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LASEK Surgery – Laser Vision Correction Toronto The thought of a flap being cut in the integrity of the cornea for eye surgery can cause some to dismiss the option of eye surgery all together. However, without going to a consultations to get more information, one wouldn’t be able to find out that there are other options; safer options for those that want to be able to remove the risk of creating a flap in the cornea. Along this reasoning, some prefer a non-flap Laser Vision Correction in Toronto due to their profession. LASEK Surgery is a corrective eye surgery where there is no flap cut into the eye. It was developed to reduce the chance of flap-related complications that can occur with other procedures. It is one of the safest and most advanced forms of laser vision correction available to date – because it is non-invasive. What does being non-invasive mean? There is no cut made to the eye with either a blade (as in Lasik) or a cutting laser (as in IntraLase or i-Lasik). Eliminating the flap immediately removes any potential flap complications. When complications arise with Lasik, over 90% are directly related to the flap. Some clinics offer laser cutting to cut into the flap giving the illusion that it is safer, there is still a flap being made. The only way to minimise the flap risk is to eliminate the flap. LASEK Surgery includes several advantages, including: • Less potential complications due to eliminating the flap • Able to treat more patients due to eliminating the flap o Thinner corneas o Larger pupils o Higher prescriptions o Dry eyes • Ideal suited for patients whose lifestyle predisposes them to possible trauma. Police, firefighters, members of the armed forces or athletes are examples of those who would benefit from having a flap-free procedure. The flap never 100% heals creating a risk to those that are predisposed to possible trauma, the flap could become dislodged.

Of course one must first find out if they are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction in Toronto. If you wear corrective lenses one may be a candidate. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms are treatable. An ideal candidate is: • Over 18 years old • In good health • Have healthy eyes • Have a stable prescription • Not pregnant or nursing Certain medical conditions may prevent one from being an ideal candidate for laser vision correction. This is why a doctor must check your candidacy first. Many that have been told they are not a candidate for Lasik may be a candidate for alternative noncutting procedures. For more information regarding Laser Vision Correction Toronto visit our website

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LASEK Surgery is a corrective eye surgery where there is no flap cut into the eye. It was developed to reduce the chance of flap-related com...