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Play Ball Leaping high in the air, Landing with grace and flair, Ball between her paws, She waits for my applause. Back and forth she goes, Running up and down the hall, After the ball. She sits grinning, waiting for me, to throw the ball.

Don Lapedes “Mother and Fawns” Background: Amateur writer, artist, and photographer. My attempts at depicting life by written or visual means are based on specific incidents that have an emotional content for me. Previous publications: I have had the good fortune to be published by the Paradise Post in previous years; one time for a written work, another time for art work. Inspiration: This scene shows deer (mother and fawns) in the process of sustaining life by a mother's love and nourishment. Medium: Digital Photography

Exhausted into my chair I fall. She jumps in the air into my chair. And sings to me there.


in the Trees

Trees are alive in the wind Swaying to music of a heavenly orchestra

Ariel Edmundson Background: Written Poems, Short stories and a Stage Play Previous publications: Under the Big Top by Senior Circus Works-2005 Inspiration: Life Age: Senior

om t, just like while. y career.

Rhonda Kennedy Kirshner Foundation’s “Baby Liger” “Praying Mantis” “Zebra manes” (published online) Previous publications or awards: I have been published in the local papers, on the web and was published on the National Geographic Website as a daily editor selection with my photo of a praying mantis. I also have won several awards at the local and state fair for photography. Inspiration: Life and nature. I love to capture a moment and be able to share it with others. Medium: Mainly digital 35mm format photography.

Brian Vickery “Baldy with fish at Paradise Lake” “Bucks in Velvet” (published online) Background: Started photography in the mid-sixties. After becoming a commercial pilot I used my aircraft for aerial photography Inspiration: The world is a stage Medium: Canon 10D EOS digital camera and various lenses, filters and other equipment Age: 68

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PARADISE POST • A rts & L etters • Thursday, July 30, 2009

“It made a difference to this one” Inspiration: I took this picture of Zeta Taylor at a Beach in Fort Bragg reminded me of the story where a person tells another person who is trying to save all the starfish that had washed up on the beach that it was hopeless, there were just too many to make a difference. When the optomist threw a starfish back she said,“well it made a difference to that one.”

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.