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Hanson’s guests have come from all walks of life. “Almost everyone I interview is passionate about what they are doing,” Hanson said. “It might be a worker in the trenches at a homeless shelter or the CEO of a major company.”

STICKING WITH IT What’s kept Hanson inspired all these years? It’s that same spark she felt so many years ago — bringing her guests’ ideas and knowledge to a larger audience. “People ask: ‘Are you going to retire?’ The show, I believe, is making a difference, so I want to keep it going,” said Hanson, who is working on plans to archive many of her interviews from the past four decades. Hanson’s guests appear to enjoy their time on the show as much as she does. On camera (and off) Hanson is exceedingly welcoming, gracious and positive. She’s known for her sincere curiosity, penetrating questions and a calm, almost 38 / September 2016 / Minnesota Good Age

▲▲Mary Hanson talks with Reatha Clark King, a former president of Metro State University and former vice president of General Mills, in a recent interview about growing up in segregated Georgia and race relations today. Photo by Elandra Mikkelson

September 2016  
September 2016