8268

Bill Moss John Levell George Richard Randy Blasus Marilyn Brooks Michele Stillinger Gary Ash Donna Calander Jeff LeClere Barb Radanke Glen Jacobsen


(612) 347-3141


(612) 221-2113


(800) 222-1222

Copyright Minnesota Herpetological Society. The contents of this newsletter may be reproduced for incl\lliion in the newsletters of other herpetological societies provided that the material is reproduced without change and proper credits are given to the MHS Newsletter, citing, volume, number, and date.


Upcoming meeting highlights MHS Business General Meeting Review MHS Survey Results - part 2 Articles ofInterest Classified ads


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From the editor... ALL MEMBERS!! Please read the MRS Business section for important news pertaining to the next General Meeting. I hope everyone had a great New Year, and wishing you luck with your resolutions! I've made it without Taco Bell junkfood so far! Only 48 weeks to go!

Next Newsletter Deadline: February 3, 1995 Send all articles, ads, & inquiries directly to the newsletter editor at: MHS EDITOR 234 West George St. St. Paul, MN 55107


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

Welcome! Welcome to the Minnesota Herpetological Society! Meetings are presented on various topics, directly and indirectly, related to reptiles and amphibians. Membership rates begin at $15. If you wish to join, please visit the Membership Secretary during the General Meeting or fill out the form on the inside back cover of this newsletter. The General Meeting is held the first Friday of every month (except holiday weekends - see list below) at Borlaug Hall, Room 335 on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus. Meeting begins at 7:00 sharp. Meeting dates for 1995 February 3, 1995 (White Snake Sale) March 3, 1995 (Elections) April 7, 1995 MHS PURPOSE & BOARD OF DIRECTORS are listed on the inside front cover of this newsletter as well as the phone numbers of members who can answer specific animal related questions you may have. Please look for these people at the General Meeting as well. General Meeting Agenda Meetings begin at 7:00 sharp. If you are late, please enter through the back door of the lecture room, around corner to the right. The meeting consists of a brief address by the President on pertinent business followed by the introduction of the speaker of presentation. After the speaker there is a short break when you can purchase raffle tickets for an assortment ofherp related items, buy books, t-shirts, check out library books in our well stocked herp library and talk to a friend or meet someone new. Following the break we have our "Critter of the Month", sort of a show-n-tell of your favorite herps. Finally we hold the raffle drawing. meeting ends by 10:00 when we must leave the room, although it could end earlier allowing for additional socializing. After the meeting, you may find many of our members at the local restaurants, still talking about herps! HELPFUL HINT: Board members and information people will try to answer your questions and seek out new members but sometimes there are so many people it may be hard to find them. Just look for the information signs or members with yellow colored name tags. Meeting Etiquette We request that talking be kept to a minimum during the presentation or when board members are speaking. This is a general courtesy to the speaker as well as the members present. Believe it or not, we have had a problem due to the casual nature of the setting or we wouldn't have to state this! If you need to leave after the meeting begins, please enter and exit through the back doors. For the safety of all members, animals and our standing with the University, please do not allow children to run up and down the stairs in the lecture room or in the halls. Because the University lets us use this lecture room at no charge, all children must be with parents when in the building. Occasionally treats are donated by a member. Please make sure children take one serving to allow everyone a chance to enjoy! Sales other than MHS merchandise are NOT allowed in the meeting room, transactions may be performed out in the hall. Animals brought for "Critter of the Month" must stay in their cages, bags, etc, before and after "Critter of the Month". This is for the safety of the animal, too many fingers in the pot... NO venomous animals are allowed. Tfyou have questions about this policy or feel your animal does not qualify as venomous, please contact Vice President John Levell. Final permission will be granted by John only.

MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I


Upcoming Meeting Highlights FEBRUARY 1995 PROGRAM: ANNUAL MHS WHITE SNAKE SALE Once again it's time for the Minnesota Herpetological Society's annual fund raising event, the White Snake Sale. Traditionally held during the February general meeting, this "silent auction" features a large variety of new and used items donated not only by MHS members, but by various commercial establishments as well. This usually, and often unusual, herp-orientated merchandise is auctioned during several rounds in which interested MHS members write out bids on individual cards for each specific item. Naturally, the highest bid wins and all purchased merchandise is paid for and collected at the end of the evening. Items from some past White Snake Sales have included; aquariums, cages, heaters, books, magazines, notecards, artwork, t-shirts, hats, jewelry, and even those "infamous" plastic baby turtle morgues complete with tiny plastic trees. All these assorted trinkets including those hokey turtle bowls (of which I've somehow acquired a couple dozen!) were actually purchased, proving just how great MHS members are at supporting a worthy cause, namely our club. This year's sale promises to be better than ever, as several companies have kindly donated some exceptional items for our annual auction. Prominent among this merchandise is a three foot Neodesha cage donated by Neodesha Plastics, a Microclimate Thermostat heat strip from Bush Herpetological supply, a one year subscription to Reptile and Amphibian Magazine, and assorted light bulbs from Energy Savers, Inc. Numerous other organizations including; the Colorado Herpetological Society, the New England Herpetological Society, Perfecto Aquariums, Mardell Laboratories, Zoo Med, and Tetra Terrafauna have donated items as well. So come on down and support your society by spending lots of money and/or donating items for the auction. Not only is the White Snake Sale a maj or source of income for our society, helping to fund various MHS activities throughout the year, it's loads of fun as well. Nearly everyone finds at least one "must have" item and this year the Gator Lager t-shirt from Florida Beer Brands is mine! See you there. JPL

March Meeting - Dave Hoppe - Frogs; MHS ELECTIONS April Meeting - Walter Auffenberg - Monitor Lizards


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

MHS Business August Board Meeting Highlights


By Randy Blasus, Recording Secretary

See gllidelines on page tlVO for Critter of the Month.

The monthly meeting of the MHS Board of Directors was conducted January 7, 1995, at the home of Dav Lydon. The board took the following actions:

John Levell - loggerhead musk turtle

Midwest Pet Fair contacted us about participating again this year. The board is making the necessary arrangements. [Last year was a big success.-ed]

SternotheJ'lls minor Gary Ash - Florida box turtle hatchlings Terrapene carolina hauri

Jim Gerholdt - timber rattlesnake Crotalus horridus Eastern massasauga Picnic areas were discussed and Bunker Lake appears to SistrUl'liS catenatus catenatus be the most popular spot. Vear end wrapup of projects was discussed. [thanks to a John Morialty - wood turtle shell + "wood" tultle Clemmys insculpta thorough summary by Randy who looked through all old board meeting minutes - great job Randy! - ed.] Bill Moss - blood python + assorted toys Python cur/us A revised foml of the White Pages has been decided upon. It will be worked on with a completion date in the Randy Blasus - bull snake month of March. Pituophis catenifer sayi The possibility of videotaping the meetings was discussed. Once we know how to hook into the microphone system, Dan Bergquist will be doing taping at all the General Meetings.

Dav Lydon - snow corn snake Elaphe gliltata glllfafa Michele Stephan - emerald swift

Presented and accepted were: Treasurer's Report, Membership Report and Board Meeting Minutes.

See!oporus jOl'moslls Other MHS Business

[Total membership at end of 1994 was 229! - ed.] General Meeting Highlights 145 people attended January meeting.

If you would like to donate a refreshment, such as cookies, for a meeting, contact Refreshment Chair Nanette Jimerson at 869-8547. Or, please make a donation in our Donation Frog on the table to help us purchase coffee and kool-aid.


Fred and Liz Bosman Tom Pernecke Colleen Falconer Marilyn Brooks Randy Blasus Jodi Aherns THANKS DONORS! Lots of great prizes: books, magazines, sizzles tones, toys, pins, clippers, etc.

Volunteers Needed Volunteers are needed to help with the 1995 MRS elections. Committee members will be responsible for working on ballets, setting up election, etc. Elections are held in March. Please contact Randy Blasus, Recording Secretary if you would like to volunteer.


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I


A special thanks to Ann Porwoll who donated $50 to the MHS in memory of a friend who passed away. We are sorry for your loss Ann.

There is NO Critter of the Month, library or adoptions during February's meeting due to the White Snake Sale. There now will be a voluntary donation of $5 to the MHS for adoption animals.

Last months General Meeting was a big success! For those of you who may not have had a chance to ask a question, please feel free to write the MHS Newsletter and I will distribute your questions to the appropriate "experts" and then print the answers, advise, etc, in the newsletter so all can share in the knowledge! Please feel free to send in any Herp Hints (ideas, comments and experiences that you may have had regarding reptiles and amphibians) that you would like to share with membership. It's too late now to get those pics in for the photo contest, but remember, we will all be voting for People's Choice at the next meeting.


See details on the following two pages about board positions and brief bios of members running. If you would like to run for a MRS board position, contact Randy B1asus. This is a great opportunity to get involved with your society and meet new people!


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

1995 CANDIDATES AND POSITIONS FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF MHS These are some of the responsibilities of the governing board PRESIDENTIAL DUTIES: Chairs monthly meetings, appoint committee chairpersons, concentrate on long range planning and act as a public spokesman. VICE PRESIDENTIAL DUTIES: Coordinate speakers, introduce presentations, assist the President and chair meetings in the Presidents absence. TREASURER DUTIES: Maintain all MHS financial transactions and records, purchase supplies and other board directed expenditures. RECORDING SECRETARY DUTIES: Recording the minutes of monthly meetings and maintaining files. MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY DUTIES: Recording any new memberships and renewals or address changes, send out new member information and mailing t-shirts. NEWSLETTER EDITOR DUTIES: Edit and assemble newsletter, solicit articles. MEMBERS AT LARGE DUTIES: Help in the decision making process, work on special projects and generally helping facilitate the smooth operation of the Society.


MRS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

THE CANDIDATES For President: Bill Moss

Running for his second term, Education Chairperson for five years (retired), Me,;,ber at Large for two, Vice President for one; member since 1989. Vice President:

No candidate yet Treasurer: Marilyn Brooks

Running for fifth term in this post, Newsletter Folding Chair for six years and Holiday Banquet Chair for five years; member since 1988. Recording Secretary :

Randy Blasus

Running for his second term, Member At Large for one year and Picnic Chair for three years; member since 1990. Membership Secretary :

George Richard

Running for his second term; member since 1989. Newsletter Editor:

John P Levell

Vice president for two years, Treasurer and frequent contributor to Newsletter, Kasota Prairie survey; member since 1989. :Members At Large :

Gary Ash

Running for his second term; member since 1990.

Dan Bergquist

Running for his first term, Adoption committee member for two years, temporary Secretary, Hands-On activities; member since 1992.

Liz Bowlds

Running for her first term, Hands-On activities; new member.

Barb Radanke

Running for her second term; member since 1992.

James Rea

Running for his first term, Newsletter Folding helper, Library helper; member since 1988.

Siri Rea

Running for her first term, Newsletter Folding helper, Library helper, artwork for White Pages and Holiday Banquet; member since 1989.


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number 1

MHS General Meeting Review by Randy Blasus, Recording Secretary

This months review of the general meeting will be brief. Suffice it to say that it was a success and if you did not attend you missed a great opportunity to seek resolution to one of your husbandry or care problems. This months panel discussion featured some who members who were well known and some that were obscure to our new members. The people featured had experience across a wide variety of animals and interests. If you are a new member and wish to know more about them, consult last months newsletter or approach them yourself as I am sure most will be able to find the time to chat. The topics ranged from Large Pythons and boid housing to proper feeding of food items such crickets and mealworms. Many questions were answered from both the moderator, John Levell, as well as from the audience. However, several board Members noticed that a lot of questions went unanswered because of lack of time or volume (ie. the person with the question could not gain the attention of the moderator). This author is guilty of that last problem of being to shy to speak up and gain recognition.

It has since occurred to this author that as new members many may not know of the past practice of the president to ask for herp hints and Phenological finds. The purpose behind this is not to only . allow persons with suggestions to come forth but also to allow the membership time to voice questions that they may have. Usually someone in the crowd, if not indeed the Board members, has either an answer or at the least someone to contact on the concern. The other problem often encountered is that someone comes to the meeting with a question but forgets to ask in the rush of the meeting. One can write down the question (which I plan to do for next month) or if it is urgent enough, contact the Herp Assistance in the front of the newsletter. The most important thing to remember is that your questions are important. Even though sometimes people seem preoccupied it is only because of the many things that need to be preformed within the limited time of our General meeting. I hope you will enjoy the meetings more, as I think you will, by participating more actively in this fun function of the Minnesota Herpetological Society.

WE'RE MOVING!!! March 1,1995 the new location of Twin Cities Reptiles and Vivarium Pets wi 11 be 2363 University Ave. W. \



94 494




~~~-------- 94 ___________----------!-

To Our Customers: The decision to move is always a difficult one - especially for a business. Pro's and con's must be weighed carefully and all aspects of a business must be considered. It's especially difficult to leave when a store has served a community for many years Although Vivarium is just 4 years old, there has been a family-owned pet store in this location for over 10 years. Part of our decision to move comes from the influx of the discount superstores. Although these places don't usually sell animals and don't have the staff with knowledge to care for them, the sheer volume of their purchasing power creates an environment that makes it difficult for independent stores to compete. The other part of our decision was helped along by our landlord - who refused to negotiate a reasonable rent, and by the City of Richfield - who seems determined to drive out independent business in favor of those superstores. We realize that some of you won't be able to follow us to our new location. We will sincerely miss you. We do. however. hope that many of you will find our new location convenient and easy to find - the building is almost the exact center of the Twin Cities, and right off of highways 94 and 280. We're really looking forward to our move. Our new building is almost double the size of this store. We wil again be able to display our large animals, offer an even larger variety, and have room for a better selection of products to serve you and your pets. Although it will take us several months to get everything organized, we will be open for business March 1st. We want to thank all of you for your patronage over the years especially those Twin Cities Reptiles customers who have followed us everywhere We hope this new location will be our permanent home. Our new phone number will be 647-4479. Hope to see you there!!!


Dear MHS Member (s), We are updating our information for the new MHS White Pages Directory, to be published in March. The information shown below is our current data for you. Please review and make any corrections and/or additions as needed.


MHS Recording Secretary 3224 Idaho Avenue S St. Louis Park, MN 55426 The above information will not be listed in the directory per your direction. However, would you please check the above information for accuracy so we may update our records.


Any information listed above that you do not want published in the White Pages should be crossed out. When you are finished, please fold in thirds so that the address on the reverse side shows, affix postage and drop in the mail. TODAY" , All corrections, changes or deletions must be made on this sheet. This sheet should be postmarked no later than March 1st or brought to the February or March meetings. If this sheet is not returned by the above dates, the information will be printed as shown above. Thank you, THE WHITE PAGES COMMITTEE

First Class Postage

Delvin Jones 4208 Kemrich Circle Minnetonka, MN 55345-2723


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

MHS Survey Results Compiled by Marilyn Brooks

Part Two: The Meetings & The Library

The Meetings 11. Do you regularly attend meetings? - 24 - Yes - 6 - No No. why not? The main reason why they do not attend was the distance to the meeting, followed by lack of time. 12. What do you like best about the Herp meetings? The top five responses were: - 83 % - Guest Speaker - 63 % - Socializing/break time - 57 % - Critter of the Month - 43 % - Announcements - 37 % - Meeting locationlenvironment 13. List three topics you would like presented at future meetings. Thanks for the great response on this question; there were 46 suggestions made. I decided not to list them all as it takes up over a page, but the Vice President Is looking them over and it will be passed on to the future VP. Some of the ones listed have already been presented since the survey went out. A few that were repeated were Legislation, Lizards (Iguana, Varanids and others), and Minnesota Herps. 14. Are there any topics you could present at a future meeting? To the members who said they could do a presentation, please contact the Vice President. Although there were Just a few, they were great suggestions.

The Library 15. Do you utilize the MHS Library at meetings? - 18 -Yes - 11 - No No. why not? The main reason stated was that the member has their own library. 16. Are you aware of the newsletter exchange that MHS has with other societies around the country that is available in the MHS Library? - 24-Yes -5-No 17. Any books or magazines you like to see available in the Library? Great, there were 14 suggestions. We are looking into getting some of these -if available. 18. Do you have any suggestions or comments on how the Library can be improved? Most comments involved the need for an inventory and more space. The inventory has been started, but is a huge undertaking. As far as more space, I realize with the large numbers of people attending the meeting (which is fantastic), we are short on room for all the things going on; we are working on Ideas to help reduce congestion. Lastly, one member suggested we remove the overdue fees. The fee Is very minimal and we set up the fees to encourage members to return the books on time so others can check out the popular books without having to wait several months. Please be courteous to others. If you wish to have more information on one or more of the above questions or answers, please call me or the President.


MRS Newsletter Volume XV Number I


MRS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

Articles of Interest Submitted by Dav Lydon Reprinted by permission of Minneapolis Star Tribune

Date: Sept. 8, 1992 Dateline: FOlt Wayne, Indiana

Date: May 5, 1994 News of the Weird and Unusual

Snake bites man at church service

Authorities in Hauppauge, NY, said in March that Scott McCraw, 37, probably committed A man was bitten by a poisonous snake while suicide after an argument with his exhandling it during a church service. Roy W. girlfriend. McCraw's body was found, showing snake bites, alongside the frozen Vestal, 34, was struck on one hand Sunday while attempting to remove the timber rattler remains of his pet rattlesnake, and officials from a box at Hi-Way Holiness Church of God, believe McCraw took his life by letting the conservation officer Dean Jenkins said... snake bite him. [what I want to know is how Members of some fundamentalist Protestant the snake bit him if it was ji'ozen? Were they churches believe that the Bible directs them to found outside? - ed.] handle poisonous snakes as evidence of their faith. Some states outlaw the practice, but Jenkins said Hi-Way Holiness would be in violation ofIndiana law only if snakes were illegally obtained or were an endangered species.

Date: Feb. 26, 1992 Dateline: Houston, Texas

Cobra bites owner A man was hospitalized in Houston after being bitten on his hand by his venomous pet snake, a rare Cape coral cobra. William Paul Fox, 27, was disoriented and vomiting when paramedics arrived in his apartment Saturday ... The 2 foot snake, indigenous to Southern Africa, is in quarantine at a zoo.

Date: 1991 News of the Weird and Unusual

... In a study of 218 rattlesnake bite incidents released last year, the University of Arizona Poison Control Center reported on one man who had been bitten on the tongue while kissing a snake. Panicking, and apparently armed with a hazy understanding of poisons, he tried to break down the venom by wiring his


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

was finished with him, he had lost one lip and part of the tongue. [probably more ii'om the battery than the bite! - ed.}

Date: Feb. 4, 1993 Dateline: New York, NY

Two Russian scientists have an unusual request for their colleagues abroad: If you get any snake venom from Russia, see if it is radioactive. That information could help determine the extent of contamination from radioactive waste and nuclear accidents and explosions, said Andrey Nedospasov of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Alexandr Cherkasov of the Kurchatov Institute writing in Thursday's issue ofthe journal Nature. Snake venom is used in research and in some medicines, such as anticoagulants. The Nature letter didn't discuss whether radioactive venom could make such medicines hazardous. No medicine licensed in the United States contains snake venom, an official of the US Food and Drug Administration said.

Date: Sept. 17, 1993 Dateline: Washington, PA

. Police thought a prankster was calling when they got a report of a python in a toilet. Linda Ketter, 24, found the 30 inch snake Wednesday morning. At first, the bright colors in the toilet bowl made her think a necktie had fallen in. Then the snake moved. "Talk about a rude awakening," she said. Police removed the python and boxed it. Four people claimed ownership of the snake later at a nearby pet shop. Ketter, who has lived in her home with her daughter since July, said a neighbor told

her the previous occupant collected snakes. She said she believes that the snake was living in the bathroom pipes, and she unwittingly brought it our recently by pouring drain cleaner into the tub.



MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

IT'S HERE! The only guide to amphibians and reptiles of the Upper Midwest - includes maps and identification aids. This is the book we've been waiting for! MHS members Barney Oldfield, a veterinarian, and John J. Moriarty, wildlife specialist for Hennepin Parks, have combined 25 years of experience and study to produce this fabulous book. 256 pages, 7 3/8 x 10 1/2 inches 116 color photographs, 49 maps cloth/jacket, $25.95

How do I get a copy? you might ask. MRS will have books for sale at the meeting at a REDUCED cost to MEMBER ONLY! Price is $22.00, $4 off retail. If you can't make the meeting we can ship you a copy for $22 + $2 shipping & handling. Copies sent in the mail will be signed. Non members may purchase the book for $25.95 (+ $2 S & H). IN ADDITION ... MHS will be donating $1 of every book sold to the MHS Conservation Fund. This fund will be used to help a reptile andlor amphibian based conservation fund. Remember, ALL proceed from the sales of MRS merchandise go towards the operation of the society, donations, etc. MHS is NON PROFIT.


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number 1

Classified Ads 1.0.0 ~ male, 0.1.0 - female, 0.0.1


unknown, ad rates on inside back cover of newsletter

For Sale

Office computer entry-afternoons or evenings. Vivarium Pets/Twin Citites Reptiles - 861-8868.

FREE to a good home: 0.0.1 common green iguana. Approximately 2.5 yrs old, paranoid, bad disposition, can't be handled. Made nuerotic by cats when young. Healthy, good eater. Call Mike (612)647-0930.

All the shed snake skins in the world, always, to use at hands-on programs to give to kids. Bob Duerr 5410362.

Hatchling speckled kingsnakes, $20; black ratsnakes, Misc. $12. Contact D.K. Compton at (612)872-7266 days and weekends. Snake skins tanned. Call Jane for more info at 7247437. "Animal TRACKS" since 1986 - Complete animal management software for managing your personal animal BOA SURVEY: Please write for my questionnaire on collection or field notes for herpslbirds/mammals. IBM boa constrictor reproduction. Even if your animals have compatible. Full program $100.00. Working demo not reproduced, please respond if they are at least 4 $10.00 deductible with purchase. For more info or oryears old and have had the opportunity. In return for a dering: Frank Slavens, P.O. Box 30744, Seattle, WA completed survey you will receive a chart showing the 98103. Ph. (206)542-6751. Fax (206)546-2912. subspecies, their scale counts and range. William Joy, P.O. Box 300703, Arlington, TX 76007, USA. INTERTwo 0.0.1 caimen alligators, 2 ft long, will trade for a NET: 7223.220@COMPUSERVECOM snake or $60 ea or $100 pair. Will deliver to Minneapolis area. All calls returned - (701)772-9148 or HERP CLASSIFIED (Formerly Fauna Classifieds) (701)746-1055 - ask for Janet or Todd. Monthly classified for herpetofauna, food, supplies, lit30" American alligator, 3 Ft water monitor, 3-4 ft nile monitor, all long term captives (2+ yrs), healthy. Also feeder rabbits, frozen only, $1.00 lb. Call Dan (612) 489-8396. African spurred tortoises (sulcatta) large variety, call (612)822-7996.

erature, societies, much more ... excellent information source, worldwide circulation, published since 1983. Send .33 cent stamp for free sample. Write: $14/yr, $26/yr, first class. MCNisa. Great Valley Serpentarium, 2379 Maggio Cir, Unit C, Lodi CA 95240, (209)369-7737, Fax (209) 369-3907.

1995 HERPTOLOGICAL DIRECTORY Valuable information source containing private/commercial breedAug '94 hatchlings all feeding on frozen mice: Coms- ers, wholesalers, foreign exporters, US/foreign societies, red albino, normal & Okatee; white oak phase grey rats, food sources, supplies, publications, more ... $15 . mex. black kingsnakes. 0.1 mex black king, 5 yrs. Call MCNisa. See above address and number. Connie or John Levell for prices (612)374-5422. GREAT VALLEY SERPENTARIUM A private musellin & breeding facility offering a wide selection of C.B. '94, $50 ea; banded caimen, 3 ft., $150. Call Craig captive bred colubrids, boids and lizards. Open to pubat (612)934-7239. lic. Write or fax for free price list. See above address and number.

Day geckos-Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis

Wanted Help wanted! (1) Registerlsales-evenings & weekends; (2) Animal Maintenance Technician-daytime M-F; (3)


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number I

Classified Ads Continued... MHS Merchandise

(Reptiles, Fish, Birds and other Furry Critters)


Pinkies - $6.00 doz. Fuzzies- $6.00 doz. Adults - $9.00 doz.


Pups - $ [0.00 doz. Adults - $[2.00 six $24.00 doz.

Orders taken by Terry Scheiber only. Must be at least one week in advance of general meeting where they will be delivered. Tel: (612)440-7482.

MHS also offers an assortment of other herp related items for sale at the general meetings including:

posters notecards t-shilis

Dennis Steinlicht 1625 NE Highway 10 Spring Lake Park, MN 55432 Phone (612)783-1612 Fax 783路0650

Hours: M-S 10-7 Sun 10-5

For Sale or Petting Zoos Parties or Promotions ANIMALS OF WALTON'S HOLLOW Exotic & Farm Animals


books magazines

Desert Water Reptiles, Inc.

buttons stickers bumper stickers patches

Look for sales of merchandise at the far right hand side of the meeting room. Transactions can be handled before the meeting, during the break and after the meeting ends if time allows. All proceeds

from the sale of MHS merchandise goes towards the costs of running the society snch as: Speaker fees, library books, charitable donations, etc. MHS is a nonprofit organization and is volnnteer run.

Bill & Jean Walton 5425 Peterson Road White Bear Lake, MN 55127-6713 (6 [2)426-8163

Featuring .. .IAMS ...Natural Life ... Science Diet Tetra ... Toppers ... Other Specialty Foods

VIVARIUM PETS A Full Line of Pet Supplies & Unusual Pets 6519 Nicollet Ave. S. Richfield, MN 55423

Gloria Anton 612-861-8868

Largest Selection or Reptiles & Amphibians in Minnesota Cages, Books, Feed & Supplies

M-F 10-8, Sat 10-6. Sun 12-5 6519 Nicollet Avc. So. (612)861-8868 Richfield, fvfN 55423


MHS Newsletter Volume XV Number 1


JOHN & RUTH MELTZER (612) 263-7880


BREEDING INVENTORY SURVEY: Everyone keeping live reptiles and amphibians is asked to contribute to this annual report. Please submit the following information current January 1st of each year, (1) inventory or your collection, list numbers and sex, (2) list all species bred during the previous year, (3) any longevity records, (4) please print clearly, your name, address, and telephone number as you want them listed, (5) please do respond. Send all information to: Frank Slavens, P.O, Box 30744, Seattle, WA 98103. Fax: 206-546-2912.

TIMBER RATTLESNAKE - LIMITED EDITION PRINT BY DAN KEYLER This print is from an original pen & ink drawing and is limited to an edition of 141 signed and numbered prints, Each print will cost $15 and can be personalized upon request. MHS members interested in purchasing a print should contact the artist at MHS meetings or by calling (612)347-8760 (W) or (612)933-2055 (H). Proceeds will be used to recover printing costs and further Timber Rattlesuake research in Minnesota, So place your order soon they won't last long!

CLASSIFIED AD INSTRUCTIONS: Ads are run as a free service to paid members. MHS takes NO responsibility for legality or health of animal advertised here. Ads may be run for three consecutive months at which time ads may be re-submitted. The editor reserves the right to omit ads when space is limited so as to allow all members a chance to advertise. Size of ad is limited to four (4) typed lines or one (I) standard size business card. DEADLINE for all newsletter items is one week before the general meeting. NON MEMBER & EXPANDED SIZE ADS: Line ads:$.10 per word. Business Cards: $5.00 per month. One month only Three or more months Quarter page ads: $10.00 per month $7.50 per month Half page ads: $20.00 per month $15.00 per month Full page ads: $40.00 per month $25.00 per month

Six or more months $5.00 per month $10.00 per month $15.00 per month

Send all newsletter items to: Minnesota Herpetological Society Newsletter Editor, 234 West George Street, St. Paul, MN 55107.

MEMBERSHIP AND T-SHIRT ORDER FORM MINNESOT A HERPETOLOGICAL SOCIETY NAME(S) ________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________ CITY _____________________________ PHONE ______________ ._______________

STATE ________




NO ____

HERP RELATED INTERESTS: ________________________________________________________~


NEW ____ RENEWAL ____ _--"SUSTAINING ..... S60.00

____ INSTITUTION .... $25.00

____ CONTRIBUTING..... S30.00

____ BASIC .... S15.00

Are you currently ( or will be) a University of Minnesota student? _ _ (check if yes) HOW DID YOU HEAR OF MHS? _______________________________________________________

T路Shirts Circle Choice

Two Designs

($17.00 includes postage)

North American Turtles Iguana (Head Shot)

Indicate how many of each size ADULTS:


MEDrUM __~



Please enclose payment. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Minnesota Herpetological Society. Membership is for 12 months from date of joining. A receipt will be sent only on request. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing. tvlA1L TO: Minnesota Herpetological Society, Bell Museum Of Natural History, 10 Church Street South East, Minneapolis, MN 55455-01 04


Non-Profit Rate U. S. Postage



Mpls.MN Permit No. 2275




+ 1174 12/99 G

,Attn: MHS Recording Secretary Idaho Avenue S • :;St. LOU1S Park, MN 55426

[':3224 '11



Vol. 15 (1995), No. 1  

Minnesota Herpetological Society Newsletter

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