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David St. Pierre

Photo by Gabriel Luis Acosta


ears ago, David St. Pierre wanted to get more involved with the community so he applied to be on one of the city of Riverside’s many commissions. That initial interest has led the local businessman to a life of civic engagement in a place he’s called home for the past 20 years. “I love being involved,” he says. “I love the city and downtown Riverside. I love the history of the town and the look of it.” St. Pierre, who owns The Menagerie nightclub and co-owns the gift and custom card shop Delights & Invites, both in the downtown area, was born in Southern California and lived in the region as a child when his father was stationed at the former March Air Force Base. Since his return, he’s plunged wholeheartedly into a host of endeavors. 24

He chairs the board of directors of the Riverside Arts Council, is treasurer of the Downtown Partnership board, is vice president of the board of directors of the Mission Inn Foundation, and has served for the past seven years as a docent at the Mission Inn Museum. He also is a member of the city’s Charter Review Committee and has served on numerous other boards, commissions and committees. In addition, St. Pierre has been actively involved in several community events, including the long-running Mayor’s Ball for the Arts, and was instrumental in creating the haunted house downtown at Halloween. “David is somebody who gives of himself in so many different ways,” says Patrick Brien, executive director of the Riverside Arts Council, who has worked

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with St. Pierre on both the Mayor’s Ball and haunted house. “In a community like Riverside, where so many people are so involved ... he goes the extra mile.” St. Pierre is “constantly active, with an eye toward betterment of the community,” Brien adds. “He’s up on top of 16-foot ladders getting ready for events, he’s willing to actually get his hands dirty and work in the trenches. He’s not just involved in the planning. “He’s given out of pocket, body and spirit in a way that few others have done,” Brien concludes. “I find that inspirational, as do many others.” Mayor’s Ball for the Arts 951-680-1345, www.thebestpar Mission Inn Foundation & Museum 951-781-8241, Riverside Arts Council 951-680-1345, www.riversidear

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