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Mike Morrow - Age: 81

James Rosenkranz

“Ebb Tide” (below) “Paris Street” (right) “Mountain Lake” (published online)

Background: I started writing well in grammar school Previous publications: Paradise Post Inspiration: My mother Age: 50

Background: Casual, at home for my own enjoyment Inspiration: My late brother the artist and Professor of Art at Chico State, Ken Morrow, who inspired and encouraged me to pursue by own talents. Medium: Water-based oil on canvas

I Treasure My Voice I treasure my voice even though most people do not hear it anymore After church I can not talk to help someone and when I do speak I have only one to three seconds to the idea across The speed of computers and television is quick sound bytes and visual images Everyone is talking and not too many people are listening

James Whitehouse - Age: 69 “Corinth Canal, Greece” “Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Albuquerque, N.M.” “Frans Joseph Glacier, South Island, New Zealand” (published online) Inspiration: I enjoy bringing home and sharing the beautiful places that we have visited. Medium: Photography


PARADISE POST • A rts & L etters • Thursday, July 30, 2009

What’s real important is the four principles I live by: calmness, moderation, kindness and thankfulness. Those principles are rare in our society now. So I treasure my voice and speak only when someone can listen.

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.