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Garth Nielsen “Brunswick Canyon” (far left) “High Desert” (left) Inspiration: Painter of Nature Medium: Acrylic

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Wilma Witt Offner “Boots-For a day in Butte Valley” (below) “Tail Lights - For Debbie Lou” (right) “A Tree - For Mt. Lassen” (published online) Background: I have had an assortment of cameras which highlighted opportunities for joy & sharing. Previous publications or awards: Paradise Post Arts & Letters and a photo credit in video “Naomi’s Gentle Yoga” Inspiration: Human juxtaposition, classic design, God’s glorious handiwork in his creation Medium: Photography


Savior when your ready To take me home with you I’ll know by thenGod has been so good to me And to those who will let him come in What I’m suppose to do ......... My heart than clean and pure He gave his one and only son And a body all anew ............... For sinners just like me. Lordhow I love you night and day For showing me the one and only way You teach me the goodAnd wash my sins away ............ So my kingdom is ready ... When I meet you face to face.

When the streets of GOLD ARE READY And the PEARLY GATES ARE MANY And the GEMS OF LIFE YOU’LL SHED UPON ME! Ending is repeated:

This song was written in September 2002 Master your beside me with your son ...Introduced December 1, 2002. Words have not Your grace and glory are awards I’ve been changed. Given to me exactly this way in a matter of five to ten minutes. Lyric’s going to a won Your blessing are many-as I give you friends home and Music going home from my friends home in Paradise, Ca. all the praise I’m trying to find a way to publish it ...and and let And I’ll hold this feeling ....... everyone hear what the LORD gave me to share For the rest of my days. with the world. I Thank You LORD for this song. I know we all want to be like this in the END. 22 PARADISE POST • A rts & L etters • Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time We are in a time to love, We are in a time to share. We are in a time to give from our heart If we really care. And if you can’t see beyond this time, Just don’t bother to do Anything for anyone . . . Because we don’t have time for you.

Francine Rowlette - Age: 73 Background: Just a hobby. When words, music and feelings come to me I quickly write them down. Previous publications: Poem “Time” published in two books, Timeless Voices and Twilight Musings Inspiration: Everything comes from my heart and soul

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.