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The moon you likely reconsider, As you might death or Danish pastry, Incapable as a bleak outsider, Of contemplating its mere majesty. A nightly course through cloud and cover, Myopic, heavenly eye, Shamelessly spying through curtain and shutter, Impassible when we die. Your idle madness blots surrounding star, Apparitional beams do seal a lover’s plight, A crone I find of you, bizarre! And withered memories I share? When swans whisper and take flight. Ennui and misfortune do not rile you, Wan orb of poets’ inspiration; Enchantress of the poets who beguile you, With grace and gilded declination.

Bill Collins - Age: 1st Wave Baby Boomer Background: Began writing in college with inspiration from fellow students and teachers. Previous publications: Sweet Thief, CSUC ‘70, Phantasm ‘73 Inspiration: Nature, events, people, history. Working with sight rhymes or near-rhyming words Medium: Poetry

Joan/David Peisley Background: Amateur photography Inspiration: Beautiful night sky in Paradise Medium: Photography

Jake Guild - Age: 24 “Storm, June 2009” Background: No background in art, just like to take pictures been doing it a while. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it my career. website: Medium: Photography (See Jake’s rodeo pictures online!)

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Sometimes in a Storm Sometimes in a storm When the moon turns off her light And packs the night with fear. The wind picks up the mystery And sings a song of terror. Down the hall and into my bed A tiny patter comes trembling. He crawls in close to me And pulls the covers tight And lays ashivering To welcome my security.

Sometimes in the morn When the sun shines full and bright And packs the day with cheer. The wind picks up a memory And sings a song of pleasure, Thru my mind and into my head. A terrible thought comes thinking. While he plays happily Can he sense my fright And feel me aquivering, From my insecurity?

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Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.

Arts and Letters 2009  

Collection of Ridge Artists and Writers works.