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Brett Elise Lumbley - Age: 45 “Spillway” (below) “The Hunter” (bottom) “Best Buds” (published online) Background: I bought my first camera when I was sixteen and have always seen life as snapshots waiting to be caught. Previous publications and Awards: Post Arts and Letters Inspiration: I get pleasure from getting a shot that really captures a person or a moment. Medium: My beloved Nikon

Susan Herring “Newport Sail” (above) “Spring Garden” (right) “Persimmons with a Latin Touch” (published online) Background: Lifelong interest in sketching and painting, studied with local artists Previous publications: Paradise Post, Chico ER Buzz Inspiration: Desire to create art Medium: Watercolor Age: Adult

The Sea The Sea

As I gaze upon the open sea I wonder what draws people to its shores. Whether it is in the early morning or, the early evening thousands of people gather on the shores to watch the magic of the sea. Is it the serenity of a wave slowly building up until it crashes on the shore and then returns to the sea. As lovers stroll along its shores; hand in hand, contemplating what their future brings for them. This is the mysterious magic of the sea. Can we forget though that all this can change. Like a woman who is unpredictable, so is the sea. A typhoon in one ocean, in another a hurricane The rage of the sea is unpredictable. With waves that can reach tremendous heights. Crash with a force of destruction that is unequal to the most destructive bomb ever made. This is the sea.

Joseph Medico “The Sea” Background: I’ve always had the gift to put my thoughts on paper and they form a poem or story of what I feel. Inspiration: Nature, my surrounding, life situations Medium: Poetry Age: 82

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Then like a woman she will return to the people watching as a gentle rolling wave upon the shore. The lovers will return to their strolling. Life will be as tranquil as before. Thursday, July 30, 2009 • A rts & L etters • PARADISE POST


Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.