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Getting around Exploring Charleston is easy enough. Forget about a rental car: Use a taxi or shuttle service to reach the heart of the port city where the historic center is located. Even if you drive into Charleston, your visit will be infinitely more enjoyable if you keep your car parked and use the many available forms of public transportation — city buses and taxis, free hop-on/hop-off trolley buses, free Scoop Car electric taxis, horse-drawn carriages and pedicabs. You’ll also notice skateboarders in the midst of all the traffic. (In Charleston, skateboards are treated as street-legal vehicles.) Finding your way around downtown Charleston is a snap. Just a few points of reference and you’ve got it nailed: Meeting Street and King Street give you a north-south orientation. Calhoun Street and Broad Street provide east-west orientation. To make it even easier to locate places of interest, tour companies offer 90-minute get-acquainted excursions aboard small buses with large windows. The buses depart every half hour from the big 22 / September 2016 / Minnesota Good Age

▲▲As a tourist destination, The Battery — a defensive seawall and promenade in Charleston — is famous for its stately antebellum homes.

visitors center on Meeting Street; there you can also sign up for tailored tours that include outlying mansions and plantations.

Military histories You’ll quickly realize that Charleston’s history has a dominant military theme, from the Revolutionary War all the way through to even our most recent conflicts. ⊳⊳ A 13-inch Civil War mortar (cannon) with shells (bombs) is on display along The Battery in historic Charleston.

September 2016  
September 2016