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Written by: Lexie Greene

Hi, my name is Ms. Coolie. I am a mouse. Right now I am in my cage. I live in a classroom. It all started when I was in a big tank at the pet store. There were quite a few other mice in there with me. I was going to be food for a snake if nobody wanted to take me!

But luckily, Mrs. Carlson came in looking for a new mouse. When she saw the tank of mice she was so happy. She looked in there to find one and picked me! Can you believe it!? So she picked me up by the tail, bought me, and took me home.

Mrs. Carlson kept me at her house for a few days and then brought me to school.

I am a very skinny mouse. On my cage there are wires with some bigger gaps in between them than others. Mrs. Carlson is a fourth grade teacher. It was the day of the Christmas party. Mrs. Carlson came into the classroom early. When she got over to the cages to check on the class pets. She didn’t see me in my cage. I am skinny and a great jumper.

Mrs. Carlson looked for me a little and never found me. When all the students came in, Mrs. Carlson told them to look and see if they could find me. They never found me either! I think I am a pretty good hider .

After the day was over, the janitor came into the room to clean up the floors. He saw me run across the front of the bookshelf, but I was too fast for him to catch. I was feeling kind of thirsty and found a bucket of water. I got up on the edge and fell right in to the bucket and I couldn’t get out.

“Splash!” I went straight down to the bottom. I was so scared. I was positive I wasn’t going to make it. When the janitor heard all the slashing he came and got me out right away.

I was saved! Right when the janitor got me out he called Mrs. Carlson. She brought a fish tank with her.

Now I have a bigger cage. My cage has a big heavy rock so I can not push the top off. I hope I never get lost again!

Ms. Coolie's Amazing Adventure  
Ms. Coolie's Amazing Adventure  

A mouse gets loose in the classroom.