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keeping the dough cold — prevents the dreaded cookie spread, when one cookie reaches out to another and sets off a chain

reaction leaving you with a giant, misshaped mass of baked dough. Once you get that rule down, try to remember to line your baking pans with parchment paper. Nothing sticks to it and cleanup will be a snap, Green promises. Once baked, unfrosted sugar cookies will stay fresh about two weeks in a zip-top plastic bag on the kitchen counter, or your favorite hiding spot if your home is full of folks who get “sticky fingers� whenever they’re around unattended baked goods. And if you’re still not sure your cookies will meet with success? Well, any baker worth his or her salt always has a backup plan. “Bake ’em, and then come get ’em from here,� Green says. “Nobody needs to know!�

Cookies 101 Martha Green’s tips for cookie bakers: r.BLFEPVHIJOBEWBODF'SFF[F sugar cookie dough in rounds; thaw in the refrigerator before rolling dough. r%PVHIGPSESPQDPPLJFTDBOCF dropped by spoonfuls on baking sheets, then frozen. Once dough is set, store in zip-top bags. The dough can go straight from freezer to oven. r,FFQEPVHIDPMEQSJPSUPCBLJOH This helps prevent cookies from spreading and losing their shape. r-JOFCBLJOHTIFFUTXJUIQBSDINFOU paper for nonstick baking and easy cleanup. r&YQFSJNFOUXJUIBEEJUJPOTUPZPVS favorite drop cookie dough. Candies, nuts and dried fruits help dress up everyday cookies. r#BLFEESPQDPPLJFTDBOCFTUPSFE in the freezer and thawed before serving. r#BLFE VOGSPTUFETVHBSBOEDSVODIZ cookies can be stored in zip-top bags for two weeks. Chewy cookies should be baked shor tly before serving.

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