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Master Plan Multi-Dimensional Patient Care




Breaking ground ‘America’s Never Seen Anything Like This’

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Saturday @ 5 p.m. Sunday @ 8 a.m., 9:30 a.m., & 11:30 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study @ 7:30 p.m. Youth Ministry @ 7:30 p.m. Growing Spiritually Empowered Christians 14950 Riverside Drive, Riverside, CA 92518 (East of March ARB at Riverside & Meyer Drive)

Telephone: 951.697.8803 Fax: 951.413.1406

For additional ministry information visit our website: Bishop Lacy Sykes, Jr. – Chief Pastor/Teacher Karen J. Sykes, Associate Pastor

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March contents


March LifeCare Campus Earns State Support • GoED Works for California • Governor Schwarzenegger Leads Demolition Ceremony at March LifeCare Site


Veterans Services for Riverside County


A Look Inside The Conceptual Master Plan


Leading the Way St. Bernardine Medical Center Still Building on Founder’s Vision


Deconstruct to Construct Three Questions with US Demolition


Life and Care People in the News


Celebrating Excellence Riverside Medical Clinic Marks 75 Years by Preparing for the Future

4  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

L ifeCare

volume 1 issue 2

“On behalf of one of California’s business successes, we want to take this opportunity to commend you for your vision in creating GoED -- promoting innovation, inspiration, and opportunity. The idea of not only attracting business to California from other states and countries by streamlining government red tape and promoting economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship, we believe is foundational to the California Dream.” - Don Ecker Managing Partner & Founder March HealthCare Development, LLC






PUBLISHER March LifeCare Media EDITOR Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY Khai Le MLC STAFF WRITERS Linnie Frank Bailey Tom Ecker Rickerby Hinds CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim Dorsey Khai Le Ted Nevills ADVERTISING Chris Allen Lee Ragin Anna Wenger BUSINESS OFFICE Daylene Bush


A Personal Invitation


elcome back. The development of the mission and vision of the March LifeCare campus is quickly moving forward. We are

delighted to celebrate and share some of the exciting progress since our last issue. First, let’s listen in to some remarks by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on July 27th at the Demolition Ceremony: “We are celebrating building something that no one has seen in the world. They have attempted to do that but to have a medical city being built? That’s the first in the world — not in the state, not in the country but in the world. And the extraordinary economic activities that they will bring to this area are something to celebrate.” In this issue, we want to share the passion and progress that has

March HealthCare Development, LLC

continued to develop over the last few months. We are pleased to highlight

MHD, LLC Don Ecker

The theme and new brand of March LifeCare is Healing Starts Here.

MHD Hospital & Physician Venture Phil Dalton MLC Communications Don Dye MLC Media Paulette Brown-Hinds For advertising inquires contact BPC Media Works, LLC PO Box 912 Riverside, CA 92502 951.682.2664 advertising

the recent events for you and invite you along on this journey of wellness. Each day, March HealthCare Development continues to invite partners to embrace the goal of building an integrated complex that will be a medical city of HEALING and COMFORT for generations to come. We hope to convey our passion for serving the whole person. The PERSONAL acrostic that describes the communication effort of this issue is Physical — Emotional — Recreational — Spiritual — Ontological — Neurological — Accountable and Lovable. PERSONAL! Please look at the MHD Conceptual Master Plan with segment pull-outs illustrating this inclusive “personal” focus. Over the last number of months, MLC has invited many partners into this vital project. As you read through the magazine we invite you to join us and envision a walk through the MLC campus and meet our partners. Each celebration, each event, each photo image, each step forward is a record of a growing relationship between MLC, its valued partners and a more

Inland Custom Publishing Group Lynda E. Bailey Steve Ohnersorgen Christie Robinson Jerry Rice Don Sproul

involved community. On behalf of March LifeCare, we at March Healthcare Development thank you for opening up the pages of the past, the present and invite you to catch a glimpse of the future.

-Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD

Please contact us at MLC at

March lifecare ... HEALING STARTS HERE printed by southwest offset printing

6  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

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Proposed renderings for the new March HealthCare Campus.

HOK Architects and McCarthy Building Companies ... teaming up to advance health and wellness in the Inland Empire and beyond.

W E C R E AT E . W E C A R E .

M C C A R T H Y.

W E C O N N E C T. W E I N S P I R E .

C A L I F O R N I A ’ S H E A LT H C A R E B U I L D E R .

W W W. HOK .COM • ��� ����� ����

W W W . M C C A R T H Y. C O M • � � � � � � � � � � � �


March LifeCare Campus Earns State Support Governor Schwarzenegger leads demolition ceremony


hen Louis Stewart first heard about the March LifeCare campus being planned on surplus land at the former March Air Force Base in Riverside

County, he was intrigued. Having spent over a year working on California ‘s statewide Census effort he was well aware of the challenges the Inland region faced. Due to the downturn in the economy and decimation of Inland California’s booming housing market, he knew the area suffered from some of the highest unemployment numbers in the state and construction was one of the hardest hit sectors. What he didn’t know was that the region was also Photo by Khai Le

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a thumbs-up at the demolition ceremony. Standing behind him: Gresham-Savage CEO Mark Ostoich; MHD Founder Don Ecker; and JPA Chair Richard Stewart.

Work begins on the first of 22 buildings slated to be razed to make way for the new medical city.

8  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

plagued with a shortage of hospital beds, physicians, and allied health professionals. Even with his limited knowledge, the vision

as it was presented to him was

and knew Joel and the rest of the

something he wanted to learn

office needed to meet the team,”

more about, so he contacted the

Stewart says, speaking of his

developer, Don Ecker.

agency’s director Joel Ayala.

His first correspondence with

Ayala, the former president of

Ecker, the managing partner for

the California Hispanic Chamber of

March HealthCare Development

Commerce, met Ecker and

(MHD) and visionary for the March

members of the March LifeCare

medical campus, was brief. It was

team during the grand opening of

simply an invitation to attend the

GoED’s Sacramento office and has

opening of the Governor’s Office

continued to develop a working

of Economic Development (GoED).

relationship with the project

A new state agency, GoED

leaders by offering state

was created by Gov. Arnold

assistance, connecting them to key

Schwarzenegger to serve as a “one

resources, and culminating

stop shop” to spark and sustain

recently in facilitating a visit by

business development in the state.

Gov. Schwarzenegger.

One day before the grand opening

“When I first met the March

photo by Ted Nevills

of the agency, Ecker and his team

LifeCare group at the grand

experienced their own new

opening I recognized that their

beginning when he signed the

vision was huge but their passion

Disposition and Development

was even larger. They saw what

participated in GoED meetings

Agreement for the 236 acre site.

GoED represented and realized this

several times a month.

Stewart, winding down from the

was a tool that they did not want

Census, was one of the state

to let out of their sight,” says Ayala.

employees asked to launch the new agency. “I saw the value in the project

Since that initial introduction in

Louis Stewart at GoED’s March LifeCare briefing in Riverside.

“At our second meeting Joel and Louis asked us what type of assistance we need,” Ecker said to

April, the GoED team has been to

a group of community leaders and

Riverside and MHD has

elected representatives at an event 


held in early May to brief

took over a month. We

GoED on the project.

saw the project as an innovative approach to

The event included the Chairman Richard

healthcare, a health and

Stewart and Supervisor

wellness city, and nothing

Marion Ashley, the chair

like it in California.”

and co-chair of the

Stewart, now Deputy

March Joint Powers

Director of Innovation

Authority (JPA), the body

& Emerging Technologies,

that governs the project

and his boss, Director

development. The

Ayala, educated the

session also included Lori

governor’s staff on

Stone, JPA Executive Director, and community leaders and MHD

Don Ecker, left, and Director Joel Ayala at the opening of GoED in Sacramento.

“Not only does the campus have business

Advisory Board members. Ayala called the

support it has community support,” says Ayala.

project “phenomenal ... a great opportunity for

“The governor recognizes that this project is tailor made for our office’s mission. Mr. Ecker has spent

the entire region.” With the GoED office firmly behind the project, the

over 6 years working on approvals for this project,

next order of business, says Louis Stewart, was to

if we can help streamline any processes or cut

brief the governor’s staff. “Our due diligence process

red-tape we will.”

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HUB International Is Proud To Insure March LifeCare’s Vision Nick Goldware HUB International of California Insurance Services, Inc. 4371 Latham St., Ste. 101 Riverside, Ca 92501 951.788.8500 10

the project.

March LifeCare Summer 2010

A Green and Golden Vision of Health Care BY DOUG KRIEGER, DIRECTOR, CAL GREEN @ WORK


Dr. Dudley Burton, Chair of the


this … the potential this model can

new GoED agency is to

and will have, not only here in the

Environmental Studies Department at

encourage economic

USA, but throughout the world

California State University, Sacramento,

development throughout

astounds,” said Mary Lyn Kagan of the

and Director of Technology for Cal

the state. As a

Enterprise Development Network —

Green @ Work was more than intrigued

clearinghouse of

Overseas Private Investment Corp. who

by the possible partnership with March

information on economic activities in

was brought to the meeting through

LifeCare. “What we’re looking at here,

California, GoED staff also believes in

Cal Green @ Work.

if energy efficiency systems are

the development of innovative public/

thoroughly integrated into all phases

“We view this not as an experiment

private partnerships. In this effort, the

in health care, but as an incredible

of the project — from HVAC to bio-

agency recently hosted a meeting to

advance in healthcare maintenance

waste management — is the

introduce the March LifeCare team to

throughout the world … I will predict

preservation of the architectural

Cal Green @ Work, a collaboration of

that scores of international health

integrity and even enhancement of the

nonprofit enterprise, private industry

providers and developers will descend

campus environment through

and community entities dedicated to

upon this (project) in hopes of

incredible savings — up to 60% of

developing sustainable green

replicating its unique features,” said

energy costs — which could be

solutions for California.

International HMO expert, Dene

achieved, let alone the immediate ROI

“I’ve never seen Project4:Layout 1 anything 8/20/10 quite 7:52like AM

(return on investment) for America’s

also of Cal Green @ Work. PageMcGriff, 1

tangramhealthspace800 - 700 - 1377 Los Angeles

Orange County

Inland Empire

San Fernando Valley


CLIENTS Kaiser Permanente Insight Health Quest Diagnostics Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles Childrens Hospital of Orange County UC Irvine Medical Center Hoag Hospital


“ quotable

truly first-ever green health care

“America’s never seen anything like this.”

development.” That caught the ear of Jack Wyatt, MHD’s Energy Director and CEO of Strategic Connections, Inc. “You’re talking

— Selected remarks from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s July 27 speech at the demolition ceremony marking the start of the March LifeCare project.

“This is really terrific because it fits in so well with California because California is number one in so many different areas ­— if it is in high tech, green tech, if it is in nano tech, biotech, or if it is Hollywood or Silicon Valley or the Mojave Desert or all of those things. It’s unlike anything else in the world. And so we always are innovative in good times and in bad.

about a Platinum Green Certification rating for the complex — now you’re talking my game!” Donald Ecker’s impressive team of professionals represents one of California’s most innovative health care developers whose comprehensive approach to “community wellness” is a paradigm shift in the way medical management views their delivery services. Doug Krieger, President of Photo by khai le

Gov. Schwarzenegger is the first to sign a salvaged piece of wall to comemmorate the start of demolition.

CGAW, suggested that a “Veterans” Green Training Institute” could be established on the campus, along with integrating veterans into

“But there will be a hospital you will have here with skilled nurses, assisted living, a hotel, retail stores ...healing gardens and all kinds of things will be here.

“And that’s what all together makes it so unique, because there will be no project like this anywhere in the world.

“We don’t sit back and wait for good news to arrive. We create the action; we do something about that.

healthcare careers which could be offered at the March HealthCare Campus … Krieger remarked: “This is an unusual opportunity in extending significant support systems to veterans and underserved populations — from healthcare,

“And, of course, we are doing all of this with the best and the brightest in the country. This campus is being designed by the number one architect firm, HOK. And it is being built by California’s top hospital builder, McCarthy, which is another great celebration.

“More than a center or a campus, it is a city; it is the first health and wellness city in the world. So I’m very excited about this because the world will be watching us to see the future in action.

medical training, trauma center and community service extensions to retail and a fivestar hotel — there’s incredible community engagement throughout the entire project and all phases of the build-out – it really deserves public, private

“... Today we are celebrating also the destruction — normally we celebrate the building but today we are celebrating the destruction — because sometimes you’ve got to get rid of and say ‘hasta la vista baby’ to a building. And that’s what we are doing here today. We are going to celebrate destroying some of these buildings and the next building will be right over there.”

and philanthropic support.” In tough economic times, this meeting organized by GoED was a good example of what can happen when the public and private sectors come together.

12  March LifeCare  Summer 2010 



Join the Campaign — Care For Our Veterans “Our residents at Air Force Village West deserve healthcare options close to home … for all those who served our great nation with distinction and an unselfish commitment of time, talent, and service.”


— Ret. Brigadier General Charles Lamb iverside County has the 10th largest

officials and team leaders from the March LifeCare

veteran population of all counties in the

campus about the concerns he and other local

United States. And of those 10 counties,

veterans have when it comes to receiving care and

all have various VA hospitals and

treatment. Riverside County veterans are expected

numerous outpatient clinics located

to travel to the VA hospital in Loma Linda for

within their county boundaries. All

services. “It’s an access issue,” he said during a

except Riverside. At a meeting held in the Spring, disabled veteran

Virgal Woolfolk spoke openly to local elected

meeting that included March Joint Powers Authority Vice-Chair Supervisor Marion Ashley and JPA Chair and veteran Richard Stewart. “We (March)

Photo by Ted Nevills

Disabled veteran Virgal Woolfolk and Danielle Wheeler of the March Joint Powers Authority

14  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

Photos by khai le

Gov. Schwarzenegger surrounded by reservists from March ARB

could become the ‘light on the hill’ to show that veterans in this county are cared for and receive top-notch care.” A month later at the groundbreaking ceremony in front of the old March hospital, Retired Brigadier General Charles Lamb, who is also CEO/President of Air Force Village West, a retirement community of over 650 residents near the project site, publicly presented a letter to Congressman Ken Calvert asking him to support the need for better and more timely services for the veterans of the region. For those who served with valor, integrity, and dedication, Assemblyman Paul Cook would like to see services return to the region that has the only active reserve base in the area. Cook, who is chair of the Assembly’s Veterans Affairs Committee, believes “it is only right that they are honored justly

March Base Honor Guard Staff Sergeant Randal Miller

and receive every care they need to fully integrate into society.” From veterans and their advocates to Assembly-

clinic. “A nearby public medical school would enrich the health care environment for VA patients,

members and college deans, there is a groundswell

physicians, and other healthcare professionals,”

of support to once again serve veterans at March.

he wrote in a formal statement.

As the dean of the first new medical school west of

If you’re interested in joining the campaign

the Mississippi in forty years, UC Riverside Medical

to bring veterans services back to the

School Founding Dean G. Richard Olds sees the

March campus, please email us at:

mutual benefit of an affiliation with a VA outpatient 


conceptual master plan




n April of this year, HOK, one of the nation’s largest design firms and the developer of the March LifeCare campus master plan, unveiled to the public the conceptual design of the entire 236 acre campus. The campus planning team, led by HOK Vice-President of

Healthcare Alicia Wachtel and Sr. Vice-President and Director of Planning John Shreve, has remained committed to creating a space that redefines healthcare and wellness. The design elements, conceived by Shreve, incorporate the geometry of the March runways as well as the spiritual and cultural symbolism of the circle in both western and eastern religions and cultures. The March LifeCare team is committed to the development of centers of excellence to meet the healing needs of all who visit the campus. Through partnerships with hospitals, physician groups, innovative thinkers and educational institutions, the project developers strive to provide the best care available and always put the needs of the patient first.

16  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

GENERAL At an estimated cost of $3.3 billion, March LifeCare is a 6 million square foot 236 acre “health and wellness city� built from the ground up on surplus land of the former March Air Force Base, which was converted from an active duty base to reserve status in 1996. The Joint Powers Authority (JPA) was formed in the 1990s as part of a round of Base Realignment (BRAC). The JPA is composed of representatives from the County of Riverside and the cities of Moreno Valley, Perris and Riverside. The JPA oversees all of the redevelopment of the March ARB.

TOTAL BUILD OUT At total build out, the development will include a hospital, medical office buildings, retail, skilled nursing facilities, a continuing care community, wellness centers and healing gardens, spiritual healing facilities, and ambulatory care facilities.

BED & PHYSICIAN SHORTAGE Riverside County not only has the lowest ratio of beds per population of large California counties, but also lacks nearly 3,000 physicians and associated allied service professionals. Of the 719 Riverside County residents hospitalized daily, 362 leave the area for treatment.

HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT Riverside County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, currently in excess of 15%.

BRINGING JOBS TO WESTERN RIVERSIDE COUNTY This project is expected to immediately create over 5,000 construction jobs in Phase 1. Overall, the project is expected to create 12,700 construction jobs and 7,200 full-time healthcare and related jobs. Currently construction workers leave the area to seek employment; this project will allow those workers to remain employed near their area of residence.

SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS DESIGN The entire campus will be LEED accredited and designed, respecting and enhancing sustainable principles and the current technology. In the medical arena, the campus design will

provide a means to deliver integrated care to patients, as it will employ an integrated medical center approach and use Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The campus’ patient-centered design, as opposed to a diagnosis-centered design, will create an environment where patients are seen as whole individuals and their care fully coordinated utilizing an EMR platform.

ACCOUNTABLE CARE Catholic Healthcare West, St. Bernardine Medical Center and Riverside Medical Clinic will focus on the development of an Accountable Healthcare Organization (ACO) that will include other key hospitals, physician groups and Independent Practice Associations (IPA). This delivery system will provide access to high quality, cost-effective care.

The Vision The 6 million square foot campus will include: a hospital, medical office buildings, medical retail, continuing care community from independent and congregate care to hospice, education and research facilities, a hotel and healing institute that will focus on wellness, eastern and western medicine, and holistic care.

PROJECT PARTNERS Investors: March HealthCare Development investors are led by Donald N. Ecker, a proven community leader for 40 years, who created the vision and selected the team developing America’s most unique health and wellness city. MHD investors are 100% accredited individuals, who deeply believe in the March LifeCare vision. Each investor has grown a successful business in California, sold it, and, instead of leaving California, chose to reinvest in the Golden State. Master Construction Manager: In January 2010 McCarthy Building Companies was named 2009 California Contractor the Year by California Construction magazine as well as named winner of the Healthcare/Outstanding Project Management and Restoration/ Renovation. The McCarthy team is lead by Steven Mynsberge, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Services, who has 30 years experience in construction and has served on the OSHPD Hospital Building Safety Board. Architects: HOK is the largest architectural design firm in the United States. As one of the most LEED-centric firms in the world, HOK was selected the top green design firm in 2008 and 2009. Its Western Region healthcare practice is led by Alicia Wachtel, who leads MHD’s global design team of hospital designers, healthcare thought leaders, landscape architects, and urban planners.

HOSPITAL / PHYSICIANS ALLIANCES The main hospital in phase one will begin with 200 beds, eventually expanding to 550 beds, and will be built in the model of an accountable care organization. In June, March HealthCare Development announced an exclusive relationship between Catholic Healthcare West, St. Bernardine Medical Center, Riverside Medical Clinic, and March HealthCare Development for the purpose of defining a new integrated health care delivery system on the March LifeCare campus.

EDUCATION / RESEARCH / TRAINING March LifeCare Centers of Excellence will include a women’s center, orthopedic, neurology and cancer centers as well as dialysis and veterans’ institutes. A Cardiac Center, building on the developing relationship with Catholic Healthcare West and St. Bernardine Medical Center’s Heart and Vascular Institute, will also be a part of the campus. Educational partners include California Baptist University, Moreno Valley College, and the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine.


RETAIL VILLAGE March LifeCare is designing a community that will be a destination not only for healing, but a place where social and cultural activities thrive. Plans for the medical city include retail shops, restaurants, theaters, and other performance spaces embedded into the architectural design.

CONTINUING CARE COMMUNITY From independent and congregate care to hospice, the March LifeCare community will also include one of the only high quality skilled-nursing facilities in the region. The campus will provide seniors with opportunities to continue an active, rich and productive life through a constantly expanding program of health education, recreation, social activities and high quality health care.

20  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

HEALING INSTITUTE — THE HEART & SOUL OF THE CAMPUS The heart of the campus will be the Healing Institute, a place where the physical aspects of healing meet the spiritual. With grieving and wellness centers employing both eastern and western approaches to healing, as well as the integration of the arts in spaces designed for the well being of body, soul and mind, this will truly be a place where healing starts. The Healing Institute will also include lodging accommodations for families, guests, patients, veterans, and the campus community.

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Vision. Leadership. Accountability.

Medical Development Specialists

Our services:

More than 100 organizations, including March HealthCare Development, have discovered the difference that our strategic thinking and exceptional implementation can make.

Consulting -Strategic Planning and Business Development -Valuation Studies and Financial Analysis -Medical Staff Development Planning -Performance Improvement -Facility Planning

Valuation & Compliance -Service Line Development and Feasibility Studies -Managed Care Advisory Services

24584 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505 424.237.2525 535 Anton Blvd., Suite 880, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714.754.5424



St. Bernardine Medical Center, A Vision of Excellence Achieved


N OCTOBER 1931, then governor of California James Rolph visited San Bernardino in an official capacity ‌ to lay the cornerstone of what is today St. Bernardine Medical Center. The architects of this dream of bringing “big-cityâ€? medical care to a rural town were

Dr. Philip Savage, a respected local surgeon who had a vision; Father Patrick Dunne, a determined and supportive local pastor; a generous and dedicated community; and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, a mission-driven group focused on providing quality care for the body, mind and spirit. Almost 80 years later, their collective vision for Sisters with Father Patrick Dunne and builder/ developer


!! !  "!!



St. Bernardine Medical Center has been realized, with a renowned reputation for responsive service

We are happy to be partnering with

  ! ! ! !! 

From acute care hospitals to medical office buildings, Southland Industries enables state-of-the-art healthcare facilities with mechanical systems that promote healing environments. Southland provides an integrated solution to your healthcare projects that will match the needs of the user group with available funding and operational resources.


Southern California Region 714.901.5800

East Coast Region 703.834.5570

Northern California Region 510.477.3300

Southwest Region 702.736.4041


!!! #$   




March LifeCare Summer 2010

and quality care. Their Inland Empire Heart & Vascular Institute is a recognized center of excellence, the second largest heart program in Southern California, and their orthopedic and Dr. Philip Savage, founder of St. Bernardine Hospital

obstetric services receive five stars from the leading health care ratings organization. As the

hospital partner of the March LifeCare campus, St.

California Gov. James Rolph lays the cornerstone at St. Bernardine Hospital in 1931.

Bernardine Medical Center (and its parent entity Catholic Healthcare West, the largest private

collaborative partnership that will expand the St.

hospital system in California) will contribute a

Bernardine founders’ vision into Riverside County.

culture based on core values that promote

“By aligning the incentives of hospitals and

responsive service, compassion and excellence.

physicians in this manner, we will bring needed

St. Bernardine Medical Center, CHW and Riverside

quality health care services to this fast growing

Medical Clinic are currently in the planning stages

region and put the County at the forefront of health

with March HealthCare Development, the developer

care reform,� concludes Steve Barron, President of

of the March LifeCare campus, to create a

St. Bernardine Medical Center.

Capture the Vision...Join the March LifeCare Family. Become a March LifeCare Magazine Advertiser. Contact us: 951.682.2664



Three Questions with US Demolition


ECONSTRUCT to construct. Before vertical construction can take place on the March LifeCare campus making way for a new innovative approach to healthcare, the old must be razed. In early June 2010 McCarthy Building Companies, the master construction manager for the March LifeCare campus, held a bidder’s tour for companies interested in bidding on the demolition of 22 buildings on the current site. According to Mike Tuohy, Project Director for McCarthy Building Companies, phase one includes the scheduled demolition of eight buildings, six more will come down in October, two in December, and the rest will be razed in January. US Demolition, a privately-held company

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based in Anaheim, won the contract. Established in 1999, US Demolition specializes in demolition, wrecking and site preparation. US Demolition Project Manager Duane Pate, who was the site manager for the demolition ceremony Mike Tuohy that featured two heavy duty Link Belt machines, answered three questions on the demolition process for the March LifeCare campus. Question: How many buildings will be demolished and what method will you be using? Answer: Twenty-two buildings will be coming down using controlled mechanical demolition Project2:Layout 1 8/24/10 2:40 PM Page 1

,//"!* ,/&) /!% ,/!$ /!$//!" */&&/!%/ !&/!$//$!'"/&/"  ,/ /$*/$&$ ,/ ( /   ,/ /"  &/!($ ,/& /!$/"$  &/"!* &/&!/  ,/ !! /!$//$/#'!&  &/'/$!%%/*/(/'%&/&/ %)$/*!'.$/!! /!$  &/'/$!%%/!$%//!/!/" %/ /'&%/&& &/ /%&/&/ &/" /&&.%/$&/!$/*!'/ /*!'$/* //&!*/!$//$/#'!& !       



*/ &/%/ /'&!$+/ &/ /!$ /!$/ &/'/$!%%  &/'/$!%%/%/&/&$/ /!/'/$!%%/!/!$ / "  &/ %/!/&/'/$!%%/%%!&! /- &/%//$%&$ &$$//'/$!%%/ / /%*!%/$/$%&$/$%/!/&/'/$!%%/%%!&! 


March LifeCare Summer 2010

excavators, the machines we used during the demolition ceremony featuring the governor. Q: How long will the process take and what will happen with the materials? A: Our demolition schedule began at the end of August and will end in January 2011. During that time we anticipate over 66,000 tons of material from the demo. What is great is that almost everything will be recycled — up to 87 percent of materials including: concrete, asphalt, steel and copper. Only trash, which is mostly drywall that cannot be recycled, will be dumped. Q: What is the economic impact of this project for your company? A: This job is helping us out in a big way. We will be employing 45-60 people during the 5½ months of demolition.

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A banner unveiled during the demolition ceremony signals the start of rebirth of the currently blighted site.

Proud to provide IT services for the March LifeCare Campus

“People are not the only ones with health issues---computers can catch a virus.” “Life support is the last thing you want your IT systems to be on.” “The costs for technology healthcare do not need to continue to soar while quality and access suffer.” “Acorn Technology---your Doctor of IT.” The Inland Empire’s only Tier 3+ Data Center


ground breaking & DEMOLITION 2




1. March JPA Commissioners Mike Gardner, Mark Yarbrough, Andy Melendrez, MHD Founder Don Ecker, Congressman Ken Calvert, and March JPA Commissioners Richard Stewart, Marion Ashley, Darryl Busch, William Batey 2. Virginia Blumenthal, Chancellor Gregory Gray, Janet Green 3. Nick Goldware and Mike Vanderpool 4. Dr. Steve Larson, Lynn Lee, Don Ecker, Hardy Brown, Jordan Brown, Dr. Monte Perez 5. Richard Stewart, Don Ecker, George Price, Joel Ayala 6. Alicia Wachtel, Don Ecker, Mike Tuohy, Judy Carpenter, Cheryl Brown

26  March LifeCare  Summer 2010



the mission inn 1



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1. Christina Bivona-Tellez, Phil Dalton, Dr. Andrew Robertson, Janet Sue Hutchins-Robertson 2. Dr. Bakhtiar Ahmed, Dr. George Villanueva, Don Ecker, Louis Stewart 3. Amy Harrison, Jamil Dada, Moreno Valley Mayor Bonnie Flickinger 4. Tommy Brisco, Mike Tuohy 5. Col. Karl McGregor, Lori Stone 


SIGNING & closing parties 1





6 1. Dr. and Mrs. George Ponce 2. Joe Deldone, John Tavaglione, Don Ecker, Bob Lancaster 3. John and Connie Wahlin, Don Ecker, Kathy Hartman 4. Steve Caiozzo, Don Ecker 5. Dave Feltch, Dr. Kris Raju 6. Steve and Sue Tomassi 7. Don Ecker, Dianne Ecker, Jacques Yeager 8. Steve and Janyce Barron

28  March LifeCare  Summer 2010



Life and Care

People & News NEWS March LifeCare Announces Partnerships

intend to assure that a complete array of IT services are available “day one” to all member institutions on

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) and St. Bernardine Medical Center (SBMC) enter into exclusive relationship with Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC) and March Healthcare Development (MHD) for the purpose of defining a new integrated health care delivery system

the campus.

on the March LifeCare campus.

Moreno Valley Physicians Welcomed to March The Moreno Valley Physicians Group, led by Dr. Bakhtiar Ahmad, joins the growing number of organizations that will collaborate to develop an innovative health care delivery model to enable coordinated physicians and hospital care that meets health care

Medical Development Specialists Named March LifeCare Consultant Medical Development Specialists (MDS Consulting) is named as consultant for the development of the Program and Services Plan for March LifeCare.

Assemblyman Cook Supports Veteran’s Services at March LifeCare Assemblyman Paul Cook, California 65Th Assembly District, and Chair of the Assembly’s Veteran’s Affairs Committee announces his support of March LifeCare’s mission to support Veteran’s healthcare

reform goals.

services on the campus.

Governor Schwarzenegger Identifies March LifeCare as “Innovation @ Work”

March LifeCare to House Child Care Center

Louis Stewart, Deputy Director of Innovation and Emerging Technologies with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED) announces that March Healthcare Development’s ‘Health and Wellness City’ - March LifeCare - is an example of California’s “Innovation @ Work.”

Acorn Technology Corporation Joins March LifeCare March Healthcare Development (MHD) and Acorn Technology Corporation (ATC) announce the creation of March LifeCare Communications, a joint venture to install and operate the Information Technology infrastructure of March LifeCare. With the creation of MLC Communications, MHD and ATC

March LifeCare will house an onsite child care center for the March LifeCare community developed and managed by Amy S. Harrison, CEO, AltusInnovative Solutions for Youth, Inc. and former chair of the UCR Foundation Board of Trustees.

Strategic Connections, Inc. Joins March LifeCare March Healthcare Development (MHD), developer of March LifeCareAmerica’s first “health and wellness” city, announces alliance with Corona-based Strategic Connections, Inc. (SCI) which has assisted clients throughout Southern California for nearly a decade in addressing utility challenges and opportunities. SCI professionals have over 300 years

PEOPLE Phil Dalton, MHD partner and Director of Hospital and Physician Ventures, guest authored an article “Winning in the New World of Health Care Reform Tools & Strategies to Align Hospitals and Physicians” in the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC’s) August 20, 2010 newsletter. MHD partner, Vasken Kassarjian, named Director of Medical Retail for the March LifeCare campus. Advisory Board member Jamil Dada appointed to chair California’s Workforce Investment Board. Robert “Bob” Lancaster, MLC Advisory Board member, named March HealthCare Development’s Director of Business Development University of California, Riverside Professor of Theater and MLC Director of Arts & Healing, Rickerby Hinds, will be honored in October with the UCR Alumni Distinguished Service Award. Hinds and Douglas Ayres, VP of Development Ayres Hotels, named co-directors of MLC’s Healing Institute. MLC project partner and Moreno Valley College President Dr. Monte Perez has been appointed to the US Department of Labor Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship. March LifeCare Media Chair Paulette Brown-Hinds was awarded the 2010 African-American Press award by the California Black Chamber of Commerce for her work with the California Black Media. Dr. Brown-Hinds was also appointed to the March Air Museum Board of Directors.

of combined utility experience. 


looking back

75 Years and Preparing for the Future

Four of the five founders of Riverside Medical Clinic at March Field: Drs. Corr, McCarty, Boylan and Quick in 1944


n June 1944 the founders of Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC) returned to March Field after serving in World War II, having left partner Dr. Hobart Kelly to run the clinic they founded together to serve the people of greater Riverside. Riverside Medical Clinic began in 1935 when Drs. Philip Corr and Ray McCarty established a practice patterned after the Mayo Clinic. Three years later they were joined by Drs. Hobart Kelly, Richard Boylan and E. Danford Quick, all from Mayo. Their model, like Mayo, joins primary and specialty physicians. It is a model and commitment to service that has allowed them to maintain their dominance in Riverside County and in the country’s ever changing healthcare landscape. With over 120 physicians, 700 staff, and a 75 year history of providing the highest standard

30  March LifeCare  Summer 2010

of care to their patients and community, the Riverside Medical Clinic continues to anticipate and prepare for the current changes in the healthcare marketplace. As part of the planning team of the March LifeCare campus, Dr. Steven Larson, the current Chairman & CEO of the clinic, sees the March LifeCare project as an opportunity to create a sustainable healthcare delivery system with a unique vision of shared governance between the hospital partner and physician groups. Earlier this year, Dr. Larson joined Steve Barron, President of St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino in announcing a plan to develop an integrated healthcare system. “We see this as an opportunity to plan and develop an integrated delivery system that under health care reform will be an integral piece of the overarching strategy for the future,” Dr. Larson says.

Generations of Care for the Generations to Come The vision for the future of healthcare in the greater Riverside area was declared 75 years ago when two physicians started Riverside Medical Clinic in the Mission Inn Rotunda. Today, over 120 Riverside Medical Clinic physicians supported by a staff of over 700 deliver the highest standard of healthcare and continue to have a vision of excellence and service to our patients and the community for the next 75 years. To select a Riverside Medical Clinic doctor, call us at (951) 683-6370

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