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Y 1991





MINNEAPOI1S, MN 55455-0104


14th Annual All-Florida Herpetological Conference, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Contact David Auth (904) 392-1721.

June 20 - 23, 1991 International Herpetological Symposium, Seattle, Washington. Contact Richard A. Ross, Institute for Herpetological Research, P.O. Box 2227, Stanford, CA 94305 (415) 941-4595 (9AM - 5PM, Pacific time)


r. 11


The purpose of the Minnesota Herpetological Society is: to further the education of the membership and the general public in care and captive propagation of reptiles and amPhibians; to educate the membership and the general public in the ecological role of reptiles and amphibians; and to promote the study and CODSelVation of reptiles and amphibians.




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John Moriarty John Meltzer Dennis Daly Marilyn Brooks Jo Anne Wetheren-Moriarty Fred Bosman Fred Bozvay Bruce Denes

(612) 647-1334 (612) 263-7880 (612) 633-8370 (612) 533-7723 (612) 647-1334 (612) 476-0306 (612) 224-4167 (612) 420-2603





IMMEDIATE PAST PRES. (612)489-7853 111=====M=EM==B=E=R=-=A=~=L=A=R=G=E=======V~~==~p=~=wu=o~~=n===========(=6=12=)=86=9=-8=5=4=7====I,:.J ~


Š Copyright Minnesota Herpetological Society. The contents of this newsletter may be reproduced for inclusion in the newsletters of other herpetological societies provided that the material is reproduced without change and proper credits are given to the MRS Newsletter citing volume number and date.


M~eting nT A ~"C.

DATE: Friday, rv1arch 1, .1991



'0"_1,, ........ U,,11

.lJl"\.\....J.:.. J J J;;


St Paul Campus University of Minnesota

TIME: 7:00 PM

PROGRAM: The Remarkable'Reptiles by Jim Gerholdt Jim Gerholdt is a founding member of MHS. He has been doing educational programs on reptiles for many years. This talk will be the program that Jim nonnally presents to the public. H~ will use a number of live animals and artifacts. 'This "Will be a good chance to see the proper way way of . handling animals for public demonstrations. Bring the whole family and lots of questions. CRITTER OF THE MONTH: Favorite Critter is the traditional critter for the March meeting. Let's see if we can set a record for the most critters at a meeting.

Elections will be held at the March meeting. We will vote for officers for the coming year as well as on whether to accept the revised constitution. Candidate profiles appear in this newsletter.

Upcoming Programs Do you have any ideas about programs you would like to have? Maybe you would be willing to give one. Share your thoughts about this with John Meltzer.

Highlights of Last Month's Program At the February meeting, the annual MHS White Snake Sale was held. The meeting turnout was a bit low and there were fewer items than in past years (probably because the cream of the crop went to the auction at the Midwest Herp Conference). We s1ill raised a nice sum of $384.25. Thanks to all of the members who purchased items. Be sure to start collecting now for next year's sale. Keep it ~ mind when you visit garage and estate sales. We must have this down to a science because everything went extremely smooth and efficiently. Thanks to all who helped wi1h organizing and running it including Del Jones, Marilyn Brooks, Greg Kvanbek, Joe Matzke, Bill Moss, and John and Ruth Meltzer.

Help a Hapless Help There were no adoptions at the February meeting due to the White Snake Sale. Anyone with animals to go up for adoption in March should contact Fred Bozvay prior to the meeting.

MHS Newsletter, Vol. Xl, No.2


Board Meeting The meeting was l1.tld on February 2 at the home of Ann Porwoll. The meeting was called to order by John Moriarty at 7: 16 PM. In attendance were Fred Bosman, Liz Bosman, Fred Bozvay, Marilyn Brooks, Dennis Daly, Bruce Delles, Glen Jacobsen, Vence Jimerson, Nanette Jimerson, Greg Kvanbek, John Meltzer, Ruth Meltzer, John Moriarty, Bill Moss, Ann POlWoll, Mary Ann Waldorf, and Jo Anne Wetherell. The Secretary's minutes were read and accepted. 76 people attended the general meeting.

Treasurer's Report Profit from the White Snake Sale was $384.25. The annual audit has not yet been done. President's Report Membership in MHS has reached an all-time high of 217. This is a 路count of memberships, not members. John presented information on the total volunteer hours and the group decided to give mugs to those with the most hours. In the future, committee chairs will keep a log of member volunteers at MHS events. Questions in regard to the Conant Symposium have been answered. A donation of $150. will be made. The nominations for office were discussed. Bruce Haig and Liz Bosman will make up ballots. Vice President's Report Jim Gerholdt will speak in March as well as the election of officers. No speaker is set for April.

Old Business Membership rates were again discussed. Printing and mailing of newsletters costs $12.60 per year per membership. Bulk mail will decrease the total cost by $500-600 per year. The last increase in membership rates was in 1985. Several路 alternatives were discussed. A motion to change rates was made, seconded and passed with one vote opposed. The new rates will be announced in the newsletter and go into effect March 1, 1991. Possible fund raising projects were discussed. These included sales of a commissioned limited edition art print, accept paid advertising in the newsletter, and sales of books and dry stock. More details are needed before a decision is made. New Business A motion passed to purchase a new book, Husbandry of Pythons and Boas. This passed. Round Table Dennis-requested clarification on what to do when memberships come in at the old rate. A policy on this was estabHshed. He also mentioned that the new membership brochure should have the new prices.Ann Porwoll said good-bye after serving 9 1/2 years on the board. Jo Anne discussed the progress on the new membership brochure. Several of the committees ideas were discussed. The board would like to get quotes for printing of 500, 1000, and 2000. She also said that their were two errors in the Treasurer's Report as published in the newsletter. A correction will be printed. It was mentioned that Brenda Bell (an out of state member) is working to establish a new herp society and has requested information. Marilyn said that by not using the downtown Minneapolis Post Office, it should take an additional half day delay for newsletters. She would prefer to use her local Post Office for convenience. This was agreed on. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM and refreshments were served.

MHS Newsletter, Vol. Xl, No.2


Dues路 Increase The MHS Board after much disCussion has decided to raise the membership dues. The' new rates are $ 15.00 for a basic membership (individual and family), $ 25.00 for institutions (nature centers, zoos), $30.00 for contributing and $60.00 for sustaining. The reasons for the dues increase is the loss of our rodent supply which brought in over $ 1200.00 a year. We also ran a deficit last year that was offset by the Midwest Herp Conf. We will not be hosting the Midwest for the next 5 years. A current one year membership costs over 13.00 just for newsletter printing and postage. The dues increase should bring in approximately $800.00 to 1000.00 per year. This will offset the loss of the rodent sales. We will also be shifting to bulk mail for the newsletter. This move should save us another $ 700.00 per year. We are still working on new fundraising ideas so that we can <x>ntinue to grow and support various herp projects. Anyone with fundraising ideas should contact a board member. The board hopes that we will not have to raise dues again for another five years. John Moriarty soon to be past president

Refreshments Refreshments at last month's meeting were brownies provided by the Yank family and cookies by Jane Hain. Thanks for the scrumptious stuff.


Mary Ann Waldorf is the refreshment chairperson. If you would to provide refreshments for a meeting be sure to notify Mary Ann in advance. Please see her at the meeting or give her a call at (612) 699-0475.

Correction 1990 Treasurer's Report Income Statement Income: Memberships Rodent sales T-shirts Other sales Raffle White Snake Sale Donations Midwest Conference Other Total

Net Profit

MHS Newsletter, Vol. Xl, No.2

Expenses: 2727.50 1491.00 943.00 224.80 514.50 544.50 439.14 2108.02 6397.45

Newsletter Misc. printing/postage Programs Books Supplies Other


3238.31 503.58 771.00 40.10 233.01 9884.49




1990 Volunteers MHS keeps growing because of the work of volunteers. Without volunteers there would be no one to serve on the board, hold an office, chair a committee, run elections, run the library, produce and mail newsletters, answer ques1ions, bring refreshments or handle adoption animals. We also would not be able to get a larger library case, put on the Midwest Herp Conference, provide handson displays, write care sheets, do the State Fair exhibit, and provide other activities for members and the public. A total of 65 members put in over 600 hours of volunteer 1ime for MHS. This

shows broad base support and a

I5'tnmg a:>mmitmont in7.m lOU}" .mvm~. I ~u.M Uk$. ~ $.~ CiU.I

those members who helped out the MHS. Of the 65 volunteers, 30 con1nbuted in a excess of 400 hours. ,As a thanks for their time MHS will

present them with a MRS mug at the March meeting. Those members include: Sally Brewer Scott Cords NancyHaig Fred Bosman Bethann Lord Drew Newman Gloria Anton J6 Anne Wetherell

Greg Kvanbek Fred Bozvay Bill Moss Kate Anderson Soren Sorenson Terry Schieber Dennis Daly

John Moria:rt짜

Marilyn Brooks Mary Ann Waldorf AnnPmwoll Liz Bosman Karin Rea BruceDelles Venoo Jimerson Joe Matzke

Additional MRS members who gave their 1ime to volunteer include: Shawn Murtaugh Mark Kelly Bob Duerr TmaHanson Josie Rea Becky Helgerson Jane Olin ConnieDelles Lynne Cason Pete Duerr Barney Oldfield

Ruth Meltzer Donna Calendar Bill Sander James Rea Dean Bowman Tony Gamble . Todd Chervany Dan Keyler Dave Juberian Carol Dorff

Aaron Hampton

Vicki Smestad Craig Aberle SiriRea Cliff Lindberg Oaude Riedel Randy Blasus Joan Galli Gary Ash

Nanette Jimerson

Jack Walsh John Moriarty soon to be past president

MRS Newsletter, Vol. Xl, No.2


Candidates for MUS Offices Elections will be held at the MHS annual meeting in March. It's not to late to run for an office.To find out more about the responsibilities of each position, talk to the member currently holding that position. Anyone interested in running for an office or nominating someone else should contact the Nominating Committee Chairperson, Bruce Haig, at a meeting or call him at (612) 789-4637. Nominations will also be taken from the floor.

Candidate Profiles President: John Meltzer has been a member of MHS for 7 years and served as an MHS Member-at-Iarge for during 1986 and 87 as well as Vice-President during 1990. He has been a member of the Adoption Committee and the White Snake Sale Committee. John has participated in the two herp surveys, various Hands-On Programs, newsletter folding, the State Fair display, and has been a meeting speaker. He has been keeping herps all his life. John feels that his three years of board experience and many years of involvement have helped him to gain a thorough understanding of the society and its needs. He has a strong desire to see MHS grow and prosper. Glen Jacobsen has been a member of MHS for 3 years. He has served as an alternate on the Adoption Committee. He regularly attends monthly MHS meetings and has participated in the summer picnic and Hands-On Programs. Glen has been interested in herps over his 8 years of ownership. He hopes to bring to MHS fresh ideas, a sense of purpose and direction, and the ability to request and maintain order at the meetings.

Vice-President: Teny Scheiber has been a member of MHS for 5 years. He has participated in the Hands-On Programs at Como Zoo and coordinated the writing of the three MHSIDNR care sheets as well . as writing one of them. He has been keeping herps for 25 years. He hopes to bring new ideas to the board.

Treasurer: Marilyn Brooks has been a member of MRS for 3 years. She has served as Newsletter Assembly Coordinator for 1 1/2 years, has chaired the Holiday Banquet Committee for 2 years, and was registration chairperson for the Midwest Herp Conference. Marilyn was instrumental in organizing the MHS Student Chapter by assisting in the writing of the constitution and serving as President for the first year. She has been the MHS Treasurer since July and assisted in attaining non-profit status for MHS. Her contribution to MHS will be hard work and her experience and knowledge as a professional accountant.

MHS Newsletter, Vol. Xl, No.2


Corresponding Secretary: Mary Ann Waldorf has been a member of MHS for 3 years. She has assisted with the Holiday Banquets, newsletter folding, the photo contest, and the White Snake Sale. Mary Ann has been refreshment chairperson for over a year, was a member of the Planning Committee for the Midwest Herp Conference and was co-chairperson of the Ice Breaker Committee for that conference. Mary Ann would like to donate her time to MHS because of her genuine interest in the welfare and propagation of reptiles and amphibians and the education of the public.

Membership Secretary: Dennis Daly has been a member of MHS for 6 years. He has participated in Como Zoo HandsOn Programs, the annual picnic, and newsletter folding. He was a member of the Planning

Committee for the Midwest Herp Symposium and has served as MHS Secretary during 1990. His contribution to MHS will be the continuation of perfecting the secretaries duties of

processing and coordinating infonnation.

Newsletter Editor: Jo Anne Wetherell-Moriarty has been a member of MHS for 7 years. During that time she has participated in various Hands-On Programs and newsletter folding. She has served as Newsletter Editor for 2 years. Jo Anne hopes to continue to develop and improve the newsletter. She feels that because the newsletter is the most visual representation of MHS to other societies, it is important to strive for a professional and polished appearance.

Member-at-Iarge: (4 positions) Fred Bozvay has been a member of MHS for 4 years. He has assisted with various Hands-On Programs, the White Snake Sale, and newsletter folding. Fred has served on the Adoption Committee (current Chairperson), Photo Contest Chairperson, Planning Committee for the Midwest Herp Conference, and Co-chairperson of the Ice Breaker Committee for that conference. He has served as Member-at-Iarge during 1990. Fred plans to bring to MHS the time and effort to get things organized at the monthly meetings, to get other members involved in the society, and to generate interest in the society to non-members. Vence Jimerson has been a member of MHS for 5 years and has been interested in herps for 20 years. He served as a Member-at-large during 1990. He has participated in Como Zoo HandsOn Programs and the Midwest Herp Conference. Vence will contribute more time and devotion to the society. Greg Kvanbek has been a member of MHS for 6 1/2 years. He is currently President of the Student Chapter. Greg was Chairperson of the Commercial Exhibits Committee for the Midwest Herp Conference. He has participated in the herp surveys, various Hands-On Programs, the Holiday Banquet, and White Snake Sale. Greg has attended various conferences and symposiums and has experience and awareness of things that are important to both herps and the hobbyist such as conservation, habitat protection, and captive breeding. Joe Matzke has been a member of MHS for 9 years. He has participated in the herp surveys, Hands-On Programs at Como Zoo, assisted with the Holiday Banquet, and White Snake Sale. He regularly contributes illustratiOl15 for the newsletter and the White Pages. Joe feels that he can contribute new ideas and beneficial changes to MHS. AfHS Newsletter, Vol. XI, No.2


Bill Moss has been a member of MHS for 2 years. He has served as Display Committee Chairperson during 1990. He has assisted with the Midwest Herp Symposium, newsletter folding, and the White Snake Sale. Bill feels that he can offer a fresh perspective and a lot of enthusiasm applied to the continued success of MHS and what we stand for. Drew Newman has been a member of MHS for I year and has been keeping herps all his life. He has assisted in many Hands-On programs including Como Zoo and the U of MN Student Activities Fair, as well as newsletter folding and contributions to the newsletter. Drew can offer time and input for MHS projects and is willing to assist in most anything MHS gets involved with.

MRS Members Give Cub Scout Program by Bill Moss On February 5th, MHS gave a reptile and amphibian program for the armua1 Blue and Gold Cub

Scout Banquet in South St. Paul. We brought along with us a Solomon Island Skink, Indigo Snake, Burmese Python, Boa Constrictors, White's Tree Frogs, Mexican Burrowing Python, Leopard Tortoise, and a Common Iguana.. Things got slightly crazy from time to time (the kids were all grouped around on the floor, directly in front of us) but overall the program went well. At the end of the show we raffled off a 16 foot Burmese Python shed skin and then did a brief hands-on. The Scoutmasters expressed their gratitude to MHS for the time and effortwe put in to help make the banquet a memorable one. Many thanks go out to Bruce and Nancy Haig, Drew Newman, and Fred and Liz Bosman for taking the time on a Tuesday evening to help promote reptiles and amphibians as wen as MHS. We already have a couple of invitations to do Earth Day Hands-On programs. The onlypossible way for us to do multiple programs is to have a good sign-up of volunteers. Mark your calendars for April 21 and volunteer to come out. We need you. Further details will be available in future newsletters and at meetings as April gets closer.

Herping Here and. There Member news..... MHS member and former secretary, Kate (Anderson) Slavens was the recent speaker at a meeting of the Pacific Northwest Herp Society. Kate nOVl resides in Seattle, Washington. She and husband Frank are caring for hatchling Pacific Pond Turtles. The turtles are facing extirpation in the wild..... Apparently, MHS has a budding writing star. Bill Ness' article 路entitled Snake Feeding Fun has been reprinted in several newsletters already ~

Herp opportunities.....The Minnesota DNR is looking for a person to assist with a survey of the herpetofauna of Morrison County between May 15 and June 28. The surveyor must be able to identify anuran (frog) species by sound alone.Deadline for applications is March 1. Contact Gerda Nordquist, DNR - Section of Wildlife, Box 7,500 Lafayette Rd., St.Paul, MN 55155-4007, (612) 296-6938. Speaker's Clarification ..... Eric Thiss would like to add a comment to the review of his recent talk. Many reputable herp dealers use P .O.boxes. Avoid sending money to an unknown dealer using a P.O. Box. Know your dealer, ask questions, and check references. MHS Newsletter, Vol. XL No.2


Do You Have Herps or Do Herps Have You? by Drew Newman Ever notice how being around MHS for a while can cause some serious changes in one's life? Before you became involved did you know what substrate was? Or care? Below are 21 questions to gauge just how seriously you've been afflicted by our ectothermic friends. Are you the type who forgets your spouse's birthday but makes it to every MRS Hands-On or are you the type who receives the newsletter under a pseudonym and just keeps herps to list as dependents at at tax 1ime?' Answer the questions below and find out how serious a herper you ate. 1. Have you recently had your home referred to as the ecosystem"? 1/

2. Have you been offered wholesale prices on Plexi-glass lately? 3. Has herp feeding time become the feeding day?

4. Do you fmd yourself suddenly able to speak Latin though you flunked it in school?

5. Have you referred to your youngest child as the neonate? 6. Has your spouse directed you to something in the freezer as being "behind the rats"? 7. Can you still hear crickets singing although it has been months since you sold your last cricket-

eating herp? 8. Do your ldds ask ''When are we going to get pets with fur?" ? 9. Do you start out towards the supennarket and end up at Twin Cities Reptiles?

10. Is the next family 'vacation coincidentally going to be in the city that hosts this year's Herp Breeder's Expo?

11. Were you secretly excited when you learned that wholesalers take major credit cards? 12. Have you ever had to explain to a cop what you were doing at 4:00 AM driving around with pillowcases an a flashlight? 13. Have you ever had to scrape sheddings from the sides of your bathtub?

14. Can you now read scientific papers and at least kind of know what they're talking about? 15. Have you ever spoke of someone as having "the disposition of a Tokay Gecko"? 16. Do you have less bowls in your house now but more water dishes?

17. Have you ever thought about (or moo) microwaving frozen rats?

i 8. Have you ever wished someone would say '1eaping lizardsN so you could say "Yes, I have those N ? 19. Do you open the paper directly to the classified ads looking for that "Timor Python free to good home" ad that you know is going to appear one day?

MHS Newsletter, Vol. Xl, No.2


20. Is the garage still a mess but all the herp cages freshly cleaned? 21. Were you secretly disappointed at Christmas this year because none of your packages had air holes poked in them? Give yourself 1 point for each questions you answered yes. Total up your points.

o- 7 points - You're a budding herper. You've boughtsome books, met some people, and asked your flSh market if his supplier uses T.E.D.s (turtle excluder devices). You've endured the heckle of your friends about "your snake club" meetings and are beginning to understand the importance of things such as captive propagation. 7 - 14 points - You are an intermediate herper. You've been observed on summer nights driving your car very slowly down desolate roads (and have a few bumps on your head from braking too hard when spotting specimens). You were pretty proud when you got the feed budget down to a quarter of your monthly salary. ' 15 - 21 points - You're a full-fledged, seriously dedicated herper. You don't what you have more of - herps or books on herps. Your youngest child's name is Bivittatus. Your herps don't get stress-related diseases but your wife's cat does. Sheds adorn your walls and price lists are affIXed to the refrigerator. None of your non-herp friends want to come to visit you but all their kids do.

MRS Newsletter, Vol. XI, No.2



= male; 0.1.0 = female; 0.0.1 = unknown

FOR SALE: 0.1 3 ft. Columbian Boa, $160.; 0.2 Gray-banded IGngmakes, 20 in. and 24 in., $200.; 1.0 3 ft. blonde Trans- Pecos Rat Snake $260.; 0.1 1 ft Rosy Rat Snake, $35.; 1.1 Baja IGngsnakes, ell '89 .. Contact Aaron at (217) 362-0031 (m) . . FOR SALE OR TRADE: 1.04 ft. 8 in. SouthemPine Snake (potential breeder) in exchange for . easy to handle, captive bred Bull, Fox, and/or Hognose Snakes. Call Westwood Hills Nature Center (612) 924-2544. FOR SALE: 0.0.1 5 ft.. Reticulated Python, good eater, $85. wm deliver to meeting. Call (701) 772-8281 (N.D.). . FOR SALE: Commercially.;.raised, fresh-frozen rodents delivered to monthly meetings. Rats: large$1.50 each, $17.00/12, $65./50; pups - $7.50/12, $30./50; Mice: all sizes (not mixed up, order the size you need) $5./12. Baby boas available between $115-150. 10 or more, $100. ea. Early calls will avoid the busy signal. Contact Jeff Ronne at (612) 431-6813. WANTED: Female Leopard Geckoes. I have 2 lonely males. ContactJo Anne at (612) 647-1334.

WANTED: I need all the shed snake skins in the world .. always路 to give away at reptile programs. Contact Bob Duerr at (612) 541- 9417.

WANTED: Artwork for this newsletter. You need not be a professional. Remember, Gary Larson and Joe Matzke didn't start out at the top either! Submit your illustrations or cartoons to the newsletter editor at the address below. largest Selection of Reptiles & Amphibians in Minnesota Cages, Books, Feed & Supplies

PETS & SUPPLIES Tropical and Marine Aquaria Garden pools and Aviaries Food and Supplies for ali Pets 540 Winnetka Ave. No. Go4den Valley, Mn 55427



(612) 781-0805

INSTRUCfIONS: Ads are nm asa free service to paid members. Paid ads from non-members are not accepted. Ads for venomous species, illegal species, or sick animals will not be run. MHS takes no responsibility for legality or health of any animal advertised here. Ads may be run for three consecu1ive months at which time ads may be re-submitted. The editor reserves the right to omit ads when space is limited so as to allow all members a chance to advertise. Size of ads is limited to 4 typed lines or 1 standard size business card. Deadline for all newsletter items is the 15th of the month. Send all newsletter items to : ATIN: Newsletter Editor, Minnesota Herpetological Socie1楼, Ben Musemn of Natural History, 10 Church st. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455-0104.

MHS Newsletter, Vol. XI, No.2







II Do you ever have a question about one of your helps and wonder who might be able to provide an

IIanswer? Most people who keep pets of any kind have been in this situation at one time or another. IA group of MRS members has volunteered to provide assistance. listed below are the people and IItheir specialties. Please be reasonable about the time of day and how frequently you call. I



Large pythons and constrictors

Other Snakes

Olen (Jake) Jacobsen 757-8268 Jack Walsh, Jr. (715) 822-8726

Del Jones 938-8555 John Meltzer 263-7880




Lizards Nancy Haig 789-4637 Barney Oldfield 1-923-4856


Terrestrial turtles and tortoises

Aquatic Turtles



John Meltzer 263-7880 Greg Kvanbek 533-7723

Barney Oldfield 1-923-4856 Dennis Daly 633-8370

John Moriarty 647-1334 Ann Porwoll 489-7853




Minnesota Herps Greg Kvanbek 533-7723 John Moriarty 647-1334

~================================================ MEMBERSHIP AND T-SHIRT ORDER FORM MINNESOTA HERPETOLOGICAL SOCIETY NAMB(S) _______________________________________________________ ADDRBSS _______________________________________________________ CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ PHONE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

STATB _ __

ZIP CODB _ _ _ __


NO_ _

HBRP-RBLATBD INTBRBSTS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ TYPB OF MEMBBRSHIP?



_ _ SUSTAINING ••....•• $60.00

U of MN STUDBNT _ _ (check if yes)

_ _ INSTITUTION •.•••• $25.00

_ _ OONTRIBUTING •••.. $30.00

_ _ BASIC •••••.•••..••••$15.00

OFFICIAL (ORIGINAL) MHS T-SHIRT - $7.00 includes postage (indicate how many of each) Adult:

small _ _



I-large_ _

Kids: 6-8__

10-12_ _

Please enclose payment. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Minnesota Herpetological Society. Membership is for 12 months from date of joining. A membership card will be sent by return mail. A receipt will be sent only on request. MAIL TO: Minnesota Herpetological Society, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church St. S.E.. Minneapolis, MN 55455-0104




**FINAL NEWSLETTiR~1; Jim Mead 211 Clark E. Pleasant street Mankato, MN 56001

66 02/91 C





RECYCLED PAPER Conserving Our Resources

Vol. 11 (1991), No. 2  
Vol. 11 (1991), No. 2  

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