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NU1'-1:13El1 9

FRIDAY, Cctober

5, 1984

7: 00 FE Room 225, Smith Hall Universi ty of :rv:innesota XXXXXX~xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




xxxxxxxxxxx.xxXJ(XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The October meeting will be a panel discussion on captive breeding. This will be your chance to find out why it didn't work and why it can work. The "Critter of the 11'lonth" will be neonates of 1984. Note: neonate is a term used for young. In this case neonates of 1984 would be any and all young born or hatched in 1984. The September meeting was an interesting one. Attendance was 57. Bruce Delles gave an excellent introduction with a history of the symposiums. Bruce (with Connie's help) showed a Solomon Island Prehensile 'railed Skink (Corcuciazebrata) and Giant Day Gecko (Phelsume m. grandis) they had brought back from Columbus. l'ran Frisch showed a Surinam Herned Frog (Ceratophrys sp .. ) and a pair of Sandfish (Scincus sCincus) he had picked up .. Ann Pcrwoll gave a synopsis of the turtle programs and showed her hatchling 1',atamata (Chelus firnbriatus) that she had been followed home by. Faula Swanson gave a real nice wrapup on the Colubrid breeding sessions and路 the roundtable discussion on the same subject, while Jim Gerholdt talked about the roundtable discussion on diseases .. Brint Spencer showed some slides from the symposium as well as some from a few zoos. }ran then wrapped up the program with his comments on the symposium and the programs a.nd talks. All in all the opinion was unanimous in regards to the Columbus Symposium; it was great! XXxxxxxxx:x.XXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXy..x.xxxxxxx

The program for the November meeting hasn't been set yet .. \ve'll let you know .. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxx~xxxxxxxxxx


It's a gloomy Seattle like day so it's time to get the old poison pen out and write a few sharp tails***I could not find the bonus word in Toni's Garden*** If you go to the 1984 Renaissance :F'estival please see the Last Chance Forever Bird of Pr:'ey demonstration, 4 shows a day .. The last Renaissance weekend is sept .. 29 and 30***1 thought the display at the state :F'air went great, looked great and the public enjoyed it" }Jy thanks to John, Ted, Dan and all the volunteers who cleaned the cages-}(**?J-'1innesota amphibians next year at the :Fair?***If you missed September's meeting Bruce suggested that everyone try to get a friend or enemy to join }\iHS .. 1ven if you can t t persuade anyone try giving }ll1S as a gift .. Birthday, Christmas, etc .. ***The IIlHS Picnic went very well and the weather was a blessing from J10ther Nature***Next time the Gerholdts hidetheir car key they could at least write a few clues***Thanks Fred and Liz for the-great Frogtown birthday cake*~路Sarina did a very beautiful job on my first "tri-color cake" .. It was too beautiful to eat but that did not stop anyone. Thanks Sarina but remember what I told you "stick to cake decorating" your cartoons make me nervous!***Remember address, new phone numbers and other corrections will be run in each Newsletter. Please inform Jim***Please don't forget these coming up }'v'illS events .. The last trip south wi th John, the Photo Contest, the Journalism Contest, the l'JHS F'irst """'hi te Snake" Sale***It was nice to see Terry Odegaard at this last meetingi(** I want to take this time to thank Bob Duerr for the opportunity to paint cartoons on his Snake Zoo at the State :Fair. Thanks for letting me do my thing .. Bob, this month's cartoon is dedicated to you, Thanks***Two great people I forgot to mention in my last "Tails" are Karen and Gary Schroeder .. Karen is one of my biggest fans and a very beautiful person. I really appreciate her .. Karen, you have inspired me and it will show up in my 1985 cartoon calendar .. The BAARS cartoon is coming soon. Thanks and I do hope the balance of your vacation went well. ***Here is a hint taken from the Northern California Herpetological Society Sept .. Newsletter" I found it "Under the fJ.1able" by Skip Kruse .. "It's almost bedtime for the boas, so set your South American Boas into prime condition, well fed and hydrated, for a cooling period .. ~hey.should be kept in a darkened box, unfed and cooled to a temperature of 76 degrees }'ahrenheit for roughly eight weeks and upon emergence should be rewarmed up the the mid-eic;hties .. Thanks again to Terry Lilley, who knows what hets talking about, down at Central Coast Reptile Research, 790 Lusi ta, }'.lorro Bay \l CA 93442.. v/ri te him for dea tail s" 11 Yes, Terry is a great person and he knows his hcrps***I still boycott the Golden Arches because of where they get their beef***One of the V.. P .. 's jobs is to line up guest speakers for the meetings .. Please write or call me and I will try to work something out and talk fees paid to guest speakers**"*fJ.'hanks to everyone v.'ho understands me or at least tries to and I'm sorry for the few who don't***well, it is still gloomy out, time to clean cages and remember Seattle my second home***Until next month may the J-lerps be with you!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXX.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx 2

"Cri tter of the )\':cnth" The IICritter" for the September meeting: was your least favorite herp. \':e h~4c. a lot of participation on this one, and some of the critters were kind of surprising. They were: Brown Anole (Anolis sagrae) Fire Bellied Toad (Bombina orientalis) Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta belli) Wood 1J.'urtle (Clernmys insculpta) Chinese Lined nat f:;nake (Elaphe rufodorsata) Blanding's Turtle (mydoidea blandingi) Columbian Rainbow Boa. (Epicrates cenchris maurus) Three Striped .Nud r:Lurtle (Kinosternon baurii) I~stern Milk Sn~vp (T~~n~~ ~ California Kir Northern V,/ater Sonoran Gopher Blood Python ( Red Sided Gari Tegu Lizara \.'l'uplnambis nigropunc ta tus) Florida House ~pider (huge) ~'Jorms (Squiggle type) These were brought by: :Bored Bosman Bruce Cutler J\~a tt Cutler Bruce and Connie Jelles Fran :Brisch John Jesmer Dcin Keyler John Neltzer J olm }10r iar ty Terry Odegaard Jim Schave Brint Spencer Toni Vangen Larry Yank Thanks tc all of the above (both critters and bringers) from NBS! J


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): xx xxx xxxxx xxx.xXXX): xx x x xxxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx x:xxxxxxxxx xxxx

Special guests at the September meeting were Carrol Henderson, Non Game Supervisor for the Einnesota DNR, and Diane Groene, DNR volunteer who is working an a new slide/tape program similar to the one on frogs and toads. 'l:he new one will be on Hinnesota's snakes, all 17 of them! ':Phe major problem Diane has encountered is getting good tapes of the calls of most of the species. Seriously, she needs our help, so read over her letter (which follows this note) and see if you can help on thi,..s. !11HS will be rec ognized on the final program! Carrol had a couple of offers that we couldn't refuse! Anyone who has worked on the state F'air exhibit or has gone on the field trips to the southwest will re .... ceive a DNR Volunteer patchJ Let John Horiarty know if you have earned one. 1l1so DHR has a new book out, "\voodworking for \OJildlife". This is a freeby and has plans for birdhouses, etc. It even h~s plans for a turtle basking platform. It's neat! If you want one, write to: Nongame Program, Box 7, DNR, Centennial Building, 658 Cedar street, st .. Paul, EN 55155 ..



at the September 6th l<eeting of the r<innesota Herpetologica.l Society,

I was really fascinated, learned a lot, and met some interestinG ~cople at the meeting last nighte ]or those of you who missed it, I would like to invite you to get inv0lved on a slide show I am putting together for the Non-game Wildlife Program, DNR, on I\~innesota's }amily of Snakes .. I want to thank the people who approached me after the meeting with slide ideas and who had snakes and/or snake slides that could be put in the show e I will be contacting you ...... Below is a list of slides I need to get, and if you are interested in taking these photos yourself, or if you have these certain snakes available for photographing, please contact me e Again, thanks for the "warm blooded" responsee Diane Groene DNH Volunteer Any snake shedding skine 2" Close-ur of snake eye .

3 . Close-up of whole head (side view) .. 4 . Bunch of snakes togethere 5 .. I'lale and female of same species together .. 6@ Female with eggs 7. lemale vii th live young .. 8" Plains Garter Snake (Tharrmophis radiX) total view .. 9 . Close-up of hognose head (Ec'lstern B. platyrhinos or "'.'estern HEI nasicus .. 10 .. 'v/e stern Hognose Snake (tleterodon nasicus) 11 Hognose (Eastern or Western) ho.oding its neck .. 12 EI Hognose (Eastern or western) playing dead .. 13 Fox Snake (Elaphe vulpina) eating .. 14 Fox Snake (Elaphe vulpina) "excited" .. 15@ Eastern I"iilk Snake (Lampropel tis t .. triangulum)" 16" Eastern Milk Snake (Lampropeltis t .. triangulum) different shot .. 17 . Northern \-Jater Snake (Nerodia s .. siPedonl" 18 .. Northern vJater Snake (Nerodia s .. sipedon swimming or basking near water .. 19 .. Blue Racer (Coluber constrictor foxi) .. 20 .. Blue Racer (C .. c .. foxi) in hunting pose or a head only pose .. 21 " Lined Snake ('llropidoclonion linea tum) .. 220 IJined Snake (,:;:,,, lineatum) different shot .. 23@ Close-up of a rattle@ 24@ Close-up of a pit .. 25" Timber Hattlesnake (Crotalus horridus)" 26" 'l\imber Rattlesnake (c .. horridus) different shot. 27,. Eastern r''lassasauga (Sistrurus c@ catenatus) @

XXXXXXXXXXXXXJCxxxxxxXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxXJOCxxxx Library Wow! The hHS IJibrary has taken a big jump this month .. All of the following books were purchased with HHS funds: Proceeding of the 7th Annual Reptile Symposium on Captive Propogation and Busbandry A Dictionary of Reptiles and Amphibians by Rube Allyn


How To Keep Snakes in Capti vi ty by 'Ross Allen IJ.urtles by Robprt J. Church Amphibians and Reptiles in ha.nsaR by Joseph IJ.I .. ("':oJ}~n2 Reptiles of the World by Carl Guns Snakes of Florida by Gwen Godwin Your lJ.'urtle by Richard Haas Know Your 'l'urtles by John II/I. I'iehrtens Iilljoy Your Snakesby Ira Nowinsky Breeding Snakes in Captivity by Robert J. Riches Snakes by Nervin F Roberts An Illustrated Key to the Lizards, Snakes and Turtles of the \路iest by Jay J.i.. Savage &lakes of the 'v!orld by John Stidworthy The Care of Desert Reptiles by Karl H.. Switak The Life of Desert Reptiles and Amphibians by Karl H.. S'wi tak Reptile Cages You Can Build by .J.. C... ':Prui tt The American Chameleon by \tJilliam V:hi te Jr ..

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..xXXXXXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Uur meYilcership has taken a jump back up to the mid 130 mark .. 'llhis is still below where \"e were (and should be) but is an improvement Have you sent in your renewal on time? If you have any thoughts on JIm 3 , please let one of the Board members know. We're here to help you with any problems you might have. Q

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:x.:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx xx

Gary Simonson 1906 3rd Ave" S.. -;J21 l'f;inneapolis, 1'.1N 55404 Change John r':el tzer 3221 93rd Dr. NeE. Blaine, l'lN 55434 612-780-8561 Change Joel Eidbo 612-378-2559 Add phone number r路1ik e Traub 7800 133rd st. W., Apple Va1ley, I'~lJ 55124 612-432-4366 New member John La l':edica (also Sue) 393 Hobart Drive Greenbridge Newark, DE 19713 302-453-9754 New members Jane Lamplamd Finny Critters, Inc .. 232 SOl Snelling Jive., st., Paul, JllN 55105 612-698-6837 Ne\. . . member

Northern California Eerp. Society Box 1363 Davis, CA 95616-1363 New exchange Karen Kobp.y Coon Rapids Dam f{egional lark .9750 Egret Blvd. Coon Rapids, J'v'lN 55433 612-757-4700 New member Roger Cpay 8215 W.. Hampton /\ve !';iJ waukee, vn 53218 414-367-5397 l!ew member 0

Handy Calcote 2116 Laurel Ave Einneapolis, JVJN 612-377-3553 New member


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David Schave 4629 Nine )\1ile Creek Parkway Bloomington, MN 55437 612-835-6001 IJevJ member Deborah imderson 1812 Prairie Knoll Austin, TX 78758 Change

ct .




r..:hil Cochran 1746 Chateau Drive Greenbay, v,'I 54304 Change If you have a correction or a change of address from the 1984-1985 1-:11S I'1ernber' to Hember Directory, please let us know ..

XXXXX.xxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Resuscitating a Frog I had a unique experience with my African House Eating F'rog (Pyxicephal us adspersus) that I would like to relate .. Cn SUnday, Sept .. 2, 1984, I fed the frog a dead }'lHS rat pup that one of my snakes had failed to eat .. I have done this in the past with no problem .. After the frog grabbed the rat and started to eat it I left for the day. When I returned 3 hours later the frog was seemingly dead .. No movement or respiration was observed .. 1. immediately dislodged the rat from the frog's throat and began massaging the frog's chest and pwnping its legs@ After doing this for quite some time the frog gasped and tried to move. I continued to do this until it took its own breath .. Finally it breathed but could not expell and swelled up like a balloon.. I continued to squeeze the air out fer approximately 1 hour until the frog was breathing on its own. ~lhree days later the frog fed on pink rats and appears to be fine .. I included this for 2 reasons: 1 As a caution against feeding too large of a food item. 2 .. As a suggestion to try heroic measures to revive seemingly dead animals .. John }lel tzer

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Library Policy All members of I"lHS are permitted to check out Library books for one month free of charge .. }i'or each month a book is overdue, there is a t1 .. 00 per book late fee .. It is the responsibility of the members when returning books to make, sure that the book or books are received by the IJibrarian and not just put on the table. Ctherwise someone might pick up the book and walk off with it, and the last one to check out the book is responsible for it if the card has not been replaced in the jacket in the book .. Lost books are the responsibility of the lC2er .. Jf a book is lost it must be replaced or paid for .. In the case of some of the out of print books this can be rather expensive. So, protect yourself and make sure you return your books to the Librarian!

xx xxxx xx xx xx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxx xxxxx xx..xXXXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx:..xxxxxxxxxxxx The state of Minnesota currently lists three species of herps as Fndangered or r.i:hreatened .. The li'ive Lined Skink (Eumeces fasciatus) is listed as Endangered and the Wood Turtle (Clemmys insculpta) and the Blanding's 'Turtle (Emydoidea blandingi) are listed as Threatened .. Numerous other species are listed as Special Concern, which means they need more field work to determine their true status .. Some of these should be upgraded to a higher status. However, none of these are currently protected, they are merely listed. This stinks! Cn the next page is a' letter from J'lH~; to DNH concerning this .. Hespect the '1' and 1 species until they are truly protected and leave them be .. Don't collect them for ethical reasons!



September 12, 1984

Roger Holmes, Chief Section of Pish and \vildlife Centennial Building, Box 7 658 Cedar stree t st Paul, NN 55455


Dear ]'vir. Holme s , vIe, the Ninnesota Herpetological Society, feel that those amphibians and reptiles

currently listed by the J'vlinnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as threatened or endangered should be protected. The protection should take several courses. First, the taking of T & E species should be prohibited without a permit from the commissioner. Also, provide adequate habitat for all facets of the species' life history through acquisition of land by the DNR, when necessary .. All amphibians and reptiles currently listed by the DNR as special concern should be reviewed within a year .. Those species that are presently found in fewer than 5 percent of ~~nnesota's counties should be listed as threatened, until additional evidence proves otherwise. All persons presently in possession of T & E species should be allowed a permit if applied for within 6 months of enactment. Future permits should be limited to educational and research purposes@ Captive bred individuals should be exempted from penni t requirements .. ' Sincerely,

Bruce Delles President

Fran :Frisch Vice-President

cc: Carrol Henderson Lee Pfannmuller


Book Review Proceedings cf tIle Northern California Berpetological Society Conference on Captive Propogation and llusbandry of Heptiles and AJnphitians Edited by R.. L.. Gray and M.. D.. Baumgardner .. Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society Vol .. 19, (1 - 2),74 pp .. , 1984 .. Available from NCBS, 706 Arnold street, Davis, CA 95616 .. $13.50 postpaid .. This fine publication is a multiauthored collection of papers .. As in any publication of this type, quality is uneven, but overall it is very high .. Reflecting the general preponderence of interest in reptiles, information on arnphilbians is restricted to 2 pages .. Perhaps future conferences (there is another planned for early next year) will address amphibians husbandry with a more balanced coverage .. About half the pages are devoted to lizard care, and for anyone interested in this group, especially geckoes, this work is a must .. The remainder is devoted to aspects of general reptile maintenance, diseases - canker mouth and pneumonia, chelonians and snakes .. I recorr~end this publication highly as a starting point for information on lizard husbandry and general reptile maintenance .. Although the price may be on the high side, it is a reference you will turn to again and again .. Bruce Cutler And here is the answer to "Toni t s GeJ.rden"! How did you do? Again, thanks to John Jesmer for driving us all crazy (ier)J IIHelp A Hapless Herp" Again we did not have an adoptee for the September meeting .. But, the famine is over! For the October meeting we have a 6 to 7 foot Burmese Python that is in need of a horne .. And a:13 always, we may have more by the meeting!

xx.xxxxxxx.x.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx.xxxxxxxx:xx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phantastic Phenological Phinds Lisa Jo T~ffy and Luis Duffy August 26, 1984-I<irmesota, stearns Co .. , north of Clearwater 'l'ownship on the Iviississippi River; Spiny Softshell Turtle ('l'rionyx spiniferus)" Young male approximately 6 inches long@ Placed in holding tank at South Elementary School in st .. Cloud where, to the dismay of the science teacher, said creature consumed four toads, two salamanders, three crayfish! Jim Gerholdt and Tim Judy September 10, 1984-\~isconsin, Chippewa River bottoms, Buffalo Co" 2 Hestern }ox Snake (Elaphe v" vulpina) 2 Northern water Snake (Nerodia s" sipedon) 1 Central Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens louisianensis) #- Green :F'rog (Rana clami tans melanota) 2 Northern Leopard Frqg (Rana pipiens) 3 Eastern I'1assasauga (Sistrurus c .. catenatus) 1 Texas Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi texana) 19 Eastern Garter Snake (Thamnophis s .. sirtalis) September 10, 1984-Minnesota, Wabasha Co .. , near Mazeppa, T110, R14. 1 Eastern Nilk Snake (Larnpropel tis t .. triangulum) 25" female. John and Denise 1"1el tzer September 3, 1984~field adjacent to l'Jaje stic Caks Golf Course, Bam Lake .. 11: 00 .AM sunny and 70 degrees .. l.'linnesota. 2 Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) 1 Bullsnake (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi) 2' male. 1 v!estern Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus) 18 11 â&#x20AC;˘ 1 E(~stern Garter Snake (Tharrmophis s. sirtalis) September 3, 1984-vicinity of Crosstown and Constance Blvd, imdover, Minnesota .. 1 : 00 P},] 70 degrees and sllilny. 1 Northern Prairie Skink (Eumeces s. septentrionalis) 1 Bullsnake (P:Ltuophis melanoleucus sayi) 5' female .. 1 Northern Leopard :F'rog (Hana pipiens) John J'.lor iarty August 10, 1984-l''Iinnesota, Clay Co .. \I Buffalo River state Park .. 1 Canadian Toad (Bufo hemiophrys) 1 Northern Leopard Frog (Rans pipiens) 1 V/ood Frog (nana sylvatica) 1 \-/e stern painted 'Turtle (Chrysemys picta belli) Barney, Casey, and Sherilyn Oldfield Nugget Lake COllilty Park, Pierce Co .. , Wisconsin. T26N, H15W, Section 32. August 11, 1984-VJood Frog (Rana sylvatica)" 2 adults found in mixed hardwood forest" August 11, 1984-j~erican Toad (Bufo americanus). A number of adults and juveniles seen. August 11, 1984-Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta belli). A number of turtles seen basking while canoeing on lake (the Gldfields were canoeing, not the turtles). Gne adult male allowed capture off of its basking log after canoeing right up to it" August 12, 1984-Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra s. serpentina). 2 hatchlings found in mud in marsh area at edge of lake" August 12, 1984-Northern Leopard Frog (R< pipiens)" Several adl..u ts observed in vegetation along edge of lake0 10

August 12 1984-Green Frog (Rc;na clarni tans melanota). Numerous adul ts and subadults found in marshy area along edge of lake. X.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJ{XXXX..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Raffle The raffle at the September meeting brought MES a total of ~~20 .. 75. rl'he prizes were a 10 gallon aquarium and stand won by Jim Schave, a "hot rock" won hy Bruce nelles, and a Columbus Zoo poster that was won by JvJatt Cutler .. :F'or the Cctober meeting we have a copy of "The Care of Reptiles and Amphibians in Captivity" by Christopher Nattison and a real nice snake cage. Save your quarters and we'll see you there! xx..xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xXXXXXXXXJ{XXXXxXJ{XXXXXXXXXx.xxxx

"Herp Hints" We had some really interesting items, with ensuing discussions, at the September meeting .. Bruce Cutler mentioned that the library of the late Frank Blanchard is being sold off by his widow and he had picked up a few items. He then asked if it is true that Gila Honsters sometimes sleep on their backs .. Hot only is it true, but it sure shakes you up the first time you see yours doing it .. They can sure look dead! A discussion about turtle egg incubation-then followed .. The problem was dry and cracked eggs. The solution was that they were not being covered (as in a shoe bOX), and so were drying out too much. The medium of choice seems to be moist venniculite in a covered container. JbD Gerholdt mentioned a Southern Copperhead that he had picked up on a referral from the Humane Society .. It (a gravid female) had been captured near New Grleans, and placed in a box in the trunk of a car .. This was during our hot spell! \-Jhile the heat had not killed the adult, it had killed the developing young, as she delivered 7 dead young not too long after she arrived .. They were all early dead, and ha.d been dead for some time .. ~-he moral here is to be especially aware of temperature ex.tremes with known': or supected gravid animals .. John Jesmer mentioned a western Hognose that seemed to have 1 scale irrLtated .. A foreign object was thought to be the problem, and he will check this out and report back .. Toni Vangen related how she had tried to feed 2 Bullsnakes together. #1 fed and /12 did not .. l/1 then tried to eat i12! Beware of feeding snakes together! They need a referee even after the food is swallowed .. XXXXXXXXX.xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXJ{Xx..'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXJ{XXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

We had a lot of interest showed at the September meeting for. the October 13 field trip to the }'linnesota Zoological Garden .. Remember, we will meet at the zoo ent-路 rance at 10:00 .AM .. ]'or a group of 25 or more (we should have that many easy) the admission is ~t2 .. 80 per adult and ~1 .00 for kids 6-15. Parking is $1 .. 00 per car so car pool and saye even more. See you there! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Don t t forget the Second Annual I"lIS Photo Contest! r~J.1he deadl ine is November 2 (for a post mark), or the November meeting (also Nov, 2) .. You might want to bring the old shutter box on the zoo field trip. Get snappin'!




Pa t E'ncinosa Red Rat Snake (Llaphe go guttata)-18 eggs laid on JW1e 17 and 18" 6 eggs remained in the snake" Surgically removed on July 31 after trying to induce la.bor with injections of exytocin" 17 hatched from September 3 to 7" Temperature of incubation ranged from 77 to 85 degrees" Incubation substrate was vermiculite and water at a 2:1 ratio by volwTle" Andrea Leader Bullsnake (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi)-19 eggs laid on June 20 .. 2 pipped on August 11,7 more pipped on August 12 .. 3 were out of egg. All but 1 had pipped by the B-1 of August 13.. 1i total of 11 were out of the eggs" r:rhe remaining 7 were out of the shell by the afternoon of August 140 The 19th egg contained a dead, deformed snake 0 John I,'}el tzer Eastern 1'1ilk Snake (Larnpropeltis t .. triangulum)-Heceived a pair on June 24, 1984. Female was gravid at this time. Snakes were housed separately in sweater boxes. I placed a half gallon carton full of camp moss in the female's cage and on July 1, eggs were laid. Ho pre-egg shed was observed .. 5 eggs were viable and 1 small and dried egg was discarded. I set the eggs up in an airtight shoe box with damp pine shavings as a medium. The box was placed in a dark cabinet and incubated at 8090 degrees. un August 20,3 eggs hatched and by the evening of August 21, the 2 remalnlng eggs hatched. Hatchlings were set up in separate shoe boxes and have fed. Also observed: eggs were laid in a clump that would not separate so I left them that way .. Also, the pine medium contained ample moisture throughout incubation with no sign of mold growth .. Barney Cldfield western Fainted Turtle (Chrysernys picta belli)-9 eggs laid on Jtme 15. 9 hatched on August 13. Incubated in moist vermiculite at 75-80 degrees. Western Painted rr'Urtle (Chrysemys picta belli)-5 eggs laid on June 2CJ .. 4 hatched on August 14 and 15. Incubated in moist vermiculite at 75-80 degrees .. Cornmon Snapping Turtle (Chelydra s" serpentina)-12 eggs collected from a predator ravaged nest on June 15. 2 hatched on August 15. 10 eggs failed to develop .. Incubated in moist vermiculite at 75-80 degrees. I,jap Turtle (Graptemys geographica)-15 eggs laid on June 15 .. 15 hatched from August 23 to 24 .. Incubated in moist vermiculite at 75-80 degrees. Note: all of the above females were gravid when captured. Brint Spencer Gsage Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster)-2 young born on August 24 and 3 young born on August 25 .. Litters from 2 different wild bred females .. Breedings from September AAZPA Newsletter Dallas


4 Gray Banded Kingsnake 2 Speckled Rattlesnake Los lmgeles LOO 3 Gray Banded Kingsnake Zurich Zoo (Switzerla.nd) 1 Siebenrock's ~urtle

Houston 200 1 Round Island Day Gecko 9 Children's Python 11 Pueblo }1ilk Snake 3 Tokay Gecko 10 Carpet Python 1 Rowley's Pit Viper 3 2.aylor's Cantil 8 Red Rat Snake (albino) 1 San l~ucan Rattlesnake

Columbus Zoo 300 Bamboo Climbing Erog

17 Giant Vmsk Turtle

'Knoxville Zoo

32 Fer de Lanee 1) Haitian Galliwasp

1 Yellow Footed Tortoise

7 9 3 33 6 6 16

23 12

3 2 1 10 18

1 1 11

Heosemys grandis Yellow Blotched Hap 'Iurtle Ceylon Terrapin Leopard Gecko };at Tailed Gecko Baird's Rat Snake Red Rat Snake Yellow Rat Snake Bronze Back Snake Ne otropical I路Jilk Snake Hadagascan Giant Hognosed Snake Vine Snake Cantil }llorida Cottonmouth Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake JVlexican \llest Coast Rattlesnake Tropical Rattlesnake

San Antonio Zoo

3 Dumeril's Ground Boa 5 Baird's Rat Snake 3 Pa~estine Viper 7 Taylor's Cantil Tulsa Zoo Reticulated python Banded Gecko Green Basilisk Green 'lree python

40 4 6 9

Bronx Zoo 6 Cuban Crocodile

9 r-:ojave Sidewinder 3 ~Tavancore Tortoise San Diego Zoo 8 Bearded Dragon 1 African Sand Gecko

National Zoo 8 Ball Iython 5 Sinaloan Milk Snake 9 Hufous Beaked Shake Metro Toronto ~oo 1 il.Inerican Chuckwalla 1 Green and Black .JTOW Poison Frog 110ledo Zoo 13 Haitian Forest }rog 9 Abaco Island Boa 2 Cone Headed Lizard 1 wood 'l'urtle Oklahoma City Zoo 2 IJeopard Gecko 6 Eexican Kingsnake


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state :F'air Participants

Cornmi ttee Dan Keyler John horiarty Ted Schave Animals Anonymous- Wood Turtle (Clemmys insculpta) Daren Carlson-Black Rat Snake (Elaphe o. obosoletal Jim Gerholdt-FJ.'imber Ratt1esnake (Crotalus horridus , Plains Hognose Snake (Heterodon n. nasicus), Eastern J'~ilk Snake (Lampropel tis t. triangulum), F';.Jstern J.iassasauga. (Sistrurus c. catenatus) Wenonah Gurnoe-Bullsnake (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi) John l'1oriarty-Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra s. serpentina), Plains Garter Snake (Thamnophis radix), Red Sided Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis) . Dave Norman-\·,1estern Fainted Turtle (Chrysemys picta belli) Barney Cldfield-1'lap Turtle (GrapteTJlys geographica), }'alse J·;ap IJ'urtle (Graptemys pseudogeograr;hica), Cuachi ta llap 'l'urtle (Grartemys ouachi tensis), Spiny Softshell (~rionys spiniferus) Ann PorvJoll-\'/estern Fox ;:;nake (Elaphe v. vulpina), Eastern I1ognose Snake (Heterodon platyrhinos) ~~in Cities Reptiles-Blue Racer (Coluber constrictor), Blanding's 'lurtle (Emydoidea blandine;i) Caretakers Sally and Sarina Brewer Fran }'r isch Wenonah Gurnoe Bruce and l~ancy Haig Del Jones DcLD and Chreyl Keyler John and Jolffine }1oriarty imn Fcrwoll Ted and Jim Schave

Special thanks to: }'ran }Irisch-painting of cages .. Sally Br'€\. Jer-WE!dnesday night set up. Jim Gerholdt-\v'ednesday night set up. and Tuesday night take down.


r·ms Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Newsletter Editor l\lember-a t-I,arge JViember-at-Large J'~ember-a t-Large Member-at-Large

Bruce Delles :Fran }'risch Ann Porwoll Sally Brewer Jim Gerholdt Bill Allen Liz Bosman Del Jones Brint Spencer

574-5422 488-7619 489-7853 747-0661 507-652-2996 920-4283 476-0306 938-8555 823-7099



CLASSIFIEDS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXX.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx xxxxx x.xx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

EINNESCTA HEHPETCLCGICAL SCCIETY DELICATESSEN RE1-1EHBER-During each meeting we will have available our featured take-out items .. FRESH FROZEN FRESH



.00 per dozen.

RATS-JmmC SIZE-$路1 .. 50 ..

FRESH FROZEN RAT PUPS-$3 .. 00 per dozen. Remember, if you want rats or mice, they are available by reservation only. You MUST'place your order with Bruce or Conn:ie at 593-0298 no later than 7:00 PM on Thursday the day before the meeting .. Logistics dictate this policy, so please cooperate with us .. If you do try and order after the deadline, you will have to wait until the following month. Don't miss out! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..xXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FOR SALE: 55 gallon aquarium complete with hood, wrought iron stand, and diatom filter. $175 .. 00 .. Call Fired or Liz at 476-0306. xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxxxxxxx..x:xx x..xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx x XXx.xxxxxxx

WANTED: Any and all species of Coleonyx. Will buy or trade for .. ColI Pete at 301662-8427. xxxxx.xxxxxxx..x:xxxxxx..xxxx.xxxxxxxxxx..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..xxxxxxxxxx..xxxxxxxxxx

FOR SALE: 1 .. 1 Speckled Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getulus holbrooki) .. Adults. ~~55 .. 00 for the pair .. 0.2 Mexican }1ilk Snake (IJampropel tis triangulum annulata). 14 months old. $50 .. 00 each. Red Milk Snakes (Lampropeltis triangulum syspila) .. Young. $15.00 each. Call Chris Perl at 612-338-2941 or 612-874-0838 ..

FOR SALE: Bullsnakes (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi). August hatch .. ~10.00 each or trade for Western Bognose (Heterodon nasicus) .. Captive bred and hatched e Call Andrea at 612-822-8035 .. xxxxxxxxxxxx..x:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..x:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..x:xxxxxx..x:xxxxx.xxxx

FOR SALE (TRADE?): 1 .. 0 Burmese x Indian Python Intergrade (Python molurus bivittatus x P .. m.. mOlurus) .. Very tame .. Eats well. E'ine pet .. 4~' .. Lots of free food included .. $,60 .. 00 .. Contact Bruce or Matt Cutler at 612-646-8318 .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..x:xXX.xxxxx xxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..x.xx

IS YGUR 11ms l'IEJIlBERSHIP C1.JR.RJNT? PLEASE CRECl': YUUR ADDRESS LABEL TO BE SURE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXX.xxxxxxxxxx



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx E'eR SALE: Hatchling Red Rat Snakes (Elaphe g .. to 9-7. Parents have fantastic color! All are (Corallus e@ enhydris) .. Cne is yellow and one Wild caught. t150eOO/pair. Contact I~t or Dee

guttata) .. captive bred .. Ilatched 9-3 eating .. $15.00 .. 1.1 knazon Tree Boa is rust phase. Both eating well .. Dee Encinosa at 612-890-9033.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \vAl~TED: Books and journals in the field of Herpetology. Help build your !vms Library! Let us know if there is a book you would like to see in the Library ..

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx F'CR SfJ:JE: California Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getulus californiae) .. July 1984 hatch .. Captive bred" $,25 .. 00 .. Contact :Fran }Tisch at 612-488-7619.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FOR SAL:B./TRADE: Albino Corn Snakes (l!,Japhe g .. guttata) .. $35.00 .. Yellow Rat Snakes (Blaphe obsoleta quadrivittata) .. $:15.00 .. 1 .. 0 black albino Corn Snake (Eo g .. guttata) .. S50 .. 00. Yearling double hetero Corn Snakes (Be go guttata). $100 .. 00/pair. Al so frozen pinky mice 15 ¢ each. Pinky rats:, al so frozen 25 ¢ each. Please call Joel Eidbo at 612-378-2559.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxXJ{ EDITC'R'S NCITICE: All members of J1iliS are reminded that the deadline for submission of ads, articles, etc .. , is now 1 'w'EEK after the monthly meeting. Any items received after this deadline will be held over for the following month's Newletter. Please send all items to me: Jim Gerholdt, P .. G.. Box 86, Webster, ]\m 55088 and not to the I-mS address!


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 16

CLASSIFIEDS xxx.xx.x:xxxxxx.x.xxxxx:x.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx.xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx XXXx.xxxxx xx xxxxx xxx x xx WM~TED: If you are or will be euthanizing snakes in the following families and genera, and do not want the specimens, please notify me before they will be euthanized. Specimens are needed for a study of pigment cells associated with venom glands. Any specimens in the families Crotalidae or Viperidae, the following genera in the Elapidae: Dendroaspis and pseudechis; the following genera in the Colubridae: .Ahaetulla, Dryophis, Leptophis, Cxybelis and Coniophanes. Cnly interested if specimens are in the Twin Cities area~ Contact Bruce Cutler at 612-646-8318.


FOR SALE/TRADE: 1.1 Bullsnake (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi). 2'. $30.00/pair. 1

4'. $25.00. All feeding well on rats and mice. Also 5 Eastern Milksnake (Lampropeltis t. triangulum). Captive hatched this month. Feeding on pinkies. ~r.15.00 each. Contact John heltzer at 612-780-8561.


If you would like a lecture or demonstration with a variety of live reptiles for your school, scout group, birthday party, etc., give Jim Gerholdt a call at 507652-2996. All programs can be tailored to suit your needs! \~e

need raffle items! Used cages, books, herp curios, etc. Can you help us?


FOR SALE: NHS STICKERS! SPECIAL PRICE! 75垄 each! These look great on binders and book covers, rear windows, etc.. Advertise }\1HS wherever you go! Now that school has started again you need some! xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx largest Selection of Reptiles lit Amphibians in Minnesota High Quality路 Reasonable Prices路 Personal Service Cages. Books, Feed &. Supplies

PET SHOP 540 Winnetka Ave. No. Golden Valley. Mn 55427 "Lower Level"

Owners: Bruce & Connie Delles (612) 593路0298 Open 7 Days a Week


Refreshments for the monthly meetings. If you would like to help us with this, give Connie a call at 593-0298.




xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WANTED: Frogs, turtles, salamanders, etc .. "Critters" either on loan or that need homes. Please contact Lisa Jo Duffy at 612-251-2775 evenings after 5:00 P},; except on Wednesday. These are for the st", Cloud Heritage Park where I am working as a Naturalist.


Custom Art, Sta'lIof1lary and T-Shirt 1"'\._,_ .........



Stock T-Shirts at Retail Contact: IFr.n IFrlach Jr. Qf Wholesale Prices 8S0 W. Mlnnehllhll AH. st. Mlnne80tII55104 FOR SALB: 1.1 Corn Snake (Elaphe g. guttata) .. Female approx .. 5' laid 10 eggs this year .. l''lale approx .. 4' accepts 1 mouse/week .. $100. OO/pair. Also 1 .. 1 Western Hognose (Hetrodon nasicus) and 1 .. 1 Bullsnake (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi) available in October. $50 .. 00/pair .. Contact John Jesmer at 612-560-6576 ..

xxxxx.xxxxxxx.x:x:xxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.x..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Get ready for winter feeding of your small herps! starter colonies now available so you can build up stocks before cold weather rolls in .. Tribolium (flour beetles or "minimealworms ll ) $2",00. Drosophila melanogaster (small size fly), vestigial wing mutant (flightless), or Drosophila virilis (larger size fly, winged) either fly t2 .. 50 .. Food for Tribolium and Drosophila available .. Instructions provided .. Contact Bruce Cutler at 612-646-8318 .. FOR SALE: Hatchling Corn Snakes (Elaphe g .. guttata) .. Sexed and feeding. Captive bred and hatched .. $15.00. Contact Jim Gerholdt at 507-652-2996.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx.x.xxxx.x.x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x.xXXXXXXXXXJCxxxxxxxx.xx.xx FREE TO GOOD HOHES: Northern Water Snakes (Nerodia s. sipedon). Born -this month .. Call Greg at 612-925-9898.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXJCXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DO YOU HAVE YOUR ]ViliS T-SHIRT? WE NOW HAVE THE.f\1 IN GREEN, GREY, YELLOW AND BLUE!

xx.xxxx.x.xx.x:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x.xx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.x:xx.xxxxxXXXXXXXX.xxxxx.xxxx.XXXX 18








A FEW COPIES SAME PRICE) 1976 CURRENT ISSUE: 1984 # ______ 1984


25 .. 00

20 .. 00







------------------------------z 19





NAME ___________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ STATE ____________ ZIP.___________________________ PHONE __________________________ INTERESTS ______________________________________________ TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP


o FAMILY ............................. $10.00

Yellow shirt with blue screening.

Admits all members of a family to monthly meetings.

o INDMDUAL ......................... $7. '50 $').00 o CORRESPONDING .... 0

For out-or-state members










Vol. 4 (1984), No. 9  

Minnesota Herpetological Society Newsletter

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