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Janet Logan Background: Amateur writer of original true short stories or essays of personal experience of my life. Graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BA degree in Liberal Arts. In 1972 I undertook studies for a Masters degree in Library Science at CSU San Jose. Previous publication: “Pioneer Medical Women of California” theses, 1976 bicentennial exhibit, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose. Inspiration: I seem to want to tell some personal experiences as it gets a humorus reaction or interesting reactions of delight from my firends. I submit one such experience with a humorous ending. Age: 85


50th College Reunion Surprise Returning to my 50th college class reunion, I had not anticipated remembering many classmates due to the large number of graduates attending. I was also returning to my home town where I had resided for 8 years, including my high school days. I joined a sorority to give me exposure to campus life. It was customary for town people to rent extra bedrooms to incoming male freshmen who chose to live off campus, away from their homes for the first time in their lives. Meals were provided at the college dining halls. My mother rented one of our large bedrooms to twin brothers, with whom I had a casual acquaintance. I was already “going steady” with another student. In those days, “going steady” meant dating only one guy. This was a relationship. No girl ever lived with a man outside of marriage; that would have been an unthinkable arrangement. At the reunion, my husband and I chose a table at random, joining a group unknown to me, except for one former high school classmate who identified me by name. A man opposite me rose to his feet, introduced himself and hurried around the table to greet me with a hug. It was then that I recognized him as one of the twin brothers of long ago, who had lived upstairs in my home, their freshman year at college. I returned his embrace. He turned around to the group, surprising everyone at the table, and explained his friendly affection toward me with a proud: “This is the girl I used to live with.”

ere at Pa ra d i s e Cemeter y we take pride in the spectacular beauty of our surroundings. We’d like to invite you to visit and enjoy the majestic, flowering Japanese Cherry Trees, towering Pines, ornate Cedars and elegant Camellias. A great reverence for those who have preceded us is truly evident in the appearance of the grounds. Our staff and trustees also care about the

services we provide and they are performed with compassion and dignity. The gazebo is now available for services; it is built over the creek and is a soothing place for our families. Memorial plaques may be placed on the pillars. We have niches, as well as in ground burial plots. Because we are supported by a portion of Paradise property taxes, we offer very low cost burials for Paradise residents.

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Bob Durham - Age: 79 “Alpenglow 13 &17” taken at sunrise during a photo safari to western Canadian National Parks “Tranquility” Paradise Lake, winter (published online) Background: Took up photography as a serious hobby while living in southern California in the 1960’s. Took adult evening photography courses at Reseda Hi under award winning instructor Warren King. Previous publications or awards: Article on Bodie, CA with pictures in a Trailer/Camping publication. Various awards in photography competitions: Photography West, L.A County Museum of Natural History, LA County Museum of Science and Industry, Reseda High School Annual Competitions, Butte County Fair. Inspiration: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, but mostly the beauty of God’s creations here on earth.

Arts and Letters 2009  
Arts and Letters 2009  

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